My younger sister and me part 6 | incest story from Kunjumohamed

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Before starting my next filthy talks, as per my suggestion we both became fully naked and lay side by side on the cot. I started ” After seeing our mom fully naked when we had combined bath I started having sexual desires towards her. After two years I started masturbation imagining our mom. Normally after finishing dinner she used to sleep. So that night at ten in the night, I went upperstairs and tried to sleep. The bedroom lamp was on but I didn’t shut the doors. In the totally naked condition I started masturbation. After about five minutes quite unexpectedly I heard mom’s voice ” you did not sleep yet ?” I was embarrassed. But she left the room without making any further comments. Next day I could not face her. But till early night she acted as though nothing special happened last night. Early night she told me ” don’t forget to say good night to me before you sleep ” That was the first time she was telling me such a demand. However after dinner around 9.30 I entered the bedroom. She was lying on the cot wrapping her body withna thin bed room The bed room lamp was on. I sat on the edge of the cot. She started ” what youbwere doing yesterday was not an uncommon thing. Around 80 % of boys and 70% of girls do it before their marriage. Only thing is thatnit should not be overdone otherwise your health will be spoiled.I replied that I was doing it only once a week. She commented ” It is ok” Telling this she removed the thin bedsheet with which she was wrapping her body. She was fully naked. I was thinking oh my God I was talking to her for the last fifteen minutes only one feetbaway from her without knowing thatbshe was lying totally naked. As per her advice I lay on her side. She asked ” Normally the boys and girls masturbate imagining somebody, do you do it imagining any of your girl friends ? ” I instantly replied ” I don’t have any girlfriends ” Mom asked ” do you mean to say that you do it without imagining any body ? ” I reluctantly replied ” After we had combined bath at mybage of 12,seeing your fully naked body I started feeling sexual desires towards you. So when I started masturbating after two years at my age of 14 I started imagining you ” Mom commented ” Doesn’t matter I appreciate your frankness” To my question whom she was imagining while masterbating, she replied ” to be frank I didn’t imagine any body.” I suggested ” we will masturbate on each others’ body. Mom agreed. At this stage I suggested to my younger sister ” we will do the same thing now,but very slowly ” She agreed. I kept my right palm on her pussy surrounded by black, thick and bushy pubic hair. It was very hot and slightly moist . She caught hold of my cock and slowly fondled it. I slowly inserted my middle finger into her pussyhole and nade to and fro.motions. while she gently fondled my huge cock. These actions gave both if us extreme enjoyment. We deliberately did it extreme slowly and concluded it after ten minutes when my cock cummed into her hand. After cleaning we slept.

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