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Hi I am sumant, and I am married. I and my wife have a great se life but I always liked watching good female bodies. My wife’s bhabi is a good looking lady with 34-30-36 body. Whenever we meet I always touch her boobs by rubbing on them with my shoulder and she never minded it. She used to bend in front of me and I saw her boobs many times. They are real firm with brownish black nipples.

Once I got a chance to be at her house when her husband was not there. Both of us sat down to have drinks. She was wearing a shot skirt up to her knees and low cut top. She was sitting opposite me and I could see her thighs as she was deliberately moving her legs as if she wanted me to see them. As she was drinking, I told her there was some thing on her foot and went and sat in front of her and touched her legs and took them in my lap. She just laid back and closed her eyes. I took this as an opportunity and sucked her fingers for which she opened her thighs a little. Slowly I massaged her legs which made her open her thighs more. I could see a red bikini panty inside. I knew it was a bikini panty because I slept with her bra and panty the previous night which were drying. After this I left her and went to make a drink for myself. When I turned around I saw her standing behind me with her nipples sticking out of the red bra that she is wearing. I asked her what her problem was. She told me she is having a head ache and needs a massage.

I willingly agreed and told her that she has to stand facing me and hold my shoulders so that I can give a massage to her. She held my shoulders and closed her eyes. I could smell the lovely perfume mixed with sweat from her. I massaged her head a little and then reached her shoulders. Her body shuddered at my touch. I slowly massaged her shoulders and reached her back to feel her bra and then down to her hips. I could feel the line of her panty. I just pulled her hips close to me and she put her hands around me. I just whispered in her ears that she is the hottest lady that I have come across for which she put her lips on mine and both of us started exploring her mouths. All this while I had my hands on her hips and my hard dick was pressing on her cunt. She took my hands and put it on her boobs and told me to press them. I told her that I want to take her top and skirt out and see her in the bra and panty and then open her bra and touch her boobs. Listening to this she got much exited. Kissing her neck slowly, I put my hands on her waist and pulled her top up her head and removed. It was a sight to watch her boobs in the red bra crushing on my chest and boobs trying to come out of the bra.

She could not wait any longer. She unhooked the bra and put her nipple in my mouth. I have only seen her boobs whenever she used to bend in front of me. But this time her nipples were in my mouth. Her body was soft like silk. Sucking on her nipples with My hands around her waist I slowly pushed her skirt down. I pushed her away from me and saw her entire body in the bikini panty. Slowly I went down to her thighs and started feeling them and smelled her cunt. By this time her panty was wet with her cunt juices. She sat down in the chair and put her fingers inside her panty and said, sumant I want u in here. I am yours.

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As she was sitting on the chair I bent on her without touching her with my hands and took one nipples in my mouth and bit it. Slowly I rubbed her tits. She started moaned when I squeezed her boobs and started moving her hand faster in her panty. With her other hand she pulled me over her and stated kissing me passionately. She gave her tongue in my mouth. My hand moved down towards her belly.Then slowly from her nipples I went down and kissed her navel and made her stand up, turned her around and kissed her entire back. As I started doing this she held my hand and put in on her tits and told me sumant please press them. With one hand I started pressing her boobs and the other hand I put in her panty to feel her wet cunt. As I did this she moaned hard and cried that she was cumming. I took that sticky cum and rubbed on her boobs and then took on her on to the bed and licked it. I never felt so wonderful licking her cum on her boobs. Suddenly she pushed me away from her and climbed on top of me. I told her I want her cunt on my mouth. She rubbed her wet cunt on my thighs, chest and gave it to me on my mouth. With one finger inside her cunt I started playing with her clit with my tongue. She could not take it for long as I am a great pussy eater. She shuddered and came on my face. Slowly I took her down and put my dick inside her cunt. Her cunt lips were thick and pink

Rubbing my dick on her clit made her love juices to flow from her cunt in abundance wetting her thighs. I knew that this fuck was going to be the best that I had ever had. The head of my dick touched that hot wet pussy and I wanted to drive every inch into her on the first thrust. And I did. I pushed my cock a few inches into her wet cunt. It was so warm and soft. And then I did not control my cock and inserted it with full stroke in her. She screamed loudly. She started shouting sumant I want it deeper and started moving on top of me. That was a great sight to watch. She humping n me with her bobs going up and down and I was lying down and enjoying the fuck. AS SHE WAS moving on top of me I took her close and took her boobs in my mouth and started moving my hips from below so that my dick can touch the bone deep in side her cunt. Every stroke my dick touched her bone and she started shouting louder. As she exploded on me, I pushed her down and took her thighs on my shoulder and fucked her.

As she became accustomed to my size she pushed up with even more force and I pushed into her even harder forcing her cunt, my balls slapping her ass. We did it more than twenty minutes. I felt her cunt muscles contract around my cock and I continued stroking very slowly while she came.

Fucking my wife’s bhabhi was a dream come true. This is sumant and I am a game for eating pussies. I and my wife likes females who are willing to get fucked if they are not satisfied with their lives. I look forward to hearing from real ladies. I am contactable at [email protected]