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Naughty Sister Buys My Silence 03 — Slutty Sister makes her younger brother Eat Her Out.
Submitted: February 18, 2021 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)
Tags: incest, sister, cuckold (brother/sister), cheating (sister/boyfriend), prostitution, big tits, blowjob, domination
Hey there!
IMPORTANT INFO: For those of you who are concerned about the cuckold aspect of this story, I want to say two things: 1) the brother (MC) will never watch his sister having sex with another man, and 2) the eventual goal of this story is for their situation to find a happy equilibrium that readers will also likely be satisfied with.
The purpose of that aspect of the story is that it makes it much more realistic. I've actually got this story written up past chapter 8, and it's only getting hotter as the plot progresses.
– SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19: Afternoon –
I'd gone shopping with my older sister a million times over the course of our lives growing up, and yet this time was significantly different than all the rest. Because for the first time ever, it was like we were together as a couple, bound by a thread of fate even stronger than marriage, somehow finding ourselves in some kind of weird limbo between siblings and soulmates.
Granted, I was fully aware my twenty-one-year-old sister would laugh in my face and call me a 'fucking idiot' if I ever told her that's how I felt. No doubt she might encourage me to get a girlfriend, or to start fucking around like she did, just so I wouldn't get any weird ideas in my head about fucking my sister being more than what it was — pure erotic pleasure.
Because for Amber, who usually needed more than just physical stimulation to have an orgasm, I was the ultimate taboo, and therefore capable of giving her the ultimate orgasms by joining her in consuming the most forbidden of fruits in existence.
It was the same reason why she had orgasms fucking her college teachers for grades, though I had an edge over those bastards in every way. My cock was bigger, she found me more attractive, and most importantly, I was the one person she should never fuck.
So, of course, she was beyond thrilled to fuck my brains out.
Still, Amber also made it clear that making money by whoring herself out was something that wasn't going to change anytime soon. And I was willing to put up with it, since not only would I be fucking her as much as I wanted, but we'd also be making porn videos together in order to make even more cash.
I was also willing to put up with it because she was my older sister, and I should really have no say at all in her sex life. I knew I should just be happy she was fucking me at all, instead of complaining that I wasn't her only sex partner.
At the grocery store, we stuck together as we shopped, grabbing milk, hot chocolate mix, looking for cheap movies in the bargain bin, and then finally grabbing four boxes of condoms so that she was stocked up for her future clients that she either sucked or fucked.
The protection certainly wasn't for me, since I'd been a virgin before we fucked earlier that morning, and she wasn't concerned at all about having my cum fill her pussy. In fact, she loved it.
Then, when we checked out, she bought everything except the milk, so that it looked a little less like we were a couple. And I bought only the milk, the two of us heading back outside and making our way to my car. Unsurprisingly, the female cashier didn't think twice about the condoms, even if it was four boxes of thirty-six each, and honestly didn't seem like she gave a damn that some random college-age chick was buying more than a normal person could go through in half a year.
After I got behind the steering wheel, I paused to examine my sister's tight ass while she got in, admiring her cute yet simple outfit. She was wearing normal faded skinny jeans, along with black suede boots with white fluffy trim at the top, and also had on a thick ivory cashmere sweater and a black leather jacket. Her naturally huge 36-DD sized chest was almost too large for the zipper, with her seeming to have gotten in the habit of sucking in a breath when she wanted to zip up the leather jacket all the way.
Of course, that just made the semi-glossy black material look super tight around her tits, as if she was about to burst through the seams, even while the rest of the fitted sleeves and waist conformed to her body like a glove.
"Ready?" my older sister asked with a grin when I didn't immediately start pulling out.
"Yep," I said cheerfully. "Anywhere else you want to visit before we head home?"
She thought about that, pursing her hot lip-gloss-covered lips. "You know what would be kind of fun, little bro? Visiting an adult store with you." She then laughed when she saw my flushed face. "Doubt you could handle it right now though, and if we did, it might have to be pretty far away from here."
I gulped. "Umm, yeah, maybe a different time," I suggested.
She chuckled some more, her light green eyes amused, the exotic color vibrant against the tasteful dark makeup she was wearing. "Okay, then let's go home. I did promise you to let you enjoy that slutty Christmas outfit some more, and then we can snuggle on the couch with hot chocolate and watch some movies together." She paused. "And I might have a few other hot things we can do too, if you're willing to keep an open mind."
Shit, I wasn't sure if I should be excited or anxious.
"Like what?" I said hesitantly, uncertain if I was going to be okay with whatever she was thinking of.
She smirked. "Let's go home first. Don't want the neighbors to see your raging monster, and I can't exactly suck you off in the driveway to take care of it."
I gulped. Fuck, why didn't I have better tinting on my car windows?
Oh well.
Being more than happy with that plan, and kind of looking forward to finding out what she might want to do aside from the basics, I pulled out of the parking lot and began making our way home. The trip was kind of an exciting one, because it felt like the start of something amazing, and at the same time I felt as if the six-hundred dollars in my wallet was going to burn a hole through my jeans.
Because I still couldn't fully decide if I was sitting on a gold mine of money and lust, or tipping over the edge of a cliff, not realizing what lie far below.
To be clear, the money was definitely not the important thing here, but I had to admit that feeling like money problems wouldn't matter anymore was a very nice perk. Something to make me a little bit more okay with being a part of my older sister's sex schemes.
At this point, it was fair to say that I was a willing accomplice in at least keeping her dirty little secret.
When we got home, I finally decided to get my stuff up into my room, seeing my space for the first time in the almost half day that I'd been back at the house. Inside was all my usual stuff, seemingly untouched, including my nicely made bed — thanks to our mom's obsession with it being neat while I was gone — along with my entertainment center and desk, the former of which included a small flatscreen TV and a gaming console that I decided not to bring to school.
I was definitely glad for that decision now, considering I never would have had time to use it. Plus, it would have been a huge distraction when I needed to be focused. Even now, I wasn't entirely sure if I'd be able to get back on and play a game, certainly not with me and my sister alone in the house.
I'd much rather do almost anything with her, rather than do something on my own.
Just as I was getting ready to leave my room to ask Amber what she might like for lunch, figuring I could get started on it while I waited, she appeared in my doorway, wearing the same clothing as before.
"Hey bro, after I change, where do you want me?"
My eyes widened at how casual she said that, coupled with how hot her attitude was about me playing with her like she was a free-use sex doll. Fuck, I still couldn't believe this was happening.
Taking a second to actually think about it, trying to figure out what kind of stuff I might start off with first, she laughed at me, an amused grin on her face.
"Wow, baby brother. It's not that tough of a decision. Wanna start downstairs on the couch again, and go from there? I'll put blankets down this time, so we don't get your cum all over the furniture. Those will at least be easy to wash."
I nodded. "Yeah, actually that sounds good," I agreed.
"Cool," she said with a smirk. "I'll probably be a little bit though, so maybe would you want to get started on lunch? I'm kind of in the mood for something cheesy."
"I was just about to ask you that," I replied with a warm smile. "Want something simple like grilled cheese? Or something else? I'll make whatever you want."
She chuckled. "Wow, I never knew I'd love having you be so eager to please me. We have tortillas in the pantry, if you don't mind frying up some cheese quesadillas."
"Sure. And I'll use some taco seasoning, if we have it. Want hot sauce on yours?"
She frowned. "I think we actually have some kind of specialty taco sauce too. But if you can't find it, then hot sauce works."
"Sounds good." I paused. "And mind if I ask a question?"
"Go for it," she agreed.
"I'm fine with waiting," I quickly said, just to make sure that was clear. "But just wondering, what takes so long?"
"Me getting ready?" she clarified, only to frown. "Sure you want to know?"
"Of course."
She sighed, leaning against the doorframe and crossing her arms over her huge tits, currently covered in her ivory cashmere sweater. She looked better than models in a fashion magazine. "I fuck a lot, baby brother, and even though I make the guys use condoms, I don't like feeling like I'm not clean. So, I have a pretty elaborate hygiene routine, including a reusable douche that I use to wash out my cunt and ass."
My eyes widened slightly. "Oh…so then, does that mean you do butt stuff too?"
She frowned at that. "No, not usually. But it's still a part of my hygiene routine, since I make porn videos too and want to make sure all the basics are covered." She took a deep breath. "Besides, some of your cum is still in my pussy, and I doubt you want to taste that in the event you decide to eat me out. I would have douched before we left, if I'd realized how much was still in there, but instead I had to spend this whole trip with my panties wet from your sticky semen."
Holy fuck!
I didn't know what to say, because suddenly all I could think about was her giving blowjobs to two different guys, while her panties were wet with my cum. No wonder she was so adamant about not letting her boyfriend fuck her. Shit, she would have said no even if she wanted to, since I doubted there was any way to hide the evidence if he got his cock in her.
At the very least, she'd probably be much wetter than he was used to, considering she was stuffed full of some other dude's thick slimy semen.
"Yeah, that makes sense," I agreed simply, trying to keep my cool. "Thank you for explaining. But then, can I ask if you ever have done butt stuff? And why you usually don't?"
She sighed, only to give me a small smile. "You want your cock up my ass, little bro?"
My face got hot. "Umm, well, maybe. But that wasn't why I was asking. I'm just curious."
She nodded, still smiling. "Well, I should clarify that when I say 'not usually' I mean like maybe once every month. Maybe once every two months."
My eyes widened. "Oh."
The fuck? Once a month was infrequent to her? Shit, how much did she fuck in a month for that to be considered unusual?
"So anyway," she continued. "While I do sort of offer ass fucks, I don't advertise it to clients, and I'm very particular about who I allow do it. Also, I charge an extra two-hundred dollar premium for it, just to make sure that only the guys who desperately want that are the ones getting it."
"Okay…" I began hesitantly. "Is there a reason why? Does it hurt or something? Just trying to understand."
She shook her head. "No, not at all. At least, not if the people involved know what they are doing. When doing anal, it's really important to be patient and to take it slow." She sighed. "But basically, the reason is because anal sex pretty much requires for me to be fucked from behind." Her expression abruptly darkened. "And I don't let most guys fuck me from behind. Ever. Aside from those rare cases."
I stared at her in shock, again having zero idea for the abrupt change in her demeanor or what her reasoning might be. Wanting to keep the conversation moving, I probed for more. "Okay, so then what sex positions do you do? And what's the reasoning for not doing certain ones?"
She frowned, almost seeming to debate if she wanted to ask, 'Do you really want to know' again, only to realize what my answer would be.
She sighed. "When fucking, I only do one basic type of position. They're on bottom, I'm on top. So for example, I might have them sit on a couch, or in a chair, and then I sit on their lap facing them. That way, they get my tits in their face, and I get to stay in control." She then took a deep breath, her arms still crossed. "When I first started doing this, I quickly discovered how fast guys can get out of control and aggressive if I let them be in a more dominant position. Nothing bad ever happened," she clarified. "But I'm not there to let them fuck me like a cheap whore who they can just treat however they want. I demand a certain level of respect, and the only way I can get that from some guys is by controlling the position. When I'm on top, and can more easily get up if I want to, they are more receptive to listening to my instructions."
"Huh, I honestly never would have thought of that," I admitted. "Of course, I'm a virgin and all, so no surprise there."
"Excuse me?" Amber said in mock annoyance. "Were a virgin. I worked hard to steal that virginity, little brother, so don't go trying to claim you still have it." She abruptly held out her fist, with palm and curled fingers up, as if she was holding onto something tightly in her grasp. "Because it's mine and you can't get it back."
I laughed. "Don't want it back, so please keep it."
She grinned, crossing her arms again. "Will do, baby brother. Any other questions before I start getting ready?"
"Umm, so just to make sure I understand. You don't do anal with most guys because they might stop listening to you, and get out of control, since they're in a more dominating position. And then, I'm assuming that the guys you do it with are really into it, and they also follow strict rules or something, right?"
"Pretty much," she agreed with a nod. "And you realize what that means, right?" she added, her tone more warm.
My brow furrowed, before I shook my head.
Her emerald gaze suddenly became affectionate. "I let you take control, baby. When I was on the phone, I did reverse cowgirl, and mostly let you fuck me how you wanted. I don't do reverse cowgirl with hardly anyone, since it falls under the 'fucking from behind' category, even if I'm on top."
My eyes were wide. "Wow," I said sincerely, grasping the significance. "Thank you. Really. Thanks, sis. I'm glad I asked now, because you gave me something special and I wouldn't have realized, if you hadn't explained."
She continued to smile warmly. "I've given you something very special, little bro. Because I know you, and know I can trust you. And if you keep 'just being you,' then there will be nothing off limits to you at all."
I gulped at that, prompting a cute giggle.
"Okay," she said with a louder laugh, standing up straight again. "Let me get ready. We can talk more later."
"Can I see it?" I unexpectedly blurted out.
She hesitated just as she was turning, looking at me in confusion. "See what?" she wondered.
My face was burning up now. I wasn't sure if I could manage to get it out, since I was suddenly so embarrassed by what I wanted. "Umm, well…" I tried to clear my throat, only to point weakly toward her jeans.
She looked down for a second, before her light green eyes widened. "My panties?" she wondered.
I nodded, feeling like my face was going to explode now. "Umm, yeah."
She laughed. "You want to see the mess you made?" she asked with a chuckle. "Oh fuck, that's kind of adorable, bro." Her expression became affectionate again. "Sure, I'll show you. Let's go to the bathroom so you can watch me strip."
I tried to swallow the lump in my throat, my cock already straining against my jeans, as I followed her out of my bedroom and to the bathroom we shared. The first thing she did was lift up a foot onto the toilet, taking a look herself to see if she had soaked through…
Sure enough, there was a small wet spot in her crotch.
She then grinned up at me, almost looking proud, unbuttoning her pants and beginning to wiggle her tight ass out of them, revealing what she had on underneath.
Amber was wearing pink silk panties, with black trim and a cute ornamental black bow at the top in the front.
Holy fuck, it was hot.
Keeping my eyes on the prize, I watched as she slowly lowered her silk undies, being intentional about her pace, seeming to watch my expression as she revealed her closely shaven pubic hair. Even though she was naturally blonde, her hair was light brown down there, looking as hot as fuck with how she had it trimmed. Especially since her actual pussy was completely bare, the patch almost like an ornamental reminder of her womanhood.
And then she finally got her panties low enough to begin separating the crotch area from her juicy folds, long thin streams of semi-transparent cum remaining attached as she moved them even lower. Of course, I knew her own cum was mixed in with mine, knowing that was probably why it was so clear looking. Granted, I'd read that girl cum could be whipped up into a cream too, from fucking, so hard to say.
When she got them down to the middle of her thighs, she finally took a look herself, again seeming proud of what she saw.
"Come closer," she whispered, looking back up at me with an affectionate gaze.
When I did, she reached out for my hand, and began giving me a gentle tug on the wrist.
"Here," she continued, turning my palm more toward her and resting my fingertips against her pubic hair. She then kept one hand on my wrist while gently pulling on my shoulder, urging me even closer. "I want you to stick your fingers in me, and feel my G-spot," she whispered, her arm beginning to wrap around my shoulders as she eliminated the space between us.
I gulped, unable to look away from her passionate light green eyes, our lips suddenly so close as she tenderly eased my fingers downward, even as her lips softly touched mine.
I carefully began inserting my middle finger as we kissed, easing in my index finger too, slowly pushing deeper as her warm tongue slipped into my mouth. Then, once my arousal finally overtook me, I began wrapping my own arm around her waist, pulling her tighter against me as I felt around for something I'd only previously read about.
What I felt was sort of what I was expecting, and sort of wasn't.
It was kind of bumpy like I suspected it would be, but I almost felt as if 'wrinkly' was a better way to describe it. Almost sort of like pruney fingers from being in the bath too long, or maybe even just like an actual prune inside of her.
Granted, it was more firm than a prune would be, and there was nothing gross about feeling it. In fact, it made me horny as hell when I realized I was on the right spot, and the moment I began pressing firmly against it, Amber gasped against my lips, only to moan uncontrollably into my mouth.

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