Myths About Self Stimulation-masturbation: Break Them!

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Self stimulation is a natural process by which young boys and girls come to terms with their own sexuality. It is under normal conditions, a totally healthy process of maturing. However, it is not looked upon very favourable in many societies, especially Asian cultures. There are many unscientific and unreasonable myths surrounding masturbation that need to be broken for the new generation. It is possible to reach orgasm by masturbation and there is no shame in it. 

Here are a few myths about self stimulation that are incorrect.

Self Stimulation And Masturbation Myths:

1. Masturbation In Boys Leads To Impotency: It is a very popular belief in many societies and it is used to create a sense of terror in the minds of young boys. How can what you do as a 15 year old lead to impotency and why should a teenager be bothered with complex issues of fertility? Sperms ejaculated during masturbation are produced in the body again within 2 hours time so this belief is totally unscientific and manipulative.

2. Masturbation Leads To Premature Ejaculation: If somebody has a medical condition called Erectile Dysfunction then masturbation leads to instant orgasm leaving the partner unsatisfied. However, for normal healthy males it is quite the contrary. Stimulation will make you last longer in bed and enjoy every bit of it.

3. Masturbation In Girls Leads To Loss Of Virginity: Again a masturbation myth that is based on fear instead of facts. Losing virginity while stimulating yourself is quite a far fetched idea and highly impossible in most cases. People who propagate such myths are unaware of this basic physical fact that penetration is not essential for stimulating female organs. It is possible for women to stimulate themselves just by rubbing. That makes it highly improbable for the hymen to get damaged due to intrusion.

4. Masturbation Can Lead To Infections: If you do it with dirty hands then it will. But you can get a stomach infection even if you eat with dirty hands. So why this special bias towards anything related to pleasure. Personal hygiene is very important during self stimulation but it is also important in every other aspect of life like eating, sleeping and bathing. The issue is cleanliness not masturbation and the focus should on the issue.

5. Married People Do Not Masturbate: Why should this be a hard and fast rule? Self stimulation as a behaviour pattern is not harmful to a couples love life. If a married man or woman is not totally satisfied by making love with their partner then what is the harm if they stimulate themselves? It can also be that they wish to extend their pleasure in lovemaking in this way. It is very normal for married couple to stimulate each other and themselves during lovemaking. 

Break out of the above myths about self stimulation because they are untrue and arbitrary but remember too much of anything, even stimulation takes the pleasure out of things.