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/* This series is a sequel to Neighbors: The Surprise but you really don't have to read the first one to enjoy this one.
All characters are of course at least 18 years of age. */
Have you ever had one of those moments, an epiphany of sorts, when you thought that your life was absolutely perfect? Maybe it didn't stay that way — hell, maybe things even got better. But in that moment, you felt like everything was exactly the way it should be.
I can recall one of those moments perfectly. It was a warm late August morning, a Wednesday. I was lying in the sun on a well-padded chaise lounge by a small pool behind a beach house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, sipping coffee and Kahlua, wearing my RayBans and nothing else. I smiled as my wife Kerri walked out of the beach house, just as naked as me except for her mirrored aviator shades.
She walked over and bent down to give me a deep, lingering kiss before stretching out on a sun pad across the pool from me. I sipped my coffee, gazed adoringly at my gorgeous sexy wife and thought to myself, "It really doesn't get any better than this! This is perfect."
Then I heard the gate in the privacy fence that surrounded the pool rattle and in walked Reba and Alice. As soon as they closed the gate, they dropped their swimsuit covers. Their bikinis followed quickly after and it hit me that yeah, things actually could get better.
*** Prologue ***
Kerri and I had been planning a beach trip with our neighbors Tim and Christy for months. The four of us had developed more than your normal neighborly relationship. Much, much more, if you know what I mean. It wasn't the first relationship like that for our friends, but this kind of neighborliness was something that Kerri and I hadn't even fantasized about.
But it was awesome and loving and friendly and loads of fun and we found that not only did we love our neighbors, the sex between Kerri and me had become super-charged as well. The only thing that kept us from a continuous orgy was work, of which there was an abundance. We were all four at points in our careers where we felt that we needed to expend a lot of focused energy in order to not just meet goals, but to advance in our companies.
I think it was Christy that suggested a getaway to the beach, where we could legitimately take a couple of weeks off and just focus on each other. I had the perfect house in mind — a place my brother had rented a few years before for a family Christmas get-together. It was in Corolla at the ocean end of a cul-de-sac and while it was much bigger than we needed, it had an ocean view, a hot tub on the top deck and a very private swimming pool where we could get freaky without offending any neighbors, at least visually. Of course, I couldn't promise the anticipated screaming orgasms wouldn't be heard over the crashing ocean waves.
We picked the last couple of weeks in August, when it appeared that our work schedules would allow some time off and after a lot of public schools had started their fall semesters, meaning the house was available — even if the rates didn't really start to go down until after Labor Day.
We spent the next few weeks working our butts off to make sure that we'd be able to leave work behind us and focus on fucking each other silly. But of course, the best laid plans, etc…
Christy was the first casualty. She was a highly sought-after realtor and ended up with a closing on a really high-end house at the end of the first week of our planned vacation that she just couldn't move. And as it was the biggest sale she'd ever made, she couldn't hand it off. We agreed that Kerri and I would go on ahead and open up the house and Tim and Christy would join us that Friday afternoon after she wrapped things up. At least we'd have a week together.
But then my own work issues threatened to screw up the whole vacation. I'd been working on a long-running application implementation project that was scheduled to go live two weeks before our vacation, which we thought would give us plenty of buffer. But the installation did not go well despite clean testing and we couldn't try again the next weekend because the business wouldn't give us any downtime.
I called the rental agency and let them know that we would not be there on Sunday for check-in but that we would do everything we could to be there Monday early afternoon. I assured them that I was not looking for any kind of discount as the delay was our problem, not theirs.
The Sunday before our vacation was spent alternating between conference calls with the implementation team and Kerri and I packing up our aging Grand Cherokee. I had an agreement from the project manager that if we got an all-clear Monday morning at our 9am go-live-or-roll-back meeting, I was free to go.
*** Monday ***
Everything looked good throughout Sunday and the SUV was packed and ready to go by 8pm. I didn't sleep all that well, half expecting throughout the night to get a text message telling me to jump on a call. I was up by 5am, showered by 6 and on the phone with a cup of coffee by 6:30. But this time everything went well so by 9:30 I was released and by 9:35 we were on the road heading east.
It takes about four hours to get to Nags Head but then there is another hour or so to get up the barrier islands to Corolla. We got through Manteo around 1:45 pm and then headed north up the US 158 bypass, reaching the rental office in Duck a little before 3:00 pm. We signed the papers, got the door lock combination, thanked them for the beach bag full of goodies and made it to the house less than half an hour later.
It was a BIG house, as most of them on that part of the beach are. We parked and decided to check it out before doing any unloading. It was a three-story, with most of the living space on the top level to take advantage of the ocean views.
We walked into the ground floor, checking out the rec room. There was a foosball table (not my thing), a ping-pong table (definitely my thing, as visions of Strip Pong danced in my head), a couple of black vinyl-covered sofas, a big TV and what appeared to be a wet bar that opened onto the patio surrounding the pool. While I was thinking about a liquor store run, Kerri walked over to the French doors that led out to the pool and looked out.
"Sweetheart, did you order two naked chicks with the house?" Kerri asked, looking back at me over her left shoulder. I looked at her blankly and walked over to stand next to her, putting my arm around her and giving her a little smooch on the ear before looking outside.
Sure enough, there were two nubile young things sitting together on a chaise, the blonder of the two leaning over the curly-haired brunette she shared the chair with, kissing her deeply while stroking her sex. They both looked to be in their early 20s with lithe, petite bodies sporting the beginnings of all-over tans (or in Blondie's case, all-over sunburn).
Kerri and I stood there mesmerized for a few moments before Kerri decided to… introduce herself. She opened the door, stepped out onto the patio, theatrically cleared her throat and said "Hello, ladies."
The reactions of the two girls could not have been more different. The blonde removed her hand from her lover's pussy, leaned back against the back of the chaise, looked at Kerri with a grin and simply said "hi."
At the same time, her partner jumped up like she'd been scalded and tried to hop for the gate at the same time she was attempting to pull her bikini bottoms up, causing her to trip and have to catch herself against the fence.
"Hold it!" said Kerri, in a voice that made me think she would have been an awesome elementary school teacher if she'd been so inclined. Curly Brunette stopped like she was playing freeze-tag, with her arm outstretched halfway completing the reach for the gate latch. Blondie grinned and looked at Kerri like she was just going to see how this played out.
"Sit!" came the next command from Kerri, and the brunette complied, coming back over and sitting next to her friend on the chaise in front of Kerri. I leaned against the frame of the door back to the rec room, mostly forgotten as all eyes were on my wife.
Both girls were very attractive. No, let's be honest, they were stunning — short, thin, athletic, with small but very nicely-shaped breasts. I guessed that the blonde probably played soccer (great thighs!) and her friend looked like a middle-distance runner — very lean but not all gristle like some longer-distance runners I had known.
Kerri glared down at them, trying hard not to break into a grin. "So, what are you two little bit- uh, WITches doing hanging out naked at our house?" she said sternly, looking back and forth between them. Her eyes stopped on Curly. "C'mon, out with it!"
The brunette still looked like she'd like to be anywhere other than there under Kerri's glare. Kerri was older by at least fifteen years, taller by at least four inches and had bigger boobs and butt than both girls combined. Plus, she was fully clothed and both girls were naked and exposed. I'm sure it was very intimidating. Hell, *I* would have been intimidated.
The brunette haltingly offered her explanation. "Well we, uh, thought that when no one showed up here either Saturday or Sunday that it wasn't rented this week. We're here with our families and were looking for someplace to work on a real tan and this place looked empty."
Her companion piped up, "And we wanted to find a little privacy for… you know…"
Kerri finally relented and dropped the stern mom act, smiling at the two girls. "Yeah, I do know. Why do you think me and the big lug back there wanted to rent this place?" She grinned at the two girls, who finally realized that they weren't about to be incinerated by Kerri's glare.
She reached down and took them both by the hand and pulled them up to her. "I'm Kerri. The goof behind me is my husband, Terry. Who the hell are you two?"
The blonde was Alice, 21 and a rising senior at the University of Richmond. The brunette's name was Reba and she and Alice had been friends since they moved into the same neighborhood when they were in elementary school. Reba was a year younger and was about to start her junior year at Virginia Commonwealth.
Kerri hugged each of them and let them know that she wasn't quite ready to chase them off. "Look, I'll be honest with you. We specifically rented this house to fuck each other's brains out and then to do the same with our neighbors that are joining us in a few days.
"If you want to stay around and work on your tans, or fuck like little lesbian bunny rabbits, that's fine with us. Just be aware that you'll probably be witnessing old farts like us screwing like crazy."
She turned around to me and said, "Terry, why don't you unload the car. We've got groceries that are melting in the heat. I need to talk with our new friends here for a minute." I groused a little about getting stuck with the grunt work while she chatted up the nekkid chicks, but after she calmly took off her sneaker and threw it at me, I relented.
Loading in was not easy. We had come in the ground floor door but there was a wide staircase from the parking pad up to the third floor which was really supposed to be the main entrance. The middle level below had three bedrooms with various configurations of beds – a couple with queen beds and a kids' room with a couple of sets of bunk beds.
There was also a complementary number of bathrooms. The place could have easily slept a dozen or more people (and it was definitely not the biggest house in the area), but it was worth the extra money we spent for the privacy we wanted.
The top floor was the main living area, dominated by a huge great room with a wall of windows overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Everything was done in the typical seafoam blue-green and salmon pinks that pretty much every beach house in North Carolina has, along with the requisite seahorse, shell and starfish decorating touches.
There was a good-sized kitchen on one end with a breakfast bar. A giant TV dominated the main part of the room, along with a couple of over-stuffed armchairs and a pair of long upholstered sofas and finally a large dining table on the other end that would have been capable of seating a board meeting of a large corporation.
There were two master suites, one on either end of the house. I scoped them both out and took the one furthest away from the kitchen, thinking that it might be a little quieter if someone decided to get up early and make breakfast. Sleeping in was a luxury we rarely afforded ourselves.
Walking out onto the huge balcony, I noted the large hot tub before looking down over the railing to see Kerri sitting between the two coeds with an arm around each bare waist as they talked, their heads together conspiratorially.
I could hear the occasional giggle from one of the girls and a laugh from Kerri. Alice glanced up and caught me spying on them which led to all of them giggling and moving under the balcony out of sight.
I made a couple more trips up and down the steps before remembering that there was a damn elevator to one side of the rec room to make the house accessible. After I finished mentally kicking myself, the rest of the load-in was remarkably easier.
I stepped back out to the pool after my herculean labors, just in time to see the girls back in their suits and heading out the gate, turning to wave at Kerri and then giggle in my direction. Kerri waved them off and then turned to give me a hug.
"So, what's the deal?" I asked her and, before she could answer, I added "and why are we both still wearing clothes?"
"Slow your roll there, cowboy," she said. "Before we settle in, let's head to the grocery store and the liquor store. Actually, let's grab some dinner first — I'm starved!" We were still wearing what we'd driven out in, but shorts and polo shirts seemed more than nice enough for a beachside dinner on a Monday night, so we went as we were.
We headed out to a nearby upscale seafood joint and gorged on fresh grilled snapper. We worked on our grocery and booze list for a while when we could finally drag our attention away from the great meal. So, it was late before either of us mentioned our visitors.
I finally broached the subject as we were working on our second pints and Googling where the nearest ABC store was (North Carolina has state-controlled Alcohol Beverage Control stores for anything stronger than wine). "So, the thing with the girls was crazy, right? What did you guys talk about?"
Kerri just smiled and said, "Girl stuff. Nothing you'd be interested in." I looked doubtful but decided not to push it. Kerri did at least say that she expected that we would see them again but then changed the subject back to groceries.
We picked up some good rum, some tequila and Kerri's favorite vodka at the ABC store and then hit the local Food Lion grocery store for food, mixers, beer, wine, paper products, etc. We went a little heavy on the flavored fizzy water, but Kerri insisted and I didn't care enough to argue.
I did insist on lots of plain water though, as beach water is universally undrinkable. It even makes lousy coffee. By the time we got back to the house and got the groceries loaded in and put away, it was getting late and we were pretty tired.
We stepped out onto the balcony together and looked out at the nearly-full moon lighting the water, finally relaxing for the first time in weeks. I snuggled up behind Kerri as she leaned against the deck rail and kissed her neck and her ear while I held her. She sighed and let her shoulders relax and I think it was at that moment that our vacation officially started. It felt so good just to hold her and listen to the waves.
She turned over her shoulder to kiss me but then looked past me and smiled. I realized that the hot tub was registering with her for the first time. "Well, *that* looks like an idea," she said with a sly grin. "Why don't you pop the top off that thing and see if the water's hot." I did and it was, so we ducked inside to change into bathing suits as the balcony was not nearly as private as the pool area.
I threw on my board shorts and then whistled appreciatively as Kerri came out of the bathroom wearing a barely-there white bikini that I knew was going to be transparent as soon as it got wet. Her large, beautiful breasts strained against what little material there was to cover them and as she sauntered past me, I took in the thong that did nothing to hide her curvaceous rear view. Yum! The girls that we'd surprised today were cute as hell, but my wife was all woman.
I turned the bubbles on and climbed up and slipped into the hot tub first, then helped my nearly-naked wife in. We eased down into the water as we got used to the heat, our muscles starting to relax after a long day of work, driving, unloading and running around. We also looked around and realized that while the deck wasn't private, we certainly couldn't be seen from any of the surrounding houses as long as we stayed below the edge of the tub.
I was the first to slide my shorts off, but Kerri's bikini bottoms followed quickly. She wasn't quite as sure about her top but after a little nudging from me (and maybe a little begging), she reached behind her neck to untie the halter and I helped her take it off.
She leaned back into me, half floating, half sitting on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her and we sat together watching the moonlight on the waves. There were a few people out on the beach in the dark, probably looking for ghost crabs or walking their dogs — you could guess which one by the movement of their flashlight beams.
With an armful of beautiful naked wife, I was erect and pressing my cock into her backside in mere moments. I gently massaged her breasts, giving her nipples the occasional tweak, and resumed nibbling on her neck and ears as she sighed and settled back more firmly into me.
Sex in a pool or hot tub always seems like a great, fun thing to do. But experience had taught me that water is a lousy lubricant. And given the lack of privacy, sitting on the side of the hot tub to get certain body parts out of the water was not advised.
Instead I slipped one hand off of Kerri's breast and down to her sex as she opened her legs up for me. I gently slid a finger down her slit, feeling her natural lubricant coating her inner lips. I slipped my middle finger inside, slowly sliding in and out of her as she leaned her head back against my shoulder.
Her breathing deepened and she gripped the other hand that was caressing her boobs as I slid a second finger inside of her. She slid off of my lap and turned so that she was floating on her back, her thighs open and her legs stretched out on either side of me. I continued to slowly stroke my fingers in and out of her and found her clit with the thumb of my other hand.
I was mesmerized by the sight of her gorgeous breasts rising and falling in and out of the water in the moonlight as I continued to pleasure her. Her arms were stretched over her head, gripping the top edge of the tub and her breathing got more ragged as I felt her tighten around my fingers. I kept up the gentle but insistent pressure circling her clit as I stroked her g-spot with two fingers of my other hand.
I could feel her start to spasm around my fingers as her climax crested and she tried her best not to shriek or scream or otherwise give the game away to our neighbors. Her back arched, pushing her breasts out of the water in a most attractive way and she bit her bicep to keep from screaming.
After she came down from her high, we snuggled together again before deciding to move the party into the bedroom. There was no way I was going to try to pull my wet board shorts back on for the three steps across the deck to the door, so I leaned over and held up a beach towel for Kerri and then jumped out and sprinted naked into the great room.

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