Naughty Neighbors Pt. 04

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tagIncest/TabooNaughty Neighbors Pt. 04

Lakeside living was crazy to say the least. It had been a wild day and I was at home and had just made a sandwich. I was decompressing from what had transpired. It was surreal. The day started off with a bang. As you read in previous chapters, it began with my two hot mature neighbors and I having wild sex. Just after that a call from my wife telling me she was going to camp for a few days. She also shared some sexy photos and asked me to have phone sex with her later in the evening. This was out of character for her, but I wasn't going to complain. She told me her older sister Lexi would be by to grab some things for her. Did I mention that Lexi was smoking hot?
At this point in the day I was sitting on my couch eating a sandwich. I was doing my best to refrain from thinking about Lexi, who I expected to arrive at some point. The visit was to be secret. The intention was clear. We were going to have sex. My cock kept getting hard as I thought about her. Not wanting to seem too eager, I was doing all I could to become less aroused. Hoping my erection would dissipate before her arrival. I put a movie on and sat back, trying not to think about her at all. The distraction seemed to do the trick and my erection subsided.
The sound of a car door closing nearby caught my attention. I quickly made my way to the kitchen window to take a look, expecting to see Lexi. It wasn't her vehicle. A familiar figure exited the driver's side. It was the black man I had met earlier in the day. I didn't even know his name, but I knew plenty. If you have been following this story then you know what I mean. Just a few hours before when I was blindfolded and tied to the neighbors bed I got to know him intimately. My lips were still numb…
As I watched him standing by his car facing towards me, I couldn't help but look at the bulge in his shorts. He was very well endowed. I felt a little dirty and uncomfortable about what I had done. At the moment it was amazing. Now, after the fact it made me feel uneasy and a little embarrassed. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it on the hood of his car before turning around and walking to the neighbors house in just a pair of shorts. I had never been attracted to men, at all, ever. But, for some reason the sight of his fit black naked chest, the bulge in his shorts and the way his ass looked in them as he walked away aroused me.
My cock started to swell again. My mind drifted back to earlier when I felt his throbbing cock in my mouth. How it felt on my lips and in my throat made me tingle. I started to feel like a sissy and it was hot. I imagined how it must feel for a girl to be sexy. To wear sexy things. My heart raced and butterflies formed. I decided that I needed to feel sexy so I headed to the bedroom to try on some of my wife's silky panties.
As soon as I opened the drawer I felt a tingling sensation. I pulled out a pair of lace lined booty shorts first which looked amazing on my wife. My shorts hit the floor and I wrapped the garment around my cock so I could feel them. It was nice, but they were not actually silky. The next pair I grabbed felt very silky. They were smaller, cheeky panties – almost a thong. As soon as the fabric touched my cock it made me crazy. I remembered how much I loved rubbing my dick over them when my wife had them on. I would slide my cock over her pussy lips from behind and nearly cum. It was time for me to try them on. As I pulled them up I could tell they were a little small for me, but the sensation was insane. I had to find a pair that would fit me. I decided that I would go buy some if I had to.
I rummaged through the drawers until I found another pair of booty shorts. This pair was silky and just big enough for me to wear without ripping them. It was a tight fit for sure as they were a few sizes too small, but it did the trick. To me the sexiest panties would ride up the ass crack, which looked hot on a woman. It felt even hotter. The feeling of these silky shorts and ace dges against my ass cheeks aroused me. Although this pair was a bit tight, I was able to comfortably wear them under my shorts. It dawned on me that I had seen sexy panties like these at a nearby store, so I decided that I would head out to purchase a pair in my size.
Before heading out I shot a quick text to Lexi telling her I was headed out to grab a few things at the store. She replied quickly with an "ok." A few moments later another text. "Still cool if I pop over?"
I responded with a YES and smiley face. She texted a heart back then wrote "I can leave in about 30 minutes. I should be there within the hour. If you're not back I will wait for you."
"Sounds good. Can't wait to see you. The door is open." was my reply.
I threw on a t-shirt and sandals and rushed to my car. As I sat down I felt the lace on my ass cheeks which aroused me. I could feel the shorts slide further between my ass cheeks as I headed down the road. I got to the store within a few minutes. I found the panty section and tried to act normal as I searched for the perfect pair. I had no idea what I was doing.
A lady approached me and asked if she could assist me. She was an older, very attractive woman. Today she would be called a milf or cougar. She wore a tight fitting black dress that accentuated her mature body. Large breasts, nice curves. Not a ton of makeup, but she clearly took care in her appearance. I couldn't help myself. I gave her a long look up and down from head to toe. I loved her black eyeliner, red lipstick – and smooth legs.
"So?" she asked. "Can I help you?" She giggled, clearly noticing me noticing her.
"Yes, uh, sorry" I said. "So, this may sound a little weird but my wife asked me to pick up some sexy silky cheeky panties for her older sister who just started dating again. She's about my size. I wear a mens 28" waist and men's XL boxers. Not sure if that makes any sense."
The lady smiled and told me to follow her to another aisle. She pointed to a rack that had exactly what I was looking for.
"So any particular color?" she asks.
"She likes black," I said. "And, my wife told me to pick something that I would like. I think these look sexy" pointing at a pair of cheeky white panties. "Maybe in black if you have them. I do like the white. Something about white panties." I giggled.
The lady giggled and pulled out a few different styles and sizes for me to select from.
"I would recommend getting a few different styles and sizes. She can keep the ones that fit and look nice, then return the others."
"Sounds like a plan," I say.
Seeing all these sexy panties gave me an idea. Maybe I could grab a few pairs for Lexi.
"Since I'm here," I say. "Maybe I should grab a few for my wife. She wears a womens small in regular underwear."
The lady pulls out two pairs (they happened to be similar to what I was wearing.)
"Good. And," I say. "Any chance you could suggest something? I trust your judgement. You look like a woman who knows sexy lingerie."
She nodded her head, smiled and guided me to another rack.
"I know she likes black," she says. "But it's not uncommon for young women to wear bold colored thongs. Red and hot pink are very popular."
"Okay," I say. "I trust your judgement."
"Besides," she says. "It's arousing for a woman to get noticed. Especially the forbidden fruit. You know, married, not single. Having her panties 'accidentally' exposed can be a real turn on for some. Hence the bright colors."
I almost didn't notice that the sales lady had managed to slide her black dress up enough to give me a peek at her panties. She had pushed herself back against the wall between some hanging outfits with her knees bent. I couldn't take my eyes off her crotch. I felt my cock swell which created an obvious pop tent in my shorts.
"Hmmmm," she moaned as her eyes landed on my bulge. "Oops."
She "accidentally" dropped a hanger to the floor and squatted down giving me a full upskirt view. Red panties. Puffy pussy lips. She giggled and spread her legs wider allowing the dress to slide up to her hips. She landed on her ass in front of me. I now had a great view of her red panties.
Her puffy pussy lips were strained against her sexy panties. I could clearly see the outline of her vagina and noticed a dark spot begin to form. Her pussy was getting wet.
She reached up with one hand and gave me a sexy look. "Can you help me up?"
When I pulled her up she moved close to me. I felt her hot pussy on my leg. She pulled her dress back down and looked around as she held me close. I felt her hand slide down my back to my ass. Her other hand was on my chest, she looked me in the eyes and caressed my butt cheeks, Her other hand slid down over my belly to my crotch. I felt her hand slide over my swollen cock as she whispered into my ear.
"Damn I wish I wasn't working right now," she says. "The things I would do with you."
Feeling her grind against me made me wild. "I'd love to learn," I say. "especially from a sexy beautiful woman like you. I'm thinking I could learn a few things."
"Yes," she said, pushing away and fixing her skirt. "Let me give you my card. Please call me sometime."
She handed me her card.
"Please," she said. "Call me."
As I walked away I noticed a smoking hot young mom pushing a toddler in a shopping cart. She was wearing a tiny jean skirt and stood a few feet away. She giggled, apparently having overheard the conversation. Not sure how much she saw, but I didn't care. We made eye contact and she smiled. She then turned and bent down, grabbing an item from the bottom shelf. As she did this I could see the top of her pink panties rise up over the waistband of her skirt. She bent over so far that her short skirt lifted up enough to expose the mound of her pussy to me. She positioned herself so I could get a nice view. She stayed bent over longer than she needed to. Teasing me
"Damn," I said without realizing it.
I heard hot mom giggle as she wiggled her ass in front of me.
"Thank you." I say. "You are one hot mom."
She stood up, turned to look at me and smiled. She held the bottom of her skirt and looked around to make sure no one was in her line of sight except me. She lifted her skirt up giving me an even better view of her puffy pussy covered by hot pink panties then walked closer to me. As she approached me I watched her lift her skirt higher. Above her waist. Exposing her hot puffy pusy wrapped in these amazing silk panites.
She pulled her skirt down and adjusted herself.
"Help me try these on?" she asked, pulling a few outfits from her cart.
She pulls me into a dressing room and locks the door.
"You have no idea how much I would like to, but I have to get home. My wife pretty much gave me a hall pass this weekend," I said. "And I just can't do this."
"Well then," she said. "This shouldn't be an issue, right? Not sure I understand. Do you find me attractive? Are you gay?"
"You are incredibly attractive," I said. "I'm definately not gay. Maybe bisexual. But that's not why I have to jet."
"Well your honesty about being bisexual turns me on," she says. "I wish my boyfriend was as confident as you with his sexuality. I know he has those thoughts and fantasies. He is just too insecure to share them with me. So, you're not gay and I turn you on, so why do you have to rush away?"
"Hot sister-in-law," I said. "She is on her way to my house right now and as I mentioned. My wife gave me a hall pass. I think she has actually set this up. I think her and her sister have conspired. No, I know they have. I would explain but I really gotta head home so I can maybe empty myself into her. A huge fantasy of mine.."
"I get it," she said as she grabbed my phone. "I'm entering my contact info. Just in case. Feel free to contact me any time. Good luck with your sister-in-law. That sounds kinky as hell. I will be thinking about you."
"Thank you," I say. "Gotta run."
"Here," she says holding out her hand. She was holding 4 blue pills. "Take one of these now, then again later if you need it."
"Are those Viagra?" I asked.
She smiles. "Yes, trust me. You will thank me later. And she will too. Save two of them for another day. Like maybe when and if you want to give me a call. You only need one for the night."
I take one of the pills, then cash out and rush back to the house. When I get there I am relieved that Lexi isn't there yet. This gives me time to try on the new panties.
They feel amazing, but I don't want to get caught so I hide them and put my shorts back on. I decided not to wear any boxer briefs under the shorts. I throw on a t-shirt then decide to remove it. I want to arouse Lexi as best I can when she arrives. I head to the kitchen and mix a drink while I wait.
A few minutes later I hear a car pull in. I look out to see. It's her! She looks amazing. Her blonde hair is glowing. She is wearing makeup, which is unlike her. It looks good from afar. She has on a pair of tight white jean shorts and a firm fitting top. The shorts accentuate her amazing ass, Her top shows off her nice large breasts. As she walks to the door her boobs bounce nicely. I notice her nipples poking through. I don't think she is wearing a bra.
I greet her at the door. We both seem a bit nervous and it's a little awkward at first. She looks to the floor while entering. I gently place my hand on her chin and lift her head so we can look each other in the eyes.
"Wow, Lexi," I say. "You look beautiful. I mean, you are beautiful."
"Thanks," she said with a smile. "It's not too much is it? I mean the makeup. I don't do makeup all that often."
"It's not too much," I said. "You look amazing. Perfect."
"Well, I remember you saying once how you liked dark eyeliner and red lipstick, so I went with it." she said.
"I love it," I replied. "Very sexy."
She smiled and pulled a bag from her shoulder. "Hope you don't mind, but I brought a few things just in case. Well. if it gets late maybe I can crash here?"
"Fine by me," I say. "Why don't we have a drink?"
After having our first drink the mood lightened a bit and both of us seemed to be more comfortable. We chatted a bit then made our way to the deck. As I followed her out I could not help but stare at her ass. It looked so hot in those tight white shorts. I admired her athletic legs. She was tanned and clean shaven. I stood at the door in awe. She stood at the rail looking over the lake. The viagra kicked in and my cock was super hard. She pulled something from her pocket and turned to me. I couldn't be sure what it was. It was a small, black, lace garment with a shiny silver ornament hanging from it.
She walked to me.
"Can you put this choker on my neck?" she asked, placing it my hand gently then turning around. "I've always wanted to wear this thing."
After placing the choker around her neck I turned her to face me. I stepped back to get a view. There she was. My wife's hot sister. Blonde hair, blue eyes, black eyeliner, red lipstick, wearing a tight white top, tight jean shorts and a choker. My cock was so hard.
"Well, she says,"how does it look?"
"Amazing," I say.
She turns away and walks back to the edge of the deck.
I walked up behind her and placed my hands on her waist. She pushed back against me and turned her head with a smile. I pulled her closer so I could feel her hot ass against me. I leaned in and our faces touched at the cheek. As I slid my hands gently up her sides our lips touched and we started to kiss. My hands reached her breasts and I gently caressed them. My cock swelled even more as it pressed against her hot ass. She pushed herself back, grinded against me and positioned herself so my cock landed between her ass cheeks.
I felt her hot hands on mine. She guided one of my hands to her neck, the other between her legs. She encouraged me to tighten my grip on her neck, almost choking her. I felt her pussy getting hotter and she began to moan. She reached back and started rubbing my cock over my shorts. I felt one of her hands slide under my waistband, then her fingers wrapping around my swollen cock. She started stroking me gently as I rubbed her pussy over her jean shorts and tightened my grip on her throat.
With my hand between her legs I felt the hot skin of her inner thigh on my pinky and index finger. My two middle fingers slid between her puffy pussy lips over her mound. My hand fit perfectly over her vagina. My thumb landed on her clit. Her shorts were so tiny that I could feel the sides of her pussy lips. I slid her shorts to the side and rubbed my fingers over her bare pussy. I slid two fingers inside of her making her tremble.
She turned to face me and we kissed passionately. I placed my hands on her ass and pulled her close. My fingers slid under her tiny shorts so I could feel her bare skin. I slid my fingers between her legs from behind until I reached her hot pussy. I massaged her lips then caressed her ass as we embraced. I slid my hands to her waist, just under her shirt. I slowly lifted her shirt up over her head exposing her milky white breasts. No bra.
I caressed her sides and belly softly as my lips moved to her cheek, then neck. I placed my hands on her breasts as my lips moved down her chest to one of her nipples. I flicked it with my tongue and bit gently, getting it harder than ever. I moved to her other nipple and did the same thing then slid down her abdomen kissing her hot soft body the whole way. I teased her belly button with my tongue as my hands moved to her shorts.
Now on my knees I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled the zipper down. I grabbed the waistband and pulled her shorts down to her ankles. In front of me was a beautiful clean shaven pussy. I leaned in and kissed her clit then slid my tongue between her bare puffy hot pussy lips. She tasted so good. Her pussy was so clean and fresh.
"I shaved it just for you," she said. "It's all yours."
"I love it," I said. "let's go inside so we can play."
I guided her to the living room and sat her on the couch. I got on my knees between her legs and placed my hands on her inner thighs. I leaned in to kiss her clit, then licked her pussy lips. I reached up and grabbed her hands. I guided them down between her legs and placed her hands on either side of her vagina. I then spread her legs wide and held them in the air by her ankles.
"Play with that pussy for me baby," I said. "I want to watch you masturbate."
She moaned and began playing with her pussy. She rubbed her clit, then slid two fingers into her pussy. I watched as she satisfied herself for a while until she was about to have an orgasm. I stepped in and stopped her.
"Spread those pussy lips for me, love" I said. "I need to taste you again."
She held her pussy lips wide for me. I wrapped my lips around her clit first, licking it with my tongue as I fingered her hot pussy. I placed my mouth between her lips and stuck my tongue inside her vagina. I sucked and licked her pussy with passion until I felt her body shake. She put her hands on my head as she climaxed, holding my mouth on her hot pussy. I slid two fingers into her ass. Juices flowed from her pussy and it covered my face. It was hot and salty and a little sweet. She tasted so good.
Her body went limp and she was breathing heavy.
"Oh my God," she said. "That was amazing. My body is still shaking. I feel like I am still having an orgasm. Holy shit."
I stood up and stared at her. She looked so sexy. Naked, sweaty, hair a mess still quivering. I lifted her up from the couch and noticed my naughter hot milf neighbor watching us from her deck. I smiled then walked her upstairs to my bedroom with Lexi.
I turned on the lights so my neighbor could keep watching.
"You are so fucking beautiful," I said. "And, you taste so fucking good. Fuck."
I moved her to the window facing me and we kissed. I looked down to see my neighbor still watching us. I turned Lexi to face the window giving our voyeur a good look at her sexy body. I stood behind her and caressed every inch.

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