Neha Cheating with her Ex Lover – Part I

Hello friends, This is neha from mumbai, I am here to narrate my true story of my first extramarital sex affair with my ex-lover. First let me describe myself. I am typical indian housewife with vital stats of 32-29-36. I have big boobs and an ass to die for. from college itself my male colleagues had been fond of both my assets and I can see the appreciation and lust in there eyes. it made me feel hot and wanted.
After my graduation I met nikunj ( name changed), and I was instantaneously attracted to him and wanted to spend rest of my life with him. We used to go out daily for long rides where he used to smooch and grab my boobs and massage them…….god the feeling was heavenly and I used to get my juices flowing. The massage of my boobs weakens and make my juices drip.
There was point when we decided we shall marry each other and live the happy life, but unfortunately he had to go to USA for further studies and I being only child of my parent they wished to see me marrried. I was forced to marry gaurav ( name changed) and with that I locked my all the feelings for nikunj deep within myself.
The life with gaurav was truly amazing, he was very nice person, was wealthy had all my wishes fulfilled, but deep down I missed the touch of nikunj, the way he smooched me, the way his strong hands massaged my boobs….pfff…..just wanted him to fuck me then and there. The sex life with gaurav was routine and nothing to boast of nor regret.
He had usual 5 inches dick, and mostly the act was over within 10-15 mins….though I used to have orgasm but the intensity was not same as masturbation I used to do thinking of Nikunj. The life was smooth and I delivered my daughter in next 3 years of my marriage. Suddenly one day while roaming in bandra I heard the deep sexy voice calling me from behind.
It was nikunj, man I was shocked and terribly happy to see him. He was looking handsome and sexy and powerful.the aura he radiated was amazing and I was already feeeling the juices flowing from my pussy. I was ashamed of the effect he had on me till date. we went for the coffee and tried to catch up the 3 years we had missed.
The deep sexy voice of me had the very sexy effect on me. Slowly we started talking daily on sms, phones and internet chat. The talk was routine at first and then it started to the more adult talks. deep down I wished to get fucked by him and wanted him to make love to me. Once on sms he said he would like to bang me hard with big cock.

He said he wanted to drink milk from my boobs (I was breast feeding) I was ashamed of the talk and said please I am married. but the feeling deep down under was to fuck him, taken up by his sheer power.
The D-day had arrived for me. after continues talks for 2 months or so he finally invited me to hotel taj, he said its time to move forward our relationship I want you, thats why I have not married. the thought moved me and I decided to go and meet him. I was still dual state of mind, should I be going or not?
Friends please comment and rate the story. The second part will bring my first experience outside of my marriage.