Natasha Needs to Taste Ch. 03

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tagIncest/TabooNatasha Needs to Taste Ch. 03

A/N: Natasha's obsession with her father's cum culminates beyond her wildest dreams. Please read Chapters 1 and 2 first.
I lay in my bed with Janet's words ringing in my ears.
'If you want, Natasha, you can have a big, fat cock in between your sexy lips and suck the cum out yourself…'
'If you want, you can have a hard, throbbing cock squeeze inside your sexy little teenager hole and stretch you so wide your eyes will roll back in your head and you can't breathe…'
'If you want, I can suck the cum out of your cunt until you shiver and quiver on my face…'
'Do you want to suck your Daddy's cock, Natasha?…'
'Do you want to feel his cum shoot hard against the back of your throat?…'
'Do you want to impale yourself on your Daddy's slick cock?'…'
I trembled at the thought of the questions. I trembled because I knew the answer to all of them was 'yes'.
Janet, my dad's girlfriend, had transformed me from a dorky teenager – called 'Toothpick' by the Ultra-girls at school – and into a lovely young woman. A young woman with a snowballing sexual appetite.
What started with a curiosity about tasting cum soon developed into an obsession with secretly licking my dad's cum off of the shower walls after he jacked off. From there, things went from strength to strength. Janet had given me my first taste of hot, salty-sweet cum, direct from the source – which happened to be my dad's cock. And now I lay exhausted in my bed after a heated, erotic bisexual session with Janet on the living room floor.
It was all happening so fast. I had never thought of my dad in 'that' way before, but now I saw him in a different light. He was the only man in my life and he had a beautiful cock that could give me what I needed. Janet assured me that it would happen if I wanted it to.
And I did. I decided that right then and there. I would take the plunge. I had to. I needed to feel a cock deep inside me and I needed to taste the hot cum, too. My desire for hot cum would not abate. I had to.
I heard my dad come home downstairs and I heard Janet greet him. They sat in the kitchen and I could hear their muffled conversation, but couldn't make out the words.
I got up from my bed and looked at myself in the mirror. Even though I was naked, I was still not used to the sight of myself as a young woman. The body was the same as yesterday, but now a young woman was staring at me. My pert breasts were unchanged, but I now knew how I liked them to be fondled and caressed, and the nipples tugged at a little roughly.
The magical place between my legs, shaved clean and smooth, had revealed some of its secrets to me over the years, but now I had tasted the glories of stimulation, thanks to Janet's fingers and tongue. It was only the tip of the iceberg, though. Because completing the transformation required something neither Janet or myself could provide. A cock. Hard. Throbbing. Eager to please.
Janet and I had thrown out all my baggy t-shirts and jeans and replaced them with a new wardrobe. I went over and took a summer dress off a hanger. The one Janet said I needed to put on. She had a plan and it was going to happen. I swallowed hard. I let the summer dress slide over my head and watched as it fell gracefully over my slim frame and accentuated my girlish curves. I spun round in the mirror and liked what I saw.
This fledgling self-confidence was Janet's doing, too. She had taught me so much already. The taste of my dad's hot cum, the sensation of another woman licking my wet hole, the feeling of licking another woman's wet hole and a whole new way of looking at myself. I was a young 18 year-old woman and I had realised that. I smiled at myself and winked into the mirror. That girl in the reflection was on her way to adulthood. That girl in the mirror knew what she wanted and was determined to get it.
The summer dress was short and showed a lot of thigh. I felt the tight fabric of my g-string sliding between my ass cheeks and hugging my hairless mound snugly. I squeezed my thighs together and felt a jolt of heat generated deep inside my tight cunt. I gasped involuntarily but resisted the temptation to stroke myself down there. I pinched my nipples hard, even though they were already bullet-like and checked to see that there were protruding from under the thin fabric of the elegant dress. Content, I made my way downstairs.
I stopped in the hallway when I could make out their conversation. Janet was prepping my dad.
'We had a great day. Natasha has really come out of her shell. I've transformed her into the young woman she deserves to be.'
'She's always been a young woman…' My dad was a little defensive.
'She has always been a tom boy, running around the house in baggy clothes and helping you with the gardening. You two have been best buddies – and that is super. But she has really blossomed now. You're in for a surprise. And you had better get your brain wrapped around a whole new direction in her sexuality.'
'Her WHAT?!'
I smiled. I could hear that dad was a bit uncomfortable at the mention of my sexuality.
'You heard me,' continued Janet. 'Even girls her age have needs. They need to start exploring their sexuality. Those ultra-girls she talks about at school are way ahead and Natasha is curious. It's only natural. I can help out with her questions of course, but you are her dad. Her one and only. So you're going to have to make some adjustments, too. I'll help you out too, of course…'
Dad didn't reply and Janet didn't have any more to say. It was like a natural cue for me to make my appearance.
I walked into the kitchen and stopped. 'Hi, Dad'. He looked up at me expecting something different, but not expecting the delicious creature who appeared before him. His eyes and open mouth said it all. I twirled in my dress to show it off. All too aware of how high it flew to reveal my ass and of my erect nipples jutting out of my firm, round breasts. Subtle makeup was the jewel on the crown.
My dad was, to say the least, stunned. It took a while for him to find the words. Finally, he broke his silence with, 'You look beautiful. I can't believe it.'
Janet and I replied simultaneously, 'Thanks!'. We both laughed. Janet was right to reply. I was her creation. And I made it work.
Janet hugged my dad from behind, speaking softly into his ear.
'Isn't she lovely? She's a real woman now.'
My dad nodded. I ran over to him and hugged him happily. I had always loved the feel of his strong arms around me but now it was different. It was a man embracing a young woman. I reached around him to return the embrace and found my hands resting on Janet's sexy ass, since she was hugging him from behind. She winked at me without him seeing. I pressed my body tight against his front.
He hugged me tight and said, 'I don't know what to say, baby. You're gorgeous!'
I squeezed tighter, as did he, as did Janet. We stood there for a long while but dad soon got a bit uncomfortable and we all let go.
'Just think,' Janet said to my dad, 'all that youthful beauty has been right under your nose all this time, aching desperately to blossom, and you didn't even notice.'
'Yeah.' That's all he could say, still coming to terms with the appearance of this young woman, his daughter, suddenly in the kitchen.
We all just sort of lingered there for a while, not really knowing what to do or say. As ever, Janet took the initiative.
'Hey! Let's go to the beach!'
An hour later we rolled to a stop at our favourite beach. It was a weekday and it wasn't that crowded. The weather was perfect. The drive down was fun – Janet knew exactly how to break the ice and get everyone laughing.
We set up camp on the sand and settled in to sunbathe. I had changed into a bikini under my summer dress and couldn't wait to show it off. For myself and the new-found freedom I was revelling in, but also to let my dad feast his eyes on his daughter.
And sure enough, if his jaw had dropped in the kitchen, it was dragging in the sand now, as I stood before him, hands on hips, awaiting his approval. The bikini was sexy and I loved the feel of it and how it barely covered my body. Thanks to Janet, all I wanted to do anymore was show off my body. To my dad, to Janet, to anyone who walked past. The bikini was white and almost sheer. Two small triangles of fabric cupped my round tits and only thin white straps held it in place. The bottoms were also tiny and they were tight. I knew that my pussy lips were visible to anyone who was looking and the back was nothing more than a g-string.
Dad's first reaction was rather fatherly, 'It's a little revealing, isn't it?'
'You're damned right it is!' said Janet. 'She's growing up, darling.' and with that she pulled her own summer dress over her head to reveal that she was wearing an identical bikini. It was almost too much for my dad to handle. I stole a glance at Janet's body in her bikini. Her breasts were larger and rounder and more delicious than mine, in my opinion. But that was just sexual thinking, I thought to myself. I knew my own breasts were perfect and Janet had told me so often. Especially when she was sucking hungrily on them…
While dad was appraising Janet and she twirled around playfully for him, I stole a glance at him. He was handsome, no doubt about it, and lying there on the towel with two beautiful women whom he loved standing in front of him, he looked gorgeous. His well-toned chest and legs fit gloriously into his swim suit.
My breath caught in my throat as my eyes perused his body with my new eyes. There, in his swimsuit, was the clear outline of his cock. The very same cock I had been craving for so long. The very same cock that produced the hot, salty-sweet cum that had obsessed me. And that obsessed me still.
What's more, that very same cock was well on it's way to becoming erect. His slightly tight swim trunks were tightening as an erection came to life. I was conscious of staring at it, but couldn't turn my eyes away. My mouth went dry. As though in a dream I looked up and saw him looking at me, catching me in the act of staring at his cock. He was a little embarrassed, but there was something else in his eyes. Even with my limited, but ever-increasing, experience, I knew what it was.
Now, I knew my dad and all his mannerisms and reactions to various situations so I knew how he would tackle this one. Or so I thought. He just kept his eyes on mine and, with one hand, casually took a t-shirt and placed it on his lap to hide his now hard, thick cock. His embarrassment fading and replaced with contemplative, wondering, searching eyes.
It stunned me, to say the least. Janet to the rescue.
'Come on, gorgeous, let's get wet.' She grabbed my arm and we turned to saunter down to the sea. Dad didn't move but I knew he was watching our asses swing sexily away.
'Did you SEE that look in his eye?!', I asked Janet.
'I KNOW! I couldn't believe it! This might be easier than I hoped.' I swallowed hard. Nervous and excited all at once.
We hung out at the beach all day. Dad got into the fun and antics, but he was nevertheless a little more quiet than usual.
In the early afternoon, I went down for a swim alone. I smiled to myself when I remembered my dad's reaction to us two girls coming back up from the sea, wet. Our bikinis left nothing to the imagination. Our nipples protruded and the dark outline of our areoles was visible. Not to mention our shaved pussies and the clear wedge of our lips. Once again, he had placed a t-shirt on his lap.
I floated in the water on my back and let the water lap against my breasts, gasping quietly to myself with each little wave. I was horny. Hornier than I'd ever been in my young life. I looked up at Janet and my dad on the towels in the middle distance. She was lying next to him and had her leg up over his thighs, pressing her breasts against him and saying something or another to him as he listened intently. I saw her hand rub his chest and then glide down to his swimsuits. I saw her glance briefly about before sliding her hand under the elastic.
My dad looked about now, too, worried about prying eyes. But nobody was looking. I had no idea what they were saying, but I hoped Janet was progressing with our plan. Even from this distance, I could see Janet's hand stroking his cock gently and the sight of her subtle movements turned me on even more. I was in the water up to my tits and I let my other hand glide down along my firm stomach and into my bikini bottoms underwater.
I bit my lip when my fingers found their mark and the sensation of my warm cunt lips in the cool water was electrifying. I saw Janet and my dad looking out at me in the water. Janet waved and I waved back with my free hand, fingering my fuckhole with the other.
'Anything I can help you with?'
The sound of the voice shocked me and my hand flew out of my bikini bottoms. I turned to see a windsurfer floating past, on his way to shore. I realised the water was so crystal clear that he would've seen exactly what I was doing.
All the standard reactions welled up from my past as nerd/geek/insecure tomboy but, to my surprise, I quelled them. Instead, I smiled and shrugged at him and he smiled back.
'Caught me in the act.'
'Don't worry, the ocean turns me on, too.' His smile was delightful and I was still amazed that he had even noticed me. I was sure I'd get used to being noticed now that Janet had helped me discover myself, but it was still fresh and new.
He was actually quite attractive, this windsurfer boy of about 20. Charming and he knew it. We chatted coquettishly as we headed to shore together. We stood at the water's edge and flirted openly, me with my hands behind my back, breasts jutting proudly, nipples clearly visible to him, and I could see the promising beginning of a hard cock in his surf shorts. The water beaded and rolled sexily down my oiled body and surfer boy's eyes took it all in. Every inch of my body.
A couple of his friends came up and soon I was the object of desire for three sexy young men in their twenties. I loved it.
I glanced over at Janet and my dad. Janet was beaming, but my dad was stern-faced. They were talking intently and passionately. It was as though dad wanted to come over and rescue me but Janet was talking him out of it.
It was jealousy, of that I was sure, and I enjoyed watching him fume. I let the surfer boys give me a windsurfing lesson, and they each tried to be the one who would hold my narrow hips as they show me how to stand on the board on the sand, pressing their hardening cocks against my ass in the process.
If I was horny before, I was electric now. Three horny boys who, I knew, wanted to fuck me and my dad getting more and more jealous on the towel not far away. I was tempted to take the boys up on their offer to go back to their van for a beer and whatever else they had to offer.
But I knew Janet and I had to stick to the plan. Even though this was an unexpected event, flirting with these boys, cock-teasing them something rotten, I knew it would only serve to help the plan.
I said my goodbyes to the disappointed boys and headed back to Janet and dad.
'Shouldn't you put a t-shirt on?' He tried to be stern and fatherly, but I knew it was a cover up for his jealousy.
'Relax, dad. I was just talking to them. They were pretty gorgeous.'
Janet and I giggled like girls giggle and I sat down, cross-legged, in front of them, reaching for a cold drink in the cooler. The position wasn't a coincidence. I knew that my cunt lips, wet from the sea and other sources, were visible to my dad in my now glass-like bikini bottoms. And he was looking.
'I think your dad is jealous. His baby is a real man-killer now. Isn't she, baby?'
Janet snuggled up to my dad, who was leaning on his elbows. Her thigh was up over his thighs and crotch and she rubbed his crotch subtly. He nodded in response to her question.
They had been talking about something, that's for sure. Dad's expression was different now. His face was tense, it seemed, his jaw muscles tense. He swallowed often and his brow was furrowed. He was definitely thinking about something and thinking hard.
What was more exceptional was that he was just letting Janet rub her luscious thigh ever so slightly against his crotch and I caught glimpses of his delicious erection under her leg. In addition, he did little to avoid looking at my body. I wanted nothing more than to touch myself right there and masturbate in front of both of them but knew I couldn't. Not yet.
We just sort of sat there for a long while, saying nothing, soaking up the sun and the tense, sex-laden air between us.
Janet eventually spoke. Softly, sensually. To me, but to my dad, too.
'We were talking while you were swimming and flirting.' She winked at me. 'It's hard, you know? Hard to all of a sudden have such a beautiful daughter. I've tried to explain everything to him, you know, how to tackle it and all that. From a women's point of view.'
'Hey, I'm not a neanderthal, you know. Or one of the great unwashed chauvinist pigs.' He was defensive.
'I know, baby, I know. You know what I mean. ' Janet said soothingly. I listened intently, studying them both for clues.
'I've told him about your… uh… needs. Some of it, anyway. And I think he understands, don't you, darling?'
Dad just nodded dumbly before replying.
'Did you want to… fuck… those boys?'
His question caught me completely off guard. Never had I heard my dad speak like that, use the word fuck or even use that cold but hungry tone of voice.
I shrugged and said, with as much self-confidence as I could muster, 'Yeah. I guess I did.'
His jaw muscles clenched again. Janet was rubbing his chest tenderly.
'Of course she did. Just like you wanted to fuck at that age, baby… and me. Although I got an earlier start than most. But the point is that your little girl is now a young lady and she needs to embark on all the journeys a young lady needs to experience. She needs our love and support. Natasha, who do you love most in all the world?'
Janet was playing the role of mediator to perfection.
'My dad,' I replied without hesitation. 'And you…' I added. She was touched and even my dad, in his confused state, was moved.
'You know I love you, too, baby…' He was sincere as could be and I knew he did. He tried to continue, 'But…'
Janet shushed him. 'Enough for now, let's just enjoy the beach and talk about it later.'
Talk about what, I wondered. What had she said? Where were we on the journey? Had she spelled it out for him already? His eyes were so very different now, but what did he know? What was he willing to do?
We arrived back at the house in the early evening, glowing from our day out in the sunshine and salt water. The ride back was quiet and the tension in the air was stifling. Not uncomfortable, just thick with everyone's unspoken thoughts and expectations. Especially my own. Sitting on the back seat, I was conscious of my dad's eyes on me in the rear-view mirror.
Dad dropped us off and drove down to the supermarket to shop for dinner. I cornered Janet in the kitchen and needled her for info and developments. I sat on the kitchen counter and listened.
'We talked. We talked a lot. It was hard, you know? It could have gone two ways. To be honest, I don't where he is in his head right now.'
'What?.' My voice barely concealed my panic and disappointment.
'Take it easy, Natasha.' Janet smiled sweetly and came over to me and stood between my legs, brushing a lock of hair out of my eye with tender fingers. 'I think it'll happen but I don't know if it'll be today.'
'But did you see how jealous he was when I was talking to those boys?'
'Yes. That was perfect. I told him that it was natural and that you would, at some point in the near future, experience sex with a boy or man. He was fuming with jealousy. Without saying as much, I suggested it was best if it was someone you loved the first few times, instead of some horny surfboy. But they were adorable.'

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