Nanny Seduce Grandpa

Seduce Incest Sex Stories » It was destined to happen from the start. The second she walked in the door, my chances of living a normal, quiet life with my sons’ family was over.

Let me start again. I’m Will. I’m 85, alone, and living in my son’s basement. Not that I need to mind you, but since my wife passed, my son Norm has been worried about me being alone. So he offered for me to move in, and I took him up on it. Though he was already 45, his new, 29 year old wife was pregnant with Norm’s second child at the time too, so Norm figured I could help out around the house when the baby showed up, especially with my son travelling for work so often.

Those plans went sideways when we realized we were in over our heads. Soon enough, Norm was looking up nanny services to help out, since my daughter-in-law Mary had to be back on the job after only a few months off. But the normal services these nanny companies provide was a little too expensive, so Norm put out an ad looking for a live-in nanny in the area.

Soon enough, the calls came in. Most were older ladies with good resumes. A few were naive college kids thinking it was just like babysitting, but ran at talk of the schedule. But then there was her. I was lucky to be at home that day, since I normally snuck out for the interviews.

Her name was Lucy. I had the luck of letting her in when the doorbell rang; a beautiful girl of 19, her dark blonde hair flowed down to her shoulders, which were covered in a very professional blouse and cardigan, with tight professional pants hinting at her perfect legs. The thick sweater tried to disguise her body as best it could, but even at my age, I had to fight the imminent boner. Her tits were massive. I immediately thought of Charlotte McKinney when I noticed her chest. Lucy looked like one of that kind of instagram models; those blonde babes who had the tiniest waist possible, but the biggest tits imaginable? (Yeah, as an 85 year old man I browse instagram for hot models. What else is there for an old perv to do?)

Lucy grinned at me as my son and his wife led her into his office, letting me get a view from behind before they closed the door. The girl was a goddess. Her legs and ass had my heart beating so fast I decided to go get a glass of water to cool off. God, everything was just so tight on her – I felt myself get hard again just thinking about her possibly being hired and flaunting that impossible body around the house. God damn.

It couldn’t have been 10 minutes before I heard the door open again and footsteps come towards the kitchen.

“Dad! This is Lucy. We just interviewed her for the nanny position,” Norm said with a smile as Lucy crossed her fingers with a grin, “We just need to make some calls, but could you show her around, I’ll be right back.”

Lucy and I traded pleasantries and I showed her around the house. None of the other interviewees had been given a tour, so I took it as a sign of good luck for Lucy. At every chance, I tried to steal a glance of her body; I could have sworn she noticed at one point and grinned.

In the kitchen, she almost immediately made herself at home, looking through all the cupboards, and leaning tall to reach the cupboards too high for her. She couldn’t have been more than 5’6″, so these tall cupboards seemed a challenge for her.

That’s when my hard-on won. Looking at her reaching up to get a water glass, her profile was something I couldn’t even begin to describe properly. She kicked one leg up as she reached for the highest glass, her tight ass and tiny waist accentuated by the stretch, and her massive tits busting the buttons on her tight blouse. But she couldn’t quite reach it, and looked at me with an adorable pouting face.

Coming to her side to reach the upper shelf (don’t ask me why the glasses are kept there), she didn’t move away quickly; I put one hand on her waist as I reached up to help her, and she moved a little closer to my body. God, I was hard as a rock smelling her fragrant perfume. She had to have known – she was nearly leaning against! She looked me in the eyes when I handed her the glass and mouthed the words “Thank you” with a wink.

As footsteps came down the hall again, she pulled away and my heart was pounding as I watched her fill her cup. Now I was starting to notice her toned legs; she was wearing work slacks, but her tight legs and runners ass couldn’t be hidden from my peeking glances.

“Good news!” my son’s voice boomed in the large kitchen. Lucy smiled a huge smile as he told her she got the job; as he explained all the details, like where her private suite would be and what the job would full entail, my heart beated faster and faster thinking of having this vixen in the same building as me. Hell, the suite she’d be staying in is right across the hall from mine!

I congratulated her and stepped out to the deck to get some fresh air. Drinking the ice water in the hot son, I felt happy for the first time in years. I could see Lucy through the large glass windows leading to the kitchen, and immediately knew why my son had hired her. His new wife was definitely a stunner; a thin, tall thing with an ass to die for, but I could plainly see Norm sneaking glances at Lucy’s larger tits.

The young nanny looked incredibly similar to his first wife, Pepper; when he was 18, Norm eloped with his highschool sweetheart, a crazy party girl with a drive for sex. Though Lucy was a blonde bombshell and Pepper was a rocking ginger with thick framed glasses, they both looked to share the same bra size.

As I sat on the deck, I watched her through the glass, unable to take my eyes from her huge tits beneath that sweater. That’s when something weird happened; Mary excused herself – I’m guessing to deal with the crying baby upstairs – when Norm stepped closer to Lucy. He put his hand on her waist and pulled her close. Lucy didn’t protest in the least, leaning in tight, putting her hands on his chest.

I realized they must not have noticed me as they kissed; it was a deep, passionate kiss that made me angry with jealousy. My son grabbed her tight ass and rubbed himself against her. I could see her biting his lip as she pulled away, her hands exploring the obvious hardon in front of her. Going to her knees, my heart jumped. She was going to blow him right here! From where my son was standing he definitely couldn’t see me, but I could have sworn Lucy looked right at me at one point.

She nuzzled his cock through his jeans with her nose and mouth, pushing him to the edge before pulling him out of his pants. She found the fly of his pants with her teeth, and pulled it down without her hands, slowly teasing him with her skill. But he had no time for that; clumsily pulling his tiny cock out, he pushed Lucy’s mouth onto it to her obvious surprise.

She read his cues though, and began sucking furiously, trying to get him off before his wife could come back downstairs. Lucy’s head bobbed faster and faster, holding his ass to pull his cock in closer. My son’s whore was as skilled as she was beautiful, because before long he pushed her head back, I’m assuming to cum on her gorgeous face; she took him in her hands and jerked him off quickly, when he started to twitch.

I had a moment of “that’s my boy” when he unloaded his cum onto her. He wasn’t packing much heat by way of length of cock, but he sprayed a massive jizz load over this young woman, mostly in her open mouth, with spurt after spurt soaking her chin and luscious lips, dripping down her neck to the collar of her white shirt.

One final blast was all he needed to destroy her black sweater; it was liked he saved up the biggest spurt for the end, as he spasmed, sending out a blast straight towards her tits, ignoring the fact that his mistress was still fully dressed. My boy was as much a tit man as I was, it seemed. Lucy adorably put her hands on her hips in frustration, furrowing her cute brow as she looked up to him.

Norm quickly zipped himself back up again, and grabbed some paper towels for Lucy to clean up. Licking her lips and wiping the rest, the obvious issue of her black sweater was solved when she stripped it straight off, giving me a view of her tight white blouse, soaked over her chest from the cum seeping through the sweater. The thin material clung to every contour as she tried to wipe it up. Her red bra was clearly visible now too – as she dabbed her huge tits, I watched the top two buttons of her shirt accidentally pop open, revealing a little bit of her enormous cleavage. I didn’t realize it at first, but I had accidentally started stroking myself half way through the blowjob, and now I fully had my hand in my pants jerking off slowly.

My son looked panicked, and dashed out of the room. Lucy looked annoyed and waited for a moment; when it became obvious he wasn’t coming back immediately, she made her way to the door to their deck when she noticed me again.

Her eyes shot wide, just as mine did when I realized I still had my hand down my pants.

She composed herself and came through the door. The sunlight on her pale skin made her glow like an angel. She made her way over to me and I discreetly pulled my hand out from my pants.

“Don’t let me stop you,” she said with a sexy grin, “I bet that was quite the show for you?” Trying to deflect from the obvious fact that she was my son’s mistress, I played along.

“It was definitely something. I might need to clean the kitchen now though – you certainly inspired a big response from him,” I teased, struggling to keep my eyes from the wet patch on her shirt.

“Yeah, he’s always had that prob..” she caught herself admitting to their affair and tried to talk past it, “…I’m assuming that’s something he inherited from his father..?”

“Hon, you wouldn’t believe it, but that’s nothing.” It was true; it was something of a family trait, but the men in my family were packing heat when it came to cum. Lucy grinned at my comment with a devilish bite of her lip.

“Well, if I’m going to be working here, maybe I’ll find out…” she trailed off as we heard the sliding doors open. My son and his wife walked out, Norm looking relieved and nervous simultaneously.

“Oh Lucy, what happened to your shirt?” Mary asked, oblivious to her husband’s infidelity.

“Yeah, sorry, that was my fault – I spilled some water on her when she startled me out here.” I don’t know why I covered for them, but my first instinct was to protect Lucy. My son stuttered and stammered like a guilty idiot, trying to hide the fact that his semen was sitting on the prominent chest of a young woman standing a couple feet from his wife. What the hell did Lucy see in him?

After a short pleasant conversation, Lucy excused herself to go home and start packing, since she was meant to start the next day. Mary went in for a hug, which Norm’s eyes widened in panic for, until I jumped in;

“Wouldn’t want to get your nice blouse wet, right Mary? I can’t be responsible for getting *two* women soaked today!” We laughed, Norm relaxed, and Lucy went on her way, with my son and Mary leading her to the door.

I made my way downstairs to my suite, trying to hide the fact that my dick was harder than it had been in years. Not since Norm’s first wife have I had it this bad – that Pepper was certainly a spicy one. Norm never found out, but I definitely pounded her more than a couple times back in the day.

Still hard from Lucy’s incredible performance, my hand drifted to my cock when I started remembering the times with Pepper..

Though I’m sure my son still is entirely ignorant to it with 20 years passed, Pepper and I were hooking up fairly regularly; Norm was an awkward teenager, and Pepper reached sexual maturity with a kind of lustful excitement that led her straight to the nearest hardon. Which, given her 32DDD tits, most men had eagerly available for her.

The first time was before they were even married; when they were 18, Norm and Pepper decided to join me and my wife at my lake house. I wasn’t 60 yet, but I always felt 20 years younger with Pepper around, since she always had as much cleavage and leg displayed as possible.

And that weekend at the lakehouse was no exception – she opted for the tiniest bikini possible, and barely wore anything else the whole weekend. My wife clearly didn’t approve, but I definitely was trying to catch as many glimpses of her massive tits as I could.

At one point, Norm and my wife were cleaning in the kitchen, and I went down to the dock to sit in the sun. No sooner than I was sitting did I hear someone walking up behind me. I turned around, and my jaw dropped when I caught the last seconds of Pepper seductively taking off her top.

Her pale, freckled skin in the sun, a sin a couldn’t resist, was like a beacon for me. She still was wearing her thick-rimmed plastic glasses, a reminder of her grungy, punk-ish style, but her body looked straight out of Sports Illustrated.

“My….wife.” I stammered, not having to say anything else.

“She’s not taking care of you right now….and I can see you need to be taken care of.” She gestured to my hard-on, which was starting to poke through the leg of my swim shorts.

Without another word, she was on her knees in front of me, as I scrambled to pull down my shorts. Kneeling between my knees, she playfully kissed my throbbing hardon, gently licking the precum oozing out, before positioning her massive tits around my cock.

She moved her tits slowly up and down, pouting her pert lips and driving me wild. She looked like a porn star with freckles; her bright red hair spilling down over her shoulders, directing your eyes to the massive tits surrounding my cock. My wife wasn’t anywhere near this busty, not to mention this….vivacious.

Pepper seemed to be teasing me – she’d lower her head, her puffy lips just an inch from the tip of my throbbing member, then she’d pull back again and grin. But her pace quickened, and I thrust to meet her rhythm, our eyes locked as her soft tits brought me to the edge.

I never had felt this passionate fucking my wife. This 18 year old vixen – my own damn son’s girlfriend – was inspiring something I hadn’t felt since high school.

“Fuck yes…..fuck me tits…” she started to say in a low voice – a more authentic voice than I had ever heard from her before. “I want your cum on me….I want it inside me….”

Her encouragement was working, I felt myself reach that primal state of fucking, moments before the load.

“Harder baby….harder…..your son has nothing on you, your cock is so perfect…” she seemed to know exactly what to say and do, “I’ve been watching you, daddy…since the first time I caught you jerking off…I’ve wanted to taste your cum ever since…” I had no idea what she was talking about, but I was happy when her head suddenly dove down, taking the full length of my girthy cock in her mouth.

Her tits resting against my thighs, her young mouth and tongue working magic on me – it was too much for an old guy like me, and I starting cumming in her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head to keep her swallowing, but I think she would have done that on her own…as I mentioned before, the men in my family have somewhat voluminous ejections (we cum a lot), but I’m guessing Pepper had some preparation for that with Norm.

She swallowed as much as she could, but pulled away as the last strands of my cum flew in the air and on her face and chest. Her red hair, stuck to the cum and sweat on her, glowed in the sunlight. She was an angel covered in cum; still on her knees, she grinned an innocent grin, coaxing one last shot from my cock, landing square on her face. She laughed and tried to wipe it away, causing her tits to jiggle, as streams of white cum dribbled down her chest.

“Hey dad! Have you seen Pepper?” I heard a voice come down from the lake house, tucked behind some trees. She giggled and put her hand to her mouth to stifle a laugh.

“Yeah, we’re just down here….having a swim!” I shouted back

“Ok! Dinner’s almost ready, so come on up!” he replied.


“I’d say you already did that..” Pepper added in a low, sultry voice, grinning her sexy grin at me.

“You bad girl….no one finds out about this, right?”

“I promise!” she beamed “It’d be hard to keep blowing you if you’re wife knew…” We both laughed as we stood up, my cock still softening and out, her tits cum-soaked and exposed, and I felt alive again. “I guess we should probably clean up….I can’t really go upstairs like this!” She added, wiping some of my seed from her chest and bringing the gooey cum to her lip.

I nodded and grabbed her tits, groping her massive, gooey melons, before winking and pushing her into the lake, diving in after. We went back upstairs, with no one else realizing the long affair that just began.

I jerked off thinking about the good times with Pepper. And then thinking about Lucy. I came faster than I’m proud to admit thinking about all the fun I was going to have with her. I knew already; I was stealing this girl from my son, and there was nothing he could do about it. Maybe I’d let him screw her from time to time, I mused, but he’s married, and I wasn’t at the time. It’s only fair.

After I came, imagining fucking Lucy from behind while fondling her huge hangers, I took a quick shower and turned on the t.v. Not long after, I heard a knock at the door. My son opened it before I could get up, looking rather sheepish for a man in his mid-40’s.

“Listen, dad….I don’t know what you saw up there…”

“Nope, don’t worry about it. I won’t say a word to Mary.” A look of relief flooded his face.

“Oh thank god…it really is complicated, Lucy was a student of mine, but, well, you know…” he grinned, “And I really do feel a connection to her. Things with Mary have been rough for a while and…”

“Let me cut you off there, son. I can help. You see, marriage is important. And because of that, I’m going to give you a hand and make sure you protect your marriage.” He looked confused and arched an eyebrow.

“By doing what exactly?”

“Oh, I’m taking Lucy from you,” His eyes widened. “You need to work on your marriage, and it’s not going to happen if you’ve got your busty little mistress living in the basement.”

“Dad, I…”

“Nope! This is a gift! The sanctity of marriage is too important to let a great pair of tits get in the way!” I was really enjoying taking the wind from his sails. Of course I’d let the guy fuck her still – it’s all Lucy’s choice of course. But this was definitely fun – until Norm snapped back.

“The sanctity of marriage didn’t seem to matter too much when you and grandpa fucked Pepper on our wedding day.” He looked more assertive, as though this memory steeled his resolution.

My heart stopped. I had no idea he knew about that – it was so long ago now, I barely remembered, but he wasn’t wrong.

“Fair’s fair. How about we share the broad then?” I tried to keep my composure, since I never realized Norm knew about me and Pepper until now. He grinned at my prospect.

“Deal – and, by the way, I really didn’t care. I loved Pepper, and she loved me. But she also loved cock – and I loved watching.” I didn’t know how to take that last part, but I felt more at ease. Norm left the room, and I was left alone to consider what just happened.

God, I must have entirely forgotten about that day. It was a few hours before their wedding – they were only 20 at the time, but Norm and Pepper seemed adamant to get married. I was touring the church with my father, who Pepper asked to walk her down the aisle, since her own father had passed away.

As we toured the halls, we just happened to pass by the room Pepper was getting ready. Oddly, she was alone, but luckily for us, the door had been left open a crack. My father and I, him being at least as old as I am now, glanced in as we passed by, and both stopped in our tracks at the sight before us.