Naomi wanted a interracial sex with some African guy

I was feeling rather low. I had just celebrated my thirty-seventh birthday, if that is the right word for it. And I suspected my husband of nineteen years was having an affair.
I’d met his secretary, Tonya, and I can’t say I blamed him all that much. She was a curvaceous dark haired girl in her mid-twenties who was clearly devoted to him. It would have been a miracle if he could resist her, I thought.
I had also caught our gardener, Brad, giving my eighteen-year old daughter, Angela, the odd lustful look. He was a bit of a hunk, a handsome black stud with good manners who worked hard on our garden. My youngest daughter was a pretty, cheerful, warm-hearted girl, still developing physically. Her hair was mid-brown, lustrous and soft. She had the open innocent face of a child. Our eldest daughter, Naomi, was away at college and wouldn’t be home for the summer holidays for another month. At nineteen years of age Naomi was the beauty of the family. A lithe, golden-haired girl with pert breasts and that essentially female curve to her ass that gets men going. She was an absolute cracker, and I thought whoever nailed her would be a very lucky man indeed.
Sex between my husband and me had been great for many years after our early marriage. We had known each other from childhood, been together at high school and married when Matt finished at college. Lately, though, things seemed to have gone a bit stale. We had stopped experimenting after the first few years and had, like a lot of couples, dropped into a familiar routine. On other words we were in a rut, especially as far as sex was concerned.
That was the trouble, really, as there was no lack of affection between us on the surface. We had similar tastes, liked the same music, the same films and seldom argued about which TV program to watch when we spent an evening at home. On the surface our life seemed very even, regular, but the trouble was that that same evenness somehow got into our sex lives. Matt obviously wanted more and as I grew older, I began to have a craving for something new in our relationship, preferably before Matt went completely off the rails and ran off with that secretary – or someone else.
I had an old school reunion that Matt couldn’t attend. He was going away on a business seminar that very day.
I ended up going on my own as I looked forward to seeing some of our old friends and acquaintances. I had a new, rather lovely white satin gown that I had been waiting for an opportunity to wear. I had a hair-do that morning. My once blond tresses now needed an occasional rinse to lighten the roots. While I was out, I went shopping for new underwear because nothing I
had was white and I didn’t want things showing through my dress. That sort of thing wasn’t my style. So I bought white satin bra and panties, plus a garter belt and a new pair of nylons.
When I’d showered and dressed I felt wonderful, like a fairytale princess. I didn’t spoil it with too much make up, either. Just a little powder and lipstick with the smallest touch of eye-shadow.
I had a great time at the reunion. There was a band and several guys asked me up to dance. I was a bit rusty at first but soon got into the swing of things, especially as the girls, or I should say, women, I was with kept the drinks flowing steadily.
It was after eleven when I left, I realised I shouldn’t drive with so much drink in me so I called home to ask Angela to come and fetch me. There was no reply. After ringing three times I gave up and tried the only other number I had in my phone’s memory. That was Brad.
He immediately volunteered and was there within ten minutes. The drive home took fifteen minutes which just shows how fast he had driven to get me!
I thanked him profusely as I started looking for the door handle to get out of his car. He rushed round, opened the door and helped me out. H e saw me wobble a little as my legs got into gear. He held my arm and escorted me to the front door.
“Thanks again, Brad,” I said, “I don’t know what I should have done without you tonight.”
I gave him a kiss. I meant vaguely, to kiss him on the cheek but my aim wasn’t good and I kissed him on the mouth instead. His lips were soft against mine. We lingered a bit too long in that position and he began to move his mouth slightly over mine. It was like an electric shock! Suddenly our arms were around each other and we were kissing passionately, open mouthed.
Realising we were still outside the house, I reached for the key above the ledge where it was always kept. My fingers brushed against it and it fell to the ground. Brad picked it up, opened the door and ushered me in.
I didn’t know he had followed me inside the hall until he took my arm, swung me round and kissed me passionately again. It had been a very long time since I had enjoyed such a kiss. His soft lips parted and our tongues were in contact. I liked the slightly musky taste of him. I caught a glimpse of us in the hall mirror, me in white satin and him in a red singlet and faded jeans. We were an exciting contrast in every way.
He started stroking my breasts, his fingers playing lightly over the area where my nipples were. Even through two layers of material, they were beginning to stand out. I could feel myself getting wet between my legs.
‘This can’t be happening to me,’ I thought, ‘Surely I’m not going to do this with the gardener!’
My body wanted otherwise and with my inhibitions lowered by the alcohol, I could feel myself rubbing against the interesting and expanding lump in his groin..
He bent, picked me up like I weighed a few ounces and carried me up the stairs into the master bedroom. I expected him to unzip my dress and take it off, but he was in a bit of a rush. He dropped me on the bed, pulled my dress up to my waist and ripped my nice pretty new panties off. Before I had gathered my wits sufficient to protest, he had his cock in me.
Fortunately, I was already wet, so it slid in without much trouble. If there’s one advantage to having had kids, it’s how easy it becomes to take the biggest of cocks like Brad’s.
As he started humping me, I lost all interest in protesting. I was just so relieved to have a nice big hard cock in my cunt after what seemed like weeks. He was driving into me so hard and fast I knew he was about to come.
“I’m coming, Sarah,” he grunted, “I’m coming in your cunt.”
Whether I wanted it or not, it happened. Actually I was past caring. My only thought at that time was a desperate hope that he wasn’t a one-shot wonder. He wasn’t!
After a pause of only a few seconds, he started thrusting into me again. And what a relief that was, I don’t mind saying. Even now I still get excited thinking about how he brought me to a magnificent orgasm, a memory that I will always cherish.
The trouble was that as the after-tingle died down, I was shocked at what I had allowed to happen. If I had thought Matt was loyal to me I would never have gone along with it. Even so, I still felt a twinge of regret. I had one lover up till then and I thought it a pity that Matt and I couldn’t stay the course with just each other.
Then I heard a slight noise. My daughter, Angela, was standing in the open doorway. She put something on the dresser and walked over to the bed. Unbelievably, she was smiling.
“I caught you, naughty Mom,” she said, “Caught you and Brad on candid camera.”
I realised that what she had placed on the dresser was her phone. It could take movies. I was still a bit fuddled with the booze and before I could think of anything to say, Angela unbuttoned her blouse, unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it.
“If you say anything at all, Mom, I’ll have to show Daddy that video of you and Brad.” She advanced on Brad and took his cock in her hand.
I didn’t believe what I was seeing. It couldn’t be my innocent little girl who was holding Brads rapidly reviving cock. But it was.
She lowered her head and took the great black fuckpole in her sweet little mouth. She could only get the first few inches into it. She gagged slightly, but she persevered gamely and got his cock up to full size. Brad was fondling her little tits and getting her wet.
Then she climbed onto the bed, positioned herself over him, holding his cock up to the lips of her cunt. She began to lower herself slowly down onto it, whimpering now and then as it’s size filled her completely. Slowly she moved up and down, beginning to grin at me as I watched open mouthed, fascinated to see my young daughter impaling herself on Brad’s magnificent black cock. I could see rings of white froth round that monster and Angela started moaning and calling,
“Fuck me, Brad. Fuck me good and hard.”
Then she came. I was transfixed, astonished at my daughter’s sexuality, yet wanting, at one level, for her to experience the extreme orgiastic joy I had myself enjoyed such a short time ago. Within a few minutes she came again, and again, before Brad began to increase the speed of his thrusts,crying out,
“I’m coming Baby, I’m fucking you.”
At last he finally shot his load of cum juice into her.
Seeing this handsome black man fuck my daughter was the hottest thing I had ever witnessed. My hand was between my legs, working, rubbing my clit. Their behaviour to each other informed my instincts. These two weren’t fucking each other for the first time. That seemed to make it all the more exciting for me.
I was still struggling out of my very creased up dress when Brad came over and got a couple of fingers massaging between my legs. Then he got down and started using his tongue on me. It was exhilarating. Even more so when I realised that Angela was sucking his cock again.
I moved further round and got my own head against her thighs. She opened her legs for me and I buried my face between them, sticking my tongue in her slit. It was a mixture of Brad’s cum and my Angela’s juices that I could taste. Wonderful!
We kept at it until we had all come. I was pleased, and not a little proud, to see my daughter take Brad’s load of cum and swallow every last drop.
After that we rested on the bed. Brad on his back with Angela and me on each side. Incredibly I had the best night’s sleep I’d enjoyed for ages.
Angela woke me with a cup of coffee before she left for her last day at school. She actually bent down and kissed me.
I stayed in bed wondering about what had happened the previous night. Clearly, drink had something to do with lowering inhibitions, but that didn’t completely explain it.
I had felt excited when Brad fucked me. Even more so watching him fuck Angela. I just couldn’t explain to myself what had caused it all. I could hardly blame Brad. After all it was me who kissed him, who lingered that fraction too long with my lips on his. He did what most men would do in the circumstances. The same with Angela. She had gone to him and taken hold of his prick. The man who could resist that hasn’t been born! Certainly Brad wasn’t to blame, he had done what came naturally to most men when the opportunity presented itself. I still thought it wasn’t the first time he had fucked my daughter though. I resolved to ask her about it in the evening.
I got up and had a shower. No sooner was the water running over me than Brad appeared and joined me under the warm water. He soaped my body and impaled me on what he called his morning ‘boner’. It felt delicious to be fucked like that. I had always wanted Matt to fuck me in the bath or shower but somehow the occasion never seemed to arise. So I felt grateful to Brad for giving such a good fuck, even though I’ve never been much of a morning person myself. If he was going to fuck me every morning, I thought, I can change!
Matt rang me at midday. It was a perfunctory call and he sounded a bit distant. On a hunch I rang his office and asked for Tonya. I was told she was at the seminar. The plot thickened and I began to regret the previous evening a bit less.
Brad came round for some gardening that afternoon. First he gave me a well wrapped little package. In it there was a pair of panties very similar to those he had ripped off me the previous night. The note said, for a very, very generous lady!
After the gardening he came into the house for a shower. I didn’t join him because I was busy getting a meal ready for when Angela got home.
It was around six when we three sat down to eat.
Then we went into the lounge and watched some porno videos that Brad had kindly brought along. At nine o’clock the three of us were up in the master bedroom, having a wonderful orgy with only one glass of wine each at dinner to spur us on. It didn’t matter. We had all been waiting for this moment and we fell on each other with gusto.
First, Angela and I sucked Brad’s cock, taking turns at first, then licking each side together, our noses touching across the top of that shaft of his. Then my daughter and I tossed a coin to see who would have first fuck. I lost, so I watched once more as my little girl, lying on her back, opened her legs and took Brad’s monstrous prick into her little cunt, inch by inch. She caught her breath a couple of times but never cried out. She wanted me to know she was enjoying herself, not being tortured. I urged them on.
“You give my girl a good fuck now, d’ya hear, Brad. I want you to give it to her really hard. Fuck her brains out.” I told our black lover.
And Brad did so too. He drove into her slowly at first, then with increasing speed until she was moaning as waves of delicious pleasure washed over her. She started having a long string of orgasms, each better than the previous one, until right at the end as Brad shot his load of cum into her welcoming cunt, she actually screamed her ecstasy. There was loads of white froth again at the entrance to her cunt as her juices mixed with Brad’s cum overflow in a squelchy mess.
As soon as I could, I got Brad’s cock into my mouth and started to give my daughter a lesson in how to suck a man’s prick. It tasted lovely with all that heavenly mixture of their juices. I loved it. I relaxed my throat consciously until I could take nearly half his shaft into my mouth and throat. Then I started slurping over it, taking it out, shoving it back in, spitting on it to keep it moist and showing Angela how to give head properly.
When he was good and hard, Brad rolled me over and got between my legs. I opened them wide for him. The situation was enhanced for me by Angela, sitting, watching and smiling at us.
He thrust his cock into me, smoothly sliding it right home. Then he began that wonderful motion, thrusting in, pulling back, until he had me moaning.
“Oh! Brad, fuck me, yes, yes, fuck me,” I cried as I started to come. He responded by pumping load after load of cum juice into my cunt. My world exploded as my orgasm hit and I saw stars. We had only a few moments rest before Angela started sucking Brad’s prick again. It was clearly going to be a very busy night for our handsome gardener and I wondered, idly, if we were paying him enough. No-one got much sleep that night. It was daybreak before we got to sleep and soon afterwards, the alarm went off and we ate a sleepy breakfast. Angela had no more school, Brad had some work in somebody else’s garden and so my daughter and I curled up in each others arms and went to sleep. Our exertions with Brad seemed to make us closer than we had been for a very long time. I guess we felt like co-conspirators, bonded together by our sense of naughtiness.
We spent the next four days sucking and fucking each other until Matt announced he was coming home early. He said the rest of the seminar would be of no use to him, but much later I learned that he and Tonya had had a bit of a spat and she wanted to come back.
Things seemingly went back to ‘normal’ after Matt got home. It was strange but I had become so used to having great sex every day that I began to have strange dreams, some of them nightmares. Normally I hardly ever dreamt but these were disjointed and disturbing.
One day, about a week after Matt got back from the seminar, I went out to do some shopping with Angela.
When we got home an amazing sight greeted us. Matt was in the lounge watching a video and jerking off at the same time.
“Come and look at this, ” he ordered us.
The TV screen was full of Brad fucking me while Angela looked on. As Brad rolled off me, Angela went to start sucking his cock up to size again.
“You two are a right pair of sluts, aren’t you!” Matt sounded curiously unruffled by the sight on the screen. Now he was watching his daughter lower herself onto Brad’s great black prick. I had some difficulty getting my breath, but Angela was as unruffled as her father. She walked calmly across to where he was sitting on the couch.
“Here,” she said, taking his cock from his hand and starting to massage it herself.
“Come on over,” Angela told me. I hesitated.
“Oh! Come on Sarah,” Matt urged, “what does it matter now I know you’re a black cock slut. I always knew you had something more in you than I could ever prise loose. It looks as if Brad’s done it for me.”
Like a zombie, I crossed the room, wondering if this was just the calm before the storm. But no. Matt turned me round so I was watching the screen, then he lifted my skirt, took my panties down and pulled me down onto his cock, which Angela was kindly holding in place.
It was so good feeling Matt’s cock inside me, I just about forgot that we were watching Angela and me being royally fucked by Brad.
Matt had one hand holding my tit, the other was up Angela’s skirt, caressing her clit.
“You’d better give Brad a call, honey,” he suggested to her, “I think I’m going to be busy tonight with your Mom.”
Angela did call Brad. I was lying on my back, enjoying the feeling of Matt’s familiar cock in me when I heard Angela answer the door to let Brad in.
She took him straight into her bedroom. But Matt and I were far too busy to bother with a little thing like our daughter being fucked by our black gardener in her own bed. I could hear the distant sound of her bedsprings creaking far into the night, conjuring up a delightful image of Brad’s thick black cock giving our daughter a wonderful time..
When I awoke, there was a gentle pressure against my cunt. I felt a cock sliding deliciously in and out as I came round. There was something that didn’t feel right though. When I opened my eyes I found I was being fucked by Brad not Matt.
“Matt woke me early and suggested the change,” he told me, “I think he wanted to give Angela the benefit of his morning boner.”
I could hardly take in all that was happening. My husband didn’t seem to mind me fucking the gardener, and he was apparently shagging our daughter and not for the first time, I gathered.
We had gone from a conventional, distant if not disjointed family, to a hedonistic orgy loving group of swingers in a few days. Our whole lives had changed. And what I felt was mainly a sense of relief that we could all behave as our deepest instincts bade us. We seemed to have lost all inhibitions, guilt or shame. We were relaxed about sexual desire and fulfilment. And I felt happy with the whole world for once.
I think there must have been a lot going on behind my back, with both Brad and Matt fucking young Angela for several weeks. Now I no longer felt excluded. Whatever they were up to, I had become a part of it and it felt good to be on the inside.
By the time Naomi came home for the summer holidays, I was already pregnant. I wasn’t sure who did the deed but I suspected it was Brad. He had shot so much cum into me in those first days that I was very surprised that I didn’t get pregnant. It was the same with Angela who was also fucking bareback all the time.
It would have been so exciting to be pregnant together, but it was not to be. Not for while anyway.

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