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Hi everyone, this is a true incest story that took place last year in Pune. This is the story of one of my friend who got the courage to reveal the blazing sex relationship with his sis, as I am a pioneer in revealing my true sex incident he requested me to write down his experience as well. Here I start his story in his own words.

My name is Salman and I am 21 years old now. This is the story of how I got my elder sister in bed. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. Her name is Naila She is 22 yrs old now. And sex beauty Her Bust Size is 34C just prefect with two fluffy pink nipples with dollar-sized areolas. Her waist is 25 inches and her ass is 35. She is fair in color and has brown hair with blonde highlights, the best combo in the world. I have wanted my sister every since I started masturbation which was since the age of 14. I used to steal her sexy pics from her room always and masturbate on them on a regular basis. I would always put the pics back in her room after I am done with them.

The real story begun when we were on vocation in England. We use to spend our vocation in London. However this one-day in summer when we were on a vacation in London my sister and me were living at home alone. My sister went out with our cousins and there friends as usual (my cousins lived in England and got a social circle there with English friends, so my sis also had a couple of B.F among those English friends). So after her departure I went to her room to found some nice sexy pics of her and her friends including my female cousins (all of which are hot). I also went into her bathroom and found in the laundry basket her panty and bra that she wore last night. I took it with me in my room and smelt it. It smelt sooo nice. I then took out my 8-inch penis and rubbed it all on the bra and the panty, which was black in color. I was just imagining how my sister would look in them.

With her milky tits all mashed together. Anyways after I came I got a phone call from a neighborhood friend and I went out. When I was out I completely forgot to put back the pics and the panty and also I forgot to lock the room. I was not too worried because I knew I would be home before my sister. When I was back at around 8pm to my surprise I found my sister sitting on my bed in her robe and her legs crossed. Just looking at those hot crossed legs made me sooo hot. On her finger was her bra. All I thought of was that I was going to be screwed now, she will tell my parents. She started screaming at me and saying how disgusting I am and how I can think like this of my own sister. Then I said no I was looking at your friend’s pics not yours.

Then she calmed down but then she said

“What About my panty and bra!”

I had nothing to say but I told her please don’t tell this to Abu and Mummy. I said that I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world and will do anything to get her. When I said that she said “Anything?”

I said yes I would be Ur slave if you want. She told me that I could have her if I am willing to do anything she wanted. I agreed and was so happy that she was willing. I didn’t care I would do anything to get her. She is too beautiful for me to pass her. Anyways she told me ok go to sleep tonight and tomorrow afternoon come to my room at 1pm and told me to only wear boxers. I was so happy and said ok. Then she said, “Remember, you said anything”. I told her ya I know.

The next afternoon I went into her room and to my surprise I saw an English guy sitting on her bed and she was sitting there also. I asked her who that guy was. She replied, “Remember you said you will do anything to get me? Well I want to see my little brother get fucked by this big dick and want to see you suck it” I said “no way! This is too freaky I cant do that,” she said ” hey!!!! U said anything!!!!” I then said I am sorry I cannot do that and I was just about to leave the room . When she said “Salman!! Do this and you’ll get this”

When I turned around I saw my sister had taken of her robe and was only wearing a panty without a bra. My mouth opened. Her tits were amazing!! Lovely and milky and round. Not sagging at all. And her nipples were the color of pink, perfect in shape also. I just stood there for one minute looking at her. Then she put her robe back on and went to her friend and took out his pants. His dick was huge. Approx 10 inches. She said “well to get what you saw I want you to suck this dick and want to see it rammed in your ass” I went slowly and sat on the floor. Naila took the dick in her hand and slowly brushed it against my lips. Then she opened my mouth and put the dick in it. I started sucking the dick. While I was doing that I could see my sister masturbating which made me hot so I continued sucking. After sucking the guy my sister stopped me and made me bend over like a doggy style. Then she spat all over my hole and took her fingers and put it in my ass. It felt nice because it was my sister’s fingers.

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Then after that she said, “Ok now is the time to get fucked” and as soon as she said that I felt the biggest thing enter my hole. It hurt a lot. The guy was fucking me hard and all tears were coming down my face. My sister came to me and took her tongue out and started licking my tears. Anyways I was getting fucked for a good 15 mins straight. The guy he came on my ass and left me on the bed with cum all over me. He then left the room and my sister and me were alone. My sister smiled at me and said “Don’t cry, you’ve proven that you think I am so beautiful that you took a big dick up your ass”

She told me to go take a shower and then come back up, she had a surprise for me. I took a shower and went back up. My ass was sore. When I opened my sisters door I saw her naked on the bed. Her pussy was shaven full. It looked so clean.

She told me “Time to collect your prize Salman janu” I jumped on her and we started kissing. Her tongue was all slippery and all over me. She started licking my face and ears. We were kissing for 15 minutes. Then she grabbed my head and pushed it towards he pussy. I started licking it slowly and softly teasing her little. She was getting so hot all her body was moving. My fingers were pinching her pink nipples while my tongue was brushing over her clit. She was screaming loud and she had an orgasm. That took at least 25 minutes of licking her pussy. Then she grabbed my dick and started sucking it. It felt sooo good. Her tongue was all over my dickhead and her nails were scratching my balls. I loved it. After that I chewed her puffy nipples and bite on them making them red, I really enjoyed sucking those beautiful nipples, I love the smooth feeling of her bosom and soft texture of her skin. I sucked those life-giving nipples for almost 20 mins making her crazy as hell, while fingering her clit. She moaned and groaned while I chewed on those luscious tits. Then after some time I took her on couch and gradually inserted my cock head in her tight pussy. I was surprised to see that she was as tight as virgin (it was unbelievable, as the guy who fucked me, was bigger than me, you know about 10 inches was his cock) while fucking I inquired that from her as she was screaming in pain.

She answered me by saying that she never allowed any of her B.F to enter her pussy. She only satisfies them by giving head and I was the first to fuck her after her defloration. And the one who took her cherry was only 6 and half inches in cock dept and less thick then me and that event was 5 years ago. She said that it was a painful experience and she never allowed anybody to penetrate her again. She shivered with pain when I started building pressure against the blunt head of my cock to burry 5 inches of my cock and she screamed loudly. Now 3 more inches were left for penetration so we slowly fucked in the missionary position. While fucking I kissed her and it was amazing.

Then I flipped her around and while doing so entered my dick up to the root She shrieked with pain but I slowly continued fucking her with short jabs and fucked her doggy style for about 30 mins plainly. Now she was enjoying this and was moaning while creaming on my pulsing cock. She orgasm thrice in this session and we fucked for a while and then I came all over her tits. That was the best orgasm I had ever had. I don’t care that I had to get fucked but at least what I got in return was the one thing that I wanted my entire life.

We fucked on a regular basis and my sister did not get her friend with the big dick to fuck me anymore. She wanted him to fuck me that day because it was her fantasy to see her brother getting fucked. However sometimes when we have sex she puts on her dildo that she bought from America and fucks me with it. So dear readers this is my story. Now she got married & gone to USA with her husband so any lady, sister, mommy, and aunty, from Lahore want to get fucked please email me: Any comment will be received with open arms at the link below.

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