Naughty Patients

Beep Stories

In all my years of practice there has been satisfaction and its fair share of dissapointments, and now at 35 lives could never get any better. Interesting patients have come and gone but a couple which caught my eye and came for more. Based in Bangalore with my private practise in OBG, I was once visited by a young couple who were married for one year with no luck in their sex life and now they were consulting on alternative methods of conception.
Lets call them Mr and Mrs Suman(pseudonym) aged 32 and 25 respectively, Mrs Suman is a work of art, with only god as the artist, curves which drive blood to the nether regions for any man, at 5’2 with a fair complexion and a  figure of 34 28 36 she sure knew how to flaunt her assets an overly concerned Mr Suman was a distraction which I didn’t need so I decided to counsel them and arrange a seperate meeting with 
Mrs Suman on Sunday when the rest of my staff is away in aniticipation for Sunday my mind had undressed Mrs Suman and ravaged her many times on Sunday I was waiting for her making sure that she made it on time, I called her to confirm our appointment and she was on her way and there she was standing right outside my clinic dressed in a beautiful red saree I had to do some routine blood work before I decided to pounce on this lamb.
We started chatting about her sex life, which was non existent for her and she was never satisfied. I asked her if she would like to change that and she was like how do you propose to which I answered I have something which you might want. A coy smile from her was my green signal, I took her to my chambers and made her sit on the bed .I collected the blood work which came negative for STDS and she sat on the bed and I walked up to her, the urge to kiss her was unstoppable. 
I kissed her softly on her velvet like lips just biting her slowly, she smelled so sweet. I made her lie down slowly on the bed still kissing her and moved my hands to her tummy just stroking her body she was like moaning softly. I removed the pallu of her saree and started caressing her soft breasts, the 34 D’s were caged in her blouse I started biting them through the blouse, my hands moved between her thighs just stroking her roughly 
I was getting impatient I just wanted to get rid of her clothes but forced myself to be patient with this delicate flower. I managed to get rid of her saree and now she was just in her blouse and her underskirt. My hands was working is way under the skirt slowly stroking her thighs, she opened her thighs to me slowly and now my hands were on her panties. They were soaked with her cum and smelling great. I took them off and there it was the entrance to heaven covered with its own patch of garden
She was hairy and I could see her pink lips pouting. I licked her up the thighs slowly, teasing her all the way missing the clit I continued this till she grabbed my hands and buried my face in to her soaking cunt  had her skirt hiked up to her tummy and the blouse open with her breasts heaving. She smelled of raw sex I just darted my tongue into her slit and moved my lips over her clit just grinding my face and by now she was moaning loud asking me to suck her deeper. 
I was covered in her cumm and she was grinding her pussy to my face, I was gasping for breath as she had her thighs clamped around my head after 10 mins she just opened her legs and made me stand by the side of the bed. I dropped my pants and she started working on my dick it was erect at 9 inches and she just started licking it roughly, biting the tip of it. Then she asked me if I will cumm inside her, gladly. I wasn’t afraid of any stds as I handled the tests myself. 
I got on to bed and pulled her thighs wide apart and positioned myself in between them. She held my dick and started rubbing it around her clit and then took me right in. I went in slowly and she arched her back to help me enter further and then she let out a sigh. I was in bliss it was so warm yet so wet. I pulled out slowly feeling the walls of her cunt contracting over my dick and then I moved in slowly again 
I started with slow thrusts she grabbed my ass and moved me in further her legs were around my hips, I started sucking her tits and she just moaned and bit her lips. I moved my hips around just grinding my pubes on her clit. I held her down and started thrusting in harder, slamming her till she whimpered and threw her head back I could feel her pussy sucking my dick and she started screaming cum inside me 
Deep inside me she was sweating so bad and I just lied on top of her kissing her deeply and emptied my load deep inside her with the final thrust. She didn’t let me go till my dick stopped twitching.We tried doggy  to which she reciporcated well and anal was a little too much for her to handle, but it didnt stop me from doing it.
This went on for a few months and she intoduced me to a number of her friends