Natasha Needs to Taste Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooNatasha Needs to Taste Ch. 02

A/N: Natasha's lust for her father's cum leads her to a strange bedfellow. Please read Chapter 1 first.
It was morning. Sunshine danced across the floor of my bedroom as I stood before the full-length mirror. The ultra-cool girls at school called me 'Toothpick' but for the first day of my life, I didn't care. I stood there, naked, and ran my fingers lightly over my body. My eyes were puffy from a night of fitful sleeping but I was strangely relaxed. I saw a little crooked smile on my lips in the mirror.
I stood there dreamily, letting the events of last night wash over my memory and my body like gentle lapping waves. In one fell swoop I felt like I had crossed some invisible line between nerdy underdeveloped high school student to sexually-advanced vixen. I knew it wasn't that easy, but I savoured the thought for awhile.
I had finally satiated my weird, newly-developed obsession for tasting sperm. From overhearing a few giggled words in the locker room to hungrily gathering cum from the shower walls to finally being offered a man's fresh, hot sperm in the mouth of a sexy woman.
The dreaminess faded suddenly when I realised that the sperm had come from my dad's cock. Okay, it wasn't like I hadn't known, but for some reason the thought jarred my senses. I was sure he didn't suspect a thing, but for some reason it all felt pretty damned weird.
I sighed and started getting dressed. I had never thought about my dad in 'that' way. Sure, he had fallen off the pedestal and become a mere mortal man. But my obsession about tasting his hot cum had now peaked. I had to let it rest now or it would get out of hand. This was crazy talk that just wouldn't fly.
I heard them in the kitchen downstairs, clanging about with plates and cups. I didn't really want to go down there, but I decided that since the show, however fun and sexy and fulfilling it had been, was now over, I might as well face it.
My dad and his new girlfriend Janet were sitting at the table in the kitchen, drinking coffee. Janet saw me coming first and she winked and smiled at me, giving me one of those conspiratorial looks that women share. It was my first such look, so I smiled. Then my dad noticed me.
"Hi, squirt!" He was beaming and in a fantastic mood. From what he went through last night, I could understand why. I wondered how he would act if he knew about ALL the things that happened. I pushed the thought out of my head.
"Does he actually call you 'squirt'?!" Janet looked at me and back to my dad. He just shrugged happily.
"I've always called her that…"
"She's 18 years old and a lovely young woman, Cameron." scolded Janet.
"I don't mind," I added. "It beats 'toothpick'… that's what the ultra-girls at school call me.'
They both responded simultaneously.
"I didn't know that…" said my dad in a quiet voice.
"Kate Moss is a toothpick. Whitney Houston is a toothpick. Believe me, you're no toothpick, Natasha. I mean, look at her breasts…" Janet's words made my spirits soar. She had called me a 'young woman' and defended my nickname. My dad looked up, as per reflex, to look at my breasts… until he realized what he was doing. At which point he went red in the face and stared into his coffee.
"Okay, okay, sorry, Natasha."
"Don't worry about it, Dad." I walked past and punched him jovially on the shoulder, as I headed over to the musli on the counter. It was my turn to be in a great mood.
I sat down with them at the table and studied them over my bowl. Janet was gorgeous. No doubt about it. Everything I ever dreamed I wanted to be. Sexy, flirtatious, self-confident. Flashbacks suddenly blitzed my brain… Janet grabbing my head and kissing me, filling my mouth with my dad's hot sperm… the sight of her slamming onto his cock… Janet holding my head and pulling my face into her pussy, feeding me more cum mixed with her own juices…
Now it was my turn to go red in the face. So many images. So graphic. I choked on a piece of dried banana in my musli.
"You okay, Natasha?" asked my dad.
I looked at my dad. My whole life he had been just a dad. A cool dad, a caring dad, but just a dad. We grew close after my mom dropped off the face of the earth, but we never talked about intimate stuff. But now I viewed him in a different way. Weeks of watching him jack off in the shower and secretly gathering up his cum like a junkie, seeing him fucking Janet and then last night…
If only he knew. He looked different today. Vulnerable and innocent. Usually that was me in those shoes, but now it was him. Those qualities made him seem really…. well, sexy. He wasn't wearing a shirt at the table, and his toned, tanned body was no longer a dad-body. It was a man-body. Fuck. I had to get these crazy thoughts out of my head.
"Well, I'd better get to work." he said before downing the last of his coffee. "You want a ride home?"
Janet shook her head. "Nah. I'll hang out here, if that's okay. Natasha and I can talk about girlie things."
My dad looked relieved and he smiled. He knew that the lack of a female influence wasn't optimal for a young girl's development and felt a bit guilty about his own shyness when it came to talking about intimate things.
"Great! I'm glad you two like each other."
He kissed me on the forehead and Janet got his tongue. He left for work. It was silent for a while as Janet and I sat at the table. Me with the musli and her with her coffee.
"Well, you got to taste it, didn't you? Hot, I mean. And fresh…"
I nodded dumbly. Not knowing what to say.
"Well, come on girl! Tell me! Did you like it?" She winked and smiled.
I had decided to drop the whole affair, but her smile made me smile, too.
"Yeah. It was great…"
"You're fucking right it was great! God, it was such a turn on!"
"For you, too?" I was surprised. I could see, last night, that she enjoyed it, but did it really turn her on?
"Are you crazy? I was so hot, Natasha. Shit, even now, sitting here, my pussy and nipples are still swollen. I'm like a cat in heat!" She laughed.
I glanced quickly at her nipples and they were, sure enough, jutting out from under the delicate white silk of her short kimono. I felt my own bullet-like nipples swell beneath my t-shirt and felt a touch of moisture form deep down in my jeans. I swallowed hard.
"Why did it turn YOU on?"
Janet shrugged casually. "Dunno. I guess all that about you wanting so bad to taste cum and me making it happen for you. Helping you realize your womanhood and all that. And, shit, not to mention all that about your dad not knowing… Really kinky…"
"Do you… uh… really see me as a lovely young woman?" I pronounced those three gorgeous words like I had just learned some exotic language.
"Of course, darling." She looked at me and smiled and then he eyes narrowed and looked at me appraisingly. It kinda made me feel uncomfortable.
"I'm just thinking that you could use a makeover. Not so much makeup, but a new hairstyle and definitely some new clothes."
"I don't know what to buy. I mean, I look at the ultra-girls at school and see what they have on but I still don't know…"
"Fuck the ultra-girls."
Even the way she said fuck and shit was cool and sexy.
"Wait here." Janet got up and ran upstairs. I watched her go. Her little silk kimono didn't hide much and I saw her ass as she bounced up the stairs.
She came down with her own clothes. A little summer dress and some sandals.
"Try these on. We're about the same size."
That sounded cool. I took the dress and shoes and headed upstairs.
"Just change here, silly! The girls are home alone!"
Despite the kinky stuff last night, I was self-conscious. Besides, those flashbacks kept hitting me hard. Kissing Janet. Licking Janet's pussy. Those were things I had never dreamed about. I didn't like girls that way… or so I thought.
"Don't be shy, Natasha."
"It's just that… um… last night…"
"You're not a lesbian. Is that what you're thinking?"
I nodded sheepishly. She made me feel sheepish for thinking it.
Janet came over and put her hands on my face and looked at me tenderly.
"I know what you're thinking, but don't worry. It's just sex. And sex has no boundaries. You kissed me, right?" I nodded. "You licked my pussy, right?" I nodded again. "I'm not a lesbian and neither are you. We're just two people who find each other attractive and who find your father attractive. That's it. Got it?" She winked and I smiled and nodded as she continued.
"You and I could lick each other to the most amazing orgasms right here, all alone, on the kitchen floor and we STILL wouldn't be lesbians."
She looked at me a long time and I could feel the tension in the air. Like she was considering doing exactly what she said. But then she broke the tension.
"Come on them, try on those clothes." With a wink she went over to the kitchen counter and lit a cigarette. She turned and leaned against the counter, arms crossed, smoking. It made her kimono ride up and I could see hints of her pussy… her shaved pussy from last night. I cleared my throat and busied myself with changing clothes.
My t-shirt came off first. As I tossed it on the back of a chair, Janet said, "Rule number one from now on. No t-shirts… unless they are really tiny and tight. Got it?"
"Got it."
I took off my baggy jeans and then slid my panties down my legs, stepping out of them and flicking them aside with my toe. I was feeling a little self-conscious, and I fumbled with the dress. I noticed that Janet was staring at my crotch.
"Where did you learn to shave down there?"
"The ultra-girls do it. I've seen them in the locker room, so I figured I would try it. Not that it matters much. Nobody gets to see it."
"Oh, they will when I'm through with you." The very thought tingled through me.
I slipped the dress over my head and let it fall over my body. In one smooth movement, it fit snugly onto every one of my modest curves. I looked down at myself, almost amazed to see my own body in such a lovely dress. I looked up at Janet. She was smiling wide and nodding.
"I knew it. Perfect. Twirl."
I did so. It felt so natural. I felt like running upstairs and throwing all my clothes out the window.
"Very sexy, Natasha. Very sexy."
Janet walked towards me. Her kimono had loosened a bit and I could see her pert, firm breasts jiggle every so slightly with every step. She was right. It was sexy. I felt sexy. Janet was sexy. Tasting my dad's cum was sexy. Everything, all of a sudden, was extremely sexy.
Janet stood before me, looking at me in a way nobody had looked at me before. Another long period of heavy silence. Only our breathing could be heard. I didn't know what was going to happen but sensed it in every nerve.
But instead, Janet said, "Let's go shopping."
With a wicked wink, Janet dashed upstairs and changed and we were out of the door in a flash. For the next five hours we pounded the pavement in the city center and I was soon equipped with a new wardrobe, new makeup supplies and a new hairstyle. Janet's dress swinging gloriously about my legs.
Before I could blink, we were back at the house, sitting on the sofa in the living room and looking at all my new clothes scattered on the floor. In one half of a day Janet had transformed me in a lovely young woman and I was loving it.
We were exhausted from our shopping expedition and lounged lazily on the sofa, talking about clothes and suchlike pandemonium. Both wearing airy summer dresses.
Then Janet fixed me with a narrow-eyed, curious look.
"So… what's next?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, you got your wish. You got to taste it. What's next?"
I didn't know. I hadn't really thought about it. Only brief erotic images had been flashing through my head.
"I dunno."
"You know. Somewhere inside that lovely little body, you know."
"Yeah." I thought about it. It felt funny talking about it, but I knew I could tell Janet anything. I took a deep breath and continued.
"Well… the ultra-girls at school always talk about lots of stuff…."
"You liked the taste, didn't you?"
"Yeah… fuck, yeah…" I liked saying the word and Janet could tell. She smiled. "I loved it. It's so much better hot than cold… the, uh, sperm…"
"Cum. Yeah. Hot cum." More words I wasn't used to saying. I pronounced them slowly. Tasting their sounds.
"Tell me what else you liked, Natasha." Her voice was lower now. Almost hoarse.
I swallowed. My mouth was dry.
"Um… All of it… I loved watching you, um, suck his penis… I mean cock. It was so sexy. That was the first night I saw you guys in bed. Just the way you held it hard with one hand and sucked it up and down. Amazing…"
Janet nodded as she listened and watched me intensely. She wanted to hear me say it, put it into words and make it real again. And I was getting into it, loving to talk about it. We were both leaning back on an armrest on the sofa, facing each other so that our toes were touching. I saw Janet's dress riding up her thighs. I didn't know if it was on purpose.
"I loved it when he… um… came in your mouth and you swallowed it and then spit some of it out onto his cock and licked him clean…"
"More. Tell me more, Natasha." Janet's finger lightly circled her nipple, almost absentmindedly, as she listened. I became braver. I sat up and crossed my legs under me, knowing that by doing so, the dress would ride up my thighs, exposing my crotch. I pretended like I didn't notice.
"Then standing there the next night, naked, while you sucked his cock… his fat, hard cock… and then you kissed me. I didn't expect that… and then feeling his cum slide off your tongue onto mine…"
"And tasting hot cum for the first time…"
"Yeah. So salty and sweet at the same time. God, how I wanted to taste it hot like that. And then on your tongue and lips… so fucking sexy…"
I was getting turned on. Janet shifted on the sofa so that she was sitting facing me, legs crossed, dress up around her waist and her skimpy g-string panties clearly visible between her tanned thighs, disappearing between her ass cheeks. She leaned forward.
"Did you like watching his fat, hard cock fucking my wet hole? Slamming hard into my hot little cunt?" Her voice was almost inaudible. Her eyes had that glazed, wild look again.
I leaned forward, too. My own voice a whisper. My eyes locked on hers.
"Yeah. I loved watching his fat cock fuck you hard. And he didn't even know I was there. And then you grabbed my head and made me suck your hot little cunt and I tasted my daddy's hot cum and your hot juice at the same time… I fucking loved that…"
"I love it when you say 'daddy'." Now it was Janet's turn. Her hand had slipped down between her legs. I could see a damp patch had formed on her white g-string and she brushed her fingers over the fabric covering her 'hot little cunt', as she called it. Just brushing it gently as she talked. I copied her, letting my hand do the same and feeling the tingling sensation surge through my body. Janet kept talking.
"I loved having you watch me fuck your daddy's hot dick. And having you lick my hole clean, sucking your daddy's cum out of my wet cunt like a good girl. Did you like tasting me? Tasting my greasy little hole?"
"Yeah. It was so fucking sexy. I loved your taste. I had never thought about sucking a woman's hole before, but I loved the taste. So sweet. Your cunt was so smooth and wet and I wanted to suck it forever." I was definitely in the groove now. Words I had never used before were rolling off my tongue like honey. Janet was an amazing inspiration.
We were still sitting cross-legged, facing each other, and we were leaning farther and farther forward and rubbing our pussies simultaneously.
"If you want, Natasha, you can have a big, fat cock in between your sexy lips and suck the cum out yourself. If you want, you can have a hard, throbbing cock squeeze inside your sexy little teenager hole and stretch you wide so your eyes roll back in your head and you can't breathe. If you want, I can suck the cum out of your cunt until you shiver and quiver on my face…"
"Yeah…" We were leaning so far forward that our faces were only inches apart. Our voices were mere exhalations of hot, lusty air.
"Do you want to suck your daddy's cock, Natasha? Do you want to feel his cum shoot hard against the back of your throat?"
"Yeah, Janet. I want it."
I did. I knew it then and there. I couldn't stop now. My dad was now just a man who could give me what I wanted. But just then, all that was before me was Janet's beautiful face and lips only a whisper away from my own.
"I want you to teach me everything, Janet… will you teach me?"
Instead of words, her tongue snaked out of her mouth and into my own. I responded instantly, hungrily sucking her tongue into my mouth and tasting her saliva mixing with my own.
In a flash, our arms whipped up and embraced each other, pulling each other closer. Janet took control and pulled me towards her, falling back on the sofa. I was on top of her. Hell, I was all over her.
We sucked hungrily on each other's tongue while our hands both sought out each other's delights. Frantically, desperately, urgently.
I squealed into Janet's mouth when her hand found my aching pussy and deftly slid under the elastic to slide a finger up inside me. I was roughly massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples through her dress. Janet held my head firmly in place by holding the back of my neck, forcing our mouths together. I wriggled about, trying to gain access to Janet's cunt and when I did, I copied her, getting two fingers under the elastic and up inside her cunt, which sucked greedily at my fingers. She was as hot down there as I'm sure I was.
We wrestled like that for a while, urgently stimulating each other, until it just wasn't enough. Janet suddenly pushed me off and stood up. In one fluid movement she whipped off her dress and I followed suit. I went one step forward and lifted my slender hips up and slid off my panties.
Janet's eyes were on fire as she stared down between my legs. I couldn't help myself, rubbing my shaved, searing cunt lips and clit with rapid circular motions. She dropped to her knees before me. Hand on my thighs, spreading them wide. Eyes riveted to my cunt.
She looked up at me with a wicked twinkle in her eye.
"If I married your dad, you could call me mommy."
With that, she dived between my legs and without ceremony attached her whole mouth onto my whole pussy and starting sucking and flicking her tongue about.
My head snapped backwards, my mouth fell open and air rushed into my lungs, my eyes rolled back in my head at Janet's persistent mouth on my cunt and the naughtiness of the thought that it could be my mommy doing this to me.
Janet forced my thighs open wide and I instinctively reached under and supported them with my hands, holding my legs up high.
The air kept rushing into my lungs until it felt like they would burst. I started breathing hard, panting frantically, as Janet relentlessly licked my hot little hole and tiny, rigid clit.
It was the most amazing sensation I could ever imagine. The first time another person had licked me down there and I knew right then I would become a junkie.
Janet narrowed her focus from stabbing at my hole with her tongue and sucking my lips deep into her mouth to covering my clit with her mouth and flicking my exploding clit with the tip of her pointed tongue.
I knew that feeling that was swelling from deep inside me. I knew it, but it wasn't the same. It was far more intense than anything I had experienced. Just at that moment it began, it was a million times more powerful than any other orgasm I had had in my young life.

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