My wife’s bff blows me and tells me about my wife cheating (redux) | cheating story from Annonymous9

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Thanks to all who read my first ever attempts at writing. So any have read the first chapter of this storie I decided to expand it a bit and include things I omitted in the first episode.As I said my wife’s bff was a movie star beauty. Just drop dead gorgeous and we ended up,fucking while my wife was at work. I didn’t know , at the time, who she was married to but later I found out, and it chilled my blood. I knew the name and the family he worked with. He was in prison a year for tax fraud. When I learned who he was I went to the bff’s apt and told her in no uncertain terms I was through with her. I said it loud as I was certain the place was wired. She said “friends” of his came by regularly to see how she was doing and to give her money, but swore she had never told them my name. Yeah, right. But that is another story.After I broke up with her she came by the house a time or two and gave me her usual spectacular blow jobs. It was on her second such visit when she stopped sucking and asked me if I had ever watched another guy fuck my wife. I was rather shocked as my pretty young wife besides being a knockout was a very innocent girl. I would have never expected that of her. Her bff kept sucking and said wouldn’t it be hot to see her being fucked by another guy. She is so pretty and innocent I bet you would really get hot seeing someone else fuck her. I bet she would really like it too, she has such a hot pussy. I was wondering how she knew all this about my wife when she stopped sucking and said I bet she would really like to suck another guys cock. Then she continued sucking me but I was nearing a climax from her suggestive talk. She stopped sucking again and wetting her fingers pushed one into my ass hole and began really licking my cock hard. I have seen your wife getfucked by another man. That is when I blew cum all over her throat. She kept sucking and fingering my ass saying I saw her suck a man’s cocktail and let him fuck her innocent pussy several times, don’t you wish you were there o see it? Close your eyes and see her laying there with her delicious legs open wide and another man’s cock thrilling her sweet pussy. In spite of myself I imagined seeing my pretty wife begging some guy to fuck her hard and kissing him and pushing her pussy up to meet his hot cock as he thrust down into her hot little love nest. My god I cum again, even harder this time.She stopped sucking and said you would never believe how hot her pussy gets when another guy fucks her. She loves being fucked. She calls me every day and tells me about her wonderful fuck the night before while you are out of town. She clicked on her iPhone and I heard my wife’s happy voice telling her how hot they had fucked and all the things he had done to her, including fucking her tight little ass hole twice. She had never let me fuck her ass before. Her bff said wouldn’t you like your husband to watch him fuck you in the ass? She said Ohmygod yes. I bet he would cum all over himself as he saw how hot this guy makes me.At this point I didn’t know what to think. I would never in a million years suspect my sweet wife of getting so slutty with another guy.Her bff said did I know she got fucked a lot at work? I said no, and she asked if I knew the young guy who worked with her ? (They sold mens clothes in a high end dept store). I said yes I knew him, sort of. She said Bingo, that’s who fucks her regularly where they work. The bff said my wife told her she would bend over the counter and he would stand behind her and fuck her from behind. He would sometimes eat my wife’s pussy from behind, and drive her wild tongue fucking her ass hole. If they heard the elevator bell, he would stand and she would duck back behind the shelves to adjust her underwear. She said my wife also said she met several guys shopping for clothes and if they hit on her she would go into a dressing room and suck them off. Some she said my wife met after work for dinner and a nice fuck.I couldn’t believe all this, but she swore it was true. She finally told me my wife’s main fuck was her boyfriend Joe. He, according to the bff, had a huge cock and she said my wife loved to suck it and take it in her hot pussy and her ass. She kept saying close your y eyes and see your wife’s sweet mouth on his cock, sucking and licking him and his balls. I was doing this when K. Began tongue fucking my ass and jacking me off. Then she would stop and say can you hear all the dirty talk coming out of your sweet innocent wife’s mouth? See how hot his cock makes her? It’s a shame you can’t fuck her that hard isn’t it. And she would resume tongue fucking my ass. She clicked on her iPhone and I could hear my wife saying such dirty things she wanted him to do to her, I was nearing another climax. I heard a man’s voice saying wouldn’t you like your husband to see how good I fuck his wife? And my wife saying “Oh god yes. I want him to see how you fuck me so good and make me cum over and over. I would love for him to tongue fuck my ass while you fuck my pussy.That is more or less how I found out how my sweet young wife was no longer so innocent and how she loved to fuck others. Later I learned still more about who she fucked including her learning to suck pussys. But that is another story.

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