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Hi Shanky here, I m sending my first story in ISS this is the true story of mine let me introduce myself& my cousin I’m 19 year old my name is Shanky I’m a singer / dancer making my concert through out the country and my cousin is 22 year old and a fashion designer. I actually live in Mumbai but at holidays I used to come home back at Bhopal. My cousin lives on Bhopal with her mom & younger sister her father is dead due to kidney failure. Her mom works on NIFD so she usually remains outside for fashion concerts.

On the holiday I went to my home. Due to long journey I was tired so I went to sleep, when I awake then I went to some of my old friends to meet, some colleges were arranging navratri function they called me to perform for them. Then on next day my aunt (chachi) called me to stay in there house because she was going to Delhi for navratra fashion week. I went to there house at night when I knocked the door I saw my cousin opened the door oh my god she looks like a princess she was 5-7″ tall slim round tits and nice ass she looks gorgeous she maintained her well as she was a fashion designer she dressed here with nice outfit. She was surprised to see me after 2year,we have eaten food outside then come to home and slept.

When she knows that I was performing in navratri mahotsav she was eager to learn some of the dandiya steps from me, I was ready to teach her. On the next day she came to me for learning with wearing pink top and black cargo, I said to her that u can not learn in this getup, she gone to change after few minute she called me inside to chose the dress which would be comfortable for dancing ,then I selected one from them mannn I was shocked she started changing in front of me when she removed her pant then I saw a nice cleaned pairs of legs .And when she was removing her tops she made her back to me but I can see her tits from mirror behind her with her white bra, I established that day I cant sleep whole night. On the next day when we were dancing I putted my fingers on here boobs she smiled then we carry on. Next day when she was bathing I went to her room and hidden there she came on the room and closed the door when she opened the towel I was a crazy fuckable man my dick got harden her tits was in such a round shape as like horny porn star. I raised there she made her back to me so she cant she me, from the back I pressed her tits what a sponge she turned and slap to me I removed my pants and franchi and shown her my dick after some chatting she taken my dick on her hand I feel so great. I laid her on bed and started kissing her boobs I inserted my hand inside her panty her pussy was and her clit was hard I rubbed it many times she then started to suck my penis, I suggested her for 69 position we both where enjoying she wanted to be fucked I made my dick near her wet hairy pussy when I pushed in it was to narrow that it cant go inside I applied some oil on my dick and some in her pussy it was now yet easy to put inside then when I pushed she shouted from pain my half penis was inside she moaned loudly motherfucker fuck me hard then I started really fucking the bitch hard she was mooning very loudly. I want to have anal sex but she refused then I tied her hands from my hands now her nice ass was waiting for me when I inserted my dick she cried loudly then I left her hands free and caught her hairs I stared doggy fucking I cummed on her ass and we both were tired. Then here younger sister started knocking on the door we quickly dressed up when opened the door she asked what happened didi why where you shouting I thought she heard her sis mooning.

Then after that day I fucked her whole navratra it makes too tired that I can even not perform well on the stage. Now I m back on Mumbai and continued my work at all night I remembered those days with her and masturbate. now I have numbers of gf there and have sex but I cant forget my first sex.