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Kristy has been very naughty and disobeyed her daddy.

Kristy is a teenage daughter who lives with her father, her mother having died in an accident when she was very young. She loves and respects her father dearly, but lately she has become a bit rebellious. She knows that this upsets him, and it puts her in line for strict discipline. In recent years, she has been grounded, lost computer time, lost phone privileges, could not go out with her friends, etc.

He spanked her on her bare bottom when she was younger, but has not done that recently. At times Kristy feels that her father is too strict, especially when it comes to your dress standards. He has forbidden Kristy to anything that reveals a bare midriff, that is low cut, skirts that are more than an inch or two above the knee or have a high slit, anything that is tight fitting or revealing (i.e., low cut, sheer, etc.).

Kristy went out today with some of her girl friends to the mall. She was feeling a bit rebellious. She wore a blouse that was pulled up and tied in front right under her breasts, leaving her midriff very exposed. Kristy is also wearing a very short skirt, that just bare covers her buttocks. As it was a hot day she are NOT wearing a bra or panties. Kristy was sure that she would be able to go out with her friends and get back home before her father got home and change into your baggy clothes and he would never know the difference? Besides, you never when you might run into some cute guys at the mall and she wanted to make sure that they liked what they saw, and today she was willing to show a bit more than normal.

Kristy got involved with her friends and time passed faster than she thought it would. Kristy thinks that if she rushes, she will still be able to beat her father home and change before he gets there. As she approaches the house, she does see her Dad’s car in the driveway, but hopefully he will be working in his office and she can slip in and change before he sees her.

As Kristy opens the front door, she realizes that it is too late!!! Dad is sitting there watching television and there is no way she can go to her room without him seeing her and what she is wearing. He looks up to greet her and sees Kristy. Kristy can almost see the steam coming from his ears as he looks at her. She knows at once that she is going to be punished . . . unless she can use her sexy wiles to convince him otherwise. Kristy thinks that she might get grounded for a couple of weeks, no TV, no phone, etc.

Kristy walks toward her Daddy and greets him. He gruffly responds back. He asks you what you think you are doing going out dressed like that? He does NOT know that she is not wearing a bra and panties.

Kristy goes over to him and sits on his lap. She sweetly tells him that she was over at one of her girl friends houses, and not out on the street or at the mall (big lie). Daddy is very upset with Kristy and her appearance and says that she knows that she is not to dress like this and that she will be punished.

Kristy leans forward and gives him a big kiss on the mouth and says she is sorry and promises Daddy that she will not do it again. Daddy is a bit taken aback by her actions and tells her that she will still be punished for what she has done. Kristy again leans forward and gives him a deep kiss, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Daddy is shocked to say the least and tries to pull away. Kristy wraps her arms around his head so he can not pull away and continues to deep French kiss her Daddy, at the same time moving her bottom on Daddy’s lap, trying to bring her pussy against his cock.

Daddy manages to break the kiss and tells Kristy to get up and get ready to be punished. He tells her that she is going to be spanked for disobeying him. He tells her to go face the wall and to lift up and tuck the bottom of her skirt into the waistband and get ready to be spanked for disobeying him. Kristy begs forgiveness, she tells him she will do anything, just not a spanking, it would be so embarrassing if her friends found out.

Daddy tells Kristy that she should of thought of that earlier, before she went out dressed like she is. Daddy says that it will be on the bare bottom! Daddy tells Kristy to quit stalling and to get ready now, or it will be worse. Kristy walks towards the wall, stopping about 2 – 2 ½ feet from it. She leans forward and flips her skirt up, baring her bottom, but NOT tucking it in. She knows that she is supposed to tuck it in so that it will not fall down, but right now, she does not care. Kristy is now worried about not wearing panties. In the past, her Daddy would pull them down when she was over his knee or against the wall. But she is not wearing any for him to pull down! She is seriously concerned about that effect this might have on her punishment. She again begs Daddy not to spank her, but he tells her to hurry up and get ready or it will be much worse.

As Daddy approaches, he sees that Kristy is not wearing any panties. He asks her where her panties are. Kristy says that it was a hot day and it felt cooler with out them. Daddy’s response is that it will be much hotter shortly.

As he swats Kristy the first time, she cringes, but does not move much. On the second swat, she moves more, causing her skirt to fall down. Just a little more to upset her Daddy.

Daddy tells Kristy that she is really being very disobedient today. Since she is having a hard time obeying the rules, to take off her skirt – and of course this will mean more swats.

Kristy steps back from the wall and removes her skirt, while facing Daddy. As she does so, he notices that her pubic area is shaved. This is the first that he has known that Kristy is having. He asks her why she is shaved and how long she has been doing it. She tells Daddy that she likes it shaved and smooth and that she has been doing it for about 3 years. Daddy ask her who is shaving her. Kristy says that she does it herself.

Daddy then tells her to return to the wall. After multiple swats, Daddy stops and tells Kristy that is the first portion of her punishment.

Kristy knows that she has been very naughty, but hopes that this will be all of the spanking. She says to Daddy, “I’m sorry that I disobeyed you. I promise that I will not do it again.”

Daddy says that you are not done yet. Daddy then tells Kristy to bend over and grab her ankles, spreading her feet as far apart as she can and still have some balance. As she receives these swats, her blouse falls open in such a manner that Daddy discovers that Kristy is not wearing a bra. This angers Daddy again. Daddy tells her to remove her top. He tells Kristy that this additional disobedience will definitely means more punishment. It is obvious that Kristy is getting aroused, as her nipples on her firm 32B breasts are very erect.

Daddy now tells Kristy that she will receive swats with his belt and tells her that she is to remove his belt. Kristy goes to Daddy and asks him to stand up so she can remove his belt. After she has removed it, she hands it to Daddy. Daddy now has Kristy bend over his knee, and positions her so that her feet are off the floor. He holds her in place with his left hand as he starts to administer the swats with his right hand. Daddy starts out softly on her left cheek, then the right. He then starts swatting her a little harder, alternating cheeks with each swat. As Kristy receives the swats, she is still being naughty and wiggles and squirms a great deal, complaining with every swat that this is not fair. Daddy tells Kristy that her moving around so much is going to require more discipline.

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Daddy now tells Kristy that she will receive several swats with the paddle. Daddy tells Kristy to lie down on her back on the bed, with her bottom near the edge. She is told to raise her legs straight up and then using her hands, pull them towards her head as far as she can. This will very effectively expose Kristy’s bottom for paddling. As Daddy approaches, he can see the glistening of your juices in your sweet pussy lips. Daddy asks Kristy if she is finding the spanking erotic and turning her on or is she learning from her punishment? Kristy responds that she is learning from her punishment. Daddy then tells her that it looks like she is getting rather turned on and runs a finger through her sweet, wet slit. Kristy shudders with enjoyment and agrees that she is enjoying the spanking some, but it does hurt.

Daddy begins to deliver the swats and Kristy is still squirming around and she lets go of her legs and they drop down. Daddy tells Kristy that there will have to be some additional swats, that she just don’t seem to be able to follow directions. Daddy makes her pull her legs back up and delivers several more swats with the paddle. He then tells her to stand up for a moment.

Daddy sits down on the end of the bed and now tells Kristy to sit down on his right leg and lay back across his lap, face up. Daddy now positions Kristy that her bottom will be on one leg and her back on the other leg. Daddy tells Kristy to raise her legs straight up and then pull them towards her head as far as she can (just like she did on the bed). This will very effectively expose Kristy’s bottom for paddling. As these swats are being delivered by hand, Kristy is finally showing remorse for being naughty and disobeying her Daddy. She is weeping and crying softly.

When Daddy is done with the spanking, he tells Kristy to get the ice bucket and bring it to him. Kristy goes over to the counter, and retrieves the ice bucket for Daddy. She knows that Daddy is going to take the ice and rub her bottom with it to remove some of the sting. When he does so, she knows that the ice will melt and run down her and get his pants wet.

Kristy mentions to Daddy that his pants will get wet when he does this and suggests that he let her remove them so that they stay dry. He hesitates, but Kristy encourages him to let her remove them. She reaches forward and unfastens and unzips his pants and then takes him by the hand and pulls him up so she can slide them down and have him step out of them. Before he sits back down, Kristy quickly removes his shirt, saying she don’t want it to get wet either. Kristy notices that Daddy’s penis is starting to get rather stiff.

Daddy then has Kristy lay face down across his lap. As she lies down across Daddy’s lap, she tries to position herself so that her sweet, shaved pussy is as close to his cock as she can get it. Daddy then gets some ice and begins rubbing her red bottom with the ice to soothe it. As he does this, she tells him it feels good and moves slightly, trying to rub her pussy against his hardening cock. After a few minutes of the ice, Daddy dries off her bottom with a towel and then begins to rub some lotion on it, to help soothe it. Kristy does the same movements as he applies the lotion.

When Daddy is done, he asks her to sit up. Kristy does so, sitting crossways on his lap. He asks Kristy if she has learned her lesson and is going to be obedient from now on. As Kristy is still weeping, she manages to say yes she has learned her lesson and will obey her Daddy much better from now on Daddy tells her that if she disobeys him again, that the next punishment one will be worse. He gives Kristy a big hug.

She turns and kisses Daddy on the mouth again, letting her tongue slide into his mouth. He is not quite as shocked this time. Kristy asks Daddy if she can move slightly on his lap. He says that she can, and she gets up and faces him, and straddles his legs, and sits back down on his lap, facing her Daddy and slides up close to him. She asks him to forgive her for being disobedient, and she is sorry that she did it. He tells Kristy that she is forgiven, but to remember not to do it again. Kristy thanks him and moves up and gives him another deep French kiss, letting her tongue dance in his mouth. At the same she lets one of her hands slide down and caress his cock.

Daddy reacts with a start and says that she should not do this. Kristy tells him that it is okay, that she wants to do this for him. She moves back to kiss him briefly. She then moves his head to one of her 32B breasts and asks him to kiss it and nibble and suck on the nipple. Kristy tells him how good it feels and how she enjoys it. Kristy still straddles him and moves up close to his hard cock. She raises up a little and moves one of his hands to caress her sweet slit. Daddy slides one, then two fingers deep into her sweet pussy and starts her well on her way to an orgasm. Kristy tells him how she likes what he is doing, and asks him to help her cum. As she shudders with her orgasm, she tells Daddy that she has not felt anything like this before.

Kristy wants to do something for Daddy, and she slides down from his lap and start to lick his hard cock. Gradually she begins to engulf is hard cock in her mouth, slowly moving up and down, being very attentive and at the same time fingering herself towards another orgasm. As he cums, she swallows his load and licks his hard cock clean. As she explodes with her orgasm, she keeps licking and sucking on his hard cock, getting it hard again.

Kristy then asks him to lie back on the bed where it is more comfortable. She has him lay on his back and then she leans forward and gives him a deep kiss, letting her tongue dance in his mouth. Kristy then starts moving her kisses downward, until you she is again kissing his cock. She licks it and plays with it until it is hard. As she has moved, she gives him the opportunity to play with her pussy – letting him finger it or tongue it – which ever he chooses. As Kristy gets him hard again, she moves and straddles him, then raises up and lowers herself slowly on his hard member. She moves down until she reaches her maidenhead and stops for a moment. Then she starts moving up and down slowly and really enjoys how it feels. Suddenly she pulls almost all the way off of his hard cock and plunges downward as fast and hard as she can, tearing through her maidenhead. With her Daddy’s hard cock buried deeply in her moist pussy she stops and allows the pain to subside, then starts in again with long, slow strokes.
Kristy is enjoying the sensation that it brings to her. Kristy slowly starts to move up and down, the crescendo building as both of you reach your climax.

As both of them fall into an exhausted heap, Kristy asks her Daddy, if she has to be naughty to be able to do this again? Daddy told her that what she was doing was very naughty and that she just might have to be punished some more and that she should probably move into his bedroom so that it would be easier to receive her punishment.