Naked on The Stage

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These were the years after I had recovered from the medical condition of skin disorder. Everything appeared good. Though there was always something that raised the doubts regarding the reoccurrence of the same health condition. I was a few months short of my fourteenth birthday. I and my single mom were living on the outskirts of this small town where we always felt connected and committed to the community. These were the families, whom we used to meet almost every weekend. Juliana was regularly seeing us at the church whenever we visited.

A group of children under the direction of Juliana and Steve had prepared a small skit scheduled to be presented on the stage in the community hall. In the skit, there was a portion wherein a very poor boy believing God and Jesus has a vision of an angel visiting him when he is under an unmanageable stressful situation.

That time, I did not know the script and was planning to go for watching the skit. A day before the program, the girl (she was my age) who was performing the role of an angel got hurt badly and was unable to do her part.

Juliana happened to see me that very evening and requested me to perform her role. Juliana explained to me that it is very simple and would be very easy for me to do. Juliana was to place a smoke candle; when the smoke spreads like a little cloud I was supposed to enter the stage from behind the cloud. It was just about me wearing a sheer white veil on the shoulders over a white dress and take few steps with a smile on the face towards the boy in kneeling position and take a position like I was passing God’s blessings to him. I was required to remove the sheer veil from my shoulders and place on his shoulders while saying only one line, “God is with you …… god bless you.”

All other details about the stage arrangements and lighting effects were explained and everything seemed simple and perfect for the portion of my role. Everything was finalized without any practice. I even did not get any chance to see or do the rehearsal. I loved this unexpected opportunity and was very excited about it.

On the final day, our show commenced right on time and all was progressing as per the schedule. Ten minutes before schedule time I was ready wearing the white dress and was waiting in the darkness for my entry; I had kept the veil ready at hand to be put on my shoulders just before entering the stage. There were no lights behind the stage and it was very dark there. I had to struggle in the darkness to see the way to enter the stage.

Through a very poorly illuminated area at the backstage, I noticed Juliana coming towards me carrying something in her hand. When she was just at a hands distance from me she tripped pretty bad; while falling she tried to hold me with one hand to avoid the fall. But, in that attempt, she spilled some black colored liquid from her bottle on my face and costume. We both panicked; there was no way to rearrange any other costume for me at that moment. Juliana pulled me under the lights behind the stage and screamed “Oh My God …. What do we do now?”

I was in tears. Suddenly she looked at me as if she had some solution to the situation and asked where was my veil. I told her that I left it on the chair next to the entry door to the stage. Juliana rushed and got the veil with her and asked me to follow her to the washroom. Hurriedly she washed the dark ink splashes from my face and hands and asked me to remove my costume and went to check something.

While undressing I realized that I was not wearing my bra and panty. Since I was not fully recovered from the earlier skin disorder and to avoid any skin contact with clothing material I was abstaining from wearing undergarments. When Juliana came back she found me standing naked. She looked puzzled and asked where are my bra and panty. I explained to her the reason. She looked around as if searching for something. Then she directly looked at my pussy and said, “You do not shave there?” Before I could say anything she pulled me behind the stage; many people were standing there staring at my naked body.

“Look, we do not have time; do just as I say.” Said Juliana and placed flower tiara on my head and placed fresh flower garland making me look like princes of the garden.

“We have only one minute to go.” Juliana was tying some flowers with thin thread to my both wrists. She placed the white sheer veil over my shoulders and wrapped loose ends at my elbows. We both walked in the darkness towards the stage entry.

“Juliana, but I am naked” I was hesitant to make my naked entry on stage.

“No one will notice, just do your part.” Juliana pushed me on the stage in the darkness and placed a smoke candle next to me. I saw white smoke emerging. I was supposed to emerge through the cloud of smoke.

Oh My god … I was entering on the stage completely naked!! I knew the very next moment bright beam of light will be focused on me and everyone will see me naked.
When the focus of the beam came on me I was standing stark naked (only a completely sheer veil on my shoulders) under the powerful beam of light. I raised my hands slightly and took a few steps in the direction of the boy. I could hear the thundering response of people. The whole auditorium was under the influence of magical clapping sound. I stood a step away from the boy; I could feel tears rolling down my face.

I came to kneeling position in front of the boy who had shocked looks on his face and was looking at my naked breasts and hairy pussy. He was completely speechless and had forgotten his portion of the script. I placed my hands on his shoulders and said, “Rise, Stephens,… My heart bleeds for your sorrow and pain.”

Still looking at my erect nipples and exposed pussy Stephens could barely manage to say “Oh my God…I cannot believe!!….You are a real angel.”

“Yes Stephens, I was born before Adams and Eve…..God demands complete surrender!! Like a small naked child to its mother…God is always with you….. Be with him.”

And I removed the white sheer veil from my shoulders and placed on his shoulders, leaving me standing stark naked under the bright beam of light on the stage in full view of thousands of people.
I gave him a loving hug and stood a step apart holding his hand. I could see in the hall covered in the darkness that all people were standing and clapping. Ladies and girls were wiping tears from their eyes.

I slowly took a step away from him melting into the darkness. When the beam of light was focused only on Stephens I walked off the stage slowly unnoticed before it was again illuminated.

The moment I emerged at the back of the stage Juliana hugged me holding tightly “Oh my God. You were so natural and touching the hearts of the people…. I cannot believe. You were standing under the powerful light completely naked and still sooo perfect and confident on the stage.”

I did not know what I had to say. I only knew I was extremely aroused and was feeling sexy, erotic; my pussy was dripping wet and I wanted to visit the washroom.

Following week I got a chance to view the video recording and I could not believe my eyes to see myself fully naked on stage. The light was so powerful that all my pussy hair was visible but very natural.
That was my first naked appearance on the stage in public and very highly appreciated.

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