Naughty Sister Buys My Silence Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooNaughty Sister Buys My Silence Ch. 02

Slutty sister takes younger brother to run some 'errands.'
Submitted: February 4, 2021 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)
Tags: incest, sister, cuckold (brother/sister), cheating (sister/boyfriend), prostitution, big tits, blowjob, domination
Hey there!
Thanks for checking out this story! If you haven't already, be sure to read the first chapter "Naughty Sister Buys My Silence," since this is a direct continuation of the first part.

Also, the first part is 5 pages long, which is about 40 hours of writing, editing, and plotting. Moving forward, most future chapters will only be 2 or 3 Lit pages (about 5,000 to 10,000 words, which is 2-3 chapters in a normal book).
– SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19: Late Morning –
Shit. Fucking my slutty older sister had made me the most horny I'd ever been in my entire life, to the point that my raging erection wouldn't seem to go away, even after cumming three times. Who knew that doing something so horribly wrong could feel so amazingly right?
And wow, did it feel so perfectly right.
After Amber and I fucked on the couch, we then proceeded to clean up a bit, with me actually changing my pants and boxers, and finally eat the breakfast I'd made for her — chocolate chip pancakes.
However, the whole time we sat at the island counter, my cock was still as hard as a rock, the sight of my twenty-one-year-old sister sitting next to me in her slutty Christmas outfit not helping at all. Nor did it help that she was largely ignoring me now, focused on her phone while she ate, as if nothing was different between us — as if she was just sitting next to her younger nineteen-year-old brother like normal.
But her seeming indifference was making me go crazy, as was her clothing.
Amber was wearing bright red PVC pants, with a very visible silver zipper in the crotch, as well as a similar top, designed like a sports bra, a zipper in the front. The combination left her toned stomach completely visible, with her shoulders being covered by a similar red vinyl bolero jacket that had white fluffy trim.
And although my older sister attempted to wipe up the cum I'd shot on her, after she tried to give me a blowjob and almost choked on my load from it being so much, there were still semi-transparent dried streaks on the shiny red mini-jacket.
Fuck, it was so hot to look at, making me want to cum on her more — on her vinyl-covered thighs, her huge 36-DD size tits, all over her smoking hot face!
Cumming on her felt like claiming her, and I wanted to cum all over every inch of her body.
But I knew I shouldn't think about it like that, since she was my older sister, not my girlfriend, and would still fuck for money and grades whenever she wanted. Really, she shouldn't be fucking me at all, so I had no right to complain about her slutty lifestyle.
Which meant, I really only had two options available to me — either just deal with it, and accept that she was going to fuck other guys when she felt like it, or else stop fucking her and try to go back to just being normal brother and sister.
I knew the second option was never going to happen.
She wouldn't let it happen, even if it was what I wanted, since she wanted my cock to help her make her porn videos. Which meant, this was my new reality.
And I honestly was perfectly fine with that in this moment.
Earlier, Amber had tossed her normal Santa hat on the floor in the living room, when she was talking to her boyfriend on the phone and trying to fuck me at the same time, but now she had it on again, looking like the sluttiest 'Santa's helper' in all of existence, her blonde hair tucked behind her ears.
Honestly, I couldn't keep my eyes off her as we ate, with my gaze actually lingering the most on her face, even despite her perfect goddess body.
Because, in preparation to seduce me, she'd put on a ton of dark makeup around her green eyes, including mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, making the light green color really pop, causing her to go from her normal 'fucking hot' to a 'fucking nuclear explosion.'
It wasn't until she finished off a little over half of her pancakes that she finally glanced at me, smirking at my obvious erection, and then resumed scrolling on her phone. I decided to clear my throat, in preparation to break the silence, only for her to instantly glare, like she was silently saying, 'Shut the fuck up, I'm busy.'
Damn, why did I find her bitchy attitude so fucking hot?
Finishing off my last few bites, I went ahead and took my plate to the sink to clean, grabbing hers as well since she was obviously done. Then, once I stashed the leftovers in plastic containers in the fridge, I finished cleaning up the small mess I'd made, and had everything put away by the time she seemed to be ready to give me her attention.
"Okay Ryan," she began, focusing on me from across the island countertop. "So it looks like most schools have a deadline for transfers, and we've missed it for almost all of them."
I looked at her in surprise, first shocked by the fact that she'd been searching for schools already, and then dismayed by the news she'd just delivered. Did that mean I'd have to skip an entire semester?
Because no way in hell was I going back to my Out-of-State school.
"Damn little bro," she commented. "Don't look so bummed. Let me finish first."
I nodded.
"Anyway, that said, I did find two places where you can apply to transfer up until December 31. Unfortunately, that actually leaves you with only one option."
"Wait, what?" I said in surprise. "Why is that?"
She set her phone down, and leaned forward on the counter, crossing her arms so that her heavy vinyl-covered tits were resting on them. Damn her PVC outfit was so hot, looking like she was covered in red shiny plastic.
She frowned. "Because the second school I found, which would have been our very last resort, is the community college I'm attending. And not only do I not want you going to the same place as me, but they also don't have a good business program." She scoffed. "I would know, since it's one of the two degrees I'm getting."
I frowned as well, aware she was getting two degrees, but uncertain if her opinion was reliable, given that she fucked for her grades. Both the teachers and sometimes nerdy students. "Okay, and what if they did have a good program? Why don't you want me going there?"
Her own frown deepened, though there was absolutely nothing unattractive about it. She was still fucking hot as hell. "Do you really want to know?"
"Yeah," I replied without hesitation.
She sighed. "Because I've fucked most of the male teachers, baby brother. Including teachers who I haven't actually taken a class with. Do you really want to have a professor I've fucked grading your assignments?"
"Oh," I said in surprise. "Umm, yeah, I guess you have a point."
"Besides," she continued. "I can only imagine the endless problems that would come up."
"Like what?" I asked seriously.
Her light green eyes were surprisingly very patient as she explained. "Well, to name off the big ones, favoritism and blackmail. It doesn't benefit you to get better grades than you deserve, just because you're my brother. And I don't need teachers threatening to drop your grade if I don't fuck them." Her eyes narrowed, seeming irritated now. "If I fuck, I want to fuck on my terms, not theirs."
"Okay yeah." I nodded in agreement. "Wow, I never would have thought of that."
She sighed. "It's because you're not a woman," she said, sitting up straight again so that I could now see all of her tone stomach. "It's rare for a guy to get blackmailed for sex. But I've had guys try, and while I've never let it happen, I've gotten in a couple of really uncomfortable situations before."
My brow furrowed. "How uncomfortable?" I asked seriously.
She shook her head. "I don't want to talk about it, but nothing bad happened," she reassured me. "It was only uncomfortable in the sense that it was stressful as fuck for a day or two. At least, until I figured out how to deal with it."
"And how did you deal with it?" I wondered. "Just vaguely," I added when she gave me a hard look.
She frowned. "I found a way to blackmail them, so we were even."
"Nice, sis," I said sincerely.
She cracked a really attractive smile, reaching up to tuck some of her blonde hair behind her ear. "Yeah, I'm pretty great, huh?"
"Without a doubt," I agreed. "Fucking amazing."
She rolled her light green eyes. "Damn bro, if I knew you were going to be this much of an ass-kisser, then I would have fucked you on your eighteenth birthday."
"If only," I replied shamelessly. "I'll kiss your ass as much as you want, so long as I get to fuck it too."
She rolled her gorgeous green eyes again. "You wish," she scoffed, seeming to take my comment literally.
I quickly returned to the main conversation, knowing we had to make this transfer happen so we could move in together.
"Okay, so what's the other option then?"
She nodded in acknowledgment, leaning forward on the counter again. "So, I'll email you the details, but it would need to be a temporary thing. You would only go there for one semester, to get in some general ed classes. And the reason why it's possible to transfer there is because they don't have normal semesters. Instead, you take a single class at a time, for five weeks, and then take the next class when you pass. And technically, you might be able to do some of the classes online."
"Oh, that's different," I commented.
She reached up to readjust her Santa hat a little, only to tuck a few stray strands of her blonde hair back behind her cute ears a second time. "Yeah, and I know it's not ideal, but it'll work for what we need. And then you can apply anywhere you want for the Summer and Fall semesters. The credits should transfer no problem."
I grinned, feeling mischievous, my tone sarcastic. "Anywhere, except where you're going, right?" I said, just to be a smartass.
She rolled her light green eyes. "Duh, dumbass. Trust me, you don't want someone blackmailing me and end up getting your grades fucked up. Because I'm not going to subject myself to that."
"Oh. Yeah, of course," I said seriously. "Please don't."
She gave me a small smile, almost as if she was silently approving of my response. But I mean, no way in hell would I respond any differently. Because no matter what happened between us, she was first and foremost my sister.
Which meant, I'd pull a gun on someone before I let a random asshole blackmail her for sex.
When she didn't respond, picking up her phone, I spoke up again.
"So now what?" I wondered. "Should I go ahead and focus on the transfer first, before we do anything else today?"
Her brow was furrowed now as she stared at her phone, looking up at me a few seconds later, her thoughts seeming partially elsewhere. "Umm, yeah, I can send you the email with the information, and then you can go ahead and get that done. Shouldn't take too long." She paused, seeming hesitant. "We should also make a trip to the store, and stock up on some stuff in case the weather strands us at home."
"Like what?" I wondered hesitantly, knowing her well enough to suspect she was hiding something now.
She perked up a little, as if she had an idea. "Well, we should probably get a couple gallons of milk, and we should also get hot chocolate, and maybe see if there are any cheap movies in a bargain bin or something. Could always just look up something online too, but could be fun to roll the dice and see if we find something good." She paused again. "Oh, and I'm also running low on condoms, so I'll probably grab a few boxes of those too."
And there it was.
I crossed my arms, giving her my 'I know you're hiding something' look.
She groaned, reacting as if I'd said it out loud. "You sure you're ready to know how things work?" she asked seriously.
I looked at her in confusion. "How what works?"
She rolled her eyes. "My sex business, idiot."
"Oh," I said in sincere surprise, dropping my arms. "You've got a…umm, client?" I wasn't sure how to refer to it.
"Maybe," she said evenly. "Nerdy guy who I gave a blowjob to about a week ago. Of course, I still follow my month rule, but this might be a situation where I'd make an exception. But first, I need to call him to get more details."
"Fuck," I hissed. "You give these guys your number?"
"Fuck no," she snapped back. "When I call, my number just shows up as Private."
"Then how do they get a hold of you?" I wondered.
She sighed, gesturing with her elbow toward the stool next to her, her tone having just a hint of sarcasm. "Well, do you want to have a seat, so I can educate you?"
I nodded, moving around the island countertop and returning to my spot.
She focused on her phone again, only to pull up her college email, showing me a message. "So, as you can see, initial contact is through the school's email, where they request my Organizational Tutoring Services. I use that as an excuse, since I have that startup where I sell planners, calendars, and such, so I can look legit if I need to."
I nodded, knowing that her artsy organizational business was never a fake, with me only just being naïve to think that it was really making enough money to pay most of our higher education expenses.
She continued. "I then have two ways I communicate with them after that. I either speak to them on the phone, or I direct them to a more private email address where we can talk a bit more freely than the school's email, since I have no doubt the administration can monitor those."
"Right, that's smart."
She smirked. "I bet you'd kiss my ass right now if I demanded it, wouldn't you?"
"Without a doubt."
She just shook her head. "Suck up." She then sighed. "Anyway, after that, it's just a matter of dealing with the when and where, along with the price. I charge a thousand-even for a quick fuck, emphasis on the 'quick' since I'm out of there once they cum, and five-hundred for a blowjob. And I require an electronic down payment of two-hundred no matter which one they pick, just to make sure I definitely get paid something, and so that it looks like I have a consistent rate for my tutoring business. The idea is that I'm billing them for ten hours to help them get organized and manage their time. Everything else is in cash, since it's harder to trace."
"Wow, that's smart too. And I guess that means you really did charge that guy from this morning a lot more than usual."
She nodded. "Yeah, I doubled the price and he still didn't back down. But I'm never going to fuck him again. The arrogant types cause the worst problems, so I told him straight-up that it would only be one time, and one time only."
"And then he went and asked for your number," I recalled.
"Yep," she agreed, only to give me an affectionate look. "Thanks, by the way. For helping to scare him off."
I shrugged. "Of course. No way in hell was I going to let him talk to you like that."
"Yep, should have fucked you a long time ago," she commented with a smirk.
I shook my head, completely serious now. "No, it has nothing to do with that," I said firmly. "You're my sister no matter what. And no bastard is going to talk to you like that, if I can help it."
That look of affection in her light green eyes shifted into borderline passion, before she cleared her throat, getting back on topic. "Anyway, so with this guy, he flat out told me he could only afford to spend a thousand on my services. So that gave him one of two choices, either a one-time fuck, or two blowjobs. He took the second option, which is why I'm considering breaking my month rule."
"Because you might miss out on the money otherwise? If you make him wait?"
She nodded. "Yeah, and also because I don't have to worry about him getting any weird ideas in his head if it's only going to be these two times. However, I still want to call him to get more details."
I frowned. "Hence, the condoms."
Her brow furrowed. "Well, not exactly. I've got plenty to cover this, and could even do a few additional appointments, but I really am running low. I don't like to get even close to running out, since I don't let the guys use their own condoms, because then I might end up with some dumbass who uses the condom that he's had in his wallet for two years. And those are worth a shit, since heat and time are the two worst enemies to a condom's quality. Meaning keeping one in a wallet is a horrible idea."
"Good to know," I replied, trying to yank her chain, only for her to not react at all, as if she couldn't care less if I was carrying condoms in my wallet.
"And I also really do want to get hot chocolate and look for a movie," she continued, her emerald gaze suddenly affectionate again. "I really want to enjoy our Christmas break together."
I gulped, feeling weird about having her look at me like that, but also loving every second of it. "S-Sounds good," I agreed.
She unexpectedly grinned. "So then, you're not going to get all pissy when we make a pitstop, right? So I can give a blowjob," she clarified, just to make it crystal clear what she meant, only for her to make it clear that she wasn't really giving me a choice. "Would you prefer before or after we go shopping?"
I grimaced, knowing her first question wasn't really a question. It was her trying to be nice about dropping a very clear hint at what she expected. "I guess before," I replied in resignation. "So we can get it out of the way."
"Agreed," she replied simply.
"So now what?" I wondered.
She glanced down at my lap. "Well, I can fuck you first, if you want, but it doesn't look like you're in the mood anymore."
She wasn't wrong about that. Our discussion had finally caused the raging monster in my pants to calm down.
Amber continued. "So then, how about I give this guy a call, and then I'll get ready to leave. In the meantime, you can focus on filling out the transfer request, so that's all taken care of. Then, once we run our errands and are back home, we'll have the rest of the week to relax, just you and me. I don't plan on taking any additional jobs over Christmas break."
I nodded. "Okay, yeah, I guess that sounds like a plan then."
She grinned, holding up her phone. "Okay, let me send you the details for that school."
As she tapped on her phone screen, I couldn't help but focus on her outfit again, suddenly experiencing a deep longing even though I wasn't feeling very horny at the moment.
She noticed when she looked back up, giving me a sympathetic look. "You want this, huh?" she commented quietly, her tone surprisingly understanding and gentle. "You want your big sister's body?"
"Umm, yeah," I replied, almost feeling sad now for some reason.
She reached out and gently rubbed my arm affectionately. "Don't worry, baby brother. I'll put this outfit on for you again. And the next time we fuck, we can take it a little more slow, so you can really enjoy every aspect."
"What do you mean?" I wondered.
She smirked. "I'll make sure you spend time kissing my feet, kissing my thighs, rubbing your face against my ass, rubbing your face on my tits, and of course we'll spend some time just making-out."
Fuck, so much for losing my libido.
She grinned when she noticed I was a bit firmer now. "Shit, little bro, how did I never know you were so huge?"
I scoffed, having been aware I was above average, but just not knowing she'd like it so much. "Well, I don't exactly go around parading my erections."
"Yeah, but still." She frowned. "I guess maybe between you wearing boxers and loose jeans, I just never got a chance to see your bulge."
I shrugged.
She looked up again, only to lean forward and kiss me on the forehead, her light green eyes affectionate. "Okay, enough delay. Let's get to work and get this done."

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