My Wife’s Friend

This happened a year back when my wife was on maternity. Since she had some trouble during the delivery we were asked not to involve in sex for minimum of 8 months till the stitches are healed. Having lost almost more than a month before delivery without sex, I was going crazy and unable to concentrate on my work. Every day I would watch porn videos on internet and that was driving me even crazier.
My wife has a habit of forwarding messages to her friends from my mobile and apparently she sent to one of her friend, who didn’t store our number. She sent the message late at 1am to her friend Devi. While I was at work the next day afternoon I got a missed call from some number. Since I am in sales I cannot afford to miss any of my clients call and called that number immediately.
Soon I learned that it is a female and I kept asking who is on the line. Since her voice was so rude, I didn’t leave any information and cut the call in within minutes. Even after that she kept giving missed call and that disturbed me. Later I told some fake name and she said that her name as Jeni and we decided to talk after my work. When I called her in the evening she said that she likes my voice and style of language.
She like the way I called her immediately after the missed called and enquired who this is. As we spoke, we started giving fake build-up about our jobs, marital status, likes and dislikes make her feel comfortable I did say her voice is also good and I will be happy to hear a song. With out even a request she started singing a song from a latest movie.
Then the friendship started with sms updates, calls after meals etc., Within few days the conversation drove to height, weight, complexion, love, romance, past affairs, what she likes in men and I like in women etc., Then we started speaking in double meaning and later she told me she is feeling horny and is trying to masturbate with thin deodorant can and it is chill.
I become horny and said that I have a deodorant can and that is warm, she asked me which brand and I said I will give her later as it won’t be available in shops because it is imported. She was disappointed and in two days she expressed that she wanted to meet. I was already running crazy and want to see her, but wanted to know whether she is genuine or not. I decided to speak frankly and told her about me.
After telling she said sorry and cut the call. I felt something wrong. I sent many messages and for all that the reply was just “OK” or “sorry for disturbing you” and was disconnecting my calls. I was terribly angry and called her the next day from a land line and she picked. I asked what happen, she said its “Devi” my wife’s friend and she thought somebody else and started talking dirty.
She was also cursing me for cheating my wife, I was bit upset and told her and explained my situation about not having sex for 2 months and I couldn’t concentrate on my work etc. she said spoke to softly and started motivating me. She called me the next day when I was in temple and I couldn’t attend the call and sent “I am in temple” she asked why suddenly and I told her that today’s my birthday.
She said that she wanted to meet me today somehow. I accepted her offer and decided to meet in the evening at a railway station; she is from outskirts of Chennai. Since, I haven’t seen her before so I was imagining about her to the best of myself. But it was a shock to see a short and dark (75{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6}) female with an ugly chudi. I completely lost interest; since she was speaking nice I decided to stay.
As promised before I decided to drop her back near her home which is more than 30 kms from the railway station. Then she sat on my bike and was riding on a road which was severly damage after the rains. Every few metres there were pot holes and I was applying brake and was getting a kiss of her soft tennis balls. Initially I hesitated, but later started enjoying those soft punches at my back.
Soon I could feel harder punches with her tennis balls becoming like a cricket balls. I understood she is becoming horny. She came closer to me and started speaking about my life and sex vaccum in my life. She said that she is also feeling horny after watching a porn movie in her cousin’s computer and longing to get fucked. Then we started forgetting that she is my wife’s friend and even she.
Later she asked me whether I am feeling her boobs becoming firm and I said yes and said even my cock is becoming firm. Within no time she started kept her arm around my waist when we jumped on a speed breaker and slowly slided her hand to my pants. She caressed my pants and said she is feeling the bulge. By then we were half way through and she started holding it firmly as we were on a highway and none can see us.
My cock really wanted to come out to fuck her, but I was trying to control not to do it. It was at 9pm we entered into a military area where in the night almost its pitch dark and none will be there. I asked her permission to touch her balls, but she said my touch is not enough and if I am going to just touch she doesn’t want it. I told her that I will suck it, hearing this she held my hands and guided it to her breasts.
Imagine, there is none in the road, pitch dark and I am driving bike slowly but my one hand is pressing it – what an uncomfortable position I was in. I stopped my bike in the side of the road and turned to press it with two hands, but stilled found it really uncomfortable. I just got down from my bike and parked it alongside the wall and made her to sit on it and started pressing it comfortably by standing.
She started moaning and she was trying to hold my cock. Later I was scared of her moans and planted a deep kiss on her mouth and she started biting her like chewing gum. Later I wanted to suck it, so I told her to control he moan so that I can suck it for long. She accepted it and I raised her chudi and removed her bra hooks to get a way to take it on my mouth. I started sucking it, biting,
I started giving love bite, and she wasn’t able to control her moan and started increasing her voice. I slowed down and then she promised me that she will again control and then I sucked her hard for long. I was so nervous doing this in public that too in military area. My love bites were paining a lot and said she wants to see my cock. Then I made her to stand and I sat on the bike.
Since it was so dark that she wasn’t able to see it and switched on the torch in her mobile and said that this is bigger than her deodorant tin. She asked the warm imported tin which I told her before and I just said that, if she is feeling my cock warm, this is it. She was so tempted hearing this and asked me to hold the mobile and started sucking my cock. She started biting my cock with her teeth and it was pain and pleasure.
I was about to explode my cum and told her to stop it. She then stopped it and within no seconds of coming out her mouth I exploded on her neck, she stood up and by then it was all over her chudi. It was really embarrassing for me. But she just gave me smile and I said sorry. She said that it’s all because of her and she was happy that she could see my cock exploding on her so aggressively.
I offered her my hand kerchief and asked her to wipe it. She wiped and also my cock and kissed it deeply. I noticed a night guard coming in distance in bicycle and we decided to start moving. The moment we passed the guard she again kept her hand on my pants, but in the hurry I missed to zip my pant and she inserted her hand inside this time and started taking it out of my underwear and started holding it.
She pressed it and said that her breasts are paining and itching so much. Then I told her I wanted to touch her cunt and tried doing it while I was riding my bike. She guided my hand to her cunt and the moment I touched it she reached her climax and just leaned on me and exploded her fluid on my hands. She was completely wet and sticky. I badly wanted to fuck her but had no right place to do so and was afraid of the guards.
So for every 100 mts I was stopping and keeping my hand inside her cunt, caressing her breast and kissing her lips. Since I just exploded it will require another 30 mts to get ready for another round and it was already late for her. At 10 she started getting calls from home, so she wanted me to drop her near her area. I just dropped her at railway station near her area and she went, I started coming back to city. While I was on the way, I was getting continuous missed call from her.
I called her back and she said that I have exploded on her very badly and made her dress wet, when she noticed on lights it was so visible and had to cover her with open thupatta. She has heavy pain on her breast because of my love bites and said that her breast is full of reddish patches of love bite. She told me that she wants it all over her body next time even if it is paining. With this wonderful experience I started masturbating everyday and made her listen to the masturbation sound over phone. Later within days we decided to meet once again, but this time in afternoon.