Naughty Sister Buys My Silence

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Naughty Sister Buys My Silence — Slutty sister offers her body in Xmas themed PVC outfit.
Submitted: October 31, 2020
Keywords: incest, sister, cuckold (brother/sister), cheating (sister/boyfriend), prostitution, big tits, blowjob, domination
Hey there! This story has incest, involves a slutty older sister (age 21), a virgin younger brother (age 19), and also has some 'discussions' related to the topic of cuckold (no cucking actually happens, only discussions about it).
If any of these themes are a turnoff for you, then now's your chance to stop here. Alternatively, if you are okay with all of these themes, then you may really enjoy this story.

Also, this story is written in first-person from the guy's perspective, and is thus more oriented toward a male audience. However, I'm sure there are women who would enjoy this too (so long as you're fine with incest stories).
My other current story, Innocent Devil's Harem (which also has some borderline incest) has a number of female readers who enjoy it due to my writing style, even though it's written in first-person and aimed at men, so just depends on personal preferences.

Note: The older sister in this story is kind of a bitch and definitely a slut, but sincerely cares about her brother, despite her attitude. She just doesn't like to show her feelings, since it makes her feel vulnerable.
– FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18: Evening –
– (Start of Christmas Break) –
My first semester of my Freshman year of college was more stressful than I'd anticipated, in part due to me taking on more classes than I was prepared to handle. I'd been hoping I might manage to graduate a semester or two early, but now I realized the fool I'd been to think I could handle that level of obligation.
No way was I going to manage to maintain my good grades if I tried to keep up with that pace, even if I was still set on my business degree. Which meant, I was probably going to have to drop out of at least one of my spring classes.
It was a tough decision, but thankfully I had all of Christmas Break to think on it and figure out which one I'd delay taking.
But honestly, I knew I shouldn't complain either way, since I was lucky enough to go to the Out-of-State University that I wanted, primarily due to my older sister's secret help. Unfortunately, even after getting all the financial aid I was eligible for, as well as a personal loan from the bank, I was still almost ten thousand short.
Perks of being Out-of-State — tuition was outrageous.
But thankfully, my twenty-one-year-old sister, Amber, who was a Junior at a local community college back home, had a really successful online business she started a couple of years ago, selling planners, calendars, and other artsy shit she designed. Normally, I wouldn't think she could make so much with something that practically anyone could do, to an extent, but her tiny startup had really taken off.
Thus, not only was Amber paying for most of her own tuition at this point, but she was also significantly helping out with mine, wanting to make sure I went to the school I had my dreams set on. Of course, she didn't want our parents to know how well she was doing though, giving me examples of all the problems that might cause.
She also pointed out that online businesses tended to be inconsistent, and while she was doing well now, her sales could all dry up out of the blue. The internet was funny that way, having the potential to reach a ridiculous number of customers, while simultaneously being able to lose them just as easily, especially when search results for the various artsy websites she sold on were based on ever-changing algorithms.
But that was fine with me. I didn't mind keeping it to myself, certainly not about to sabotage the gift she'd given me. I mean, ten grand was a shit ton of money, and she'd supposedly set aside another ten grand for next year.
However, honestly, my tuition was so bad compared to what it would be for In-State, that I was seriously wondering if getting my degree at a more prestigious university was even worth it. Especially so, considering I could get a business degree almost anywhere, practically of the same quality, given that each school had to be accredited.
Not to mention, Amber lived at home still, which eliminated any housing expenses for her. If I could similarly go to a university closer to home, then I'd likely save a ton of money, even if my commute was an hour long.
But I was trying not to focus on all that right now, instead keeping my eyes on the traffic ahead of me on the road. It was late Friday night, the Fall semester was officially over, and I'd originally planned on returning home on Sunday evening.
However, there was a blizzard actively rolling in, visibility already pretty bad by this point, and it was only going to get worse. After checking the weather, I realized if I didn't leave tonight, then I might not be able to make it home until after Christmas in a week, given how bad it was supposed to get. Ironically, it wouldn't be too horrible back home, but where I was it was probably going to shut down everything for a week.
In the back of my mind, I also wondered how this was going to affect my parents' travel plans, since they were currently celebrating their anniversary in Alaska to see the Northern Lights, something that had been on their bucket list since they first got married twenty-two years ago. Even though our actual house wouldn't get hit too hard, the airport would likely cancel flights if the forecast ended up being accurate.
Oh well. Worst case and I might end up celebrating Christmas with just me and my sister. Or just waiting until our parents got back.
I'd already sent a message to my mom to let her know I was heading home a couple of days early, not at all worried about telling Amber, since I could let myself in. Not to mention, it being a Friday night probably meant she wouldn't even be home. She had a boyfriend, and I was well aware that she spent all the time she could at his dorm room whenever she was able to get away with it.
Honestly, it kind of gave me an uneasy feeling, imagining what Amber was probably doing over there, but I knew I had no right to be uncomfortable with it.
I mean, my older sister was objectively as hot as hell, having blonde hair, light green eyes, and a thin figure combined with a whopping Double-D chest — at least, I knew her bra size was 36-DD. She got the blonde hair and green eyes from mom, but the huge tits came from our dad's side of the family, since my mom wasn't naturally that large, only being a B-cup prior to her getting implants nine years ago.
Remembering how small my mom used to be when I was about nine years old, it was kind of strange when my sister sort of 'caught up' to our mother's artificial implants only a few years later.
I admit I'd found myself thinking of Amber a few times when jerking off, especially in high school when we were both living at home, which I suspected was where the suppressed jealousy came from. But I knew those feelings were wrong, and that I needed to get over them.
Really, I needed to start dating as well, with the main reason why I hadn't yet being the lack of time from taking so many classes.
Still, there were a few hot chicks who seemed like they might be interested in me, though it was hard to tell. It helped that our whole family had grown up physically active, my dad making sure I started lifting weights when I turned fifteen, so that I'd bulk up when my hormones were at their highest. But unfortunately, I wasn't familiar enough with the dating game to know when a girl was flirting with me, or when she was just being friendly.
Of course, that meant I was still a virgin too, at the age of nineteen.
Oh well, maybe next semester I could take a few chances after I dropped a class or two.
Taking a deep breath, I was relieved when the blizzard started easing up, knowing that I'd managed to get through the worst of it simply by driving far enough out of its reach. Now, while it would be snowing where my home was, it shouldn't be so bad that we couldn't leave the house if we wanted.
At least, it shouldn't be a problem tomorrow, with there being an advisory for icy roads tonight.
And sure enough, at just after 2 AM, by the time I was pulling onto our street in the high-end subdivision we lived in, the streets weren't too bad at all, the ground covered in only a couple of inches of light powder. The scene was actually serene this late at night, the perfect look for Christmas, especially when combined with the decorations lighting up the streets.
However, our house wasn't lit up at all, since my dad wanted to save on the electricity bill while they were gone.
Honestly, given that our house was a bit over five-thousand square feet, people would probably think we were loaded, but that was the thing — our parents had a nice house, and nice cars, which meant that was where all the money was.
Especially in the house, which they originally bought for a little over five-hundred thousand.
It was worth quite a bit more now, but they probably wouldn't sell it for the equity until they hit retirement age in a couple of decades. In essence, the house was a big part of their retirement plan, being one of their biggest investments.
I was a little surprised to see my sister's blue car in the driveway, wondering if she was really home or if her boyfriend had picked her up.
I considered sending her a message to find out, but didn't want to piss her off in the event she was sound asleep already and my text woke her up.
That was the funny thing about my older sister. Given how generous she was toward me, one would probably think she was really nice to me too, but that actually wasn't the case. She was usually kind of mean, often speaking down to me and belittling me, which I viewed as harsh teasing that she'd never really grown out of.
Really, it was kind of just her personality.
She was sort of a bitch in general, not taking anyone's shit, including mine, though if she were born a guy then people would just call her a hardass, an alpha male, or something else more flattering. But at the same time, I knew she cared about me, since we did have plenty of civil conversations, even if she often had a mocking edge to her tone whenever she thought I was being naïve or stupid.
Or whenever she just wanted to mess with me.
She was also sarcastic as hell.
But the kind of behavior that was shocking to most others, was normal to me, and I was kind of fond of it. I mean, I'd grown up with it, so to me that was just who my sister was, and it was actually comforting being around her bitchy personality.
We'd definitely always had a love-hate relationship, where at the end of the day, it was clear she loved me, even if it felt like I was pissing her off every two seconds.
Quietly unlocking the front door with my key, I saw her black leather purse sitting right on the entryway table, indicating she was home. But of course, all the lights were off, and as far as I could tell, she was asleep in bed. Not wanting to wake her up, I went ahead and dragged my luggage into the front door, leaving it there for now so she didn't hear me banging it up the stairs.
Directly on the right was one of the two entrances to the dining room, a long mahogany table set underneath a fancy chandelier, with the other entrance leading to the kitchen. On the left was a sort of lounging room that my parents used as a home office, and then ahead of me was the stairs that also went left, along with the living room just beyond them.
There was no separation between our main TV room and the kitchen on the right, aside from the shift from carpet to tiles, as well as a small island counter with three stool chairs. Much of the primary living space had an open concept, so someone walking down the stairs could see into both the living room and kitchen easily.
In the meantime, with my luggage inside now, I was exhausted and more than ready to get to bed.
I thought about flipping on the widescreen TV in the downstairs living room for a little bit, just to see if anything interesting was on that I could pass out to while watching, but the moment I hit the soft gray cushions, I decided I wasn't budging until morning. It wouldn't have been the first time I slept downstairs, the couch sometimes more comfortable than my own bed.
Shit, even my dad ended up on the couch every once in a while, and not because there were issues between him and my mom, as far as I was aware — it was just that comfortable.
Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I sent a message to my mom to let her know I was home safely. I then set an alarm so I didn't sleep too late, figuring I might be able to surprise Amber with breakfast in the morning.
Best to begin our two-week break with a good start, so she didn't get pissy at me by the time I was heading back to school. Not to mention, I wanted to appease her anyway, since I felt like I was ten grand indebted to her, about to be double that within the next year, even if it didn't sound like she wanted me to pay her back.
So yeah, definitely going to make her breakfast.
Taking a deep breath, I let my mind wander, exhausted after finals week and all the sleepless nights I spent studying, with the only reason I wasn't already asleep being because of all the caffeine I'd consumed. But that just left me at a point where I was both exhausted and kind of alert too.
It would be nice to relax for a couple of weeks at home — nice to be around my family again.
To forget school existed for a while…
Within a few minutes, I finally felt my mind begin drifting off to sleep.
– SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19: Morning –
Once I fell unconscious, I was out like a rock until my alarm went off five hours later, feeling like no time had passed at all, while simultaneously feeling as if I'd been out for days. I thought about closing my eyes for another five minutes, but knew if I didn't get up now then I'd likely end up passing out for another couple of hours.
Ah, fuck, get up Ryan.
Taking a deep breath, I sat up and stared at the carpet for a few seconds while I tried to collect my thoughts. I then stood up and went over to my suitcase by the door to grab my toothbrush and deodorant. I'd taken a shower before I left school, since I normally showered at night, and thus smelled fine, only needing to freshen up a little.
Once I was done in the downstairs bathroom, I walked back into the living room and into the kitchen, opening the pantry and fridge to get an idea of what I could make.
Deciding on chocolate chip pancakes, which was among my sister's top five favorite breakfasts, I got out all the ingredients, pouring the pancake mix in a bowl, adding the water, and then mixing it up with a metal whisk. I then grabbed a skillet and got that on the stove to start warming up, followed by grabbing the large bag of chocolate chips.
It was as I was beginning to sprinkle some chocolate into the batter that I heard my sister's bed creaking upstairs.
For half a second, I thought it was just her climbing out of bed, but the sound slowly became more rhythmic, until the noise was unmistakable.
Shit, my sister was fucking!
Confused as hell, being briefly in denial, I stopped what I was doing and quietly dashed through the living room, glancing upstairs as I made my way to the front door to look outside. Sure enough, there were no signs of anyone else's vehicle. Of course, there were a few cars parked on the street further away, which I didn't think much of last night since that happened occasionally on the weekends when people had large groups over at their homes, but no obvious sign that my sister had company over.
So then, did she drive?
The creaking grew even louder, and suddenly I didn't know what to do.
Quietly dashing back to the living room, I grabbed my phone where I'd left it on the couch and started typing out a message.
That's when the loud moaning started.
Like, really loud moaning.
Fuck, my sister sounded like a pornstar!
It was objectively hot. And sincerely depressing, knowing she was fucking her boyfriend practically above my head.
And I also knew it was already at the point of no return.
Even if I sent my message, no way in hell was she going to stop mid-fuck in order to see who was texting her. Which meant, I really only had two options now — only two ways to try avoiding how awkward it was going to be when she realized I was here.
Either I could try to get my stuff back outside and pretend like I was just arriving, or I'd continue to make breakfast and pretend like I didn't hear — act like I was surprised she had company over.
The problem was, both options were bad, because my mom knew when I'd arrived home which meant my sister would likely end up finding out. That particular outcome would be worse in the end, since not only would my sister know I'd lied to her, but she would know I heard her fucking, since obviously that would be the reason I'd come up with a lie.
Thus, I felt like my best option was to continue making breakfast and pretend like I was oblivious.
To be fair, I was still pretty tired, not entirely thinking straight, and there was possibly a masochistic side of me that deep down wanted to hear what I was hearing.
However, as I went back to putting chocolate chips in the batter, my older sister was making it really hard for my upcoming lie to be believable.
Her moaning and dirty talking were getting even louder, to the point that I could make out words now.
"That's right, fuck me with that big cock of yours! Fuck my pussy, you bastard. Think of all the cum you shot on my face last night, and all the cum you're going to fill me with now. Think of, uh!" Suddenly she was moaning again. "Uh, uh, uh, uh! Fuck yes! Fuck yes!" My sister screamed, the kind of orgasmic shriek that I'd only ever seen in porn videos online.
And I was frozen solid, my mind blank, feeling completely lost and empty.
All rational thoughts were gone now, any plans I had for remediation or avoidance out the window. Now, I just felt depressed as hell, my hands slowly resuming what I was doing as if I was sleepwalking now, just unconsciously going through the motions on autopilot.
I felt numb.
And worse, was I knew deep down I'd probably end up jerking to this memory later on, after the depression wore off.
After my sister's orgasmic scream, there was actually quite a bit of commotion upstairs as it sounded like they were both getting ready to leave. Literally, only two minutes later, and I heard them both walking down the hallway, reaching the top of the stairs.
Just completely numb still, I looked over my shoulder as I saw the guy come down first, only to freeze solid when our eyes met.
It wasn't her boyfriend.
"The fuck?!" the guy exclaimed in alarm, startled just as much as I was.
My sister was right on his heels, wearing an electric blue silk nightie with black lacey edges…and literally nothing else. Her huge tits were nearly spilling out of the top, her nipples hard underneath the azure silky fabric. Her blonde hair was obviously disheveled, with it being clear she'd been in a rush to put it up in a high ponytail, no concern for appearance.
"Fuck, Ryan, when did you get home?" my sister asked seriously, seeming much less alarmed.
The stranger looked over his shoulder at her. "Who the fuck is this?"
She rolled her emerald eyes, seeming annoyed now. "It's my dumb fucking brother."
"Shit," the guy hissed.

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