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Hi, hope you like 🙂
As ever this story is completely fictional and none of the characters are real.
CATERGORIES – Full Incest, Sex, Oral, Anal, MILF, Teens, Phone Sex, Bisexual, Group Sex, Parties, Outdoor Sex, Hard and Rough Sex,
Underage, She-Males, Watersports, Smoking, Drink, Drugs, Pregnancy
Hiya! My name’s Rachel. I’m thirty seven, divorced, five foot ten with long black hair and big brown eyes, and this is the first part
of my very naughty story.
Before we get down to the nitty gritty so to speak, let me give you a bit of background into my story first, and why within a
couple of months of meeting Mike we were fucking our Kids and enjoying the kind of sexual freedom most people don’t even
know exists. Like me he was divorced, in his late thirties, wealthy, and as fit as fuck, (six four, blonde, blue eyed, and well
hung). I met him at one of those very exclusive Singles Clubs for discerning Adults, and just a couple of hours later, with him
seducing the fuck out of me and telling me exactly what he was going to do to me, I was dragging him back to my House and
fucking his brains out, and because my two Teenage Kids, Jodi, (17), and Paul, (19), were away at Uni, as were his two, and it was
a Friday night, we more or less stayed in bed the whole weekend, getting stoned and fucking for hours on end, and only really
stopping to clean up and eat, naked, which was when I discovered the first of Mike’s many fetishes, food sex, before we went
back to bed and carried on fucking for as long as we could.
And after that first time, because we lived quite close to each other, we were at it like Rabbits every time we met up, hardly
ever doing normal things like going out for a meal or having drinks with Friends, because as soon as he got to my House, or vice
versa, we were heading up to bed more or less straight away, with me teasing him, usually after we’d been fucking for well
over an hour, that we were like a couple of horny Teenagers, and had him teasing me back saying I was lucky he had such a high
sex drive and if I couldn’t handle it he might have to find someone who could.
Yea, right, like that was ever gonna happen, because I’d already decided I wanted to be with him for as long as I was still
breathing, and it was one of the reasons I suggested we meet each other’s Kids once they were back from University, which
unbeknown to us at the time would be the kick start for everything that’s happened since.
Now much like my two, Mike’s Kids, Rob, (18), a younger version of his Dad, who had my cunt twitching as soon as I saw him, and
Kirsty, (19), blonde, five eight, and a real little Sex Kitten my Paul clearly had the hots for, both had a very open, liberal attitude
towards sex and relationships, and because of that neither of them were interested in settling down and just wanted to lots of
no-strings fun, which Mike and I didn’t have a problem with, especially as by now we were meeting and fucking other couples
ourselves, which was something we’d talked about getting into when we first started fucking.
It also led to me discovering another of Mike’s fetishes, that he was Bisexual, which to someone as open-minded as me was the
hottest thing ever, and when we were in bed after we’d fucked another Bi couple together for the first time he told me he was
so happy I was into it as well and it was one of the main reasons he’d left his Wife, because with the Kids grown up and hardly
ever at home he told her he wanted into get into the swinging scene and that he’d been thinking about it for a while, especially
fucking Bi couples, having first started fucking Guys while he was still at High School, but she wasn’t having any of it, saying the
thought of him fucking another Woman was something she couldn’t handle, while the thought of him fucking another Guy
made her skin crawl, which as far as Mike was concerned, on top of a few other things, was the final nail in the coffin for their
marriage and soon led to him filing for divorce, and within two months she’d moved to another part of the Country, told the
Kids they could live with their Dad so as to not disrupt their Uni work, and was the last time Mike saw her.
So as I was saying, from the very first time our Family’s met I could feel this sexual undercurrent bubbling away under the
surface, which although none of us knew it at the time was just about to rise up like a fucking jet stream. And by the end of the
day, and getting on like a House on fire, especially us Girls, I knew I’d made the right decision by getting together with Mike, and
things were going so well that after a fair amount of Wine and Dope, we were both cool with our Kids smoking it, I even found
myself flirting with Rob at one point, which he sort of started, not that he needed much encouragement from me, and was clearly
something we both enjoyed doing, and because I was already horny at the thought of fucking Mike all night anyway, and although I’d
never thought of Incest before now, I even imagined fucking Rob and his Dad together, and when Mike and I were in bed and he was
fucking me up the arse, I wondered what it would be like to actually watch Mike sucking Rob’s cock while he was fucking me, the
result of which gave me one of the best orgasms I’d had since I first started fucking my new Lover.
Then after that, and being the filthy Slut I am as Mike calls me, usually when he’s pissing over my tits and face, another fetish he
introduced me to, I was thinking of loads of other Incestuous Scenarios almost on a daily basis, be it Mike and I watching our
Kids fucking each other while we fucked and then joined in, or me coming home and finding my Son and Daughter fucking in the
living room and then inviting them to come and fuck Mike and I after I’d told him about it.
But even though I already knew deep down that Mike might be into the idea of fucking his Kids, and because I didn’t want to
rock the boat, and it was only a silly fantasy anyway, or so I thought, I didn’t mention it at first, but then a week or so after I’d
met his Kids, again while we were in bed, when weren’t we, with the all the Kids back at Uni, Mike asked me to move in with
him, and although I said yes straight away I didn’t tell him about some of the very naughty thoughts I’d been having until I was
back between his legs gorging on his delicious eleven inch cut cock, where while giving him one of my best sloppy blow jobs we
had the following conversation.
‘The only problem is, Mike, well, have you thought about the Kids? About what might happen once we move in?’
‘What? What do you mean?’
‘Erm, well for a start, didn’t you notice when they met that Paul couldn’t take his eyes off of your Kirsty, and, well I’m pretty
sure she was enjoying all the attention, and probably fancies him as well.’
‘Yea, so? They’re horny, good looking Teenage Kids, Rach, so why wouldn’t they be attracted to each other? And what, you’re
worried they might start fucking once you move in?’
‘Well yea, not worried as such, but, you know, it might be a bit awkward, especially if Jodi and Rob find out.’
‘Ha, Ha! Yea, I never thought of that. But then again they might start fucking as well, so, you know, problem solved.’
Told you he was open, didn’t I?
‘Fucking Hell, Mike, how can you be so casual about it? So it wouldn’t bother you, then? If my Kids started fucking your Kids?’
I should just tell you that while I was blowing him the more we talked the more his cock was twitching, so of course there was
only one thing for it, turn the heat up even more.
‘Of course it wouldn’t bother me, Rach, why would it? As long as things don’t get too out of hand, like seeing Kirsty bent over
the kitchen worktop getting smashed to fuck by Paul, or Jodi leaving her bedroom door open while her and Rob are fucking, live
and let live, I say.’
‘Do you? OK! And of course you’re right, because as you said, they’re young, sexy, and obviously like fucking as much as we do,
and as none of them have got a regular partner, and despite what some people might think, they’re not doing anything wrong,
so who are we to judge who they want to fuck? And look, while we’re talking so openly about the Kids, and seeing as it’s turning
you on, and don’t fucking deny it, can I ask you something?’
‘Yea, of course you can, although I think I already know what it is.’
‘Do you? What?’
‘OK, well it’s obvious that talking about our Kids fucking each other is turning you on as much as it is me, right?’
Jesus, he could read me like a book. And this was so kinky I was positively dripping, especially as he was rubbing my clit and
sliding his thick thumb up my arse while I was noshing him off.
‘And let’s face it, that’s not really right, is it?’
‘No, probably not.’
‘OK! And neither is thinking about fucking your Kids, is it?’
‘Erm, no, not really.’
‘I know it’s not, but that’s what you want to ask me isn’t it, if I think about fucking Rob and Kirsty?’
‘Well, yea, but how the fuck did you know I was gonna ask you that?’
‘Because of what I’ve just said, what we’ve been talking about, and because you’re as nasty and fucked up as I am, which means I
have been thinking about fucking my Son and Daughter. So I take it you’ve been thinking about it as well.’
‘I have! Quite a bit to be honest with you. It’s just so fucking horny, Mike.’
‘I know it is. Why do you think it’s so Taboo? So how long?’
‘Only since we all met, and it was your Rob who started it. I knew I shouldn’t have worn that dress you bought me, it was far
too revealing for a Family get together.’
A tiny black mini-dress for the record, which hung about six inches below my arse and showed a lot more of my 36D tits than it
covered up, and of course I was naked underneath, again on Mike’s insistence.
‘Ha, Ha! Yea, I know what you mean, but then again Kirsty and Jodi weren’t exactly overdressed, were they? God I’d love to fuck
Jodi, Rach, but not as much as I’d love to fuck the two of you together. So what happened with Rob, then? I mean I know he
was flirting with you, but you can hardly blame him, can you, because as I’m always telling you, usually when I’m fucking your
brains out, you are totally and utterly fuckable!’
‘HEE, HEE! Why thank you. And I’ve got to admit I did find it very flattering.’
‘I bet you did, you naughty Woman. So what did he do? He didn’t hit on you or anything, did he? Only from what he was telling
me he’s got a real thing for MILF’s, and is not only banging one of his married Tutors at Uni, but he’s also fucking her MILF
Friend, and according to him the pair of them can’t leave him alone.’
‘Can’t they? Well I’m not surprised, Mike, he’s an absolute Hunk, and I’d love to fuck him, no question. But no, he didn’t come
onto me as such; it was just the way he kept looking at me. Well, my tits and arse, mainly. And on top of Paul having the hots
for Kirsty it had my pussy creaming up like anything, then later that night when we were fucking I got off thinking about you
sucking Rob’s cock while you fucked me, then having you both fuck me together while sucking each other’s cocks out of my fuck
holes. And since then it’s just sort of escalated from there, big time, where if I’m not thinking about me fucking my Kids I’m
thinking about you fucking yours, and us all fucking each other, obviously.’
‘Are you? Wow! Although to be honest with you I’ve been thinking about us all fucking each other since I met your Kids as well.
So does this mean you’d actually be up for doing something about it? Fucking our Kids?’
‘Only if you are, and we’d have to plan it properly.’
‘Of course we would, because you can’t go into something like this without knowing what you’re getting into. And yes, Rach, yes
I want to fuck my Kids, especially as I’ve got a feeling that Kirsty might want to fuck me as well.’
‘What? No Fucking Way? What makes you say that?’
‘Erm, because of the way she dresses, in next to nothing, the way she flirts with me, the way she teased me when I met you and
called me a lucky cunt and said you were a sexy MILF, and just by her general demeanour whenever we’re together. And she flirts
with Rob as well, the little Slut.’
‘Does she? Oh Wow! I had no idea. And she called me a MILF, did she? The cheeky Minx. And I can’t blame you for wanting to fuck
her, Mike, cos she is seriously fucking sexy, and I definitely wouldn’t mind getting a taste of her juicy pussy myself.’
‘I know you wouldn’t, and I can’t wait to watch you fuck her while I fuck your Daughter. So why don’t you slide down on my cock
while we decide how we’re gonna go about fucking our Kids?’
‘OK, Boss! You fucking deviant. So how long have you been thinking about fucking them for, given what you’ve just told me about Kirsty?’
‘Since the divorce more or less, and it started with Rob funnily enough, when he was home from Uni and we got pissed and stoned one
night, and because we’d always been comfortable talking about Women and sex anyway, it wasn’t long before he was opening up and
telling me some of the stuff he’d been getting up to at Uni, including fucking those MILF’s, and when he let slip that he was Bisexual,
and I let him know I was cool with it, and also hinted I was Bi as well, he was smiling like he was just about to pop his Cherry.’
‘I bet he was. Paul’s Bi you know, and so is Jodi. What about Kirsty? Does she like fucking Girls as much as she likes cock?’
‘She does, which means if we do start fucking our Kids it’ll be an absolute Fuck Fest.’
‘HEE, HEE! Yea, it will, and I can’t wait. So what else happened with Rob when you were talking to him?’
‘Well after he’d told me he was Bi, and obviously because of the Dope and booze, and with me being a horny cunt anyway, plus he
was only wearing a pair of shorts and is tanned and hairless like me, and he looked so sexy, I started looking at him as a potential
Lover instead of my Son, and then realised I was getting a boner on the strength of fucking him.’
‘Oh Wow! And how did it make you feel? Guilt wise, I mean? You see that’s the best thing about it for me, Mike, the fact I don’t
feel at all guilty about fantasising about fucking my Kids, even if it is against the Law.’
‘And who gives a fuck about that? I mean come on, Rach this is a society that only legalised Homosexuality fifty years ago, which
is pretty disgusting when you think about it, so who the fuck are they to judge if Incest is right or wrong? As long as it’s between
consenting Adults what’s the big fucking deal? And no, Rach, I don’t feel at all guilty either, and you’re definitely the Woman of
my dreams.’
‘HEE, HEE! Thanks, Lover, you’re not so bad yourself. So what about Kirsty? When did you first start thinking about sticking your
massive fucking cock inside your own Daughter?’
‘As soon as I started thinking about fucking Rob, but it was only when she got home from Uni when I really began lusting after
her, because not only did I know, mainly from listening to one or two phone calls to her Friends when she’d left her bedroom
door open, that she was having as much sex as her Brother, but that was also when the flirting and teasing started and when
she decided to start walking around the House in fuck all, the combination of which drove me fucking nuts. And then there’d
be the dildos left on her bed or in the bathroom, with me trying to tell her to be more discreet while she’s giggling and saying
she can’t help it if she’s horny all the time, and teasing me I should understand because I must have been the same at that age.
And that was on top of the Lads she’d bring home to fuck, which I was fine with, but obviously because I knew she was getting
fucked senseless, and I’d sometimes hear her cumming, it drove me fucking crazy, so much so whenever I knew she was bringing
someone home to fuck for the night, before I met you, I started visiting this high class Brothel a work colleague told me about,
just so I wouldn’t go insane.’
‘Oh, Mike! So you’ve obviously never thought of doing anything about it until now, then?’
‘No, Rach, I haven’t, even though I knew she might be into it, but as soon as I met you, and as I said earlier, realised you were
as fucked up as I am, I knew you’d be into fucking your Kids, and I’m so fucking happy you are, I can’t tell you.’
‘Oh, don’t worry, Mike, your big Monster is telling me all I need to know, Lover, trust me. And just going back to Kirsty, and how
long you’ve been fantasising about fucking her for, and her maybe even wanting to fuck you, weren’t you ever tempted to make
a move?’
‘God yea, especially when it’s just us two in the House and she’s been in her room wanking, and we’re sitting in the kitchen drinking
coffee and smoking ciggies, (another fetish), and she’s wearing this really short, black silk robe, which is untied a bit too much, and
every time she moves I’m getting more than a glimpse of her tits, and my cock’s getting harder by the second. Then when I can’t take
anymore I’ll tell her I’m going upstairs for a shower, which means a kiss on the cheek and a big hug from Kirsty, and me spending the
next half an hour having two power wanks and thinking of fucking my Daughter in every way you can imagine.’
‘What the fuck is a Power Wank?’
‘The same as when I fuck you again straight after I’ve cum when I’m really horny. They’re fucking great, but not as good as
talking about fucking our Kids. So what do you think we should do? Only from what I’ve read it’s best to let things develop
naturally, so I think we should wait until just before you move in, then I’ll tell Kirsty and Rob that as long as they’re discreet we
don’t have a problem with them fucking Jodi or Paul, and you’ll tell your two the same, then we’ll just see what happens. And I
also think we should wait until they’re off for half term before you move in, because again, from what I’ve been told about it, if
it all goes how we hope and we do start fucking them, we won’t get out of bed.’
‘MMMMMMMMMM, sounds good to me, Mike, and I’ve just cum again. So what else have you been reading about Incest, you
fucking Dark Horse.’
‘Ha, Ha, Ha! Me? Never! As for what I’ve read, Rach, fucking loads to be fair, and the first thing I noticed was how rife it is, and
I’ve also been talking to this couple I met Online for the past few weeks, Jenny and Dale, who like us are both Bisexual, divorced
with Teenage Kids, five in total, three Girls, two Lads, all as fit as ours, and they were fucking their Kids before they even met. And,
they live less than an hour’s drive from here, and when I told them I’d met you and thought you might be into Incest, they said
if you were we could go and visit them for the weekend to get an idea what kind of lifestyle we’ve got to look forward to once
we start fucking our Kids.’
‘Really? Wow! OK! Why the fuck not? Fucking Hell, Mike, you really are into this, aren’t you?’
‘I am, Rach, more than you know. Right, that’s enough talking for now, Slut, so why don’t you get on your hands and knees, stick
your fantastic arse in the air and let me fuck you properly, and we’ll talk more about fucking our Kids in the morning? Now get
fucking to it.’
So I did, and that was it, in just under an hour the Incestuous Ice had been well and truly broken, and now it had, well, it was
obvious what was going to happen, it was going to turn into a fucking tidal wave, especially after we visited Jenny and Dale,
where we got a firsthand glimpse of what can only be described as a nonstop, two day sex marathon, where if Mike and I
weren’t fucking the Kids we were fucking their Mum and Dad, as well as fucking them together, and if we weren’t convinced
about what we were getting into before we certainly were after that, and it made us even more determined to start fucking
our Kids as soon as possible.
Now although we’d both agreed we’d only tell the Kids about being cool with them fucking each other before we moved in,
when I spoke to Jodi about it, who I’d always been comfortable with when it came to talking about sex and cock, and because I
couldn’t help myself, I probably told her more than I should have, which I only did because of the reaction I got from Paul when
I’d told him about it the previous day, because not only was he wearing the biggest smile ever and telling me I was the best
Mum in the world, but because I was only wearing a black micro bikini, well, it was hot, he was grabbing glances at my tits and
even looking at me in that way Sons aren’t supposed to look at their Mums, and it made me all hot and sticky down below, and
also pretty much told me he’d fuck me if he could, and as I just said, that’s what convinced me to tell Jodi more than I really
needed to. So we’re sitting on the patio getting stoned, Paul’s out for the night banging some old Fuck Buddy who he hadn’t
seen for ages, and I’d just told Jodi about Mike and I being OK with our Kids fucking each other, and that we were due to move
in the following day.
‘Mum! Oh Wow! Ha, Ha! I hadn’t even thought of fucking Rob before, although obviously I would. He’s well fucking yummy, and
he’s got a big fucking bulge!’
‘I know he has, Jo, and he’s got a lovely arse, just like his Dad.’
‘HEE, HEE! Mum! Behave, will you? You’re not wrong though, Mum, Mike’s got a lovely arse, and he’s an absolute knockout. And
he’s got an even bigger bulge than his Son.’
‘Has he? I never noticed. So does that mean you’re gonna fuck Rob, then, if he wants to fuck you? Only I reckon your Brother is
definitely gonna fuck Kirsty, and I can’t say I blame him, the sexy fucking Minx.’
‘MUM! Jesus! What the fuck has got into you?’
‘What? Nothing! Come on, Jo, you just said Mike’s got a big fucking bulge, so what’s the difference between you saying that and
me saying Kirsty’s a sexy Minx, or that I’d fuck Rob if he wasn’t Mike’s Son? I mean you’d fuck Mike if he wasn’t with me,
wouldn’t you? Say if you met him in a Club or something, or if he was one of your Tutors?’
‘Well yea, of course I would, he’s sex on legs. So has he got a really big cock, then?’
‘He has, all eleven fucking inches worth.’
‘MUM! Oh My Fuck! You lucky fucking Bitch! No wonder you never let him out of bed.’
‘I know, and I intend to keep it that way, and if you start fucking Rob you might just find it’s a case of like Father, like Son.’
‘Yea, maybe I will. Fucking Hell, Mum, eleven inches. I don’t think I’ve had one that big yet, and I’ve fucked a couple of black
Guys, although they weren’t small by any means. So does Mike make you squirt and stuff?’
‘Ha, Ha, Ha, you kinky Bitch! Of course he makes me squirt, Jo, or fucking gush in most instances. God he’s a fantastic fuck, easily
the best I’ve had, by a long fucking way.’
‘Is he? Lucky you! And stop making me jealous. So what else do you get up to when you fuck him? Do you do any kinky stuff?’
Well what could I do but tell her the truth? Especially as things were going so well and it was obvious she was really into this,
whatever this was, as much as the rest of us were, not to mention she was squirming about in her seat and her nipples were
sticking out through her vest top.
‘Fuck Yea! We do lots of kinky stuff, but if I tell you it stays between us, OK?’
‘Of course, Mum, you know I’d never break your trust, just like I know you wouldn’t break mine.’
‘Good Girl! OK, where do I start? Now even though your Dad and I had a decent sex life up to a point, and I got up to some
pretty wild stuff at College, it’s nothing compared to what Mike and I have been doing. Right from the first night I met him,
when he literally fucked me into a Coma, in every way you can think of, for fucking hours, and then did the same for the next
two days, I knew he was different to any Guy I’d ever fucked before, because not only was he the first person to make me
squirt, but he also turned me onto loads of other stuff as well, including Watersports, which is so fucking nasty and fucked up its
untrue. Have you ever tried it, Jo? It’s fucking fantastic.’
‘I know it is, Mum, which means yes, I have tried it, fucking loads, and I fucking love it as well. So what do you do? Do you just
piss over each other’s bodies, or did you get really nasty and piss all over each other’s faces and in each other’s mouths?’
‘Erm, the latter, and he can also make me piss myself while he’s fucking me, and he sometimes pisses inside me and drinks it,
which just blows my boobs off every time he does it.’
‘Oh Fucking Wow! I bet it does. No wonder you said you’ve never met anyone like him before, Mum, he sounds like the Man of
my dreams. So what else do you do? Have you fucked any other couples, or been to those private Parties you read about in the
papers? I’d love to go to one of them, cos as you know I’m rather partial to an Orgy myself.’
‘Yea, I had heard. And yes, Jo, yes we fuck other couples, and we’ve been to one or two of those Parties, and if the Tabloids
knew what really went on they probably wouldn’t report it anyway. You see when Mike first told me he wanted to get into the
swinging scene, he also said that he was Bi and only wanted to fuck other Bi couples, which was fine by me, cos I’d fucked a few
Bi Guys at College, and fucking loved it, and after we spent the night fucking John and Lynne, and two other couples they’d been
fucking for a while, Lynne said she was hosting a Party the following weekend and Mike and I were more than welcome to come
and see what we had to look forward to, and when I tell you that she opened the door wearing nothing but black, lacy hold up
stockings and a black leather peep hole bra, and there were two couples already fucking on the sofa in the hall, with the Guys
sucking each other’s cocks while they took turns fucking the Women, and there were another couple fucking on the stairs, you’ll
get some idea of what it’s really like.’
‘Fucking will I? Wow! Can I come next time? And Mike’s Bi as well? Too Fucking Cool! So what about Rob? Is he Bi? You know
Paul is, don’t you?’
‘I do, and yes, Jo, Rob likes cock as much as we do, but whether or not he’s as well hung or as good a fuck as his Dad, I’ve no idea.
God, I fucking ache for Mike’s cock, and I’m gonna fuck him to death as soon as I see him.’
‘MUM! Stop it, will you? You’re making me jealous again.’
And then came the moment where everything changed.
‘Am I? Sorry, Love, but I just can’t help myself. What if you didn’t need to be jealous though?’
‘And what the fuck does that mean?’
‘It means do you want to fuck Mike?’
‘MUM! Oh My God! Where the fuck did that come from?’
‘That’s not an answer. Would you fuck Mike if you could?’
‘OK! OK! Yes, Mum, of course I’d fuck Mike, “if I could.” So what are you saying, then? That I can fuck him? Only that’s pretty
fucked up, especially if I was fucking Rob as well. And what would Kirsty say?’
‘Fuck knows? Hopefully she’ll be too busy fucking your Brother to care.’
‘Really? And what about you? Where will you be while I’m fucking your Fella and your Son is banging his Daughter?’
‘Where do you think? I’ll be fucking Rob, or maybe I might fuck Kirsty while Rob’s fucking Paul. All I do know is we won’t be
watching a lot of TV.’
‘Ha, Ha! No, Mum, I don’t suppose we will. Fucking Hell, Mum, you make it all sound so easy.’
‘That’s because it is, Jo, as long as we’re all up front and open about it, and we’re not all fucking at the breakfast table, who
‘Fair enough, and I already know Kirsty well enough to know she’s gonna be up for some naughty fun, because we’ve been
texting each other since you told us we were moving in with Mike, and not only does she love cock, and has got four or five Guys
on the go, all Bi, fucking two or three at a time with a couple of other dirty Sluts, but she also said that I could fuck them
whenever she brought them home, and that if I wanted to we could even fuck them together, which I said was a great idea,
especially after what you’ve just told me. God I can’t wait to move in.’
Neither could I, and even though I knew if I wanted to I could have probably fucked my Daughter there and then, now I knew
what I did, that she was into all this open fucking as much as we were, and was very possibly going to fuck Mike, which would in
turn give me the excuse to fuck Rob and maybe even Kirsty, I decided to wait for now, because not only had Mike and I always
agreed that if we did fuck them we’d do it together, but I wanted us to have some fun maybe fucking each other’s Kids first,
and when I told Mike, who’d got the same positive response from his Kids as I had mine, he thought it was a great idea, even
more so after I told him I’d said Jodi could fuck him, which had him agreeing that I could fuck his Son or Daughter if the
opportunity presented itself.
The one thing we didn’t take into account though, probably because all we could think about was fucking them, was that the
Kids might already be thinking about Incest as well, given how sexually switched on and open they all were, which of course
they were, and as a result it would soon throw all our plans right out of the window, but at the same time it played right into
our hands, so I guess I better tell you how it all unravelled?
One other thing, because we’d already planned this for when the Kids were home from Uni, Mike and I had also booked a
couple of weeks off of work, although by the end of it we’d probably need another holiday to recover.
So once we’d unpacked all our stuff I made us something to eat, and with the Wine, Beer and Dope flowing freely once more,
and lots of full on flirting, knowing looks, accidental touching and saucy banter already going on, you could cut the sexual tension
with a knife, and when Rob and I were in the store room getting more drinks I told him how happy I was that we all got on so well
and was really looking forward to having lots of fun with my new Family, making sure I bent over in front of him so he could see my
braless tits in the low cut, boob tube top I had on as I spoke, and even brushing my arse against his groin once or twice when we
were back in the kitchen and everyone was half pissed, with him just smiling at me and winking, which just made me want him
even more, and was also when I sent Mike a text saying I needed to fuck him ASAP.
And with that Incestuous undercurrent I keep talking about slowly rising towards the surface yet again, and one or two knowing
looks between the Kids, the Lads made their excuses and told us they were going into the living room to supposedly watch
Football, while Kirsty, in between shouting to Paul he had a lovely arse and for him and her Brother not to get up to anything
she would, told us her and Jodi were going up to her room to listen to music and get stoned, which in reality meant having a
shower together in the En-Suite, talking about fucking each other’s Brothers, something they’d both wanted to do since we’d
first told them we didn’t have a problem with it, and getting so horny on the strength they ended up getting each other off
with their fingers and licking and sucking each other’s wet boobs.
But it was only once they’d got cleaned up and were lying naked on Kirsty’s bed getting stoned when things got interesting,
especially once Jodi had told Kirsty about me being cool with her fucking Mike and also told her it was something she really
wanted to do, which Kirsty said she didn’t have a problem with, and it eventually led to Jodi asking the one question she knew
she shouldn’t, but as she’d tell me later when she was fucking me, her curiosity got the better of her and she just had to know.
‘Right, come on, Kirst, now you’ve told me that you’re cool with me fucking your Dad, and you’re definitely gonna fuck my
Brother, and knowing you got horny when I told you Mike’s got an eleven inch cock, cos you were rubbing your fucking clit,
and just like me you’re a nasty fucking Slut, and I know it’s a bit fucked up, and I hope you don’t mind me asking, but, well do
you ever fantasise about fucking your Dad, and would you fuck him if you could?’
‘Ha, Ha! Well you’re right about one thing, Jo; it’s definitely a bit fucked up. And of course I don’t mind you asking, not given
what we’ve been talking about anyway. And yes, Jo, yes I fantasise about fucking my Dad, and I’d definitely fuck him if I could,
no question. (Wow! So Mike was right when he said he thought Kirsty might want to fuck him). I’ve had Daddy issues for ages
to be honest with you, Jo, and I think I might even have Brother Issues. It’s partly my Friend Emma’s fault as well though, because
ever since we first talked about Incest, and I told her how I was feeling, she then goes on to tell me that her and her younger
Sister are fucking their divorced Dad and Twin Brothers, and said she’d recommend Incest to everyone, which obviously had me
creaming up like a horny Virgin and thinking about fucking my Dad more or less all the time.’
‘Did it? Fucking Hell, Kirst, I had no idea. And your Friend’s fucking her Family as well? Wow! HEE, HEE! Maybe you should
invite them round one night, so they can give us some tips on how you go about seducing and fucking your Family?’
‘Yea, maybe I should. I might even invite Emma and one of her Brothers over later, just to, you know, test the water.’
‘Ha, Ha! OK! If you say so, you kinky Bitch!’
‘I know, and as far as I’m concerned it’s the only way to be. So anyway, Madam, seeing as you’re not freaking out with all this
Incest talk and you’re clearly as curious about it as I am, does that mean you’d fuck Paul if you could?’
‘Erm, well seeing as I’m cumming all over my fingers, and you appear to be playing with my boobs, then yea, I think I would fuck
my Brother, and to be honest with you I might have had, what did you call them? Brother issues, for a while as well.’
‘Oh Wow! Have you? Go on then, let’s hear it?’
‘OK, well it started a few months ago, after Paul fucked one of my Friends and she told me how good he was and that he was
big as well, and the next time I was getting off, after I’d spied on Paul in the shower and saw he was definitely hung, I started
thinking about fucking him, and it was so fucking hot, I’d honestly never known anything like it, even though after I’d finished
I had the whole guilt thing going on, but only for a while.’
‘Ha, Ha, Ha! That happened to me at first, but I soon got over it, and now I don’t give a flying fuck, which obviously you don’t
‘No, I don’t, Kirst, not at all. I fucking love it, and when Mum told me about us fucking each other’s Brothers, and her being cool
with me fucking your Dad, my mind was racing like anything, thinking of all these kinky sexual scenarios taking place all over the
House, just like you’ve been doing I’d imagine?’
‘I have, in fact I’ve thought of little else, especially once I knew you might be as kinky and fucked up as I am, which you’ve just
proved you are. Fucking Hell, it’s almost like its fate or something, don’t you think? Us being into Incest, our Parents being so
open about sex, our Brothers being as fit as fuck, hung and Bi. I mean it’s like we’ve all been drawn together or something, as if
it was meant to be, you know?’
‘I do, and as far as our Parents being open about sex goes, you might as well know they also fuck other couples and go to Sex
Parties, and your Dad’s Bi. How fucking hot is that?’
‘Erm, really fucking hot! Wow! God I can’t wait to fuck him, and I know this might sound stupid, but, it’s like I almost know it’s
going to happen, and to be honest with you, Jo, I’ve felt it ever since we first met at yours.’
‘I agree, Kirst, and I also agree about it being fate, and I can’t wait to fuck my Family either, and yours, of course.’
‘Ha, Ha! Well I should fucking hope so too! So come on, Bitch confession time. Do you get wet when you’re in the same room as
Paul? I do with Rob, and if him and Dad are in the room together, especially if they’ve been working out in the Gym and have
just had a shower and are only wearing shorts, showing off their tanned, ever so lickable bodies perfectly, how I manage to
control myself I’ll never know.’
‘Oh, Kirst, poor you. That sounds really horny though, and yes, I do get wet when I’m hanging out with Paul, especially as like
your Dad and Brother he often only wears shorts or jogging bottoms indoors, and as you’ll no doubt find out, he’s got a lovely
fucking body. And look, I don’t know about you, but all this Incest talk has got my mind working overtime, and although we
obviously can’t just start hitting on our Brothers, after everyone’s gone to bed, and after we’ve flirted with them, why don’t
you invite Paul into your room, I’ll invite Rob into mine, and while we’re fucking them we’ll maybe ask them how they’d feel
about fucking their Sisters.’
‘Sounds like a plan to me, Babe, although after what happened with Rob last night I think I kind of know the answer already.’
‘What? What the fuck do you mean? You didn’t fuck him, did you?’
‘No, nothing like that, although I could have if I’d wanted to, but it was still fucking wild. So why don’t you get between my legs
while I tell you all about it?’
‘OK, if you say so, but only if you do me afterwards?’
‘It’s a deal! Right, well ever since I got home from Uni, with Incest the only thing I seemed to be able to think about, when it’s
been just Rob and I in the House, I’ve been walking around in just a thong or g-string and either a skimpy bikini top that just
about covers my nipples or a tiny, see through crop top, and I’ve also been flirting with him and dropping hints about all the
dirty sex I’ve been having while I’ve been away, and I’ve even started leaving my bedroom door open and walking around
naked and kind of letting him know I was doing it, knowing he wouldn’t be able to resist taking a peek, and when I teased him
about it and asked if he thought I had nice boobs, he said they were awesome but they’d look better covered in his fucking
Spunk! Then last night, by now knowing he wanted to fuck me as much as I did him, after being really flirty with him at dinner,
and flashing my bangers at him when Dad wasn’t looking, I was wearing one of those halter tops that’s slashed to just below
your belly button, which of course he loved and kept texting me saying I was making him really hard, once we’d all gone to bed I
sent him a text asking if he had any Dope, which was just an excuse to see him really, and when he said he had loads but I’d have
to go to his room to get it I almost ran out the door, and although I put my robe on I left it open, and when I saw him lying on
his bed with the quilt cover pulled up to just above his waist, where it was quite clear he’d been wanking, the tub of KY Jelly
and box of tissues on his bedside table kind of giving the game away, how I didn’t just fuck him there and then I’ll never know,
but because I’d always fantasised that if I did ever fuck Rob I wanted to fuck him and Dad together, and also because I didn’t
want to mess things up with you Guys moving in, I did something else instead, and as he can already see everything and is
staring at me and licking his lips, I walk over to the other bedside table with about half a dozen pre-rolled Spliffs on it, light one,
with my wet pussy right in his eye line, and ask if he’s enjoying the view, he fucking loves it, so I tell him if he wants to he can
take some pics of me to whack off to, but only if he shows me his cock, so he does, with hardly any persuasion from me at all,
and I’ve got to say it was pretty impressive, and it was still coated in KY, and obviously rock hard, so with him taking one or two
pics and telling me this is so fucking horny, I say I know it is and that I loved it too, while I’m blowing smoke all over his cock,
passing him the joint and telling him to help himself to a feel of my tits, which he does, with a big, silly smile on his face. But
before he gets too excited I inform him we’re not going to fuck tonight but we’re just gonna watch each other have some
mutual fun and maybe fuck in the very near future, which he’s fine with, so I light another Spliff, take my robe off, plonk myself
down in the armchair to the side of the bed, put my legs over the arms and start rubbing my clit, while watching him stroking
his boner, without any prompting from me, which I’ve got to say was pretty hot, but not as hot as wanking in front of each
other while we confessed our darkest secrets, with me going into graphic detail about how I wanted him to fuck me in both
holes for hours on end and that I wanted to swallow his cock until I choked on it and he exploded in my mouth, but what I want
more than anything was to watch him blowing our Dad while he fucked me, and for them to swap round halfway through. And
by now I’m cumming more or less all the time, with Rob pumping his cock so quickly his hand’s a blur, and I was just telling him
how after they’d shot their loads I wanted him and Dad to piss all over me, when his cock erupted and he started spaffing fucking
everywhere, while saying, Oh Fuck under his breath and then telling me that was the best wank he’d ever had, and when I said the
same, although we didn’t mention it at the time, I knew Rob was thinking exactly the same thing as me, if just getting off together
and only telling each other how you felt was this good, what was it gonna be like when we did actually fuck?’
‘Fucking mind blowing? I still can’t believe you tickled one off in front of your Brother, Kirst, you nasty fucking Slut! Talking of
which, I wonder what him and Paul are doing now?’
‘The same as us, hopefully. And listen, Jo, if you do fuck my Dad you’ve got ask him if he wants to fuck me. I’m fairly certain he
does anyway, just by how he looks at me and how open he is about sex with me, but I still want to know for definite.’
‘Of course you do, Kirst, and depending on what happens when we all get together later, I might even try to fuck him before
we fuck each other’s Brothers. Only if you’re cool with it, though?’
‘Well how can I not be after what we’ve been talking about, but only if you take some pics? And if you do maybe I’ll fuck your
Mum while you’re fucking my Dad, if it’s OK with you?’
‘Of course it’s OK, Kirst, fucking go for it. Now let’s fuck while we talk about fucking our Families, and hopefully I’ll have your
Dad’s big cock in my mouth before it gets dark.’
Wow! See what I mean when I said the Kids might already be into it? And if I tell you that while our Daughters were fucking
and talking about Incest upstairs, our Sons were doing the same down in the living room, where instead of watching Football
they were getting stoned and talking about fucking each other’s Sisters, and me, which soon led to them sucking each other’s
cocks and fucking while they talked about Incest and confessed how much they were both into it, including Rob telling Paul what
had happened with Kirsty the previous night, and Paul telling Rob the first person he ever wanked over was me!
As for what Mike and I were getting up to, well as soon as we were alone, obviously as horny as the Kids, we headed to the
downstairs Pool to fuck, with Mike teasing me about flirting with Rob and saying it was blatantly obvious he wanted to fuck me,
and both of us really getting off on the fact our Kids were very possibly already fucking each other, with Mike saying you couldn’t
blame them for starting so soon, not when we’d given them the green light in the first place. And of course he was right, I mean
these weren’t a bunch Virgins who didn’t know what they were doing, they were highly sexed young Adults who knew what they
wanted and how to go about getting it, so why shouldn’t they take what was being offered on a plate to them? Wouldn’t You?
But it was only when we all met up in the living room a couple of hours later, after Mike instructed me to text the Kids telling
them we were gonna have a few drinks to celebrate us moving in, then told me he wanted us to start fucking each other’s Kids
as soon as possible, when we realised what we’d started and it was going to be even easier to fuck our own Kids than we’d
originally thought, because as soon as we saw them we knew Kirsty had been fucking Jodi and Rob and Paul had been fucking as
well, just by their general behaviour, be it the dirty smiles and knowing looks, or the Girls giggling and whispering and looking
and us the whole time, not to mention they’d all changed clothes and may as well have been naked, with the Lads in tight, black
boxers and the Girls in matching, tiny, cut off black vest tops that hung about an inch below their braless tits, and white flowing
skirts so short they needn’t have bothered. And with Mike and I also wearing next to nothing, him in just a pair of, low cut black
shorts, and me in my tiniest black silk robe that just about covered my arse, with my boobs wobbling about every time I moved
and almost spilling out, all Mike’s idea, it was fairly obvious what was going to happen next, even though up until now Incest
hadn’t even been discussed between Parents and Children, but then again why did we need to talk about it when we knew we
wanted it and were more than ready to start doing something about it?
I guess the first thing to do is tell you the layout of the room. So as you walk in there’s a massive, black leather sofa to the left
that runs along two of the marble walls, at the end of which is a state of the art, digital sound system, with another white leather
sofa and matching ottoman on the other side of the room, and a big glass coffee table in between, and along the back wall, next
to the French doors that led to the garden, was a marble and mirrored bar and a well stocked fridge.
As for where they were, well when Mike and I joined them the Lads were sitting on the smaller sofa, the one where they’d
fucked earlier, rolling Spliffs and drinking Beer, and grabbing glances at my near naked body and smiling at me seductively,
making me very damp indeed, and Kirsty and Jodi were at the bar fixing drinks for everyone, with Jodi sitting on one of the
barstools with her legs slightly open, and telling Rob and Paul to stop looking up her skirt.
Then when they saw us, and once the knowing looks had stopped, Kirsty came over to give me a big glass of Wine and Mike a
cold Beer, and cheekily asks what had kept us and tells us we’re a pair of horny fuckers, but teases she doesn’t blame me for
wanting to fuck her Dad all the time and that if she were fucking him she’d never let him out of bed, which has Jodi shouting the
same and that if he were her Lover she’d fuck him to death, before telling Mike he was fucking delectable and to come and say
Hello properly. And by now, with me nudging Mike in the ribs as if to say, can you fucking believe this, Kirsty is not only sitting
on the big ottoman right in front of Rob and Paul, she’s also got her legs open and is clearly flashing her pussy at them, and Mike,
who’s still watching everything unfold, proves yet again he’s one step ahead, so while we’re still standing in the doorway, and
I’ve got Rob really eyeing me up, and squeezing his fucking cock through his boxers, having no idea the Girls have already told
the Lads I’ve given the go ahead for Jodi to fuck Mike, and all that goes with it, I feel Mike’s breath in my ear and then I hear
him whisper this –
‘Jesus Fucking Christ, Rach, fucking look at them, look at Kirsty behaving like a Slut and the way Rob’s just staring at you, not to
mention your Daughter coming on to me. Look at her opening and closing her fucking legs and flashing her fucking vadge at me,
the dirty fucking Slut! Oh Fuck! And now Kirsty’s kissing Paul. Right, fuck this, Rach, let’s get this Incestuous Orgy started
properly, so why don’t you go and say Hello to Rob and I’ll do the same to your Daughter, and we’ll see where it leads, OK?
Because not only do I want us to fuck each other’s Kids tonight, I want us to fuck our Kids as well, right fucking now.’
Well I wasn’t going to say no, was I? Not now I was watching Paul’s hand disappear up Kirsty’s skirt, which although it had me
juicing up also left me thinking, Jesus, they’re assuming a lot, having no idea that not only didn’t we know the Kids had talked
about Incest and the Lads knew Jodi was gonna fuck Mike, but once they put two and two together, and Paul told Jodi that
much like Rob with Kirsty he really wanted to fuck her, and me, the four of them decided that they were gonna call our bluff,
quickly working out their fucked up Parents were up to no good and like us very keen to do something about it, which by the
look of things consisted of laying it on a plate for us and to hell with the consequences.
Before I tell you what happened when I joined Rob, Paul and Kirsty, let me tell you what my Lover and Daughter were doing, or
at least the conversation they were having in between all the tongue fucking, goosing up and groping.
‘MIKE! At long fucking last! Hello, You! You look absolutely ravishing, you sexy fucking Man!’
‘Hello, Jo! Thanks, you filthy Slut. So do you, and I’m gonna fucking destroy you!’
‘HEE, HEE! Are you? Sounds like fun. Oh Wow! Look, Mike, Kirsty’s just got her bangers out. Shall I get mine out?’
‘Yes, do it. And take that excuse for a skirt off as well. And a kiss would go down a treat. So I take it you fucked my Daughter,
‘MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I certainly fucking did, Mike, and the things we talked about. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,
fuck you’ve got a long tongue, I can’t wait to feel it sliding up my arse. Right, let’s get naked. Come on, Mike, let me see your
Monster. And look, not only are they all French kissing, but it would also appear that your Daughter has just got my Brother’s
cock out as well, and very nice it looks too. So now you’ve got no excuses.’
‘I don’t need any, Jo, believe me. Jesus, you’ve got great fucking tits! And look how wet you are. Tell you what, why don’t you
get my cock out and then blow me? Because seeing as Kirsty, the filthy Slut, has just gone down on your Brother, you’ve got no
excuses. So what did you talk about while you were fucking my Daughter? This? Us all fucking each other? Incest?’
‘HEE, HEE! All of the above, and then when we found out Rob and Paul had fucked and we talked to them about Incest, on top of
Kirsty and Rob wanking in front of each other last night and confessing their Incestuous feelings to one another, and having sussed
out that you and Mum, who has just told Rob to go down on her, might want to fuck us, we decided to see if we were right, which
we clearly fucking are.’
And it just after that when she got his cock out.
‘Oh, Mike! Oh Fucking God! It’s fucking huge! FUCK! OK, one more round of tonsil tennis and a quick pull on that Spliff, then I’m
having my dinner. Ha, Ha! Look, Mike, Kirsty’s just seen your cock. Look at that dirty smile, you lucky cunt.’
‘I know! So she obviously wants to fuck me, then? Oh My Fuck! Oh Fucking Yea. That’s it, Jo, work that mouth on my fucking
cock. Let me see you dribbling and spitting all over it as well.’
‘Yes, Sir! Whatever you say. I mean, MMMMMMMMMMMMM, how can I not give you what you want? And of course Kirsty
wants to fuck you, Mike. And guess what else?’
‘You know Kirsty’s Friend, Emma?’
‘Yea, great fucking arse!’
‘Ha, Ha! Well apparently she’s fucking her Dad, Sister and Brothers, and Kirsty said if we started fucking we could invite them
over to fuck us as well, especially as we’re probably gonna be fucking all night.’
‘I know, and it sounds great, but not tonight, Jo, tonight’s just about us. We know another Family who fuck each other as it goes,
another divorced couple with five Kids between them, who I met Online before I started fucking your Mum, and we’ve already
fucked them, so sometime tomorrow you and Kirsty can phone the Daughters, tell them what’s happened and invite them to
come and stay for the weekend, along with Emma’s Family of course. In the meantime let’s go and join the others, because if
I’m not mistaken it looks like your Mum is sucking your Brother’s cock out of my Daughter’s pussy, and my Son is sucking her
Indeed he was, and fucking fantastic it looked too, but not as fantastic as sucking my Son’s cock, especially as it was dripping with
Kirsty’s cunt juice, which tasted fucking divine. And can I just say, any Mums who are reading this, and who are curious about
Incest and fucking their Sons, if you get the chance, take my advice and go for it, because trust me, you won’t regret it.
Before I tell you what we got up to once Mike and Jodi had joined us, let me take you back to when I first joined Paul, Rob and
Kirsty on the sofa, who don’t forget already had her boobs out, and knowing there was little point wasting time, as I was
walking towards them, looking first at Rob then my Son, I let my robe slide down my stunning, hour glass body while running
my hands over my fun bags and even gave my clit a quick rub, leaving them smiling like little Kids at Christmas and telling me I
looked fucking amazing.
So after a quick Hello, and reminding the three of them this must never get out, and them saying they understood completely
and I didn’t have anything to worry about, with Kirsty quickly filling me in on them talking about Incest and all wanting it as
much as Mike and I, I sat down in between the Lads, with Paul still busy sucking Kirsty’s face off and shoving his fingers up her
wet cunt, and teased Rob that banging those MILF’s at Uni was gonna seem like a shit wank compared to fucking me, while he’s
helping himself to my tits and I’m shoving my tongue down his throat and instructing him to whack his fingers up my fuck box,
and as I’m watching Kirsty get on all fours in front of my Son, pull his boxers down and start kissing, licking and sucking his cock,
all while he’s looking at me and still smiling, and Rob’s teasing his Sister she looked great with a cock in her mouth but he wished
it was his, I see it as the perfect excuse to talk about my new favourite topic.
‘Oh, Rob, you dirty cunt, wanting your own Sister to suck your fucking cock, you naughty Man. Now put another finger inside me
and make me fucking cum. And then you can eat my pussy if you like?’ As if he was gonna say no. ‘So how is it then, Kirst, my
Son’s delicious looking cock? I can’t wait to taste it, but not as much as I want it inside me.’
‘RACHEL! Oh My Fucking God! You nasty fucking Whore!’ said Kirsty, her tone of voice suggesting she’d quickly picked up on the
game I was playing. ‘There you are having a go at my Brother for wanting to fuck me, yet now you’re telling me you want to
fuck your own Son. I mean make up your fucking mind, Woman. And yes by the way, Rach, it’s really fucking yummy, and now
I’m going to fuck him. But don’t worry, I’ll tell you how good it is.’
‘I should fucking hope so too, and don’t drain his bollocks dry. Oh, Rob, Baby! Oh, Darling! You’re really rather good with that
tongue of yours, aren’t you?’ He really was, and it was just as I was cumming over his face while watching Kirsty ease herself
down on Paul’s cock, with him now confident and relaxed enough to reach across and play with my baps and again tell me I was
the best Mum ever, when I saw Jodi release Mike’s Monster and Kirsty get her first look at something she’d been fantasising
about seeing for over a year, and of course I just had to tease her about it. ‘Like what you see, Kirst? It’s like one of the Seven
Wonders of the World, isn’t it? I’d certainly rather look at that magnificent specimen than some Flowers or Pyramids any day.’
‘Ha, Ha! Me too, Rach, it’s like a fucking Monument all on its own. And look at the way Jodi’s blowing him, fuck it looks hot, eh?
Same as it does watching my Brother sucking, licking and finger banging your cunt while I fuck your Son.’
‘I know, Kirst, it’s all fucking hot, and even though your Dad and I knew it was gonna be good, we had no idea it would be like
this,’ which meant it was time to really get things moving. ‘Kiss your Sister, Rob. Go on, Baby, tongue fuck the life out of Kirsty
and tell her how much you want to fuck her. You too, Paul, come here and kiss me, Darling, and then Mummy wants to suck
your cock out of Kirsty’s pussy, really fucking badly. And tell me how much you all love Incest and how much you want to fuck
your Family, because I really want to hear it.’
‘OK, Rach! I fucking love Incest and I want to fuck my Dad and Sister more than you’ll ever know,’ said Rob when he wasn’t
swapping saliva with Kirsty and playing with her tits, before telling us something that didn’t surprise me in the slightest. ‘And
I’ve been spying on Kirsty since she first started wanking, and I’ve been knocking one out and thinking about fucking her ever
since. And I’m so glad my Dad met you.’
‘Ha, Ha! Me too, Rob. What about you, Paul? Tell me your darkest fucking secrets while you kiss me and play with Mummy’s big
boobs.’ God I loved talking dirty, and clearly so did everyone else.
‘Sure, Mum. Well firstly I just love looking at you and Jodi, especially the way you go around half naked all the time, but even
the outfits you wear for work drive me nuts, especially those tight black business suits with the short skirts and low cut white
blouses, not to mention the high heeled stilettos and black silk stockings. Can you put them on for me later, please?’
‘Of course I can, Lover, and anything else you want me to wear, just tell me, because I’m completely at your mercy now. What
about you, Kirst? How long have you been having nasty thoughts for?’
‘About a year, but I prefer calling them Daddy issues, and by Christ I can’t wait to fuck him. I mean I’m I not being funny, and
I’ve had more cock in the last six months than I’d had in the previous year, but I honestly feel like a Virgin. Oh Wow! Talk of the
Devil, here he comes, and I swear his cock is fucking winking at me. Oh My God! And now it looks like Paul’s shoved his cock
down Rachel’s throat. Hiya, Jo, you Slut. Been having fun with my Dad? Hiya, Daddy! You OK? Isn’t this ever so fucking naughty?
So, what about a kiss for your very bad, very dirty Daughter?’
And I think that’s where you left us, but instead of Mike just kissing Kirsty he insisted we all kiss each other, so we spent the
next few minutes doing exactly that, with saliva being swapped left, right and centre, and us Girls getting off on watching the
Men French kissing and stroking each other’s big cocks, which got even better when Mike, like some sort of sexual Pied Piper,
told Rob and Paul to suck his big cock before he did the same to theirs, leaving Kirsty and Jodi squealing and almost wetting
themselves, and taking pictures on their phones, and although I’ve seen Mike with a cock in his mouth loads of times since I
started fucking him, watching him deep throat first my Son’s cock and then Rob’s, which was a good inch bigger than Paul’s, not
to mention them blowing his Monster, and finally indulging in a three-way, sloppy kiss, was about the greatest thing I’d ever
seen, until Kirsty wanted a piece of the filthy action that is, because she didn’t just want to suck her Brother’s cock, she also
wanted to suck her dirty Daddy’s big cock, and no one was gonna stop her.
You see although Jodi really wanted to fuck Mike, even more so now she’d seen and sucked his cock, and I knew Rob wanted to
fuck me, and Paul had already started fucking Kirsty, just like I had when I’d first tongue fucked Paul and briefly sucked his cock,
and very quickly realised it felt totally different to all the other cocks I’d sucked in my life, now Mike and the others had got a
taste of what Incest felt like they wanted more, and I know this might sound weird, but from my point of view, and only a Mum
who’s fucked her Son will understand this, but the closest I can describe to how it makes you feel is like when you give birth,
that total feeling of joy and euphoria you know can never be beaten, and when you think I’d felt like that just twice in the last
twenty years, and now I was gonna be feeling it every day, you’ll have some idea just how powerful the pull of Incest really is.
So before you know it Kirsty’s on all fours on the ottoman with Mike standing in front of her feeding his Daughter his gigantic
cock while swigging Beer and smoking a Spliff, and after a final round of tongue tennis with Rob, and another quick suck of his
dong Mike instructs his Son to fix more drinks then go behind his Sister and make sure her cunt and arse are really wet for when
they fucked her, having already told Kirsty they were going to fuck her together, while she had at least eight inches of his cock in
her mouth and kept it there until her eyes watered, and when she wasn’t proving that just like the rest of us she was a bit of an
expert when it came to manipulating a big piece of Man meat, she had Mike pulling her up by her hair and kissing her passionately,
including licking up the saliva that was dribbling down her chin and spitting it back into her mouth, then he shoved her back down
and started slapping his bell end all over her face, scooping up more saliva as he did so, then he thrust his hips forward so inch by
inch his cock disappeared into Kirsty’s open mouth, by which time she had Rob working wonders with his tongue and fingers and
making her cum almost straight away, which had her begging him to do it again and begging Mike to hurry up and fuck her, which
he assured her he would, although at that precise moment all he could think about was what he would later tell me was the best
blow job he’d ever had.
As for me, well obviously I was having the time of my life, because as soon as I realised Mike was gonna fuck Kirsty and Rob I told
Paul to sit in the middle of the sofa so I was on one side of him on all fours with Jodi on the other, and when we weren’t enjoying
these fantastic, three-way French kisses while Paul goosed us up, I was tongue fucking Jodi while he licked our boobs and started
fingering both of us, with me stroking his throbbing cock and Jodi playing with his hairless balls and teasing his arsehole, driving
him nuts and making him finger fuck us even harder, until we both started cumming at the same time, which I’ve got to say was
a massive turn on, and of course it led to us teasing him for being such a clever Man and wondering if he’d be able to do it when
he was fucking us.
‘Oh don’t worry, Mum, I’ll make you both cum so fucking much you won’t be able to stop, but in the meantime how about a
double blowie before I fuck you? And looking at the way Kirsty is deep throating the fuck out of Mike’s cock, I reckon you’ve
got a lot to live up to.’
‘Ha, Ha, you cheeky cunt, you don’t know you’re fucking born. And don’t worry, Paul, when it comes to deep throat I’m the
Queen of sucking cock, so sit back and fucking enjoy, I know I’m going to.’
Which is putting it mildly, because when I’d sucked it earlier it was over before it began, whereas now I could take my time and
savour every single moment, and of course I had Jodi helping me, which just added to the decadence, loving the way his cock
was twitching and throbbing in my mouth as I sucked and slurped on his boner, and doing that thing Porn Stars do so it was
bulging in my cheek and I was flicking it in and out of my mouth with my saliva dribbling everywhere, while looking deep into his
eyes and repeatedly whispering how much I loved him, before Jodi insisted she wanted some, giving me time to take a quick
breather, finish my Wine, get more Spliffs on the go and reflect on what we were doing, thinking, we definitely made the right
decision, while watching Mike and Rob giving Kirsty the kind of fucking most Girls would never experience, with her busy telling
me she’d never known anything like it and that me hooking up with her Dad was the best thing that had ever happened to them.
They started off, again on Mike’s say so, with Rob fucking his Sister from behind while she continued blowing her Dad, then once
Rob had made her cum a few times, and Mike and Kirsty had sucked his wet cock clean, they swapped round, so for the next
fifteen minutes or so Kirsty got fucked by what Mike teased her was a real Man for the first time, and I’ve got to say he wasn’t
exaggerating, because not only did he make her cum twice as many times as Rob, at one point just pounding and ploughing her
pussy until she was screaming the House down and shouting, Oh, Fucking Daddy, over and over, but he also made her squirt at
least three times, then told her he hadn’t even started yet.
Back on the sofa meanwhile I’d since gone back to blowing Paul, who also had Jodi straddled above him rubbing her cunt all over
his face and asking him who he wanted to fuck first, knowing he was going to say me, which he did, telling his Sister it was a hard
choice but fucking your Mum was the ultimate Taboo and he was sure she’d understand, and promising that when he did fuck her
she’d remember it for the rest of her life.
‘Well you best make sure I do, Lover, I expect nothing less. You’ve got a really good tongue you know, Paul, and just so you’re
aware, if ever we sleep in the same bed I really like getting woken up by having my snatch eaten, and if you do a good enough
job I might just return the favour. This is fucking fantastic, eh? The way we’re all into Incest like we were born to fuck each
other. I just wish we’d started sooner.’
‘Me too, Jo, but we’re fucking now and that’s all that matters. And now I’m gonna fuck your Brother. Go behind me and lick my
arse while I’m fucking him, Baby, and don’t forget to suck his cock. Oh My God! Look at Kirsty, Jo, now that is what you call a
proper fucking.’
It really was, because she was now on top of Rob facing away from him with his cock up Kirsty’s arse, with her Dad in front of
her fucking her pussy as hard as he could asking if she thought she could take both cocks up her cunt or arse at the same time,
which she said she could, easily, but what she wanted first was for Rob to fuck her pussy while Mile took turns fucking his Son
and Daughter up the arse. So of course he had no choice but to give her what she wanted, calling her a cock crazed Minx and
telling Rob to go and get some lube from behind the Bar, along with a big box of dildos and butt plugs I’d left the last time I’d
fucked Mike, and while he did and they were all taking a quick breather, with me now riding my Son and telling him how much I
loved him and how I was never going to stop fucking him, Kirsty was telling us a bit more about her Friend Emma, who you’ll
remember was already fucking her divorced Dad, younger Sister and two Brothers, which up until then I knew nothing about,
but once I did it soon made me realise, along with Mike and I having already fucked Jenny and her Family, that Incest wasn’t as
frowned upon or Taboo as we might have thought.
Apparently it began a couple of months ago, while Emma’s Parents were still married, when her younger Sister Abby, (15),
who’d already started fantasising about fucking her sexy Brothers, came home from School early and saw Scott, (16), fucking his
then Girlfriend in the living room, along with another Girl and a Friend of Scott’s who Abby had fucked once or twice in the past,
and although she knew Scott was well hung she never knew he was Bisexual, so when she saw him sucking the other Lad’s cock,
while she was standing by the door rubbing her clit and playing with her boobs, she decided she just had to fuck him, which she
did two days later, after bombarding him with texts telling him what she’d seen and how much it had turned her on, as well as
sending him a load of pics once he told her he’d be up for a bit of Incestuous fun and had been thinking about fucking her, and
his Sister, for well over a year. And with Emma, (18), and their other Brother Lee, (19), away at Uni, their Dad at work, and their
Mum out most afternoons, just like she was when Abby had seen Scott fucking his Friends, they knew it was only a matter of
time before they fucked. And as I said it happened a couple of days afterwards, when as soon as they got in from School and
found the House empty, they were fucking like long lost Lovers as soon as the front door was closed, and while they were
discovering why Incest was so good, already knowing their Parents would be splitting up in the near future and they’d be living
with their Dad, who was pretty cool, and pretty hot, they also talked about fucking him and their Brother and Sister, with Abby
telling Scott she and Emma told each other everything and she was even more of a Slut than Abby was, and with Lee being
Bisexual and as open-minded they were, Abby was already fairly certain they’d be fucking their older Siblings before too long.
Then a few weeks later, with Abby and Scott still fucking every chance they got, and Emma and Lee home from Uni, their
Parents announced they were getting divorced and their Mum was going to move out immediately, leading to Abby, who’d
already talked to her Sister about Incest, fucking her the first night it was just the Kids and their Dad in the House, while also
telling Emma she was fucking Scott, which led to them phone fucking him and telling him to see if he could seduce and fuck Lee
as soon as possible, and if he was successful they could fuck their Sisters together. And the next morning, with their Dad having
already left for work, but by now having sussed out something might be going on, as soon as Scott woke up, after a wank and a
shower, knowing Lee was still asleep, and getting a text off of Emma saying she was already fucking Abby and they were waiting
for their Brothers to come and fuck them, Scott went and woke his Brother up with a coffee and Spliff, and because it was the
middle of summer, like all of them Lee slept naked and only had a sheet as a cover, which had fallen on to the floor during the
night, and as he was lying on his back and already seemed to have a semi hard on, instead of Scott waking him up by tapping him
on the shoulder or something, and even though he knew he was taking a risk, but also knowing the reward would be worth it,
Scott got on all fours beside his Brother and slowly and softly began kissing and licking up and down his thighs, getting closer to
his cock each time and watching Lee like a Hawk, and when he just groaned and moved about a bit, but still didn’t open his eyes,
Scott took the Bull by the Horns and started kissing Lee’s by now rock hard cock, and after just a couple of minutes, by which
time Scott was working on the big bell end and was in the process of taking it his mouth, Lee woke up, and when he saw what
was going on and asked his younger Brother what the fuck he was doing, Scott just shrugged and carried on blowing him, and
although Lee tried to make out he was shocked by what was happening at first, but made no attempt to stop him, and also
reached out and started stroking Scott’s cock while telling him he was a kinky fucker, it told Scott all he needed to know, so
while he continued sucking Lee’s ten incher, and climbed on top of him so he could return the favour, Scott also told him about
fucking Abby and what they had waiting for them down the hallway, although what they didn’t know was their Sisters had got
so impatient waiting to fuck their Brothers that they decided to go and join them, just as they were showing off their cock
sucking skills, and I don’t need to tell you what happened next, do I?
Because even though Lee was still in shock at the sight of his two naked Sisters French kissing and playing with each other’s fun
bags and telling him all the bad things they wanted to do to him, and he kept going on about the risks involved and asking them
if they were sure they knew what they were getting into, he soon changed his tune once Emma and Abby pushed him back on
the bed and started giving him a double blow job, telling him not to worry about a thing and to just leave everything to them,
and with Scott kneeling by his face, pumping his shaft and asking his Brother if he wanted a sausage for breakfast, which had the
Girls in hysterics, Lee had little option but to give in and just enjoy it for what it was, the best sex he was ever gonna have, and
although he didn’t know it yet, just like we didn’t, it was only going to get better and better as the days and weeks went on.
As for how they got their Dad Don, (41), involved, what they did was get Emma to text him when he was on his way home from
work that same evening and tell him Scott and Lee were out for the night, they weren’t really, and that her and Abby had
cooked him his favourite meal and were going to spend the evening pampering him, which had his cock twitching in his boxers,
because as I mentioned before he already had an idea they were up to no good, and unbeknown to his Kids, he’d also started
looking at his scantily clad, ever so fuckable Teen Daughters like no Dad ever should, and even though he knew it was essentially
wrong, as he told himself whenever the guilt kicked in, usually after he’d just blown his load while thinking about fucking Abby
hard up the arse while Emma pissed all over her face, what was he supposed to do when they were both really fucking hot,
loved teasing him and flirting with him, and whenever their Mum wasn’t around walked about in fuck all?
See that’s another reason we couldn’t stop what we were doing, on top of the fact we were all so sexually open and driven, and
I’m not just talking about mine and Mike’s Families, we were also a very good looking group of people, and when you add that
to the Incestuous undercurrent bubbling away everywhere you looked, it really was an unstoppable Juggernaut, as Don was
about to discover. And when he walked into the kitchen and found his Daughters smoking Spliffs and halfway through their
second bottle of Wine, wearing tiny, matching, red slingshots and black, see through mini-wraps they’d left open, he thought he
was dreaming, with both of them kissing him on the cheek at the same time, calling him sexy and doing a mild bit of flirting with
him, just enough to get his juices flowing, before giving him a cold Beer and a Spliff and telling him dinner wasn’t quite ready so
he should go grab a shower in the Conservatory and they’d eat in there.
But as soon as they joined him, with Don wearing just a black thong, rock hard and now ready for anything, having pretty much
sussed out his Daughters wanted to fuck him and more than happy for them to take the lead, the Girls went into full on Slut
mode, shoving their boobs in his face as they served the food and touching his naked upper body as often as possible, then
bending over right in front of him so he had a close up view of their tight, peachy arses and wet pussies, which almost made
him choke, with Abby even squeezing his boner as she sat down next to him, and whispering in his ear that was the only thing
she was interested in eating!
I think they managed about three or four mouthfuls of food before the carnage started, where after Abby had asked Don if he
knew what was going on and if he was cool with it, and giggling if he wasn’t it was too late to stop now, (he did and he was), he
watched almost mesmerised as firstly Emma accidently spilt some sauce all over her tits then insisted she just had to take the
slingshot off, before Abby, in between pissing herself laughing and calling her Sister a filthy fucking Tramp, reached under the
table, slipped her hand inside the waistband of Don’s thong and pulled it down, then started stroking his big cock and reminding
him how hungry she was, and also telling her Dad to take her slingshot off and help himself to a feel of her baps if he wanted to,
and if he didn’t they’d made a big mistake.
So of course he does, and before you know it they’re naked, French kissing with their hands all over each other, Emma briefly
forgotten such was their desire to get to know each other like they’d never have imagined a few months ago, until Don felt a
warm, wet mouth suddenly start sucking his bell end that is, looking down to see Emma smiling up at him with her mouth full of
his cock and saliva dribbling down her chin, and telling Abby how delicious it was and she should come and find out for herself,
which she did, just after she’d cum over Don’s fingers.
And while the naughty Sisters were taking Don to Heaven and beyond, Emma, when her Dad wasn’t looking because he was too
busy licking Abby’s 32C tits, sent a pre-loaded text to Lee telling him to come and join them, who along with Scott had been
upstairs in his bedroom for the last hour or so just waiting for the green light, meaning that five minutes later, where they
found their Sisters giving their Dad a double blowie, a naked and hard Lee and Scott joined the Party, and after quickly filling
Don in on what had really been going on, which blew his head off, but at the same time made him the happiest Guy on the
planet, with him telling them about all the nasty thoughts he’d been having recently, Abby, while asking her Dad if he’d ever
fucked another Guy, he hadn’t, told her Brothers to suck each other’s cocks, who then told Don he had to try it, which he did,
but not before he’d told his Daughters to get in a sixty nine so he could take turns fucking them, but also warning that because
he was so horny from what had already happened he might not last long, which Abby, while still sucking his cock, soon solved
by just blowing it to fuck until he exploded, all over her tits, and as he’s watching Emma licking up his cum and telling him it
tastes much better than the sauce, he’s also got Lee next to him fucking Scott and then offering his Dad his sticky cock to suck,
which Emma and Abby absolutely loved watching, almost as much as Don loved doing it, because according to Kirsty, even
though before that night he’d never even considered himself in any way Bisexual, he fucked his Sons as much as he did his
Daughters, just like he’s been doing every day since I’d imagine, just like we’re going to be doing as well.
Back in Mike’s living room then, and while she was telling us about her dirty Friend, and getting double pussy fucked and double
arse fucked by her Dad and Brother, and at one stage squirting almost continuously, Kirsty asked Mike if she could call Emma to
tell her what we were doing, which he thought was a great idea, but suggested she wait until after him and Rob had blown their
beans before we called her, that way we could not only get some more drinks inside us, for obvious reasons, with all of us
declaring our love of Watersports while we were fucking, but as none of us had to get up in the morning we could also get the
Class A’s out, and the Viagra, of course.
Oh Yea! Before I forget I suppose I better tell you what it was like fucking my Son, and although he wasn’t giving me the severe
fucking Kirsty was getting off of her Dad and Brother he was still proving he could fuck better than any other Guy I’ve fucked,
apart from Mike, because after riding him for a good ten minutes or so, and cumming at least five times, he laid me down on
the sofa, instructed Jodi to sit on my face and pull my legs back behind my head, then without too much fuss he just went balls
deep up my leaking cunt and began smashing the fuck out of me, quickly getting into his stride and knowing just when to slow
down or speed up, bringing me to the brink of orgasm time and again until I was begging him to make me cum, which when he
did was like nothing I’d ever felt before, and of course it was enhanced even more by the fact Jodi was cumming all over my face
and insisting I slip my tongue up her arse and that she might just return the favour at a later date! And once he’d made me cum
another two or three times, and knowing he wasn’t close to cumming yet thanks to his earlier exploits with Rob, where he’d
already cum twice, once in his mouth, once up his arse, he flipped me over so I was on all fours, grabbed one of the butt plugs
off the table, coated it in his saliva and slowly eased it up my arse, while telling Jodi to lie down in front of me so he could
watch me eating her while he fucked me, then he just rammed his granite like cock back inside my cunt and started fucking me
even harder and deeper than before, and this time it had me squirting everywhere, with Jodi giggling he better do the same to
her, before he whipped the butt plug out of my arse and replaced it with his cock, making me yelp as he did so and telling him
he was a very naughty Boy, all while I’m grabbing a couple of dildos, whacking one up Jodi’s cunt and the other one up her arse,
so for the next ten minutes the only sound you could hear was us two moaning, groaning, crying out and screaming the House
down, with me getting louder and louder the harder Paul fucked me, knowing his orgasm was fast approaching and knowing it
was gonna be a big one, because let’s face it, it’s not every day you get to fuck your Mum, is it? Jesus there was fucking loads
of the stuff, and it was so horny, watching his cum splashing over my tits and face with Jodi lapping it up and sharing it with me,
while Paul’s moaning and mumbling how good it was and that he’d never known anything like it, which let’s face it, none of us had.
I don’t think he came as much as Mike and Rob though, where with Kirsty spread legged on the ottoman, her body covered in
sweat and cunt juice, they absolutely covered her in their combined Spunk, be it on her face, tits or in her open mouth, with
her rubbing her clit and giggling that she’d never seen so much cum before, and although it wasn’t planned, but also because
Mike was such a dirty cunt, as soon as they’d stopped cumming he smiled at his Son and said his Sister looked like she needed
cooling down, which had Kirsty in more fits and telling Mike he was a very bad Man, just as he aimed his still hard cock at her
smiling face and started pissing all over it and then pissed in her hair before finishing in her mouth, closely followed by Rob, who
clearly an expert, concentrated on her boobs at first before using his shaft like a fucking fire hose and moving it up and down
her whole body again and again, which soon set Kirsty off as well, getting Mike to lift her legs right back so she could piss over
her own tits and face, while also telling him as he was still hard he could whack his cock straight back up her arse if he wanted to,
and suggested to Rob that he fuck Mike up the arse, so he didn’t feel left out!
‘Ha, Ha! You cheeky Cow,’ said Mike when the pissing had finally stopped and things had calmed down a bit, although Kirsty was
so far gone that in between telling her Dad and Brother she felt like she’d been ripped in two, but it was by far the best fuck she’d
ever had, she was also rolling around in the piss and telling Mike they were lucky the sofas were leather and the floor was marble,
otherwise there’d be a hell of a lot of cleaning up to do. ‘Yea, you’re not wrong, Kirst, especially as we’ve only just started. Right,
although fucking you up the arse again sounds like a great idea, Baby, there’s no need to rush things, is there? So why don’t we clean
up this piss, tuck into those Class A’s, and then while you’re phone fucking Emma I might just think about fucking your fantastically
tight arse again. If that’s OK with you lot, Rach?’
‘Of course it is, Mike, I’ve just fucked my Son for fuck sake, and he’s just told me he’s gonna fuck me all night, so you carry on,
Lover, although it would be nice to fuck you at some point. In the meantime, and before the Piss Sex starts properly, I really
need to pee now, and I’d also suggest you and your Kids grab a shower, Mike, otherwise you’ll stink of stale piss, and we can’t
have that, can we? OK, I’ll be right back,’ I smiled, giving Paul one last, long sloppy kiss and reminding him to clean his sticky cock
with some wet wipes before we all did what we needed to, with Jodi joining me in the downstairs bathroom, where we also
jumped under the shower and talked about the night ahead, agreeing this was the best thing that had ever happened to us and
there was no way we were going to do anything to mess it up.
So a short while later, with everyone fully refreshed and ready for round two, we’re all standing naked at the Bar, which even
after what we’d just done still took a bit of getting use to, all of us now loaded on Cocaine, Wine, Beer and Vodka chasers, and
the topic of conversation the same as it would always be from now on, what we’d just done, how good it was and how much
fantastic sex we’d be enjoying in the coming weeks and months. But with the Girls unable to stop playing with the Men’s cocks,
while Paul played with my boobs and goosed me up, it wasn’t long before it was time to fuck again, because although talking
about Incest was fun, nothing came close to committing this most sinful of acts, and after another line or two of Cocaine and
finishing our drinks, with Mike already fixing more, we made our way over to the massive double sofa this time, with Mike
instructing the Lads to drag the ottoman over as well, while Kirsty’s getting ready to call Emma and Jodi’s telling her to put her
phone on loud speaker so we could listen and maybe even join in the conversation if we felt like it, providing we could speak of
course, and instead of telling you what we’re doing I’m just gonna go straight to the kinky phone call, where everything will
soon become clear.
EMMA – ‘KIRST! Hiya! Oh My God! What the actual fuck? Fucking Hell, Kirst, listen to you. Jesus! And why the fuck are you calling
me when you’re clearly getting boned? But, more importantly, who is it fucking you? Only whoever it is, I’d really like to fuck
them myself.’
KIRSTY – ‘Oh Fuck! Oh Jesus! Hi, Emm! Hang on, let me, fuck, get my breath back.’
EMMA – ‘Ha, Ha! OK! But tell me who you’re fucking, and who that is I can hear fucking in the background?’
KIRSTY – ‘OK! OK! Oh Shit! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And now he’s just whacked his massive fucking cock back up my arse. It’s my
Dad, Emm. I’m doing what you’ve been doing and having Incestuous Sex with my Dad! As for the other Girl getting fucked, you know
I told you about my Dad’s new Girlfriend, Rachel? About her and her two Teenage Kids moving in with us, and how she was a MILF and
her Daughter Jodi was just as much of a Slut as we are, and that her Son Paul was pretty fucking hot?’
EMMA – ‘Yea! Why? She’s not fucking him, is she? Because that would just be too fucking cool.’
KIRSTY – ‘I know it would, and yes, Emm, Rachel is fucking her Son, although he’s fucking Jodi at the minute, and that’s who you
can hear. He’s fucking her from behind, in both fuck holes as far as I can make out, and Rachel’s lying down in front of Jodi haven
her pussy eaten. Oh Wow! Hold that thought for a second, Emm; because now she’s pissing all over her Daughter’s fucking face.
Oh Yea, and my Brother Rob is fucking my Dad, and has just told him he’s gonna piss up his arse any second, and guess who he
wants to suck it out?’
EMMA – ‘Erm, no idea. Fucking Hell, Kirst, so you’re telling me you’re fucking your whole Family? Just like that? When did it
KIRSTY – ‘A couple of hours ago, pretty much as soon as Rachel and her Kids moved in, because after they’d met Rob and I,
unbeknown to us, she started fantasising about fucking Rob and Dad together, which soon led to her thinking about fucking her
own Kids, and when my Dad asked her to move in, with Rachel having already worked out Paul wanted to fuck me, they started
talking about their Kids fucking each other, and knowing what a kinky cunt my Dad was anyway, Rachel eventually told him how
she’d been feeling and that she’d been thinking about fucking her Son and Daughter, and when Dad then confessed he’d been
fantasising about fucking Rob and I for quite a while, they were soon planning how they were going to start having Incestuous
Sex with their own Children, which began with them telling us it was OK for Rob and I to fuck Jodi and Paul, and vice versa,
although the thing that really put the Cat amongst the Pigeons was Rachel telling Jodi Dad was an amazing fuck, that he had an
eleven inch cock and that she could fuck him if she wanted to.’
EMMA – ‘Oh Wow! No wonder you started fucking so quickly. And tell your Dad I can’t wait to fuck him, all eleven inches worth,
you lucky Cow. So come on then, let’s hear what happened. Today would be good!’
Meaning Kirsty spent the next ten minutes telling Emma what you already know, but that wasn’t the end of the conversation,
not by a long way.
KIRSTY – ‘And that’s pretty much it really, Emm, up until now, anyway. But like I was telling the others earlier, even if Dad
hadn’t met Rachel, because of what you’d already told me, about how fucking your Family was better than any other sex you
could ever imagine, I’d already made my mind up I was going to fuck my Dad and Brother, come hell or high water. Talking of
Families, where are yours now? Only it sounds very quiet.’
EMMA – ‘Ha, Ha! That’s because they’re upstairs asleep. My Dad came home early from work you see, and because he’d had a
really stressful meeting and has got to be up early for another one tomorrow morning, (today was Monday), we thought we’d
give him something to help him sleep, and proceeded to fuck him for almost three hours nonstop, and then for another hour or
so after dinner. I’m down in the kitchen just having a coffee and a Spliff as it goes, but I’m not alone.’
KIRSTY – ‘What? What the fuck do you mean? Oh Fucking Jesus! Dad’s just flipped me over and gone bollock deep back up my
pussy, and told Rob to fuck him in the mouth and to piss all over us. And just to fully put you in the picture, Paul has stopped
fucking Jodi and the two of them are filling up Wine glasses with piss and getting their Mum to drink it while she pisses over
Paul’s cock and Jodi blows him.’
EMMA – ‘Sounds fucking delightful, Kirst, and just like with Incest you’d be surprised how many people are into Watersports
once you scratch below the surface. As for who I’m with, well if I tell you we’ve fucked her a fair few times and you’ve also
fucked her Brother, more than once, and she’s obviously as nasty and fucked up as we are, see if you can guess who it is?’
KIRSTY – ‘Erm, well seeing as the only Brother and Sister I’ve fucked are Lucy, (18), and Jamie, (17), who I’ve been meaning to
call as it goes, erm, them?’
LUCY – ‘Ten out of fucking ten, Bitch! Hiya, Kirst! And yes, Kirst, I am fucking my Brother before you ask, and have been for most
of the day. And most of last night.’
KIRSTY – ‘LUCE! Oh My Fucking God! Hiya! I never knew you were into this as well? Why haven’t you said anything before?’
LUCY – ‘Well firstly because every time we meet up to fuck we’re usually fucking other people as well, and secondly because Jay
and I only started fucking at the weekend. I mean obviously when Emma told me she was fucking her Family she told me you’d
been thinking about it as well, but probably like she did with you she asked me to keep it quiet, so I did. Anyway, what the fuck
does it matter now? The most important thing is we’re all fucking our Families, and I can’t wait to fuck yours.’
EMMA – ‘Likewise, Luce, and as we’re all off Uni for the next couple of weeks, the only question is when are we all gonna get
together to fuck each other’s Families?’
KIRSTY – ‘Erm, well although we could get together anytime we like really, my Dad wants to wait until Friday before we fuck
you, because not only can you stay all weekend, but he’s gonna invite another Family he met Online to come and fuck us as well.
And what did you mean when you said we’re all fucking our Family’s, Luce? You’re not fucking your Mum, (Tracey, 40, divorced),
as well, are you?’
LUCY – ‘Not yet, Babe, but we’re working on it. Well, I am, mainly. So what’s happening now? Only if your Dad’s still fucking you
you’re not making much noise. Kirst? Hello?’
JODI – ‘Ha, Ha! Sorry, Luce, but Kirsty’s a bit busy at the minute getting a mega Spunk shower from Mike and Rob, and having
covered her with their combined sticky goo they’re now scooping it up with their cocks and getting her to lick them clean. Oh
My Fuck! And now they’re now both pissing straight into her fucking mouth! It’s Jodi by the way, Luce, nice to meet you. Hiya,
Emm, nice to meet you too, you nasty Slut.’
EMMA – ‘Ha, Ha! Touché, Tart! Hiya, Jodi, nice to meet you too. So are you still playing messy Piss Games, or is your Brother
fucking you again?’
JODI – ‘Well he was, and we were, but after we’d finished pissing he just went hell for leather and smashed the fuck out of me
until he exploded, right up my cunt, which him and Mum then licked out, and led to me kind of emptying the rest of my bladder
over their faces. So come on, Luce, why don’t you tell us how you fucked your Brother? Only I don’t know about you, but I love
hearing all the kinky stories.’
LUCY – ‘So do I, and mine’s pretty fucking wild as it goes. Now obviously once I’d decided I wanted to fuck Jay, already fairly
certain he’d be up for fucking me if he got the chance, the first thing I did was tell Emma, because much like with Kirsty it was
after she told me she was fucking her Family that I made up my mind I was definitely going to fuck my Brother, and as he only
got home from Uni last Thursday and we had our Grandparents staying until the weekend, I knew I’d just have to bide my time
and make do with flirting with him for now, but then on Friday my Mum tells us not only was she going to be driving our
Grandparents home on Saturday morning but she was also gonna stay with them for the night, and how I didn’t just jump up in
her arms and start showering her with kisses I’ll never know, so instead I went up to my bedroom, stripped naked, got my
dildos out and called Emma, who came up with the perfect plan to seduce and fuck my Brother. JODI? Hello? Anyone there, cos
all I can hear is moaning and fucking groaning.’
KIRSTY – ‘I know. Sorry, Babe, what we like, eh? It’s Jodi by the way, who has now got my Dad between her legs eating, sucking,
licking and finger fucking her cunt and arse, and judging by the way my Brother is shoving his cock down Rachel’s throat and his
fingers up her pussy, it looks like it’s fuck time once again, especially as Paul has just covered two of his fingers in Cocaine and
rammed them straight up my butt hole.’
LUCY – ‘And Emma’s just bent me over the fucking worktop and is currently easing this massive strap-on right up my fuck box,
and there was me thinking we were gonna have an early night.’
KIRSTY – ‘Ha, Ha! Good luck with that. So what plan did Emma come up with for you to fuck Jay?’
LUCY – ‘A very fucking naughty one. Now although Jay hadn’t fucked Emma up until then, mainly because he was too busy
fucking half the Town, including our MILF neighbour, I knew he’d jump at the chance of banging her, so when I told him Emma
and her Brother Lee were coming over for the afternoon, about half an hour after Mum had left, and that she was in between
Fellas and needed sorting out, while also letting him know I was gonna be busy fucking Lee and he should enjoy himself, he said
it sounded like a lot of fun and he could do with sorting out himself, by which time I’d gone upstairs and changed into a white,
extreme string bikini that covered nothing, which had him smiling like a little Kid, and was probably when he knew something
was going on, especially once I started flirting with him and teased him about looking at my bangers. Then after more flirting
I told him to go and put some shorts on and meet me in the garden, where while we were getting stoned and waiting for Emma
and Lee to arrive, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of me, I again teased him about staring at my boobs, while I’m untying my
bikini top and telling him if he wanted to look at them properly he should have just said so, which has him choking on the joint
and asking what I was doing. Well what did it look like, I tease him as I’m covering my tits in sun cream and rubbing it in, just as
my phone goes and Emma’s telling me she’s at the door, and because they know what’s going on, when they see I’m topless,
Emma wastes no time in taking off her dress to reveal this tiny black slingshot underneath, which she pulls apart so her tits are
fully exposed, and with Lee in just shorts, having already taken off his vest top, and sporting a boner, after a three-way sloppy kiss
and lots of groping, we head for the garden, where Jamie’s now in the Pool obviously hoping to cool down a bit, but as soon as
Emma sees him, and he realises that she’s got her boobs out, and has joined him in the water before he can even say Hi, he knows
what’s coming next, just like I know I’m cumming like fucking anything, especially as Emma’s now taking turns to fuck my cunt and arse.’
KIRSTY – ‘Lucky you, but I can tell you now it’s definitely not as good as Paul’s cock, which although not as big as my Dad’s, or
Rob’s, is still pretty fucking big, and he really knows how to use it. So why don’t you finish off telling us how you fucked your
Brother, if I can hear you above all the noise Jodi’s making, but then you should see the way my Dad’s finger fucking her cunt
and arse and spanking her clit and all sorts. And now he’s making her squirt.’
LUCY – ‘Is he? Well just make sure you tell him I expect the same treatment when he fucks me. So yea, as I was saying just
now, as soon as Emma joined Jay in the Pool she had her tongue down his throat and was pullling down his shorts in no time, all
while I’m standing by the side with Lee behind me nuzzling my neck, playing with my boobs and rubbing his cock, which he’d
already got out, between the crack of my arse cheeks, so when Jay asks what’s going on, quick as a flash Emma says nothing, we
were just having some fun, telling him to chill out and not worry too much, and when I say the same, my g-string now on the
floor with Lee working his fingers on my pussy, which Jay can clearly see, he realises we’re at least gonna fuck in front of each
other and just sort of shrugs his shoulders, which is then confirmed by Emma, who’s now sitting spread legged on the side of
the Pool next to Lee and I, slowly rubbing her clit and asking Jay if he wants to play naughty Fuck Games, all while Lee’s pushing
me down next to Emma and telling her to play with my boobs, with Lee’s nine inch cock fully exposed to my Brother, who just
stares open mouthed as Lee starts slapping his bell end all over my face while telling me to copy his Sister and finger fuck
myself, so I did, and I guess that was when Jamie finally caved in and dived between Emma’s legs, mumbling something about
this being fucked up but that he didn’t give a fuck, which led to Lee laughing and teasing him hadn’t seen nothing yet, so when
Jay looked up after he’d made Emma cum, he was greeted by the sight of her gorging on her Brother’s big cock, who quickly told
him about them fucking their Family and how I wanted to fuck him and I was fairly sure he wanted to fuck me, and this was our
way of doing something about it. And as Lee’s still talking, and Emma’s still blowing him, and Jay can’t stop looking at them as he
absorbs what he’s just found out, I climbed in the Pool, crept up behind him, slipped my arms around his waist and grabbed his
cock under the water, and although I make him jump when he realises it’s me, he makes no attempt to pull away, not once I
start kissing and licking his neck and shoulders anyway, all while I’m slowly pumping his shaft and whispering in his ear how
things are gonna be from now on, that after we’d finished fucking at ours we were gonna go over to Emma’s and spend the rest
of the day and night fucking her and her Family, and if things went how I hoped, already knowing she might be into fucking us, I
wanted us to start fucking our Mum as well. So of course now he’s realised what’s on offer, on top of Lee telling him about all
the fantastic, nonstop sex and some of the other Families they’ve met and fucked, he’s French kissing me, playing with my tits
and goosing me up like a regular Lover, telling me although he wasn’t into the idea of Incest before, he still enjoyed looking at
Mum and I, especially when we sunbathed in our micro bikinis and we all got stoned together, and he also loved it when his
Friends came round and told him Mum was a proper MILF and they wouldn’t blame him for fucking her.’
KIRSTY – ‘Well they’re not wrong are they, Luce, she’s as fit as fuck. So when do you plan on making your move? And listen,
Babe, we’re gonna go in a minute, cos as you can probably hear my Dad and Rob seem to be having some sort of competition to
see who can make Jodi and Rachel squirt the most, when they’re not pissing everywhere, that is. And seeing as Paul’s just told
me his bladder needs emptying and he really wants to piss over my face and for me to do the same to him, what’s a dirty Girl
like me supposed to do?’
LUCY – ‘Erm, give him what he wants? We’re gonna fuck off anyway, Kirst, cos Emma’s just decided that she needs cock, as do I,
and seeing as the Men have been asleep for well over two hours it’s time to go and remind them why they were so tired in the
first place. As for my Mum, well I’ve told her I’ve invited Emma over to ours tomorrow evening for a Girls night in, which will
mean Wine and Dope, talking about sex and cock, going for a naked swim in the Pool and then making our move, and if it all goes
well we’ll send a text to Emma’s Dad, who’ll be here with Lee, Scott, Abby and Jay, who’ll turn up just after Emm and I have
fucked my Mum, and after that who knows what’ll happen?’
KIRSTY – ‘Erm, you’ll all be in a fucking Coma? But whatever happens make sure you keep me updated, and don’t forget to tell
your Mum about Friday, although I’m sure we’ll speak before then.’
LUCY – ‘Yea, I’m sure we will, Babe, and don’t forget to tell your Dad I can’t wait to fuck him, and neither can Emma. Bye!’
Now that is what you call a dirty phone call, and you won’t be surprised to hear that by the end of it the Men had shot their
respective loads and given the three of us a triple Spunk shower, which was more like a fucking thunderstorm to be fair, and of
course they pissed all over us again, which set Kirsty and Jodi off, who insisted on pissing over each other to wash away the rest
of the Spunk, but in reality it was just an excuse to prove what dirty Sluts they were, as if we needed reminding. Then once
everything had calmed down, to a point, and as it was fast approaching midnight, Mike suggested we give the booze and drugs a
rest, knowing it was going to be a long week and we didn’t want to burn ourselves out too soon, and instead said we should
clean up properly, grab some food then go up to his room, (his bed was easily big enough for all of us), get stoned and just fuck
the night away until we fell asleep, which the Kids all agreed to, but only if they could watch Mike fuck me in the Pool before we
ate, and as he was already hard again, don’t forget the Men had all taken Viagra, and I still hadn’t fucked him, I could hardly say
no, could I?
So after an hour or so of more very intense fucking, and inevitably more pissing and squirting, we did finally clean up and eat,
and then headed upstairs, although instead of fucking straight away Kirsty and Jodi, who like me, on Paul’s request, were wearing
black, sheer silk, hold up stockings, decided it was time to pamper the ‘Fuck Studs,’ as they’d become known, with an all over,
body to body to massage, which along with the dimmed lights, sexy music, coming down off of the Cocaine and the Dope kicking
in, was just about the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced without actually fucking someone, especially once we were covered
in oil and our bodies were all getting entwined, which was when pussies started getting eaten and cocks started getting sucked, and
although there’d be no more pissing or any of the hard sex we’d enjoyed earlier, there was still plenty of arse and double fucking going
on, with the highlight for me being the hour or so I spent having a Bi-Threesome with Paul and Rob while Mike and the Girls were in the
Jacuzzi in the En-Suite taking a breather, until they started giving him yet another double blowie, and a short while later were again
making enough noise to wake the dead, but then again so was I.
We probably crashed out around three o’clock, with all of us completely and utterly spent but at the same time more content
than we’d ever thought possible, so it was little wonder we all fell asleep with aching limbs but with big smiles on our faces,
having no idea that tomorrow would be another very eventful day, but not in the way you might think.
I’m not sure who woke up first the next morning, all I do know is when I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was Kirsty next to
me bouncing up and down her Dad’s cock, who when she saw me, giggled good morning then reached down to play with my boobs,
while Mike passed me an ice cold bottle of water and a ciggie and asked if I was OK, to which I replied I was the happiest Woman in
the world, even if I was still feeling the effects of the previous night. And that was when I looked up and noticed Jodi and Rob lying
across the bottom of the bed still fast asleep, then just as I’m wondering where Paul was, now propped up on one elbow enjoying
my ciggie and sideways onto Mike and Kirsty, I felt a hand slide around mywaist and move up towards my boobs and a warm, hard
cock work its way between my equally warm arse cheeks, which is pretty horny at the best of times, but when it’s your Son doing it,
Jesus it was fucking sexy, especially as he was also kissing and licking across my upper back and shoulders, then slowly working his
way up to my neck before licking and gently biting my earlobe, while he’s teasingmy butt hole with his bell end, already nice and wet
from where he’s been rubbing it against my cunt lips, so knowing my arse will be loose enough to accommodate him thanks to all the
cocks I’ve had inside me in the previous few hours, I lift my leg up, wriggle and move my arse around a bit, with him still playing with
my fun bags and Mike now fucking Kirsty from behind, and when I feel the tip of his bell end at the entrance of my arse I slowly push
myself back so I can feel it going inside me inch by wonderful inch, until I’d taken the whole length and he’s whispering in my ear that
he loves me more than life itself.
How sweet! And by now, partly due to all the loud moaning and groaning, but mainly because while Mike’s been fucking Kirsty
she’s been licking her boobs, Jodi’s wide awake, and as soon as she sees what’s going on, while enjoying the essential water and
ciggie, she wastes no time in moving round and going down on a slowly stirring Rob, who when he wakes up bids us all a good
morning, grabs the water from Jodi and one of the Spliffs Mike had just fired up, then instructs Jodi to sit on his face, while
cheekily informing me he was really hungry and asking me what time I was making a start on breakfast.
Not quite yet as it turns out, because after another couple of hours of fantastic come down sex and me managing to get
everyone to take a shower without anymore fucking taking place, although to be honest with you I think we were all glad of the
rest, Mike and the Lads said they were still feeling tired and were gonna go back to bed, which gave the Girls and I the chance to
clean the House properly, naked of course, which was fun, and then pop into Town to stock up on food, booze and cigarettes,
making sure we had enough of everything to last us for the next couple of days, and as Mike had also sorted out the Class A’s
and Dope, that was another thing we didn’t have to worry about.
Then when we got home and found the Men still asleep, joking that they should have plenty of energy when we eventually
woke them up, we put the shopping away, grabbed a shower and decided as it was so warm we’d just do a light breakfast of
pancakes and fruit, so once we’d prepared it, and armed with a pot of coffee and a load of pre-rolled Spliffs, we head out to the
patio, and after checking our phones for texts or e-mails, but then getting distracted by all the dirty pics we’d taken, Kirsty says
she wants to call Jenny, (38), the MILF Mum of the Family Mike and I had already fucked, to tell her we were fucking and to
invite her and her Family over for the weekend, and although a lot of the conversation was similar to the one she’d had with
Emma and Lucy, it did get interesting once Jenny started telling Kirsty how she started fucking her Kids, which you might
remember actually began before she’d even met her Boyfriend, Dale, (40), who don’t forget was already fucking his Kids as well.
Just to fill you in before we start, although Dale’s at work, and the two youngest Daughters, Ellie, (15, Jenny’s), and Kelly, (17,
Dale’s), were away on a School trip until Thursday, Jenny’s still got plenty to keep her occupied, in the shape of her Son Todd,
(18), who couldn’t leave me alone when Mike and I fucked them, her other Daughter Roxy, (16), and Dale’s Son Mark, (19), who
like our Kids were home from Uni for the next week or so, and when Kirsty called they were all still in bed getting stoned and
taking a rest from all the fucking, although of course it wasn’t long before they started again, and by the time Jenny got round
to telling us how she started fucking her Kids, Kirsty, Jodi and I were rubbing our clits and quickly deciding we were gonna wake
up the Men and fuck them before breakfast. Well, lunch really considering it was fast approaching one o’clock.
JENNY – ‘So as I was saying earlier, even though I already had a very open relationship with my Daughters well before the Incest
started, and knew they loved cock as much as the rest of us and both had a very active sex life, it was only once the divorce
went through when things began getting sexual between us, not in any physical way as such, but more just the way we were
around each other, where as well as talking about sex whenever Todd wasn’t around, and because we were already
comfortable doing it anyway, we started going topless or even naked all the time, which I’ve got to say I really enjoyed, as did
the Girls of course. And not only that, whereas their Dad was quite strict and wouldn’t allow them to bring Lads home for the
night, especially with Ellie having only just turned fifteen and him still thinking she was a Virgin, as far as I was concerned they
could bring home as many Lads as they wanted to, as long as they were clean and they could trust them not to go shouting their
mouths off cos they were banging two of the dirtiest Sluts around, and let’s face it, why would they, then they could do pretty
much what they liked, within reason. Now because I wasn’t getting any cock at the time, when I started seeing all these hunky
Teenage Lads sitting at my breakfast table in just a pair of shorts or boxers, knowing they’d just spent the night fucking either
Roxy or Ellie, with me unable to stop myself from teasing the Girls about being Nymphs and flirting with their Lovers, I also
started thinking about maybe fucking one of them, with a Lad Roxy was fucking called Jack at the top of my list, all wavy blonde
hair and big, sexy blue eyes that just seemed to undress you every time he looked at you, and because I also knew he was well
hung and a great fuck, because Rox had taken great delight in telling me, already knowing I had the hots for him, I knew I just
had to fuck him if I got the chance. Then a couple of weekends later, when Todd was at Uni and Ellie was at a Friend’s House
fucking a couple of older Bi Lads, and I’d spent the Friday night getting fucked like I hadn’t done in years, having finally managed
to find myself some decent cock, I returned home on the Saturday afternoon to what I thought was an empty House, because
as I hadn’t spoken to Roxy since the previous day, and knew she was going to an all night Party, I had no idea where she was, so
when I went in the kitchen and smelt Dope, and saw two empty coffee cups on the worktop and a pile of clothes on the floor
but no sign of my Daughter or whoever she was fucking, I suddenly turned into some sort of Sexual Predator, because instead
of going up to my room and spending the rest of the day getting stoned and wanking, which was my original plan, and don’t ask
me what made me do it, I decided to go and see if I could find them, just as I heard a loud scream coming from downstairs,
which obviously told me she was fucking in the Pool and also getting a proper seeing to by the sound of things, and when I hear
her cum again I’m down the stairs in a flash, unzipping the front of my dress as I go, I wasn’t wearing any knickers, and already
desperate to give my clit some attention, and because they were so wrapped up in their fucking, and I could see everything in
the mirrored walls, they didn’t have a clue I was watching them, or so I thought, and when I saw it was Jack my Daughter was
fucking, or rather he was fucking her, from behind, I had my fingers up my pussy in no time, unable to take my eyes off Jack’s
big, glistening cock as it slid in and out of Roxy’s wet cunt, loving the fact their sexy, tanned bodies were covered in sweat, and
because I was so sexed anyway I managed to cum four times before Jack shot his load straight down Roxy’s throat, although as
soon as he had and I heard him tell Roxy he was really hungry, and she said she wasn’t surprised seeing as he’d already spaffed
twice in just over half an hour, I made a hasty retreat up to my room to grab a shower, and even though I tried to stop thinking
about it I just couldn’t get the thought of Jack’s cock out of my head, or how hot my Daughter looked getting boned, and
although the thought of fucking any of my Kids had never really entered my head before then, I guess because of the
circumstances, Ellie and Todd not being around, as well as Roxy knowing how much I wanted to fuck Jack and even hinting to me
she’d be cool with it, and knowing she was up for pretty much anything, I suddenly began imagining what it would be like to
fuck the two of them together, which had me rubbing my clit and fingering myself really hard, and included thinking about
fucking Todd and Ellie as well, and it ended with me having the best set of orgasms I’d had in ages, then telling myself that I was
a bad Woman and I should be locked up, but then quickly deciding, mainly because it felt so fucking good, I wasn’t really doing
anything wrong and if no one found out what did it matter? Now unbeknown to me, although I thought I was being careful
when I was spying on my Daughter getting fucked, what I didn’t take into account was because all the walls were mirrored she
could see me as clearly as I could her, so when Roxy saw me with my fingers up my pussy, with Jack having told her the first
time he’d seen me he’d love to fuck me, while he was fucking her of course, and going on to confess he’d love to fuck us
together, she waited until I’d vanished and then told Jack what had happened. Right, now although I’d love to tell you the next
part of the story, I need a piss, and seeing as my Son is telling me he’s good to go again I’m gonna let Roxy tell you how she
seduced and fucked me while he sticks his fantastic cock inside me, so fucking enjoy.’
ROXY – ‘Oh don’t worry, Mum, I’m sure they will, but not as much as you’re gonna enjoy Todd fucking you again, eh? Hi Again,
Guys! You OK?’
KIRSTY – ‘Hiya, Rox! Yea, we’re fine, thanks, but hurry up and finish the story please, cos your Mum’s not the only one who
needs cock, you know?’
ROXY – ‘Ha, Ha! I do. OK, now as well as seeing Mum, and Jack saying he wanted to fuck us together, which I really got off on,
what neither of them knew was that I’d already fooled around with Ellie a few times, which started off with us getting stoned
and tickling one off together whenever we had the House to ourselves, and soon led to some very kinky Sisterly love, where we
also talked about fucking our Mum and Brother, and both agreed we’d definitely do it if we could, so when I asked Jack if I could
trust him and if he was up for some decadent MILF/Daughter fun, and he said yes to both questions, I was plotting and planning
like anything, so when Mum joined us in the kitchen just as we’d finished eating a sandwich, and saw we were both naked, she
almost had a heart attack, especially as I was sitting on Jack’s lap and giggling what that big thing was sticking in my thigh and if
he had a fucking licence for it! So deciding to play things cool to begin with, as she’s making her way over to the worktop to pour
a coffee and trying not to look at us, I ask her if she’s OK, just as Jack starts playing with my boobs, and although she says she’s
fine she also makes out she’s surprised to see us and suggests we put some clothes on, but because I know she’s probably been
wanking seeing as she’d been in her room a good half an hour, and was clearly still horny judging by her demeanour, plus she
was only wearing a skimpy red robe, I decided it was time to liven things up a bit, asking why she wanted us to get dressed
when she’d already seen us naked when we were fucking in the Pool, and if she wanted to watch me getting fucked while she
tickled one off all she had to do was ask me and I’d give her a free show whenever she wanted one, all while I’m pushing Jack up
against the worktop facing her so she’s got a Bird’s eye view of his big boner, then looking straight at her with a really wicked
smile telling her to watch this, just as I squat down in front of him and swallow as much of his cock as I can, listening to Jack tell
her to chill out and relax and that this was only a bit of private fun between the three of us and she should just let herself go.
Then when I hear him say, Oh Fucking God and Wow about ten times, I look round to see Mum walking towards us playing with
her tits and telling Jack that her Daughter had a lot to answer for, with me saying so did she for wanking while watching her
Daughter having sex, but it was without doubt one of the horniest situations I’d ever been involved in. So by now, and while
I’m still blowing him, Jack’s pulled Mum into him and is busy playing tonsil tennis and grabbing a feel of her tits, and because
things were going so well, but more because my Mum’s dripping wet pussy was inches from my face, and she was instinctively
reaching down to play with Jack’s cock, I let it slide from my mouth and turned my attention to Mum’s upper thighs and lower
abdomen, kissing and licking up, down and across again and again, and when I felt no resistance, just soft moans, I started kissing
her pussy, just the outer lips at first, which was when she finally asked what I was doing, just as I’m using my tongue to open her
up properly, and Jack says why is she asking stupid questions when she knows what’s going on, telling her to stop talking and to
put her mouth to better use instead, which has her telling him he’s a cheeky cunt but his cock does look yummy, before
suggesting we go in the living room so we could fuck in comfort, although she did insist I make her cum first, and seeing as she
was on the brink anyway it took no time at all, and not for the first time it left me thinking, as you Guys have already
mentioned, Jesus, this is so fucking easy if everyone wants it. And as we were in no rush, and while we were enjoying a drink
and a Spliff and talking about what we were doing, and agreeing that if we kept it between ourselves we should have as much
fun as we could, I also told Mum about me fucking Ellie and her wanting to fuck Mum and Todd, which led to her sending Ellie a
text telling her to get her pussy home ASAP, and resulted in a night of total sexual carnage, because after we’d drained Jack dry
and he was begging to go home to get some rest, Mum ordered what she called some takeaway cock, in other words three very
well hung, very hot, twenty something, Bisexual Fuck Studs, who were sworn to secrecy and worth every penny, and even said
they should be paying us, because although they’d had some great nights and fucked lots of fit Men and Women over the years,
usually more than one at a time on account of them being hired for those exclusive Sex Parties, they’d never fucked a MILF
Mum and her Teen Daughters before and it was without doubt the best night they’d ever had, and it was also something they’d
be telling their Grandchildren about! Jesus, they absolutely destroyed us, for hours and hours, so that by the time they left we
were sleeping like babies, although naturally we were at it again as soon as we woke up, which was when we really understood
how Incest turned you into a complete Sex Maniac, as you lot know only too well. So after that it was just a case of seducing and
fucking Todd, which to be honest took no time at all, especially when he got home from Uni and found Mum in the kitchen
cooking dinner wearing nothing but a dirty smile and a tiny black g-string, and when he saw Ellie and I in the garden sunbathing
naked he asked Mum what was going on and if we’d lost our bikinis, all while he’s just staring at Mum’s bangers and licking his lips.
So to save any confusion she quickly filled him in, explaining it was something we’d being doing for a while, walking around with
no clothes on, and really liked it, and as long as Todd was cool with it we were gonna carry on doing it, so of course he says it’s fine
and he didn’t have a problem with it, and when they join us in the garden, after he’s smoked a Spliff and is drinking Beer, we were
already on our third bottle of Wine, and after I asked him if he was enjoying the view, with Mum now in the Pool splashing water
over her boobs and telling Todd to join her, I suddenly spot the bulge in his jeans, and as we’d kind of already decided we were
going to fuck him as soon as we could, with Ellie now kneeling up on the Lounger we were on and rubbing sun cream into her boobs,
which Todd can’t take his eyes off of, I tell him he’s far too overdressed and should take advantage of the sun, before saying it looked
like his cock could do with some air as well, which has Ellie giggling away and saying it looks fucking huge, to which I replied it was
hard to tell and we’d only really know if Todd stripped off so we could see it properly. And by now he’s in a right state, muttering we
were unbelievable and that this was like a fucking dream, but still unable to take his eyes off of Ellie, when he wasn’t looking at Mum’s
tits, then when he looked back at Ellie again he almost blew a gasket, because she’d moved behind me and was now massaging my
boobs with the sun cream, then before Todd could react and knowing it was now or never, I quickly told him what had been happening
and how much we wanted him to join in the Family Fuck Games, leading to lots of, Oh Wows and, Jesus Fucking Christ’s by him, and
while he’s still taking in what he’s just found out, a dripping wet Mum joins us, standing behind Todd, putting her hands on his shoulders
and telling him to just trust us, and as she’s also pulling his polo shirt over his head and Ellie’s on her hands and knees in front of him
unbuckling his belt and almost ripping off his jeans, and I’m lying back on the Lounger sliding two fingers in and out of my cunt, he doesn’t
have any choice but to give in, looking down at Ellie almost in wonderment as she just started gorging on his cock as soon as she’d pulled
his boxers down, and with Mum kneeling beside him rubbing her wet tits in his face and then French kissing the fuck out of him, and me
telling him how I was aching to have his big cock inside me and that I was going to fuck him every day until he went back to Uni, he soon
gave in completely, saying this was fucking unreal and he still couldn’t believe it was happening but was delighted it was. And even though
fucking my Mum and Ellie was out of this world, fucking Todd, actually having sexual intercourse with your Brother, was like a whole new
experience, as I’m sure you Bitches know only too well?’
KIRSTY – ‘Well seeing as I haven’t got a Sister, and I’m not fucking my Mum, no, I don’t. I know what you mean though, Rox,
because there really is nothing like having a big, hard cock pounding away inside your cunt or arse, and I really need one, or
more, inside me now.’
ROXY – ‘Ha, Ha, you greedy Cow. Well go on then, what the fuck are you waiting for? I mean I was gonna tell you how Dale
started fucking his Kids, but I’ll let them tell you while you’re fucking them. Oh yea, and my Mum says to tell your Mum she’ll
text her on Friday to let her know what time we’re gonna get to yours.’
KIRSTY – ‘OK, cool! Mind you, given that we haven’t even been fucking twenty four hours yet, and we’re not back at Uni until
the week after next, we might well all be asleep when you get here. Bye, Everyone!’
Right, enough storytelling, let’s move on and tell you what happened once we woke the Men up, where after another hour or
so of more fantastic sex, and just after we’d finished eating, which was about two hours after the phone call with Jenny and
Roxy, Mike, Rob, Kirsty and I are now sitting round the dining table up on the patio drinking coffee and smoking Spliffs, Paul’s on
one of the Loungers working on his already perfect tan and listening to music, and Jodi’s swimming lengths in the Pool, and if it
wasn’t for the fact we were all naked and had just spent the last few hours having copious amounts of Incestuous Sex with each
other you could say it was just like a normal Family get together, when nothing could be further from the truth, especially as we
all knew it wouldn’t be long before the fucking started again.
Certainly not once Kirsty got a dirty text from two older Bi Lads she fucked now and again, wanting to know if she was up to
anything and if she fancied spending the rest of afternoon fucking them at their place, complete with a couple of pics of their
very impressive cocks, and although they were a pair of Hunks, and Kirsty was busy telling us what great fucks they were, and
then asked Mike if she could invite them over, while playing with his cock under the table, I piped up and said I thought it was a
bit too risky and we didn’t know if we could trust them, but when Kirsty said they were cool and wouldn’t say a word, and Mike,
while goosing me up, said it would be fun to fuck some of our Kid’s Friends, especially ones as fit and sexy as Carl, (22), and
Steve, (24), I knew they were right and gave in, so with Rob now working on my boobs and the sexual tension rising yet again,
Mike tells Kirsty to text them back saying we were having a little get together at ours and they were welcome to come and join
us, and to also drop one or two hints about what was really going on, just to entice them in as he put it.
Then just as I’m watching Jodi join Paul on the Lounger and start rubbing her wet body up and down against his, and Kirsty, after
passing Mike the Spliff she’s been smoking get on her hands and knees in front of him and open her mouth, Rob asks if it’s OK if
he invites a couple of Sluts over, who live nearby, just to even things up, telling us they’re a pair of Nymphs who are into all sorts
and very discreet, while he’s showing us pics of him and another Bi Lad fucking them, including loads of messy Piss Sex and God
knows what else. So what can we do but say yes, especially as he was standing up in front of me waving his cock about? And just
like he had with Kirsty Mike told Rob to make sure he let them know what sort of Family we were without giving the game away,
and as like all the other Kids they were off at the moment, and Lexi, (18), and Gemma, (19), had moved away from home because
of Uni and also had their own place, they were doing what every horny Teenager with any sense should be doing, getting stoned,
listening to quality music, watching hardcore, HD Porn, and having lots and lots of dirty sex.
Now that is what you call enticement, and with me now blowing the fuck out of Rob’s cock and flicking my clit, Kirsty doing the
same to Mike’s Monster, and Jodi and Paul in a very slippery sixty nine, it just added to the total and utter decadence of what
we were doing, the completely open, sexually driven lifestyle we were starting to lead, where as far as we could see, as long as
everyone wanted it, nothing was off limits.
As for Gemma’s response, it was pretty much what we expected –
Don’t you just love the fact she wasn’t the least bit concerned about all that open fucking going on and seemed more worried
about us getting some rest? As if finding out one of your Fuck Buddies was fucking his Dad’s MILF Girlfriend and her Kids,
as was his Sister, and vice versa, was something everyone was doing.
Now at this point we could have just lied and let them find out the truth once they got here, but as Mike said, while he was
taking turns fucking Kirsty up the cunt and arse until he made her squirt, what was the point in lying when Gemma had more
or less worked things out anyway, and was obviously well into it?
OK! So obviously the biggest bombshell to come out of that was Jodi, Kirsty and I having Kids, and when the Girls first started talking
about it, them having babies with their Brothers, Mike having them with his Daughter and Jodi, and me having them with my Son, and
with Mike and I having already talked about it when we’d fucked Jenny and her Family, who were obviously into it as well, it was like
the Kids were doing our work for us again, so as soon as they brought it up we told them we wanted it as much as they did and we
didn’t care how fucked up it was, with Mike telling both Kirsty and Jodi he’d love to make them pregnant, before I told Paul I couldn’t
wait to have his baby growing inside me and that we should start planning it as soon as possible, which had him saying making me
pregnant would make him the happiest Son, or Dad, in the world, all while he was flooding me with a Lorry load of cum and cheekily
telling me he was getting some practice in.
Right, back in the garden, so after the Men had all cum and we’d got cleaned up in the Pool, again, and managed to get some
more food inside us, all we had to do was make sure the fridge was stocked with booze, there was enough Dope and Class A’s to
go around, all the dildos had fresh batteries and we had plenty of lube to last us through the night. And although we knew we’d
be naked sooner rather than later, I still made the Lads and Mike put shorts on, white, low cut, thin cottoned and almost see
through, while Kirsty and Jodi opted for micro slingshots, Kirsty’s red, Jodi’s black, and I decided on a strappy black Aisha thong
and nothing else, and I’ve got to say we all looked fucking fantastic. And now we knew there was little point wasting time with
formalities, with Carl and Steve knowing almost as much as Gemma from their earlier text exchange with Kirsty, and us lot all
loaded on Ecstasy and Vodka by the time our guests turned up, it was Orgy City as soon as the front door was closed, and even
though it wasn’t a boiling hot day it was still warm enough to fuck outside until it got dark, which if I had my way I’d do all the
time, especially as there was less cleaning up to do after the inevitable Piss Sex.
The Lads were the first arrive, and because they kind of knew what to expect and probably wouldn’t have their clothes on for
long, all they were wearing were jogging shorts and white, short sleeved cotton shirts, which they’d left open, and of course
they were both tanned and hairless, and to fucking die for, and as soon as they saw Mike and I, where the first thing we did was
give them a cold Beer and an Ecstasy tablet and tell them to relax and just enjoy themselves, they said it was totally cool and all
they were interested in was having some no strings fun, and they couldn’t wait to fuck us. Oh I do like a Man, or Men in this
case, who knows what he wants, so while I’m telling them we can’t wait to fuck them either and they’re both fucking divine,
I’m pulling Carl into me and shoving my boobs in his chest and sliding my tongue down his throat, and Mike’s doing the same to
Steve, the only difference being they were sliding their hands down each other’s shorts, but before we can get too carried
away, and after I’d helped myself to a feel of Carl’s cock and realised he was almost as big as Mike, we head out to the garden,
where we find Kirsty and Jodi in the Pool floating on big rubber Loungers and sipping Vodka Cocktails, telling the new arrivals
to hurry up and come and join them, with Paul and Rob on the patio offering the Lads more Beer and a line of Coke, the four of
them blatantly eyeing each other up as we do the introductions, with Rob telling them the same as we had about them being
hot, then going on to tell them we were a totally open Family and there were no Taboos here, just as Paul’s giving me a glass
of Wine and standing behind me so he can play with my bangers, which has Mike pulling Carl into him and saying he hadn’t said
Hello properly in the hall, before kissing him long and hard, while Rob wasted no time doing the same to Steve, before Paul
followed suit, which had me briefly thinking, God I could easily take on all five of them right fucking now the way I’m feeling,
until I heard Kirsty shouting to Carl to leave her Dad alone and to come and fuck her instead, and for Steve to do the same to
‘Ha, Ha! Jesus, she’s impatient. And although I’d love to stay here and have some fun with you Guys, I guess Steve and I better
go and give them what they want, eh?’ said Carl while he was watching Paul and I playing tonsil tennis with Mike and Rob doing
the same. ‘Fucking Hell, Guys, you really are into fucking each other, aren’t you? Wow! And thanks again for inviting us into your
world, Mike, you and Rachel are definitely the kinkiest, coolest couple I’ve ever fucked.’
Well he wasn’t wrong, was he, and it already had me thinking I wanted to do more of this, fuck our Children’s Friends and
Lovers, which I made a mental note to talk to Jodi and Kirsty about at a later date, and as it was Jodi’s Birthday at the end of the
month and she’d already said she wanted a Party, and a few of her Friends, and one or two of their divorced MILF Mums, loved
sex and cock as much as us, I already knew I’d be giving her the best present she’d ever had.
In the meantime, about ten minutes after the Lads turned up Gemma, Lexi and Adam arrived, and this time things are even
livelier when we go to greet our kinky guests, especially as Mike’s now sporting a full boner which is sticking out of his shorts,
and I’m nice and wet thanks to all the Lads goosing me up while we were French kissing, because with them already knowing
we were fucking our Kids, plus they were shit-faced on Pills, the Girls were taking off their sexy, wrap around dresses as soon as
we let them in, to reveal slingshots every bit as skimpy as Kirsty’s and Jodi’s, and as I’m telling them they look totally and utterly
fuckable and Adam can’t stop looking at my tits, I’m also sliding up to him and reaching out to squeeze his cock, before pulling off
his vest top and leaving him in just his shorts, then tongue fucking the life out of him and whispering that I can’t wait to fuck him,
by which time Gemma and Lexi, who were all over Mike like a rash, with lots of three way, saliva swapping, have also got his
fucking cock out, which even briefly grabs Adam’s attention as well, until I get his out that is, a good eight inches worth, and just
like all the other Men, without a pubic hair in sight.
So with Gemma asking me if it was OK to taste Mike’s cock, while I’m watching him slobbering over her tits and finger fucking
her shaven pussy, before turning his attention to Lexi, asking both of them where the fuck Rob had been hiding them, I say of
course it is, because I was going to taste Adam’s, just as I’m whipping off my wet thong and squatting down in front of him,
meaning for the next few minutes the three of us did what we did best, almost trying to outdo each other as we showed off
our many cock sucking skills, and a bit more besides, because while Gemma was on all fours in front of Mike sucking, licking,
dribbling, spitting and gagging on his Monster, Lexi was in the same position as her Friend behind him, and from what I could
make out tongue fucking his arse and then repeatedly licking up and down his bum crack so her saliva dribbled onto his balls,
which Gemma was quick to lick up and spit back over Mike’s cock, who’d just had him fucking her in the mouth until he’d made
her gag, after she told him she really liked rough sex, meaning once he did it again, while telling Lexi to finger fuck his arse, she
had loads of her own saliva dribbling down her chin and onto the marble floor, which Mike told her to, fucking lick up, you nasty
fucking Slut, while he was leaning over her and spanking her tight arse cheeks really hard again and again, and asking me for a
taste of Adam’s cock, then grabbing me by my hair and shoving my face into Gemma’s cunt and arse while he blew Adam, as
well as fucking Gemma in the mouth again, and only stopping when he knew she couldn’t take anymore.
But then as soon as he had, with her eyes watering and her saliva stuck to his bell end and her wet lips, which Lexi was busy
scooping up with her fingers and rubbing all over Gemma’s face, calling her a filthy fucking Tramp while gently slapping her
cheeks, Mike goes into overdrive, because after shoving his cock down Lexi’s throat and reminding her not to forget to finger his
arse, while slapping her face, he lifts Gemma up by her long auburn hair, slaps her face a few times, much harder than he had
Lexi, then spits in her open mouth a couple of times before she does the same to him, as he’s slapping her face again, really
hard, and when she begs him to, do it fucking harder, he does, but not before there’s loads more spitting in mouths and rubbing
saliva over each other’s faces and he’s ripped off her slingshot and is repeatedly slapping her tits and pussy, now shouting that
she’s a nasty fucking Slut and she was gonna get what she fucking deserved.
‘Well fucking give it to me then, cunt! Come on, fucking rape me! But fucking slap me again and spit in my fucking mouth, cunt.
Fucking do it, cunt!’ SLAP! ‘Fucking harder!’ SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Then her clit and tits got the same treatment. ‘Oh Fucking Yea,
spank that fucking clit, Mike. And do my fucking face again!’ SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! ‘FUCKING HARDER!’ SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!
Jesus! I mean I liked a bit of mild slapping and clit spanking as well, but not like that. Not yet, that is. As for what I was doing
with Adam, well, fucking him, because having long since realised this was gonna go a lot further than how we’d greeted Carl and
Steve, who were probably fucking our Kids anyway, I sent Jodi a text telling her what was happening just in case they wondered
where we were, who responded saying take as long as we liked because they were indeed having loads of naughty fun with
Steve and Carl, and then I led Adam over to the small leather sofa against the wall, pushed him down, leant down to give him a
kiss and ask him if he was ready to show me what he could do, he was, then I straddled his waist so I was facing away from him
and slid all the way down on his slippery cock until I had the whole length inside me, meaning I could also watch Mike in action
while I fucked a Guy I’d known all of fifteen minutes, which might well be a record, but did I give fuck? No, of course I didn’t, I
fucking loved it, just like we all loved it, and as soon as I started cumming, with Adam reaching round to play with my tits and
slipping his finger up my arse, leaving me thinking, Jesus, these Guys really know what they’re doing, I again realised, what with
the other Families coming to fuck us later in the week, that this really was our life now, meeting and fucking other people who
were as sexually broadminded as we were, and I already knew I wanted more of it, lots more. I wanted us to be known as the
most open Family around, where night after night we’d have people over to fuck us, be it other Families or just Friends, or
both, and I wanted us to host weekend long, Open House Wild Orgies, where people could just come and go as they pleased,
and they’d become so popular we’d be the talk of the Town.
Back in the present, and while I was fucking my new Lover I was now watching Mike behaving like some sort of Sex God, with
Gemma and Lexi matching him every step of the way, because after face fucking Lexi until she choked he now had her licking
and sucking up her saliva off the floor while he spanked her arse and told Gemma to ram her fingers up her cunt and to not stop
until she’d made her cum, and when she had, after about two minutes, he laid them both down on the floor, with more face
slapping and tit spanking, and really hard nipple pinching, then he finger fucked both of them as hard as he could, in between
spanking their clits even harder, until they were squealing and screaming, and fucking squirting, all while he’s telling them that
they’re nasty, filthy fucking Whores, again and again, and they’re shouting he’s a dirty fucking cunt, and while he’s telling them
he knows he fucking is, he’s back fucking them in the mouth again and slapping their faces, with them begging him to do it
harder each time.
‘Fucking Hell, Man, I’ve never seen anything like it,’ said Adam in between breaths, who again was proving what an expert he
was by slipping his cock up my arse while I was still cumming, ‘I mean they get pretty wild when I’m fucking them, but not like
this, it’s fucking crazy. Oh Wow! And now he’s just whacked his cock straight up Gemma’s arse. Fuck!’
Fuck indeed, because not only was he smashing the absolute fuck out of her from behind, sideways on to us so we could see
everything, he was also pulling her up by her hair, slapping and spitting in her face, then working on her red raw arse cheeks,
before turning his attention to Lexi, who for the last few minutes had been underneath Gemma licking her clit and finger
fucking Mike’s arse, and sucking his balls right into her mouth, before he pulled her up by her hair, slapped her face a couple of
times, with more tongue fucking, saliva swapping and spitting, then he shoved her face down so it was resting on Gemma’s bum
cheeks just as he was making her cum again, and then fucked Lexi in the mouth as hard as he had her Friend’s arse, and after
he’d rammed his cock back up Gemma’s arse for a couple of minutes he told Lex she looked like she needed a drink, as he’s
already pissing into her open mouth and instructing her to go and spit it in Gemma’s mouth, all while he’s sliding his cock back
up Gemma’s arse while he’s still fucking pissing. And by now he’s fucking her so hard she was actually sliding across the wet
floor, with her head pulled right back so her face was level with his, meaning he could slap her while he fucked her, and with
Lexi spread legged in front of her pissing everywhere while spanking the fuck out of her clit, Adam was once more saying how
blown away he was by what he was seeing, so not to be outdone, and by now gagging for a pee myself, I told him he hadn’t
seen anything yet, just as I’m lifting myself up and spraying my piss all over his cock and lower stomach and telling him he can
piss inside my cunt or arse if he wants. Or both, I really didn’t mind! But before he could I was on my hands and knees sucking
his piss soaked cock clean, really fucking hard, which soon had him apologising and moaning he couldn’t hold back any longer,
before his cock started twitching in my mouth and then just exploded, but with me half expecting it anyway I quickly swallow as
much of his cum as I can before releasing his cock so the rest splashes all over my face, closely followed by the first jets of his
piss, and the second and third, with him begging me to aim his cock at my boobs and to let him suck them clean afterwards.
All I was really thinking about though, which of course I didn’t tell Adam, was what Mike had done and was doing to the Girls,
having already decided I wanted to be treated like that next time he fucked me. And the time after that and time after that.
There wasn’t any danger of it happening anytime soon though, because while he was giving them a massive Spunk and Piss
shower, and they were inevitably pissing over each other and rolling around in it, Mike had Lexi telling him she wanted to get
fucked like that, while Gemma’s insisting that they fuck Mike and Rob together next, something they’d wanted to do ever since
they first found out what we really got up to.
‘And I’ve got to say, Rach, you’ve definitely struck fucking gold with Mike,’ said Gemma once the fucking had stopped, we’d all
got our breath back and tried to get ourselves together, what was happening in the garden almost completely forgotten.
‘Because most Guys can’t handle what we just did, the pissing, face slapping and spitting, and even though we normally get
pretty rough it’s never usually like that. That was off the fucking page. And now you’re all having Kids together I reckon you
should marry him ASAP, cos he’s definitely a fucking keeper!’
‘Ha, Ha, Ha! Oh don’t worry, Gem, don’t think it isn’t something we’ve already talked about, just like we’ve talked about Paul
marrying Kirsty and Rob marrying Jodi, and maybe even having a triple Wedding. Anyway, I think it’s about time we went to see
what they’re doing with Steve and Carl, like we don’t know. So have you and Lexi always been into rough sex and getting
dominated like that? Only I can’t wait to get treated like that myself,’ I smiled, looking at Mike and gently slapping his arse a few
times as we finally made our way outside, with him telling me that although he was a bit taken aback by what was going on at
first he soon got into it, and clearly enjoyed it.
‘Of course you did, Mike,’ said Gemma while we were walking through the kitchen towards the garden, ‘because it was all
consenting, which is the key when it comes to any sex that’s seen as a bit out of the ordinary and most people aren’t even
willing to try, the fucking fools. It’s the same with Watersports and even Incest; as long as everyone trusts each other you can
take things as far as you want to. And no, Rach, we haven’t always been into being dominated and really rough sex, it was only
after we started fucking that Guy John I mentioned before, he was the one who first got us into it, and obviously we loved it
and have been into it ever since. I would have invited him over if he was here, but he’s at a Villa in southern Italy for the next
couple of weeks with about twenty or thirty other Bi Guys and Girls, although I’m sure he’d love to fuck you Guys once I tell him
you fuck your Kids.’ It was just then when we entered the garden, where on the Loungers it was now Fuck City. ‘Oh Wow! Fuck!
What a fantastic sight, although it looks like we missed the start of the Party. Hello, Everyone! Nice to meet you all. Hiya, Rob!
As you can see we’ve already met your Mum and Dad, and we kind of fucked them.’
While she was talking, and Rob was quickly doing the introductions, in between sucking Carl’s cock, we were all getting in the
Pool to clean up and trying to work out what else was going on, where there seemed to be a mass of naked bodies pleasuring
each other in every way they could think of. So apart from blowing Carl I could see that Rob was fucking Jodi from behind, who
had Kirsty in front of her bouncing up and down on Steve’s cock, both nine inches plus and thick, while he had Paul to the side of
him fucking him in the mouth, before asking him to fuck him up the arse while he did the same to Kirsty, which meant a quick
breather and a change of positions, and it also gave Kirsty the chance to say Hello to Gemma and Lexi properly, asking if they’d
enjoyed fucking her Dad and if he’d satisfied them enough, with Lexi only too keen to tell her new Friend what she already
‘Fucking did he, Kirst, he’s without doubt one of the best fucks I’ve ever had. I mean as we were telling Rachel, and as Rob has
probably told you, we’ve done some pretty wild stuff in the past, and even though we’d only just met him, what we’ve just
done was as wild as you can fucking get. We like being dominated you see, Kirst, and let me tell you your dirty Daddy is into it
big time.’
‘HEE, HEE! Is he? And why are you surprised? I mean he’s fucking his fucking Kids, Lex, so what did you expect?’
‘Yea, fair fucking point! I mean why am I even telling you? And if it’s OK with you, Kirst, Gem, and I really want to fuck your Dad
and Brother together next.’
‘Of course it is, Lex, because as I told Carl and Steve, you’re free to do whatever you want, no restrictions. So fucking go for it,
I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied at the minute.’
She certainly had, because as promised Steve was now fucking her hard up the arse from behind with Paul doing the same to
him, while Jodi was now getting a double barrel of cock as she called it, with Rob underneath her holding her up by her thighs
and slamming his cock up her arse, and Carl in front of her doing the same to her pussy, when her wasn’t sucking Rob’s cock out
of Jodi’s arse, especially once they’d started making her piss and squirt. So deciding against joining in and just drying off, Mike,
Lexi, Gemma, Adam and I made our way back up to the patio to refuel, which meant Wine, Beer and Vodka chasers all round,
and enough Pills and Coke to keep us going for the next couple of hours, already knowing that once the other Lads had shot
their loads and we’d joined the carnage things were liable to get so out of hand they’d make what happened in the hall seem
tame, what with both Kirsty and Lexi getting the Lads to spank their arses while they were fucking them, which with words of
encouragement being shouted by Gemma and Lexi soon led to a bit of face slapping and spitting, while I gave Mike and Adam a
cheeky little blowie so they were fully recharged and good to go.
Then about ten minutes later, with Gemma having taking over blowing Mike so I could concentrate on Adam, who was asking
me if he could stay all summer, and while Lexi was fixing fresh drinks, she gave me a couple of ice cubes and with a dirty smile
told me to slip them up my cunt, which I’d never done before but when I did felt fucking great, especially when Adam sucked
them out then forced them back inside me with his tongue. And although Gem was asking Mike to do the same to her he told
Lexi to do it instead before running back into the House and getting Adam to go with him, then returning a few minutes later
armed with another big bowl of ice cubes and two iceboxes loaded with Beer and Champagne, which we were saving for the
weekend, but as Mike said, this was a special occasion and should be celebrated properly.
So with Paul, Rob, Carl and Steve having since shot their loads over Jodi and Kirsty, with lots of pissing going on, once they’d
cleaned up in the Pool and Mike and Adam had put a load of mattresses on the grass, it was time to get the Orgy started, and
with a dripping wet and hard again Steve and Carl making a beeline for me as soon as they stepped out of the Pool, I asked
everyone if I could do something I’d thought of as soon as Gemma and Lexi said they wanted to fuck Mike and Rob together,
which was if Jodi and I could fuck Steve and Carl, which she thought was a great idea, as did the others, because with plenty of
cock to go around, and knowing we’d be fucking for most of the night, it wasn’t like they were missing out, was it?
The first thing we did was put more ice cubes up our pussies, with Jodi giggling that it felt like she was pissing herself once they
started melting, and Kirsty saying she loved it and wished she’d tried it before, just as she’s shoving one up her fucking arse!
Then once we’d done more Class A’s and made ourselves comfortable on the mattress things suddenly got serious, with Jodi
and I on all fours next to each other taking turns to blow the fuck out of Carl and Steve, with me trying to make things as sloppy
as possible by spitting all over their cocks and dribbling my saliva over their shafts and getting Jodi to follow suit, and even
spitting it back in each other’s mouths at one point, while next to us Kirsty was trying her best to do the same to Adam, who
was forcing his cock right down her throat until she made that dirty gurgling sound, so that when he released it her saliva was
stuck to her lips and his bell end, which I licked up and spat back in her face, and even slapped her once or twice as well, which
felt really good. And on top of that she had Paul behind her licking, sucking and finger fucking her cunt and arse, and with
Gemma and Lexi telling him what to do he was also spanking Kirsty’s arse cheeks and reaching underneath so he could spank her
clit, and because mine and Jodi’s raised arses were within easy reach as well, and probably because of the way Carl was fucking
me really hard in the mouth until I choked, and then I told him to slap me, really fucking hard, with Jodi getting into it as well,
Paul was soon spanking our butt cheeks as much as he was Kirsty’s, although having demanded Adam fuck her brains out, she
had more than enough to keep her going for now.
Of course the reason they were into it so much and weren’t at all fazed or worried by what they were doing, and why would
they be when they’d spent most of this morning and last night fucking their Families, was because of what Rob, and more to the
point, Mike, were doing to Gemma and Lexi, which again was like something you’d only see in the very best Porn films.
But whereas as Jodi, Kirsty and I had been showing how much we liked getting fucked in the mouth, Dad and Son were taking
Gem and Lex to places they’d never been before, because having got them to lay down side by side with their legs pulled right
back and criss crossed, they were eating, licking, sucking, slurping, and finger fucking their cunts and arseholes in every way they
could, when they weren’t they were French kissing and sucking each other’s cocks, before swapping places and spanking their
clits, pinching their nipples really hard and finger banging the hell out of them until they squirted, then they’d go back to working
on their genitals with their mouths again, with Mike telling them they could piss over him and Rob whenever they were ready.
Were they ever, their bladders giving way in about two seconds flat, thanks to the three big glasses of Wine they’d had since
they arrived, and the five shots of Vodka. And once they’d finished and Mike and Rob had drank as much as they could, and then
spat the rest into each other’s mouths, Mike grabbed three bottles of Champagne and six bottles of Beer out of the ice box,
told the Girls to get on all fours in the middle of the mattress so we formed a circle, with lots of giggling and laughing as we
quickly worked out what they were up to, then he gave one of the bottles of Bubbly to Paul, another one to Carl, kept the third
himself, and a bottle of Beer, and gave the rest of the Beers to Rob, Steve and Adam, then had them shake the bottles up until
the drink was spraying out and told them to follow his lead, so while he was shoving the Champers up Gemma’s arse and the
Beer bottle up her pussy, Rob was shoving his Beer bottle up Lexi’s cunt, with Carl shoving his bottle of Bubbly up my arse and
Paul doing the same to Kirsty, while Steve, who had two bottles of Beer, inserted one up Jodi’s arse and the other up her pussy,
and didn’t take them out until they were empty.
Jesus, it was so fucking wild, feeling my arse being filled up with the ice cold liquid then spraying it back out into Carl’s open
mouth, especially as by now all the other Girls were doing the same, and giggling it was like one of those big Fountains you saw
over the Park, with my attention drawn to Lexi, who’d just had Mike empty the Champagne he hadn’t used on Gemma straight
up her arse, but instead of letting her spray it out, as soon as he’d removed the bottle he replaced it with his cock and just
started fucking her really hard, where after a couple of minutes, and all while he’s now shoving another full bottle of Beer up
her pussy, Lexi informs us, in between the screaming, Mike was also, pissing up my fucking arse, the filthy, degenerate cunt,
leading to lots of hard face slapping, spitting and hair pulling by Mike, while it also inspired Carl, who’d gone balls deep up my
pussy about five minutes previously, to empty some of his bladder inside me and then just carry on fucking me until he started
filling up my cunt with his warm piss again, which this time set me off, and when it did Carl immediately grabbed Jodi by her hair
and forced her face between my legs just as I started squirting out Carl’s piss as well as the rest of my own urine, leaving him
totally gobsmacked and left me thinking, I can still show these youngsters a thing or two.
And that was when the really hard fucking started in earnest, because after a quick refuel for drinks we all paired off, with Kirsty
on all fours on one of the Loungers already getting spit-roasted by Paul and Adam, while Jodi and I were in the middle of the
mattress in a sixty nine, me on top and slowly getting fucked senseless by Steve, and Carl in front of me giving Jodi the same
treatment, with Gem and Lexi next to us in the same position, but whereas before there’d be some cock sucking and a bit of clit
rubbing in between all the fucking, now we were spanking and slapping each other’s clits and pinching each other’s nipples
almost continuously, while Carl was pulling me up by my hair, slapping my face again and again, spitting in my mouth and getting
me to do the same to him, and once he’d made Jodi squirt he was fucking me in the mouth and slapping his cock over my face,
then asking Jodi if she minded if him and Steve double fucked me up the arse while she pissed all over me!
‘Of course I don’t mind, you filthy pair of cunts, but only if you do the same to me afterwards. And just to let you know, Kirsty
and I have already decided we want to take on all the Men at once before the night’s out, so I’d suggest you all take some
Viagra in the not too distant future. Right, let’s get fucking nasty.’
‘What, like we’re not already, Jo?’ said Lexi. ‘Can’t you see the way Mike’s fucking me? Didn’t you just see him shoving that
bottle of Beer up my pussy while he was fucking me up the arse, and sucking Rob’s fucking cock. And look at the way Rob’s
fucking Gem and pissing all over her. Ha, Ha! And now he’s pissing in a glass and asking if she’s thirsty.’
Which led to all of us getting in on the act, where we were all pissing in the glasses and passing them around, leading to lots
getting thrown over our tits and Gemma and Lexi pouring some in their hair, while Mike and Rob were pissing over their
faces. And then it was back to fucking, and me getting absolutely ruined by Carl and Steve, who seemed to really know what
they were doing, where one would slide his cock up my arse, then as he was easing it out the other one would slide his cock up
there, and after about five minutes I’d have both their cocks buried up my arse and would just rotate my hips, while one of
them was spanking the fuck out of my clit, until I came, and as this is going on I’ve also got Jodi pissing all over me. Then they
just went hell for leather, where for a few minutes they were double fucking my cunt then they’d go back to concentrating on
my arse, and they’d also started pissing as well, by which time I was literally fucking delirious, especially as Mike, who was now
arse raping Gemma, was pulling me back by my hair, repeatedly slapping my face really hard, tongue fucking me and even biting
my inner lip until he drew blood, which he licked up and spat into my mouth, which was also filling up with blood, which I then
dribbled over my tits so Mike could lick it up and spit it back in my mouth, before I turned the tables by digging my nails into his
back until I felt his blood, then smeared it all over my fingers and licked them clean, with Mike helping me while he was slapping
my face again, surprising even myself with what I’d just done, but also knowing I wanted to do it again.
So I did, with blood still dripping down my chin onto my tits, which Mike licked up, before slapping me so he caught my lip and
drew more blood, while I was digging my nails into his back so much I was worried I might leave a scar, but because he was
clearly loving it as much as me, as was Steve seeing as he’d just cum up my arse, I knew I had no need to be concerned with
what I was doing, so instead I wiped my blood soaked fingers over my boobs and shoved them in Mike’s face, while I could also
see Lexi, who’d gone behind Mike while Rob was still fucking her, licking up the blood that was running down his back onto his
arse cheeks, all while he’s doing the same to my tits and getting me to suck some of the blood off his tongue. And because
everyone could see what we were doing, and with rest of the Men now close to cumming as well, it wasn’t long before they
were doing just that, with me getting another load up my arse from Carl, closely followed by another load of piss, and him
begging me to sit on his face and empty it all over him. And it was the same everywhere you looked, with Kirsty, Jodi, Gemma
and Lexi once more inspiring each other to new levels of filth and decadence, one of the highlights being Lexi shoving an empty
Wine bottle up her pussy and filling it with piss, which she then shared with Gemma before pouring the rest all over her hair,
and if you’d asked me before this started if we’d have taken things as far as we had I’d have said no, even though we were
already into Watersports and hard sex, but as Gem had said when we’d first talked about it, it was all about trust, and as I
trusted Mike and his Kids implicitly and knew he’d never physically harm any of us, to me, and the others, we were just trying
things out and seeing if we liked them, just like we’d been doing ever since we started fucking our Kids really.
I’ve no idea how long things carried on for after that, because once we’d got yet more booze and Class A’s inside us things got
even more outrageous and nasty and everything became a bit of a blur, and although I could probably tell you some of what
happened over the next few hours by looking at some of the many pictures we took throughout the course of the afternoon
and evening, I’m sure you can work most of it out yourself, and besides, I want to move on and tell you what we got up to a
couple of days later, because I just know you’re gonna love hearing about it.
By the time we woke up the following day, our bodies aching, battered and bruised, and with none of us really in the mood to
fuck, and with our new Friends having already left, leaving a note telling us they’d had a fantastic night and would see us at the
weekend for more of the same, we took turns having long soaks in the baths, put on our robes and wearily made our way
downstairs to get some food inside us, big fry ups all round, and as soon as we’d finished, with the Men almost falling asleep,
obviously still tired from their previous night’s exploits, Mike said they were gonna grab some more sleep, but did promise
they’d be ready to go again before we knew it. And with that they were gone, so after we’d tidied the kitchen up and cleared
away the breakfast stuff we headed into garden for an afternoon of rest and relaxation, to begin with anyway.
Just to set the scene for you we’re lying on a double Lounger by the Pool, me in the middle, coffee and Spliffs on the menu, and
as ever talking about what we’d been doing, with me wanting to know if they were OK with how far we’d taken things,
especially the blood stuff, which they were, even if it wasn’t something they’d want to do all the time, and it also gave me the
chance to talk to them about getting some of their other Friends involved, which as I’ve already mentioned, and also because
fucking Kirsty and Rob’s Friends was so much fun, was another thing I really wanted to get into, just like I knew the Girls did.
RACHEL – ‘Right, so come on, Sluts, now we’ve introduced Gemma and the others into our fucked up world, are there any of
your other Friends or Lovers who might be into this? And have either of you ever talked to them about Incest before?’
KIRSTY – ‘Erm, no, not apart from Emma, anyway, but there are definitely one or two of them who could well be into the idea
of fucking their Families, and even some of the ones who aren’t will be well into fucking us, no question.’
RACHEL – ‘Cool! What about you, Jo? What about your Friend Carla, (18)? Weren’t you fucking her Brother a while ago?’
JODI – ‘Indeed I was, Mum, and a right filthy cunt he is too. He was the one who really got me into Watersports as it goes,
amongst other things. And he’s Bi.’
KIRSTY – ‘Really? Sounds as if he’ll fit right in. So what about his Sister? I take it you fuck her as well?’
JODI – ‘Yea, of course I do. I’ve been fucking her ever since we met, over a year ago now. And she also knows I’ve fucked Max,
(19) and is cool with it. And she also said she wouldn’t mind fucking my Brother if she had the chance, just to even things up!’
KIRSTY – ‘Sounds fair to me. And why did your Mum say you were fucking him? If he’s that good, why would you stop?’
JODI – ‘Ha, Ha! I didn’t stop as such, Kirst, but after fucking on and off for a couple of months I was starting Uni and he was going
travelling, and although he got back about a month ago I was still at Uni, and as I haven’t seen Carla since I got back, cos I’ve
been too busy fucking my Family, I haven’t even thought about calling him. Not until now, anyway.’
RACHEL – ‘Well in that case, that’s our way in. We’ll invite them over next week, because we’ve got plenty to keep us going for
now, after you’ve told Carla she can fuck Paul of course, and you’ve also dropped one or two hints about what we’ve been
getting up to, and then we’ll just let things develop from there. And what about their Mum? Didn’t you tell me she’s become a
right Slut since her divorce, and has even fucked one or two of Carla’s Lovers?’
JODI – ‘I did, and she has! And she’s always telling Carla to get as much cock as she possibly can and she can even fuck Sarah’s
Fuck Buddies if she wants to.’
RACHEL – ‘Has she? Well just like her Son and Daughter I’d say she might just be up for some kinky Incestuous fun, especially
when she finds out how good it is. So what about your Friends, Kirst? Was there anyone in particular you think might want to
fuck their Family?’
KIRSTY – ‘There is, Rach. And look, I hope you don’t mind me asking, and I hope you don’t mind either, Jo, but, well would it be
OK for me to call you Mum instead of Rachel? It’s just because of what’s already happened, and more importantly what’s going
to happen in the future, like me making babies with my Dad and Rob and you and Jodi making them with Paul, and Jo making
them with my Dad as well, and because I feel a lot closer to you than I’ve ever done my real Mum, it just feels kind of right, you
Oh I did, and it gave me such a warm, wonderful feeling deep inside, if I hadn’t been so worn out from last night’s fuck-a-thon
I’d have just jumped on her there and then and fucked her, but instead I told her what she already knew.
RACHEL – ‘Oh, Kirst! Darling! I think it’s a fantastic idea, and I’m sure your Dad will too. What about you, Jo? Are you OK with it?’
JODI – ‘Of course I am, Mum, cos I’ve felt like Kirsty was my real Sister and Rob was my real Brother ever since we first fucked
them to be honest with you. And if Mike’s cool with it I might start calling him Daddy!’
KIRSTY – ‘HEE, HEE! Oh, I’m sure he’ll love it, Jo, and let’s face it, why wouldn’t he? Fucking Hell, Bitches, I know we’ve said it
before, but our lives really are changing completely, aren’t they? God, it’s so fucking wild.’
RACHEL – ‘I know it is, Kirst, and just think, we haven’t even been fucking for a week yet, and we’ve already arranged our first
Incestuous Orgy this weekend, so fuck knows what it’s gonna be like once we start fucking lots of other Families, which as you
know is something I can’t wait to get into. Talking of which, why don’t you tell us about your Friend who you think might be as
nasty as we are?’
KIRSTY – ‘OK! It’s Leanne, (19), who I’ve known a couple of years and is as much of a Nymph and a Slut as I am. And there are a
couple of reasons I think she just might be into the idea of fucking her Family, firstly because she fucked Rob at a Party last
Christmas, and then fucked him again at New Year, which had me teasing her about preferring spending time with my Brother
than she did me, while also joking that I should maybe fuck her sexy Brother to even things up, and she said I was more than
welcome to fuck him but as he was away working at a Football Academy for the next couple of months that wasn’t going to
happen any time soon. Then just before I went back to Uni Leanne and I went to a pretty wild Party, is there any other kind,
and although we got our fair share of cock, because Lea had to be up early for a Hockey Tournament we headed back to her
House sooner than we’d have liked, and still ended up fucking each other before we finally crashed out. Now as far as her
Parents go, they’re just like you and Dad, cool, friendly, and as sexy as hell, and they’re Players, and even though I’d never
talked to Leanne about it I’d often thought what it would be like to fuck them, especially as whenever we were alone Jayne
couldn’t wait to tell me about all the cock she’d been getting and just like her Daughter she was an absolute Nymph. Anyway,
by the time I woke up Leanne was long gone, leaving me a note saying to make myself at home and that she couldn’t wait to
fuck me again, so after a cheeky wank and grabbing a shower in the En-Suite, I dried off, slung on one of Leanne’s skimpy
nightshirts and walked onto the landing badly in need of coffee and some food, but that soon changed when I suddenly heard
loud moaning coming from down the hall, and quickly worked out that Leanne’s Mum and Dad must be taking advantage of
having what they thought was an empty House and were spending the morning in bed fucking, and although I knew I should
have gone back in the bedroom, got dressed, ordered a cab and left them to it, I just couldn’t, because for a start Jayne, (39),
was now making more noise than before, and on top of that their bedroom door was half open, and with me being the nasty
Bitch I am, I just had to take a peek, and when I did I was rubbing my clit in no time, and because Chris, (41), was fucking her
from behind facing away from me, but at just the right angle so I could see his big, slippery cock sliding in and out of Jayne’s
wet pussy, I was able to get off without them noticing me, and then just as I’m imagining sucking Chris’s cock and him fucking
my brains out, and cumming over my fingers, I must have moaned a bit too loudly or something, because the next thing I know
I’ve got Chris, while still smashing the fuck out of his Wife, asking me if I’m enjoying the filthy fuck show and if I wanted a better
view I was more than welcome to join them!’
JODI – ‘HEE, HEE! Talk about kinky, early morning Sex Games in Leafy Suburbia. I fucking love this, you know? Finding out that
there’s lots of people out there just as open as we are about sex, and don’t give a fuck what they get up to or who they do it
with. I mean don’t get me wrong, I obviously knew about Swinging and Sex Clubs and whatever, but finding out about Kirsty’s
Friends fucking their Families, and what we got up to last night, and what you’re about to tell us, and God knows what else
we’re gonna discover over the next few days, is something I could never have imagined a couple of months ago.’
RACHEL – ‘Me neither, Love, and I know I’ve said it loads of times since we all started fucking, but meeting Mike was without
doubt the best thing that’s ever happened to us. So come on, Kirst. I assume Jodi’s right and you fucked your Friend’s Mum and
Dad? Where do they live by the way?’
KIRSTY – ‘Just outside Windsor, right on the River. And yes, Mum, I did fuck them; or rather they fucked me, in every way you
can think of. Because straight after Chris invited me to join them, Jayne spotted me, and without even batting an eyelid, with
her Hubby well past the point of no return, she told me to hurry up and get naked and to light one of the pre-rolled Spliffs on
the bedside table, before telling me they thought I’d left with Leanne, but were delighted I hadn’t because they’d always said I
looked like I’d be up for anything and wouldn’t mind fucking me if the opportunity presented itself. So of course I tell them I
feel the same and thought they were as fit as fuck, just as Chris is blowing his beans all over Jayne’s 40D boobs and she’s busy
massaging it in, and when he asks me to come and help clean her up I’m on the bed licking Jayne’s sticky boobs wearing my
dirtiest smile, and while I am, in between feeding it to Jayne, Chris crawls behind me and goes to work on my cunt and arse
with his long tongue and even longer fingers, making me cum almost straight away and not stopping for a good ten minutes,
and when he had he knelt in front of me, told Jayne to take his place behind me, and then told me to open my mouth and
swallow, and to show him what a cock hungry Slut I really was. Then for the next couple of hours we just fucked each other
senseless, the highlight being me getting arse raped by Chris while Jayne was fucking my cunt with this twenty inch double
dildo, which she then used on her Hubby after he shot his load straight up my arse, which he in turn scooped out with his cock
and told us to suck it clean and not stop until there wasn’t a drop left. And in between the fucking Jayne also made it clear that
although they’d be well up for fucking me again she’d prefer it if I didn’t tell Lea what we’d done, not because she was worried
about her freaking out or anything, and she was cool with them being Players, it was more she didn’t want to complicate things
between them, whatever the fuck that means. Not that I gave a fuck, because I was going back to Uni in a few days, and would
be too busy having lots more dirty sex to worry about what was going on at home.’
RACHEL – ‘Ha, Ha! Fair enough. So have you fucked Leanne or her Parents since?’
KIRSTY – ‘Erm, no, because Lea was back at Uni as well, and like me she only got home last week. I did speak to her a couple of
weeks ago though, and after we’d told each other about our latest sexual exploits she asked me when Rob was due home from
Uni and said she wouldn’t mind fucking him again, and once I told her he was due back the same time as us and I’d pass on the
message when I saw him, which I completely forgot about as it goes, and probably because of me fucking her Parents, I asked if
her Brother was back from the Academy yet and if it was OK with her I definitely wanted to fuck him. So once she’s finished
teasing the fuck out of me she informs me that he’s been back home for a few weeks, and from what she could make out had
been banging anything with a pulse pretty much ever since. She promised to put in a good word for me though, and said we’d
speak about it more when we got home. But because she doesn’t exactly go short of cock, and is probably still busy catching up
with some of her Fuck Buddies, she hasn’t been in touch yet, although I’m sure she will be before too long?’
JODI – ‘I’m sure she will, Kirst, and I can’t wait to fuck her. What about Rob, though? Do you know if she’s been in touch with him?’
KIRSTY – ‘No, she hasn’t, because she’d have called me first. Jesus I’m stoned, and I don’t know about you two, but I need a piss
and more coffee, and then I think we should maybe wake the Men up, cos I might just be in the mood for more cock.’
RACHEL – ‘Ha, Ha! When aren’t you? I know what you mean though, Kirst, because I’m ready for some too. But not just yet, let
them sleep some more first, and after we’ve wet our lettuces and made some fresh coffee I want us to go Online and look at
some of the Websites Jenny was telling us about, and hopefully find more Families who live close enough for us to hook up with
and fuck in the future. Right, let’s go put the kettle on and empty our bladders, and no pissing on each other.’
Now although we already knew from talking to Jenny that Incest was a lot more common than people might think, especially
since we found out Emma and Lucy were fucking their Families, and that Emma’s Family had also fucked a few other Families,
we still had no idea how popular it really was, not until Kirsty logged on to a members only Incest Website and started talking
to a Girl called Kim, who we soon found out was already fucking her whole Family, and a hell of a lot more on top.
KIM – ‘Hi, Kirsty, nice to meet you. As you can see, my name’s Kim, I’m sixteen, and I’ve been fucking my Mum, Dad and older
Brother Jude, (18), for nearly five years. I’ve been fucking my younger Brother Tom, (15), for about three years, and I’ve been
fucking my younger Sister Sara, (14), for over two years, who lost her Virginity to our Dad, before she was a Teenager. And so
did most of my Friends I and I.’
KIRSTY – ‘Oh My Fucking God! Wow! Erm, Hiya, Kim, nice to meet you too. Fucking Hell, you did start young, eh?’
KIM – ‘We did, but then again Mum and Dad had been talking about fucking us since before we were even born, and just after I
reached puberty and started wanking, already knowing Jude was fucking my Mum and Dad, Mum sat me down and told me
what her and Dad had been planning, and without going into too much detail she told me about Incest and explained that
although it was illegal and frowned upon in most Countries there was nothing really wrong with it, before going on to tell me
she wanted my Siblings and I to start fucking each other whenever we felt ready, and that her and Dad wanted to fuck us as well,
which ended with us wanking in front of each other while watching a DVD of Mum and Dad fucking my big Brother, seeing him
blowing my Dad’s massive cock being the highlight. Anyway, enough about me for now, let’s talk about you and your Family. Now
I take it as I haven’t seen you in here before that this is your first time?’
KIRSTY – ‘It is, but it certainly won’t be the last. Right, where do I start? OK, well I’m nineteen, and up until two days ago I lived
with my Dad, Mike, who’s thirty nine, and my younger Brother, Rob, who’s eighteen, and although I’d had Daddy and Brother
issues for a while, and they’d been fantasising about fucking me, we never did anything about it, until my Dad’s new Girlfriend
Rachel, who’s thirty seven, moved in, along with her Kids, Paul, who’s nineteen, and Jodi, who’s sixteen. And even though none
of the Kids knew it at the time Dad and Rach had already talked about fucking us and had decided they wanted to do something
about it, and to get the ball rolling they told us we could fuck each other’s Kids if we wanted to, so within a couple of hours of
them moving in I’d fucked Jodi, Rob had fucked Paul, we’d also talked about Incest, and we also told Paul and Jodi about Rob and
I wanking in front of each other the night before. And once we all got together and talked about what was going on we came to
the same conclusion, that our Mum and Dad wanted to fuck us, but the only thing was they didn’t realise we’d suss it out so
quickly, so when they saw us wearing next to nothing and worked out that we’d fucked, and it was fairly obvious they’d been
fucking as well, and they also realised that we wanted to fuck them as much as they did us, it was Incest Central in no time, and
apart from stopping to eat or sleep this is the first proper break we’ve had in nearly forty eight hours.’
KIM – ‘Ha, Ha! I know that feeling, Babe, trust me, although we’ve got so used to it having a week long sex marathon is like a
stroll in the park to us. Fucking Hell, so that didn’t take long, then? For you to start fucking them?’
KIRSTY – ‘HEE, HEE! I know, but as my Dad said, who’d already read quite a bit about it, once you know everyone wants it, why
KIM – ‘Exactly, Kirst, and you’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last Family to start fucking that quickly, as you’ll no
doubt find out in time. So have you talked to any other Families who fuck each other yet, or are we the first?’
KIRSTY – ‘Erm, no, because not only was my Dad already talking to a couple who are fucking their Kids, who he and Rach have
since fucked, but my Friend Emma was already fucking her Dad, Brothers and younger Sister, which was another reason I
wanted to fuck my Dad and Brother, and we’ve invited them all over here for the weekend, along with my other Friend Lucy
and her Family, who have also just started fucking. And Rachel said you and your Family can come and fuck us as well if you like?
Where do you live by the way?’
KIM – ‘Sunningdale? In Surrey?’
KIRSTY – ‘Oh Wow! It’s OK, Kim; I know where it is, because my Dad sometimes plays Golf at Wentworth. We live just outside
Weybridge you see, which is what, half an hour, forty minutes away from you at most?’
KIM – ‘Yea, about that. Blimey, we’re almost neighbours! And not only that, but we’ve also fucked a few other Families from around
Weybridge, (Jesus Fuck, it really was rife, and it was happening on our doorstep), and if you want I can get my Mum to give Rachel
their Mum’s nunbers, you can talk to them and, well, I’m sure you can work out the rest?’
KIRSTY – ‘Oh, I’m sure I can, Kim, don’t worry about that. So what about the weekend, then? Are you gonna come and fuck us
as well, or are you busy fucking other Families?’
KIM – ‘Well funny you should say that, because although we’ll be busy fucking, it won’t be with any of our Friends. We’ve got to
go to a Family Wedding in London you see, my Dad’s Niece, and although we don’t fuck any of his side of the Family, what I didn’t
tell you before is that we also fuck my Mum’s Sister, Hubby and their four Kids, two of each, and as we’re staying at the same Hotel
as them, with all the rooms next to each other, I can definitely see us leaving the reception Party early. Plus we’re all getting to the
Hotel on Friday afternoon, and we don’t plan on surfacing until the following morning.’
KIRSTY – ‘Ha, Ha! Sounds like Heaven. So how long have you been fucking them for?’
KIM – ‘As long as I’ve been fucking my own Family, because my Mum has been fucking Debbie, her Sister, since they were young
Teenagers, which was actually when they first started talking about having Kids and fucking them. And look, Kirst, I’d love to tell
you more about it, but what I was thinking is, if you want to you can all come over to ours tomorrow night if you fancy it? Only
we’re having a cheeky Fuck Party before we go away, because after the Wedding we’re flying straight out to our Villa in Spain,
and we won’t be back for at least a month.’
And although we’d already kind of decided that we weren’t gonna fuck anyone else until Friday, when Jenny and her Family
were due to arrive, and because they lived quite close to us, and I already knew Mike and the Lads would be up for fucking
more MILF’s and their dirty Teen Daughters, I told Kirsty to tell Kim we’d love to go, and to find out how many other Families
were gonna be there.
KIM – ‘Erm, about ten, who’ve all got between two and five Kids, and they’ll also be a few of mine and Sara’s Friends here with
their Brothers, who are still working on fucking their Parents, but seeing as I fucked my Friend Gina’s divorced Dad last week,
and got him to confess he’d love to fuck her, while he was doing me up the arse, I doubt it’ll be very long before they’re at it as
much as we are.’
KIRSTY – ‘No, I don’t suppose it will. So what time do you want us to get there? You better text me your address as well, eh?’
KIM – ‘Yea, I will. Anytime after eight is good, and I take it you’re gonna stay the night?’
KIRSTY – ‘Erm, yea, if that’s OK?’
KIM – ‘Of course it is, Kirst, and as we’ve got five spare rooms, all with massive beds, you don’t have to worry about sleeping on
the floor or anything. Right, listen, Kirst, my Mum’s just got back from Town with Rebecca, another MILF who fucks her Family,
who you’ll no doubt fuck tomorrow night, and they also picked up Jude and Becky’s Son Liam from the Gym on the way home, and
as all four of them are already naked, and the Guys are as hard as fucking nails, and my Mum, who says Hi by the way, has just told
me they’re all going upstairs to fuck before Tom and Sara get home from School, who’ll be too busy fucking each other to notice
anyway, what can I do but go and join in the filthy fun?’
KIRSTY – ‘Erm, go for a run? Pop into Town to look around the shops? Watch TV? On second thoughts!’
KIM – ‘Ha, Ha! Exactly, Babe, and I know where I’d rather be, especially as Jude is goosing me up and Mum’s shoving her big
boobs in my face. And she also says can you send some pics of you lot fucking, please? I’ve already sent some of us lot fucking
each other, and some of the other Families, so enjoy. Have you talked about having Kids with each other by the way?’
KIRSTY – ‘HEE, HEE! You kinky Bitch! We have as it goes. Why?’
KIM – ‘Well when you see the pics you’ll also see that some of the Mums and Daughters are pregnant, and I didn’t want to freak
you out.’
KIRSTY – ‘Ha, Ha! Fair enough, you didn’t. So I take it you’re gonna do it as well, have Kids with your Dad and Brother?’
KIM – ‘Erm, well between you and me, I already am, although I’m not showing yet. I’m three months gone with my Dad’s baby,
and Mum is over two months gone with Jude’s, and my Cousin Katie, my Aunt Debbie’s Daughter, is also three months gone
with her Dad’s Kid.’
KIRSTY – ‘Fucking Hell, Kim, you have been busy. Wow! So how does it feel? To have your Dad’s baby growing inside you? Do you
know what it is yet?’
KIM – ‘I do. A Girl! And its fucking mind blowing, Kirst, you should have seen us when I first found out I was pregnant, we just
couldn’t stop fucking, and then when Dad found out it was a Girl, Jesus Fuck. I couldn’t walk for a week, and it’s a good job Mum
and Sara had Jude and Tom to keep them satisfied, otherwise they wouldn’t have got a look in.’
KIRSTY – ‘Oh Wow! So you mean you wanted to fuck him even more than you did before? How is that even possible?’
KIM – ‘Ha, Ha! Good question, and it’s one I can’t really explain to be honest with you, because until you’re actually carrying your
Dad’s baby inside you, however you might think you’re gonna feel once you find out you’re pregnant, it’ll be completely
different to what you might be expecting, if that makes sense? And look, Kirst, I’ve really got to go, cos they’re already in bed,
and if I don’t go now they’ll be no cock left for me.’
KIRSTY – ‘Well you better go and get some then, hadn’t you? And I think I get what you’re saying about getting knocked up by
my Dad, and I’m sure I’ll be finding out how it really feels before too long. Right, well have lots of dirty fun, and I’ll text you
when we’re on the way tomorrow. What should we wear by the way?’
KIM – ‘Erm, as little as possible. The Women usually go for sexy lingerie or slinky dresses that come off easily, and the Guys are
usually in silk boxers or designer shorts, and vest tops or open silk shirts. Right, I’m gone, Kirst. Bye!’
‘Yea, Bye! Jesus Fuck, what a fucking phone call, especially the stuff about her being pregnant by her Dad, the lucky Bitch,’ said
Kirsty, who’d got so turned on by what she’d just found out she was now slowly rubbing her swollen clit, and she wasn’t the
only one, because finding out Kim’s Mum was pregnant by her Son had also got my mind racing, and my pussy telling me it
needed some serious attention again.
‘Fucking tell me about it, Kirst, and I know Mike’s not my real Dad, but once him and Mum get married and we take his name
it’ll feel like he is, and much like you I can’t wait for him to knock me up, or my Brother for that matter,’ said Jodi, now busy
playing with my tits and asking if I was ready to fuck.
‘Well seeing as my cunt feels like it’s on fire, Jo, I think I am, and I also think we should all come off the Pill once you finish Uni
for the summer, and then we’ll arrange it so you can do you last year of studying at home. Now, let’s fuck, and when we have
we’ll cook a really nice meal for our Men then just have a quiet night getting stoned with lots of long, slow languid fucking, while
we tell them how they’ll all be Dads before the New Year!’
And of course when we did they were as pleased as punch, especially Paul, who as I mentioned earlier, after fucking me for the
second consecutive time, and cumming inside me on both occasions, begged me to come off the Pill straight away, but it was only
when we told him we wanted to wait so we all got knocked up as close together as we could, when he saw sense and told me he’d
just have to fuck me all the time to ease his frustration. But obviously what they were looking forward to more than anything at the
moment was fucking Kim and her Family, and some of their Friends, especially after we showed them the pics of one of their recent
get togethers, where from what we could make out there was some sort of fucking going on all over the House, and in the garden
and downstairs Pool.
OK, well that concludes this part of the story, but before I finish I just want to tell you about Kirsty’s Friend Lucy, who you’ll
recall had recently started fucking her Brother, with a little help from Emma, who don’t forget was already fucking her Dad,
Brothers and younger Sister, and you might also recall that Lucy wanted to fuck her Mum Tracey, which she did the previous
night, while us lot were taking things to the limit and beyond, and just like everyone else in this story you won’t be surprised to
hear it was a piece of piss to introduce her to the dark side, and while Lucy was fucking her with a massive double dildo, having
just told her Mum she was already fucking her Son, Tracey confessed she’d been thinking about Incest for ages, even while she
was still married, and had been fantasising about fucking her Son and Daughter more or less every day since. And when Emma,
who’d helped Lucy seduce and fuck Tracey, told her she was fucking her Family, and that like Mike and I her Dad really wanted
to get together with her so they were a proper Family, while also telling her that along with her Son Jamie they were all over
at Emma’s House waiting for them to join them and fuck them, Tracey said it was the best idea she’d ever heard and she’d
always secretly wanted more Kids anyway, while also saying she really wanted to fuck us lot as well and that Friday couldn’t
come around quick enough.
And you’ll get to hear all about it in the second part of the story, as well as the upcoming Orgy at Kim’s House and what we got up
to the following week, but for now I hope you enjoyed reading about my very decadent, fucked up, Incestuous lifestyle, and I’ll be
back with more dirty tales very soon indeed.

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