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I used to read stories in this site. From last one year .well let me tell u some thing about me. I am rocky 6ft height good body medium color. I was working Chennai as an engineer. I got married last year and I am happy with my marriage life. This incident took place some 8 months back, Mine is love marriage and her house is next street of my house. My wife sister in law hmmmmmm nice lady. I always have eyes on her. Her name is devi age 34.i know that she is having lot of problem with her mother in law .which I come to know that when once she was crying in her room. That day suddenly I visited her house. And she was alone that time. Her hubby went to office and daughter around 8 years old went to school. She is not happy in that house. As she don’t have freedom there. You know mammiyar and maramagal (bahu) stories.

When I went there door was open and I enter the house when I said anni anni no reply then I went to her room and saw that she was crying badly that time. I went close to her and asked her what the problem is. As she knows Hindi and me too well so we talked in Hindi. Which is easy for both of us to communicate? She told me the problem that she want to have one more baby but her hubby is not interested in that as her salary is low and he can’t manage the second baby expenses. I told her in one way he is also correct. Then she told that my sister who got married just 3years back and having two kids and everyone is asking me why u doesn’t have one more baby. Leave it

I will come directly to matter. After that she told me that its not a matter of baby itself rocky he is not coming close to me itself now a days when ever I asked him shall we do today he refused me and says that he has to go to office early morning so I cant. Like this our marriage life is going. I told her nothing to worry everything will be ok.

One day my wife gone on official tour and I was getting bore in the house. And I sent one sms to devi say hai what r u doing. She replied back hai I am on bed and trying to sleep alone I asked her y where is ur hubby and daughter she replied me he has gone to b’lore for work and daughter is sleeping with her grandfather. Then we exchange lot of sms that night and suddenly she asked me to send me jokes in Hindi. I asked her y not in English and Tamil she replied that I don’t want that anyone can understand that jokes so it’s better to send in Hindi. I told her I don’t have good jokes with mei have only sex jokes she said no probs but u shouldn’t discuss this with ur wife. As she knows that I am very close and frank with my wife. I took it as a right signal. And start sending her sms in Hindi all sex jokes at last when we both are in sex mood she asked me to call .and I called her we spoke lot about sex and I masturbate that time.

Next day I went to her house she was in kitchen and went directly and kissed on her neck from back she got shocked and said hai wait go n wait in upper room. As her father in law is gone out and I will come there with clothes to put it in on rope wait there I will be there with in five minutes. She came after 5mins and start talking thanks rocky last night u really make me too horny and I enjoyed lot I asked her boldly y u don’t want to do in real she said yes. When n where she asked I said now itself even me too horny for you now. She said ok I took her to the room and I hugged her tightly and her 34 boobs are pressing in my chest I am enjoying that moment that I am hugging my dream girl. I told her that I am having eye on u from the starting and she too told me that even I noticed u so many times that u r looking on my boobs while serving food to u and even I saw ur cock was getting hard that time.

We smooched for long time. I roamed my hands freely all over her back from her head, then neck, then shoulder, then waist(I stayed there little longer),then her beautiful ass. I slightly squeezed it and then build the pressure till she said, “ouch…, you rocky.”

Then I started slowly removing her cloths one by one. First I took hold of her loose end of saree and pulled it. She rolled around herself and it all the way came into my hands.

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Then I slowly removed buttons of her blouse. Her eyes were closed. I stopped after opening two buttons. She opened her eyes. There was question in her eyes that why you stopped. I said, “Don’t close your eyes. I want you to watch me while I remove your cloths. Got me” A slight smile waved on her face and she gave nod. Then I opened her third button, then next and finally last one and the blouse opened. I removed it. Now she was standing in bra and petticoat in front of me. Her marbles like white globes were clad in that tight bra. Her boobs were shouting at me to set them free. Then I turned her around and opened the hook of her bra and removed it. Her bare back was looking so beautiful. I caressed it slowly and kissed her on shoulder. She shivered and stepped back to rest on me. But I also moved back a little not allowing her to do so. Then I turned her again. Now she was facing me with bare boobs. I went near and had a closer look at it. I gave a slight jerk to it and squeezed them. I took both nipples in my fingers and played with it. Her breathings were heavy and her chest was moving up and down rapidly. She tried to hug me but I stopped and made her stand still. She had become restless. Then in one swift I pulled the string of her petticoat and it fell down making circle around her feet. Now she was complete naked. Now I was also standing nude in front of her. She had a quick look at my dick. Then she looked in my eye. She was feeling shy. I again start kissing her lips and I hold her hand placed on my dick it become quite big any lady can be satisfied with this.

Then I made her to lie down. Then I parted her legs and adjusted myself in between them and kept my mouth near her cunt. She was shocked and said rocky what u r doing there I said I am going to lick u she said what cheee my hubby never do this for me he kisses my first for two mins and then straight a way he enter his sulee( dick ) in my pussy. I said wait u wanna enjoy sex naa she said ye then I smelled there and slowly licked places around it. She was wet there and her juices were flowing like flood. Then I parted her cunt lips and I slightly licked her clit. She shivered and took hold of my head and pressed it downward. And said,” Please… Rocky. Don’t tease me. Please lick me deep. Please….” Then I buried my tongue further started fucking her with my tongue. Initially I was slow but slowly and steadily I increase my speed. Finally I was licking very rapidly and furiously. She also started pushing her hips up and was pushing my head down with her hands. My head was locked completely between her legs and hands. Finally she was moving so fast that I came to know that she is near her orgasm. She was literally shouting and with one last push on my face she stopped. All my face got wet due to her juices. She lied there with her legs wide open and eyes closed. She was still breathing heavily. But I didn’t stop. I once again started licking her juices from her wet cunt.

I pushed her legs and asked her to fold them with her knee near her chest. Now her cunt as well as her cute butts hole was clearly in my view. I slightly licked on her ass hole with that she got tensed and tried to close her ass hole. I told her, “Relax don’t worry. Relax…” and caressed her inner thy. With that she eased down and relaxed her ass muscles. Then I started licking her cunt and ass hole in one go. After some time she got aroused again. Then I lied flat on her and adjusted myself so that tip of my dick was just above her cunt. Then in one go I pushed down and got buried completely. She moaned loudly, “aaaaaaahhhhhhh……”.As I had thought she was too tight there but as she was well lubricated and it was not her first time it didn’t hurt her. Then I started moving up and down with slow speed and each time I gave full thrust and so she moaned with each thrust. .

After one month she told that she is pregnant I got shocked what u r going to do devi. She said nothing to worry rocky after our sex relation my hubby fucked me once so he is thinking that he only make me pregnant but he don’t want this as u know so we planned to drop it. So nothing to worry.

I got transferred now to Pond cherry so I don’t have that much time to do sex with her now about we talks over phone about sex and whenever I got a time we enjoyed.

If any lady interested in me can mail. My id is [email protected]