Nafeesa Enjoying Sex with Father in Law

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I am Nafeesa again. My sex adventure with Sulaiman went on clandestinely for one more year. My mother was hospitalised and then my father was hospitalised. When either one of them is sick, the other went as bye stander. Sulaiman and I got out fucking session without arousing suspicion. When the magic pill is there why worry was our motto.
The moment the door is closed and bolted from inside, we started to cuck right from there. Sulaiman inserted his ccck and lifted me and carried me around with his cock inside me, to the kitchen or bedroom. We never wanted to waste a moment. While I am cooking in the kitchen, he will lurk between my legs and lick my cunt. Cunt crazy, Sulaiman never was tired of fucking.
When father is at home he will keep his distance reverentially. My parents started searching for an alliance and immediately a proposal came from the parents of Rasheed, working in Soudi Arabia. He was a handsome guy, graduate, earns handsomely. My parents gave their consent asked for my opinion. I would have preferred Sulaiman.
But my mother showed all her anger and insisted that I should marry only Rasheed. Finally it was agreed. Sulaiman was very much upset. I cannot run away with him. He had no independent income. After betrthal in the mosque. Rasheed came to see me. He was really handsome. I was fascinated by his talk. He talked softly and lovingly.
Marriage was conducted in a grand scale. Lot of people came. Rasheed was to stay for a month and go back and send me my visa for my going to Saudi. During first night, he was treating me delicately like a newly married girl. He saw my clean shaven pussy and asked me who advised me to keep it clean shaven. I told him my aunty advised and showed me how to do it.
His tool was big like that of Sulaiman. First day he did it with grace, not to pain me being the first night. Gradually he increased the number of times. He was concealing all his passion and opened up only gradually. I enjoyed riding on his. He fucked upwards to make things more thrilling and we both cummed together. Unfortunately he on completion of his leave had to leave for Saudi.
He said he will try for a visa for me. But it may take time. I cried on his departure. But secretly I consoled myself because of Sulaiman. My affair with Sulaiman can continue as before. On the day of the departure of Rasheed, his father came to see him off. Rasheed asked me to go and stay with his father since he was alone and only a servant maid kept company with him.
I reluctantly agreed. I took my briefcase with my clothes while going to the airport so that I can accompany Rasheed’s father to go to his place. It was far away and needed one day’s travel to reach. He was more yougish than my father. His name was Haji Moosa and presented a grave and serious face. They were fabulously rich and there were no children other than Rasheed.
Their house was a new house, big with about four bedrooms all very luxuriously furnished. Haji Moosa slept in the ground floor in the master bed room. My bed room upstairs, airconditioned with attached bathroom etc. There was a computer in the bedroom and a small TV and a big TV in the drawing room.
On the day Rasheed was going after the departure of the flight, my father in law Moosa Haji suggested that we stay in a hotel room rather than drive down in the dead of night. It was a long seven hour drive. I simply nodded my head. We went to a hotel near the airport and took a room, a double room. He asked the driver to sleep in the car and we went to the room it wss a big room with a double cot.
We took our lunch and slept in the bed. I did not have any change of dress and hence slept in the same dress. In the night two or three times Moosahaji’s hand touched me. Once it fell on my boob. But he was in deep sleep. I did not mind. On reaching home we slept in our respective rooms. I was a bit scary to sleep alone in the upstair room.
One day the sky became suddenly overcast and there was lightening and thunder. I was very scared of thunder. While at home I used to go and sleep with my mother, hugging her. As time passed the lightening and thunder increased. By about 11 pm it was terrible. The house was shaking with the sound of thunder.
I closed the door of my bedroom and ran downstairs, knocked at the door of my father in law. He was scared and opened the door. I ran inside and got into his bed. He was laughing and told me not to bother and to sleep in the same bed with him. At the sound of thunder I got closer and closer to him and I was hugging him.
Moosahaji turned to my side and put his hands around me and pressed me closer to his chest. My boobs pressed against his naked chest. His hand moved down to my ass and pressed it closer to him. I could feel his cock stiff and pressing me in my cunt. Lightening creaped through the window and I could see his naked upped body.
I pressed his ass towards me and his cock was pressing my cunt. He brought his hand on his cock and pointed directly to my clitoris, and lifted my leg over his hip. Now the was was clear and hic cock was resting on my cunt. In one sweep of his hand he removed his lungi and he was totally nude. I could feel he was lifting my skirt above and ran his hand over my naked thigh.
I was aroused and hugged him tightly. Thunder again came and shook the house. With his hands he pulled me to get over him. With my legs wide apart I lied on him, with my skirt almost lifted up. I lifted my body up with my knees and his cock was at the gate of my cunt. When I pulled myself down, his cock was entering my cunt.
Other adjustments he made and saw that his cock is totally inside my cunt. Poor Moosa haji, with his wife dying early, was sex starved. He was hardly 60 years old and had his sex hunger. With me in the prime of my youth and my husband (his son) having gone abroad, is in dire need of sex Moosahaji felt that he can have safe and easy sex with me.
Lightening and thunder came very handy. His cock was big as that of his son, the size being very familiar to me I enjoyed its entry. We did not speak anything. I got and sat on him with his cock fully inside me,I removed my blouse and bra and took my skirt over my head and I was totally nude. Haji was smiling at my action.
The room was lit with the street light and occasional lightening. I leaned on him and he was squeezing my boobs. I was moving up and down and rotated my hip around his cock. It was immense pleasure for both of us. We were not in a hurry. Slowly we were travelling towards our climax. Finally it came heavily. I panted and moaned. He too was grumping.
Our orgasm was together. He shot his juices inside me. I squeezed him with my hands and legs. We had full orgasm. We remained like that for some time. When juices started to ooze I got up and went to the bathroom for cleaning. Moosa haji came after me. His cock was already limp. Poor Haji, a devout religious man holding his cock in his hand waiting for me to wash.
I washed it thoroughly and wiped it with a towel. He went back to his bed and continued to be nude. I came out of the bath and found him nude and I thought he wanted to continue the game further. I told him to bring the tablet used for prevention of pregnancy. His face became serious and asked me how do you know and who told you.
I took the name of Jamela and he promised to get it tomorrow. We slept in the same condition for the whole night. For the next two three days the climate continued with thunder and lightening. This brought me closer to moosa haji. The moment he hears the sound of a thunder he removes his lungi and lies naked in the bed.
I when I hear the sound of a thunder, remove my u/wear and bra and blouse also. When we start action I remove my skirt also. Once I told Moosa Haji that there is a small pleb in my cunt and it gives me lot of pain. I told him first to see it and decide what medicine is to be applied. Haji made to lie down him his bed and opened my cunt with both of his hands.
The moist clitoris and the interior of the cunt intoxicated him. He took his note closer and was sniffing at allthe things. I told to give a lick to the clitoris. He looked at my face and told me that he has never done it. I said it does not matter, now you can start doing it. Moaning heavily, he started to lick and suck my clitoris. I was in seventh heaven.
Keeping my hands on his head I pressed it on my cunt. He did it for a long time. Turning into a 69 posture I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it vigorously. We went on and on and finally he reached his climax and threw his juices into my mouth. Of he was licking sucking and drinking gallons of my juices. A very strong bondage was developed between us.
He brought me the best of food available in the market. Best fruits, best sweets were brought from distant towns. He got me costly clothes. He engaged another lady teacher to teach me comuters. Our days went on and on fucking every day. Please tell me how do you liked my story. your comments are encouragement for me.
I have many stories of mine and many of my close friends and relatives. You certainly enjoy. Rasheed did not succeed in getting me a visa. He did not disclose this to me. He thought I will be unhappy. Why should I be unhappy.
His father fucks me daily, and he has given out of love lakhs of rupees worth of properties to me. I never cheated him. Whatever he gave he gave out of pure love. Hence please dont mistake that I have taken advantage of him and took all his money. OK Bye.