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The eleven minutes past ten pulled out of Pune station bang on time, pulling me towards an interview that could change my life – if I got the job. Big ‘if,’ I thought, sweating and feeling distinctly un-presentable as I made my way down the carriages, looking for an unoccupied seat.

I don’t deny it, I’m fond of women, but no thought of sitting close enough to chat one up, or anything like that, crossed my mind, as I walked down the carriage that Tuesday morning. My mind was still on how I had only just caught the bloody train – how the useless taxi-driver had dawdled all the way to the station, and the queue at the ticket-window…

I sat down, with a resigned grunt, in the first free seat I found, dumping my slim briefcase on the overhead rack, and watched as the trees gathered speed outside the window. It wasn’t until we had passed Babali, and I had settled more comfortably in my seat that I became aware of the woman in the seat opposite. Dark glasses obscured a slim face under a swept-up Black hairstyle, exposing very long pendant ear-rings, which touched her silk-clad shoulders. She was reading a paper-back copy of what appeared to be a Bollywood actress novel in the original Marathi. Interesting, I thought. But what were most fascinating about her were her fingernails. They were longer than is fashionable, painted vermillion red, and one – the left pinky – had a ring inserted through the nail itself, from which a diamond (I can’t say with honesty it was diamond, on second thoughts, it could have been any stone) depended. What a remarkable thing to wear! My interest was really piqued.

By the time we passed through Daund, we had been served coffee, and I had offered her my napkin when the train’s motion made her spill a drop on the table between us. She smiled slightly, and put down her novel, shifting in her seat. I felt then the electric touch of her ankle against mine, and wondered instantly if it were an accident. I decided on a bold test, and responded in kind, moving mine against her in a deliberate way. She made no move to retreat, but I felt her gaze upon me, even though she kept her shades firmly on.

I now knew that my advance was not unwelcome, and began to caress her leg with my ankle slowly and firmly. I was getting hard and no mistake. She pursed her lips ever so slightly, and then I felt her foot come creeping up the leg of my trousers, infinitely slowly, until it reached my crotch. I reached down and took a hold of her foot, finding it encased in a strappy, patent leather, stiletto-heeled sandal. I looked at her, and saw a gentle smile playing across her lips. Then, very deliberately, she opened her lips just a fraction and her tongue darted out for a fraction of a second, and back again, in a gesture I could easily have missed. Taking that as an invitation, I unbuckled her shoe, and took it off, placing it on the seat beside me. Her nylon-clad foot ground into my groin, and I stiffened so suddenly that I almost came there and then. She knew, and grinned. I wished she would remove the glasses, but no word had passed between us, and somehow to speak would have broken the spell.

When she withdrew her foot, we were passing through small station, and I couldn’t believe how quickly the journey was passing. She became almost distant again, and picked up her novel.

I thought the episode over, and was about to consign it to my store of nasty memories, when we all got up to alight from the train. I took down my briefcase, and the lady opposite took down an almost identical one from the same shelf, and then walked down the aisle ahead of me, without glancing back. I now saw she wore a blue business suit and was slim and elegant – probably around forty years of age. As she got off the train, she stood for a moment on the platform, and turned as I got down, looking deliberately in my direction. Then she simply extended a finger into the air and crooked it, just once, indicating that I should follow. With that, she turned on her heel, and left the platform in a clicking of high heels. I followed obediently.

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The other side of a line of black cabs was three limousines, and she walked straight to the first one, a black Mercedes limo with blacked-out windows, just like the rest. She got in, and motioned me to join her. When I did so, and sat with her on soft leather seats, above shag-pile carpets, she rapped on the obscured partition in front, and we moved off, I knew (nor cared) not where. I had several hours to kill before my interview, anyway – what the hell?

Making no move, still to remove the sunglasses, or to speak, my hostess, took off her jacket, and motioned that I should do similarly, then poured me a whisky into a cut-glass tumbler as we moved smoothly through the traffic. But I was more interested in completing what we had started on the train.

I took her in my arms, and kissed her hungrily, finding her responding in kind, her tongue searching mine, and then probing deeply. But when I tried to remove her glasses, she resisted, pushing my hand away, and did the same when I went to unbutton her blouse, instead unfastening the waistband of her skirt, and wriggling out of its tight constriction, pulling it down impatiently, revealing her long legs clad in black, lace-topped nylons, garter-belt, and white silk lace panties. As I reached to stroke her honeyed thighs, hook my fingers under the panties, she was unzipping my fly, and reaching under my underpants to release my surging cock, now urgently demanding attention. When I saw her amazing nails wrapped around my hungry length, I was within an ace of spurting, for the second time that day, and had to use every ounce of self-control I could. She bent down and licked the pre-cum from my glans, and took me deep in her throat. I threw my head back and cried out in the privacy of the limo.

I pulled the lace panties down, revealing a clean shaven mound, with moist lips, into which I plunged three fingers, finding the depths of her vagina instantly open and welcoming. When I came up and flicked her clit, she groaned and closed her eyes in ecstasy, and then she could wait no longer for my cock to be inside her, and pulled me almost roughly on to her. We merged, and I took her, my balls banging hard against her arse as I thundered in and out, then there was to be no delay, and I came in one huge thick creamy surge.

She handed me a towel, and wiped herself with another, which I noticed was monogrammed, although I couldn’t read the initials. Then she rapped again on the partition, and the limo came to a halt. She had thrown a rug over her legs. She opened the door, reaching past me, and motioned to me to get out.

‘Goodbye,’ she said. It was the first and only time she spoke, and I was stood on the pavement outside Buckingham Palace. At least it was somewhere I recognized, I thought.

I ate a pub-lunch, and killed a bit of time reflecting on the morning’s entertainment, then shrugged, and tried to put it all to the back of my mind, and concentrate on the interview ahead. After all, if I was going to be a major advertising executive…………….

I turned up at the appointed hour. A skinny secretary bade me sit in a posh reception area, where I read a holiday brochure.

Then I was summoned to the inner sanctum, where I was told that Ms Fuller would no see me. I walked into an opulent office, with modern furnishings and decoration, and its occupant came from behind the desk to greet me. She was a very attractive blonde in a blue business suit and silk blouse, her long hair flowing around her shoulders, and blue eyes sparkling as she passed the time of day. But something like recognition dawned as she sat behind the walnut desk, and she drummed her fingers on the pad in front of her. The nails! My God! There were no other nails on God’s earth like that – couldn’t be. The little ring in the pinky. Those nails, which had so, recently encircled my shaft!

Should I get up and leave right now? I couldn’t even think. But Ms Fuller was equal to the occasion, and seemed to be enjoying it all – like a private joke.

How I got through the interview, I don’t know, but, dear reader, I got the job! And Ms Fuller and I? We have a full and efficient business relationship, in case you wanted to know lucky.