Sarah was eighteen, excited as she drove home in her hand-me-down clunker of a car. Alex, her brother, was coming home to visit from college for fall break, and she hadn't seen him in nearly four months. They'd always been close, and she missed him. A part of her was excited in more than a sisterly way. With thick brown hair and striking green eyes, she'd always harbored a forbidden crush on her older brother.
Twenty four year old Alex was excited as well. His parents would be out of town for a full week, leaving him in charge of Sarah. Perfect to throw a small get together for all of his old high school buddies. Who knew, maybe Sarah would go to a friend's house for a sleepover, or invite some of her own friends over. He'd always viewed her friends as an extension of family.
When Sarah got home, she went upstairs to take a shower before changing into a comfy pair of shorts, a push up bra and a camisole. When she heard the front door open, she rushed down the stairs.
"Alex!" She shouted, throwing her arms around him.
Alex chuckled, hugging her back. "Hey, little sis. What's going on?"
When Sarah pulled away, Alex realized that in four short months, she'd grown up. Where awkward braces once sat, her smile was now radiant, and her blonde hair fell straight, framing her perfect heart shaped face. Her cleavage was pushed up, and her flimsy top revealed her lush, large breasts. He gulped. She was only eighteen, and his sister, at that. He shouldn't be looking at her like that..
Unaware of the way Alex was gazing at her, Sarah answered nonchalantly. "The usual. Excited that our fall breaks lined up so we have the house to ourselves. What about you?"
"Oh, just thinking of inviting some friends over tonight. What do you think?"
"I think," She said, batting her long, dark eyelashes playfully. "That a party sounds like a good idea."
Sarah's friends opted to visit, and she changed into a short black dress with buttons on the top. When Alex wasn't looking, Sarah and Bettany snuck into the kitchen, pouring themselves shots of vodka.
A few drinks in and they were stumbling, giggling, and making their way into the den, where their fellow teenagers played spin the bottle. Sarah and James were dared to kiss, which quickly turned into seven minutes in heaven. They'd always flirted with each other, always had a bit of a crush. Locked in the pantry, their lips found each others in the darkness.
Alex was joking with his friends, knee deep in rum and cokes when he decided to check on Sarah and her friends. They seemed to be content, except that Sarah was missing. He wasn't too concerned, and half-heartedly asked where she'd run off to. Her friends simply giggled, and he rolled his eyes, walking out of the den in search of snacks. Knowing Sarah, she'd probably gone outside to get some fresh air or gone to the restroom.
James' hands fumbled to unbutton the top few buttons of Sarah's dress before deepening the kiss. Sarah didn't particularly like the feeling of him kissing her. She swatted his hands away, buttoning the top of her dress when the door swung open.
Alex looked down at the two of them, an unfamiliar feeling gnawing at the back of his mind. "Alright, you two. That's enough of that. Go back to the den." He tried not to make a big deal out of things. Teens would be teens. However, he couldn't fight off the unexplained feeling of jealousy that swam through his veins. His vision blurred from the alcohol. He needed to forget about how hot his little sister looked in that sexy dress of hers.
He poured another drink.
Sarah felt that there was something different in his gaze, felt his eyes lingering on her a little longer than necessary. Blushing, she snuck the bottle of vodka upstairs to her room, where she promptly shut the door and took a few swigs. Laying back on the bed, she closed her eyes, drunk enough to think about the way Alex's eyes had burned into her when he'd found her in the pantry. The intensity of his stare made her wonder if that's how he would look at her if he ever noticed her, really noticed her, in the same messed up way she noticed him.
Her thoughts drifted to what would happen if he did notice her. Intoxicated, her hand began to trail up her thigh, hovering over her panties before pushing them down and off. She unbuttoned the top of her dress, rubbing her hands over her bra before running a hand over the fabric of her dress to her clitoris, which she rubbed with two fingers. She'd never done this before, at least not while thinking of Alex.
A little sigh escaped, and she plunged her fingers into herself, arching them upwards to try and hit that sensitive spot that was hidden deep inside. Her sighs turned to moans as she imagined Alex was the one touching her, her own brother fucking her with his fingers.
She was so lost in her fantasy that she didn't notice the door open.
Alex had gone upstairs in search of Sarah when she hadn't returned in twenty minutes. He stood in the doorway, watching as his little sister's chest heaved up and down, one hand squeezing one of her breasts through the bra, and the other hand cupping her center while two fingers plunged in and out of her. Her moans filled the room. Suddenly, all thoughts of the guests downstairs disappeared from his mind.
"Oh… Alex…" She whispered, licking her lips as her back arched upwards. He could clearly see her muscles tightening. His member immediately sprung to attention at the sound of her moaning his name.
He shut the door behind him, locking it, and took a quiet step towards her. He was seeing double as he tugged his shirt off before kicking his pants and boxers to the side.
Sarah kept her eyes shut as she rode through her orgasm, continuing touching herself. She wasn't satisfied, not yet. In her fantasy, she could almost feel his lips on her, feel the searing touch of his hand replacing hers on her breast.
Alex climbed onto the bed, placing his mouth over hers as he fondled her. She sighed, keeping her eyes closed. It felt so real, the way she dreamed of his lips on her body. Too real.
Opening her eyes, she saw him on top of her, and her mouth dropped open in surprise. She immediately sat up, trying to cover herself.
"What… Alex, what are you doing?" Her voice shook. There was no way this could be real.
"Shh," He whispered, planting drunken kisses along her neckline. "I heard you moaning my name. Let me make your fantasy become reality."
He claimed her mouth with his before she could protest, and she shut her eyes. He pushed her back down and she fell into the heat of his kiss, which had begun to trail down her body. He didn't bother discarding her dress or bra, simply yanked the bra down to reveal her large breasts. He took one into his mouth, suckling on her nipple until it hardened in his mouth. Fuck, he was really doing this to Sarah, his younger sister, who was writhing and moaning underneath him.
When Alex placed his hand over hers, he removed it, taking her fingers out and licking them clean. She tasted so sweet and fresh. He quickly replaced her nimble fingers with his own. Her tight little pussy swallowed them eagerly, and she gasped at how large they were. She'd never had anything that big inside of her before, and more pleasure than she'd ever experienced before flooded her as he crooked his fingers upwards, pressing that spot she'd been so desperate to get to earlier in the evening.
"Alex," She moaned.
"Shh," He whispered, putting his free hand over her mouth before moving to devour her other breast. "We have company."
Nodding, her moans were muffled as he fucked her with his fingers. Alex watched the way her face contorted under his hand, the way her eyes occasionally fluttered open so that he got a glimpse of the green pools that matched his own.
Sarah began to feel herself cumming again, and Alex groaned as she did. She was so damned tight. "Fuck, Sarah."
"Alex," She whimpered into his hand, her back arching. He took the opportunity to lift her dress up further, spreading her legs before licking up the mess they'd just made. She was soaked, her cum all over her pussy and her thighs. Slowly, he trailed his tongue over her smooth, porcelain skin, lapping up her cum. When his mouth finally found her center, he sucked on her, hands gripping her hips and holding them in place as she twitched underneath his mouth.
Sarah had never had someone go down on her before, and was lost in the sheer pleasure of it all. His tongue delved into every fold, every crevice, and he placed his fingers in her again, thrusting them in and out as he devoured her. After a few minutes of pure heaven, she was nearly yelling when he remembered that she needed to be quiet, or else the guests would realize the complete and total sin they were indulging in.
He pulled away from her, stroking his cock before kissing her. She tasted herself on his lips, and was surprised to find herself even more turned on than before. She felt him pressing against her entrance.
Pushing into her, Alex let out a guttural moan before he realized that Sarah was whimpering under him, and not in pleasure.
"What's wrong?" He slurred, gazing down at her in concern.
"It's so big," She said quietly, tears lining her eyes. "It hurts."
Alex was taken aback. It hurt? "Sarah, is this your first time?"
Blushing, the girl nodded.
"Fuck," He groaned, somehow inexplicably turned on at the thought of taking his little sister's virginity. "I'll slow down, then."
She nodded, squeezing her eyes shut against the discomfort as he moved slowly inside of her.
"Just get used to it," He whispered, pinching one of her nipples and burying his face in her neck.
After a minute, he felt her muscles relaxing around him, and he started to move again, keeping his thrusts slow and short until she started moaning in pleasure, all traces of pain vanished from her face.
"Just like that," He groaned, picking up the pace. She was wet and ready for him, her pussy stretching to accommodate his large cock. He'd never gone raw before, but in his drunken state, he needed to feel every piece of her. Even with her relaxed, she was a vice around him.
Sarah clung to Alex tightly. She had always crushed on her brother, but this was something else entirely. She never expected him to do this. This was wrong. So very, very wrong.
"Wait, Alex -" Her protests were cut off with a moan as he finally thrust all the way inside of her, a desire overtaking them both. Still, an unsettling feeling was in the pit of her stomach. "This is wrong…" She forced the words to come out.
Alex shook his head, angling his cock upwards to hit her g-spot, and her muscles tightened around him. "I don't care." He covered her mouth with his, swallowing her moans, before he stopped moving, hovering over her. The reality that maybe she really wanted him to stop dawned on him. "Do you?"
She shook her head. The heat that he was spreading through her body won out over the knowledge that they shouldn't be doing this. That they should be doing anything but this.
"Don't worry, Sarah. I'm here this week to meet your needs. And judging from how you were touching yourself when I found you, this," He gave a particularly hard thrust, and a cry of pleasure nearly escaped her mouth before he clamped his hand down around it. "Is one of those needs."
Fuck, he could feel her pulsing around him as she nodded, her green eyes staring up into his. She was so close to her release, and he knew that nothing would feel better than letting her hot teenage pussy suck him dry. He was too drunk to think about the ramifications of finishing inside of her. All he knew was that when her back arched, he grabbed her shoulders, holding her in place as he gave a few final, rough thrusts and spouted his seed deep, deep inside of his little sister.
"Don't," He nearly growled, a new type of possessiveness coming over him. "Let a single drop of that out."
Sarah lay on her back, out of breath and somehow more turned on than ever by those domineering words. She nodded as she tried to keep his white hot cum from sliding out of her.
Alex stood, staring down at his little sister. Her blonde hair was a tangled mess where his hands had gripped it in the throes of passion, her green eyes misty and shining. Her breasts fell free, pushed upwards by the bra underneath them. Her dress was pushed up, legs splayed, her juices coating them. She was covered in a thin layer of sweat from their sin.
He leaned forward, giving her one last, final kiss before pulling her bra up to cover her chest and buttoning the top of her dress. He looked around the room, and when he found her panties, he slipped them on over her legs, pulling them up and onto her.
Wide eyed, Sarah smoothed down her dress as Alex ran his hands through her hair, untangling it gently before he dressed himself.
"Come on, there are guests waiting for us downstairs."
"I'll be down in… in a minute. I have to go to the restroom."
Nodding, Alex unlocked the door, going downstairs and trying to act like nothing had just happened. He'd really just done that. He'd really just fucked his little sister, made her cum on his cock, taken her virginity. What really got to him, though, was that he wanted to do it again.
Sarah stumbled into the bathroom, sore, and she washed her face, trying to cool down. She could feel Alex's cum sliding down inside of her, and remembering his words, she squeezed her muscles shut, trying to prevent any from pooling into her panties. She didn't want to disappoint him. She knew this would never happen again. They were drunk. They were both so, so drunk. In the morning, they would probably just pretend this had never happened. But just in case he somehow found out… she clenched her pussy as tight as she could.

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