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I was getting on at 40 still single and not doing any good with my few relationships. I felt useless and wanted a family of my own like my siblings had. I’m the oldest of 4 and still hadn’t married, only lost my virginity because I paid a hooker. I’m not what you would call handsome I’m skinny and now balding and wear glasses. But that’s not an excuse as other men get wives who aren’t better than I am. Feeling a total failure, I read about mail order brides and thought maybe that was my only chance. But dismissed it and decided I wanted to meet my possible wife first and so I went overseas. Money isn’t a concern for me as I’ve a great career and come from money as well. I tried several countries and when I found nothing I moved on to the next. Not advertising my need for a wife, I scoped out the situation and by pure chance or luck. I met my now wife; she 23 was acting as my translator and was herself on the marriage market. I had said I was investigating the local marriage customs as a cover, and she explained it to me. That’s how I found out she was available; she said her chances were slim as she had no dowry to speak and had her mother 43 to support. The rest of the family die due to the pandemic mainly, her mother was injured in a traffic accident years earlier and required a walking stick to walk. She had a dowry but medical cost of her family that passed away ate into it, leaving very little. As I liked her and even met her mother and liked her as well, I decided to try my luck and make an offer of marriage. She at first thought I wasn’t serious and was just seeing how things worked, I think. But I convinced her I was serious, and she accepted we married as per their custom and the 3 of us returned February 2023. Her being pregnant as we had to wait until all the processes were fulfilled for us to return. I very happy with her as my wife and she is very attentive to my needs.

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