Neelam a desire comes true

Hi friends, I am ANJAAN from Luck now. I am pursuing I am also a great fan of Indian sex stories and have always enjoyed reading the stories here. I also have some experiences I’ve had in real life to share with you. It is a real life incident which took place a few days ago. A long wait of 2 years ended in great satisfaction. 2 years ago when I saw her I was really stunned by the beauty she possessed. She is sexy & hot with nice, round & soft boobs and firm, tight butts. Her name is neelam.

It was Friday evening when she called me and requested me to bring some medicines from the market as her hubby was in his office. He works in the railway. I got the medicines and went to her house to give it to her. When she came out I was really shocked – she was wearing a top along with a lahnga. I decided there to get her that day itself. And the opportunity was provided by her 6 year old son. He was standing there at the moment and asked me to come and play carom with him. It was a usual thing as I used to go there frequently to play with her son. We all went inside and while going I watched her butts. I felt they were calling me a ride. As it was 8:15 at that time I knew I had great chance of getting her.

After playing for some time her son (aashu) slept there. She came and lifted him and made him to sleep on the nearby sofa. After this I pretended to be getting late and rose to go back to my home. But she asked me to sit down and have a chat for a while. She has a frank nature and we started talking about that entire thing which we could. But I was thinking of her. She got up and said it was time for her to take the medicines. As she went inside the kitchen to get some water, I followed her from behind and caught her. She was shocked by this sudden grasp and tried to get away. But I had made up my mind to get her. I caught hold of her boobs and started to squeeze them. Meanwhile she continued her efforts to get away. I started kissing her back pressing her boobs and as time passed by she started getting hot. Her efforts became slow and at last she was there. She started pressing her butts against my Lund which, by now, was at his full flow. It was erect and hard like a bamboo.

I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bedroom. I tore her top and lahnga off and took off my clothes. Then I took her in my arms and kissed heron her lips, her forehead and her cheeks. By now she was comfortable and asked me to keep this night a secret and be kind to her. I promised and she was very happy. She took my penis in her mouth and gave me a blowjob which no one has given till date. Now she guided me to her pussy which was swollen and wet, I started eating her pussy as If I was eating a ripe papaya…it was smelling very hard and when I licked it she started moaning very heavily. But I kept on licking her choot and she became restless and started moving her body in sexy manner. She cummed thrice during this sucking. Now she got up and took out a condom from the nearby drawer and put it on my love machine. I spread her legs and placed my machine on her love hole. I pushed it hard and got in about 2 inches in the first push. OH she was damn tight. Then in a few pushes my whole 7″ long and 3″ thick cock was deep inside her. She was in pain as she had not fucked for the last few months since her husband had died. At that point instinct took over as I pulled back a few inches and thrust forward again. I repeated the action until I began developing a rhythm and started thrusting in and out, in and out; faster and faster, harder and a little harder. It felt so good and I wasn’t the only one who thought so. “oh, yes honey! Ooooooohhh, yeeeaaahh! That’s it, that’s it! Oh god, yes! Fuck me! Oh yes, baby, fuck me! Fuck my choot..! Ooooohh god, fuck my choot! Fuck …oh my goodness!” My pumping was vigorous and soon I felt a shudder and she held me tighter than before, digging her nails into my back. She climaxed with a scream of pleasure. I paused and then continued my to and fro motion into her cunt. She had closed her eyes and a cat smile on her sexy lips indicated that she was enjoying every moment. But I was still firm and I made her on the fours and slowly started pushing my cock in her ass. I held her waist as I was thrusting in and out faster and faster, really beginning to love the feeling of my Laura in her gaand. My body shuddered and then it came. I filled her vagina with volumes of hot semen. I moved up to her face after kissing her, inserted my dick into her open mouth. “Suck me and clean me,” I urged. She took me in and I felt my tip touching her throat as she sucked me dry and swallowed the last drops of my sperm. I withdrew and collapsed over her. “I never knew fucking could be so good and beautiful,” she said. She kissed me on my lips and embraced me tight. “Thank you for giving me so much pleasure,” she said.

I caught her and held her captive for the next 10 hours. We fucked, and then slept together, and again fucked. We are really enjoying these days.

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