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Hi, my dear hot men and women readers of sex stories.

I am one among you, a sex addict, love pornography, love admiring women totally, her character, body, lust, love women in all ways. Everything is sexy about women from eyes, hair to toe. I cannot be without releasing my sperms at least 4 or 4 times a week I am married and rich, happy with family, but still, want more. Love to try everything kinky. Myself fair enough, decently hairy, fit body and good penis, wild fantasy brains. My partner who left town for 4 days. I was so desperate, hunting women in apps and masturbating seeing women screaming in silicone and huge cocks in porn websites, I shake and cum twice, I was ultra horny I badly need a new vagina to show her my wild side and make her enjoy every second of it screaming. Seem like no chances.

My regular home maid is a village based girl, dark but good physic, firm body of curvy hips, very poor, she wears traditional dress always, mostly not tied neatly exposing part of hips, blouse, navel. Mostly with loose hair, does not have a good face to make her special. Rough voice. Oily face always and has some sad story to talk always. She was like totally unattractive to me and I was like maintaining a decent show and was expecting a porn star women to ride in my life. It was weekend early morning, doorbell rang, I was actually naked on the bed , quickly put on the dress and white vest in half sleep. I opened the door, it was the maid, she was in semi-transparent low hip white dress, dark brown blouse, exposing hips, loose hair.

She looked sexy for my eyes that day. She said my wife had asked to come in the morning and check home and vessels and bathroom. I said her to come in. I had not talked to her much before. She was a bit shy of me. That day my eyes were fully on her body I then left to my room and sit on apps to find some women, no one was really online, I was really lonely and horny, the evil spirit of me started to work, my mind was starting to imagine maids body. Why not hit on this woman. Then I got up and went near her. She was sweeping the floor, exposing her boobs and flesh on her hips, my penis started getting harder. I smiled at her, she did then. We started chatting, I was like asking her how she came on the weekend , she started telling everything about her life, that she never became pregnant for 2 years from marriage , her husband drunkard waste guy, got frustrated and ran away with maid sister, she even narrated her bad experience of physical relationship of her sister and husband and that her sister got pregnant . I understood she was mentally and physically weak and disturbed. Then I started comforting her with nice words and she had slight tears.

I did not want to use her for sex directly with her bad mood and shattered heart. I wanted it to happen to lots of lust and love and wildness. I calmed her down with sweet words and offered her juice to drink and started flirting with her telling she is looking great and how come a guy leave here, she started to smile and she started getting comfortable, she said she never knew I talk so much and complimented saying I look good and nice heart. We became close very soon . Slowly I came to know she is sex-starved to / of nearly 2 years . We hugged each other and I could feel her body shape on me . Then there was a pause . I was scared about next step . Then I said her to carry on with her work and then come and clean my bathroom too today, she gladly accepted with a smile .

I went into the room with the door open, planned out an idea, got naked and went to shower with bathroom doors open. I started to shower, I was imagining her and my penis was fully erect. I heard her sound of entering the room . She was calling my name and came into the bathroom for cleaning. She was shocked and screamed !! Aah ram sir, I was naked with saluting penis. She got shy and ran away. Then I dried myself and wore dhoti alone and bare chest went to the hall . She was in the corner of kitchen doing some work, then she will half eyes open in shy she said sir, sorry I came into the bathroom without mistake. Again she was shocked to see my bare chest and low waist dhoti.

We had an eye contact, I felt she liked me and lust began to fill. I went near her and said love you, dear ! And hugged her. Never expected she hugged me too. I slowly started to lick her ears, neck, and hair. I pressed my erected penis against her body. I whispered in her ears that she is too sexy. She pushed me on the wall, and smiled at me, and said, sir, you are the first man on the earth to love me so much, I am going to make u happy now she got down on knees in a second, pulled down my dhoti, oh my god I was naked in front of a maid ! She looked at my penis like a hungry tigress. She kissed them, she said I have a lovely body. She held my penis and started licking it. Oh, my goodness what a feel for women tongue. She took my penis fully into her mouth and salivated it. I stopped her and pulled out her dress, tore her blouse apart. She loved my roughness. Started to bite her lips. Then I started her boobs. Wow, dark tight melons and 1-inch nipple. What a lovely melon. I started licking her nipple. I sucked it, then she was in a hurry. She pushed me again and went on knees. She was on exposing her dark tight melons. It got me harder.

She then screamed I need your penis milk now sir, I am hungry, then she held my penis like a toy. She was shaking my cock harshly, pulling my pubic hair, she got under now, licking my anus. I was on heaven , she took my pubic balls into her mouth . She was like a porn star, my cock started getting filled with sperms. She inserted her fingers into my anus. Wow, all my dream comes true. Then she started stroking in hurry so wildly. I screamed I was about spill my cum. She started to stroke very fast, aah I was shaking my body my body was shivering with lust. Then I blew all my white sperm on her face, all her face. She licked and enjoyed. She screamed in joy then I lifted her and kissed her passionately. We cuddled each other. Then slowly I undress her for the shower .

I carried her to my bed and we had a rough passionate fuck and anal fun. Tasted her dirty vagina. Drilled her vagina and made them bleed. To be continued. We even had sex on the terrace once when my wife was sleeping, she is my porn star. How is my story guys, feedback at [email protected] I want more in my life?

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