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/* If you haven't read the first two chapters, here's a quick synopsis: Terry and Kerri have rented a beach house in Corolla, NC with their next-door neighbors and lovers, Tim and Christy, for a two-week getaway. Week One didn't go quite as planned but Week Two looks like things are back on schedule. Or so it seems.
All characters are of course over 18 years of age. */
How do you describe paradise to someone that hasn't been there, in a way that means anything?
That's my dilemma when I try to describe the first few days of our second week at the beach house. With Tim and Christy having finally arrived and our new friends Reba and Alice headed back to Virginia, the vacation we had planned finally kicked into gear.
We sunned on the sand, we played in the surf, and we walked on the beach. We swam in the pool, unwound in the hot tub, and played games in the rec room. We ate too much and we drank too much and we slept late and we laughed until our faces hurt and we didn't think about work for whole hours at a time.
And we fucked. We fucked in the pool, in the rec room, in the great room, in the bedrooms, in the bathrooms – I think Tim and Kerri even did it in the kitchen once. We fucked together, we split up and fucked, we fucked in one combination then reformed into another for more fucking.
It was glorious and exactly what we'd hoped for. And it lasted exactly from Saturday afternoon to Wednesday, at which point things changed. They didn't get bad, although that wasn't clear at first. But they definitely changed.
First came the phone call early Wednesday afternoon. My wife Kerri and our neighbor Tim were napping in one bedroom while his wife Christy and I were having some afternoon delight in the other one. Christy's phone was in the other room, where it woke Kerri up. She waited until Christy and I had finished (it wasn't hard to tell when that was – we were loud) before bringing her the phone.
Christy took one look at the last caller and tensed up. "Sara," she said simply, and that was enough said. "Guess I'd better call her. Dammit!"
Kerri and I looked at each other unhappily. Sara was Christy's younger half-sister. Christy's mom had left home when Christy was 6 years old and her dad had remarried. Sara came along a year later. Christy loved her little sister and Sara loved her back. But there were issues.
Sara was… larger than life. She was taller than Christy, bustier than Christy – she had a big soft ass and a big pillowy chest and a loud laugh and was the center of attention wherever she was, seemingly without trying. She wasn't vain. In fact, she was quite sweet and loving. But she *was* the party wherever she went and she stole the spotlight from everyone else without even trying (or realizing it).
We'd met her once, at Tim and Christy's house for a birthday party for Christy. Somehow Sara stole Christy's birthday, without meaning to. I didn't think Christy would ever forgive her for that, but I guess she had gotten used to it. That didn't make her happy about it.
Sara was also a magnet for the wrong guys. She seemed to not have any idea what a target she was. So she would hook up with some guy that would treat her well for a while before treating her like shit and dumping her. And that inevitably led to a phone call to her big sister.
Christy had walked into the great room and Kerri and I leaned against the head of the bed and tried not to listen. But it was difficult not to.
"I can't believe he did that… Of course you were right to throw him out! You probably should have shot him… No, no, of course I'm not serious… Oh, honey I'd be happy for you to but we're not home. We're out at a beach house in Corolla with our friends… Yes, Terry and Kerri… Well, I don't know… I mean, I guess it would be okay… Just a second…"
Christy stuck her head back in the bedroom and rolled her eyes dramatically. "I guess you heard some of that. I hate to do this, but do you think it would be ok if Sara came out Friday after work? She really does need to get away."
I don't know if Kerri can read everyone's mind, but she can read mine like an open book. She smacked the side of my head and said, "Terry, stop thinking about Sara's tits!" Looking back at Christy, she replied, "Sweetie, you guys are paying for half this house. Do what you need to do. We certainly have room. And we like Sara. Just let her know what she's getting into."
Christy smirked at that, then walked back into the great room. I guess she didn't feel like she had to consult Tim but I knew Tim well enough to know that he would go with the flow. As long as nobody tried to hurt Christy (and now Kerri), he was pretty laid back.
The call went on. "There's a bedroom available. Bring sheets and towels. It's a queen, I think… Sure… It'll take you about 3 hours from Rocky Mount, right? Friday… Ok, honey, we'll see you then. I love you too."
The four of us headed back out to the beach after that, spending the afternoon in the sun. Tim had brought a Frisbee and we spent some time annoying the people around us with wind-blown errant throws that headed in their direction. I guess we'd gotten too loud by the pool a few times because I did overhear one old prude whisper loudly, "they're from that orgy house" before shooting dirty looks in our direction. We made sure we got even handsy-er when we were back on our towels.
We had come in and gotten cleaned up and were sitting in the great room trying to decide on a restaurant for dinner when the second interruption came. Tim was sitting at the breakfast bar with his laptop open, looking at restaurant menus. Kerri and Christy were sitting on one sofa, legs intertwined and I was sacked out on the other one.
There was a notification tone from Kerri's phone and her eyes got wide as she read the text. She showed it to Christy, which got a whistle and an "Alice's mom?!"
Kerri hit the call icon on the text and held phone up to her ear. I wondered why she didn't put in on speaker but she said later that she was afraid something had happened to Alice and she wanted to cushion any bad news. So we only heard one side of the conversation.
"Hello… yes, this is Kerri. Is Alice okay? Oh, oh, great, yes, we were a little worried when we saw your text… I see… Dee. Of course, Dee…Uh… Uh-huh… Uh, well, uh, I mean, I'll have to talk to… Sure, hang on."
There was another text notification tone as she pulled the phone in front of her and swiped up. Then she gasped and showed the phone to Christy. Christy was a little less poised and a "Holy shit!" escaped her full lips.
Tim had turned around and I had sat up, both of us wanting to see what was going on. But Christy waved us off and Kerri put the phone back up to her ear.
"Yes, Dee, I did get it. You are quite stunning! And may I assume that the Louisville Slugger that you are holding belongs to your husband? I see… Uh-huh… Uh-huh… Sure… Thursday night… Dinner at 7 at Snapper Dan's and we'll see what happens after… No, it's fine, they don't get a vote this time and Christy is all for it… Of course, you can… Queen bed… Yes, okay, we're looking forward to it! See you and Mitch then."
I had been holding it in but finally let loose with a "what the fuck!?!" when Kerri rang off. She didn't say anything, just tossed me her phone. I hit the text app and opened the last one.
Attached to the text was a picture of a very elegant brunette, likely a couple of years older than me. She had a very pretty face, warm brown eyes and killer cheekbones. She was sitting in an armchair, her hair up in a sexy casual bun, wearing a double strand of pearls and, as far as I can see, nothing else. Tim had come up behind the sofa to look over my shoulder and let out a whistle before he echoed his wife with a "Holy fuck!"
That's when I tore my eyes away from Alice's mom's pretty face and lovely palm-sized breasts and realized that in one hand, she was holding either a large salami or the biggest damn dick I'd ever seen. Holy fuck, indeed.
Christy and Kerri were staring at each other, trying to figure out if what they'd seen was real or not. Tim just said "Pretty lady. I'm looking forward to meeting her" and then went back to perusing menus. And I, well, I honestly don't know what I was thinking.
Yes, I guess I do. I was thinking about the conversation that Kerri and I had had on the beach just a few days earlier, worrying about whether hooking up with Alice and Reba was going to be a problem with our little… "family" was the word I decided on. And now we had a bunch of other people coming and bringing yet another dynamic. I wasn't sure we were ready for that.
Kerri got our attention. "So here's the deal. Alice told her mom about us. I would be pissed about that except that she's known for a couple of years now that her parents are swingers. That's the word she used, anyway. Apparently, Alice's description of us and how much fun she and Reba had was enough that Dee and Mitch want to meet us.
"The plan is to meet up at Snapper Dan's and check each other out. Any one of us or them can veto, we'll have a nice dinner together and then they'll drive back up to Hampton. But if we're all in agreement, and that means all six of us, they'd like to stay a couple of nights and get to know us."
Tim was all for it – I think he fell in love a little with Dee's picture. Kerri and Christy were in, too, and not just because of Mitch's enormous schlong. I thought about it for a couple of minutes and figured what the hell. I thought the world of Alice and these were her parents – they were likely pretty cool. And we could always back out during dinner.
The uncertainty of it all did serve to raise some tensions that had been absent since we'd gotten out to Corolla. Dinner out was a little quieter than usual, all of us thinking about the next night (and Christy likely thinking about Sara as well, although the rest of us had already forgotten about her call).
Tim's suggestion of some Strip Pong was welcomed as a way to liven things up. But it didn't take long for that to escalate into a near disaster, with a topless Kerri and a bra-wearing Christy actually fighting over whether the ball had nicked the edge of the table or missed altogether. I stood there open-mouthed, not believing this was happening but Tim had the presence of mind (and courage) to step in between them.
The next thing I knew we were all upstairs, Tim and I sitting on opposite sofas, Christy bouncing up and down on me with my cock buried in her ass, glaring across at Kerri who was doing the same with Tim. I guess it took a couple of orgasms to finally calm things down, as soon after, the two women were hugging and kissing each other and apologizing.
They went off to shower together and Tim and I just sat on the sofas looking at each other for a minute. I finally sighed and said, "What the actual fuck just happened?"
Tim shrugged and replied, "They're just stressed – worried about anything changing the dynamic between the four of us. I think they didn't see Alice and Reba as a threat, but Dee is a potential rival."
I just stared at him with my mouth open. "Damn, man, you just sit there quietly and soak it all in and then come out with some pretty insightful shit. I'm guessing you're right on the mark."
He smiled back at me and said, "I'm thinking of writing a book."
That got a laugh from me as I got up and grabbed us a couple of beers from the fridge. "I wonder what this means for tomorrow night?"
"I think that depends a lot on Dee and Mitch," Tim replied as he popped the top on his lager.
I did the same with my can of a local Pale Ale. "What about you? Intimidated by Mitch BigDick?"
Tim snorted. "What, do you think Kerri's going to be so overwhelmed by Mitch's cock that she'll leave you? Kerri loves you something fierce, man. So does Christy. And I know they love me too. If Mitch and Dee aren't scary, let's just have some fun with them! Don't tell me you don't want that fine woman sucking your little dinky winky?"
That got a loud laugh from me, followed by a throw pillow attack that luckily avoided his beverage.
*** Thursday ***
Kerri and I woke up together, both feeling a little calmer after we'd all worked things out of our systems in our own ways the night before. We snuggled for a while before getting up and heading for the kitchen. I got the coffee going and Kerri started whipping up some pancakes and sausages.
It wasn't clear whether it was the smell of sizzling pork or the java that drew our friends in, but pretty soon we were all sitting at the end of the dining table, eating buckwheat flapjacks with way too much butter and syrup and feeling much more like ourselves.
Like every true Southern woman, Kerri insisted on spending some time cleaning up the house, because "company was coming". I did a quick check of the liquor supply, stuck a couple more bottles of white wine in the refrigerator to chill but otherwise stayed out of her way.
Christy and Tim ran out to the store in anticipation of Dee and Mitch staying over and with Sara coming later. We had been letting ourselves run out of things as the end of our vacation was in sight so they came back with mostly stuff for snacks and brunch.
That left us some time for hanging out on the beach for a while. It was another beautiful day, with no real chance of rain again until Friday night. I think we went through a gallon of sunscreen as no one wanted to get burned and be out of commission later that night. With all the delicious skin exposed by Kerri's one-piece with the plunging neckline and Christy's skimpy floral bikini, there was lots to cover.
We took a walk down the beach, Tim and Christy walking a little ahead of us while Kerri and I held hands and strolled through the edge of the waves, watching the sanderlings running back and forth to avoid the foam.
Kerri finally said, "I'm sorry about last night. I don't know why I got so stressed. I know I'm The Scout but I guess I got a little nervous that I was pushing us too far or too fast."
I tore my eyes away from watching Christy's fine ass doing that gorgeous figure-eight wiggle in front of me long enough to look at Kerri and ask, "The Scout?"
Kerri sighed and replied, "Sure. I'm The Scout. I'm the one that leads us into new things, tries to keep things fresh. You're The Protector – you keep us safe in case I push things too far. Christy is The Mom, who we go to for comfort when things go wrong. And Tim's The Rock. He's the calm and steady influence that sees through the mist."
"Wow. That's… pretty damn accurate, I think. Look, Tim and I talked last night too. Let's just see how dinner goes and I think we'll have a much better feel for what we're comfortable with. Remember, any one of us can veto," I said, stopping to pull her into a hug, before we picked up our pace to catch up with Tim and Christy.
We took some time to relax and get cleaned up for dinner. I found a clean pair of khaki shorts and a black polo and figured that and my Topsiders would get me into any restaurant at the beach. I left the bathroom to Kerri and walked out to the kitchen, pouring myself a short tequila.
I looked up to see Tim emerge wearing something similar. "Pour me one too, ok?" he requested.
We stepped out on the balcony and watched the waves and talked about not much of anything as we waited for our wives. Christy came out first, wearing a bright blue halter sundress that accentuated her chest (which really didn't need any help). It came down to mid-thigh, leaving plenty of shapely leg below it. She was sexy and gorgeous and we told her so with kisses.
Kerri came out last, just a few minutes before we needed to leave. She was wearing tight white slacks that, as she turned around, advertised the fact that she was wearing nothing underneath them. She topped that with a short emerald green blouse that tied just under her chest, showing off her rock-solid abs. She was a vision, and got a wolf whistle from Christy and applause from Tim as she came over to give me a kiss.
"Are you guys ready?" she asked. "Let's go charm the pants off Dee and Mitch!" She was definitely ready, to make a damn good first impression and a lasting one.
Kerri drove us over in the Cherokee and we got there a couple of minutes before 7. The restaurant was in a sound-side shopping center but it was bigger and nicer than it looked from the outside. I went to check in at the host station but turned when I heard Kerri say, "there they are!"
I followed the direction of her wave and saw the six-top with Dee and what I assumed had to be Mitch (he was wearing clothes, so I couldn't confirm). Dee looked very sporty, in a tailored tropical-print shirt that showed off her slender waist, over a pair of black walking shorts.
I'm not sure what I expected Mitch to look like, but the slightly-balding, affable-looking guy in the Tommy Bahama shirt showing a slight paunch was probably not it. Mitch appeared to be a few years older than Dee, mid 50s, with salt-and-pepper hair and a graying goatee.
We walked over as Dee and Mitch stood up and we shook hands all around, until Dee got to Kerri, who she hugged tightly. "Sorry, Kerri, but I feel like I know you. Alice didn't stop talking about you the whole way home. I think you're her new role model." Kerri hugged her back, blushing the way only a pale-skinned blonde can blush.
Mitch sat back down in the middle seat on one side, with Dee on his right and Kerri to his left. I sat across from Kerri, with Christy next to me and Tim at the end across from Dee. I could tell he was trying hard not to stare. I understood that – she was quite stare-at-able.
We ordered a round of drinks and Mitch suggested a couple of appetizers that he and Dee liked before we settled in to get to know each other better. Mitch looked around the table, grinning, and said, "so you all fuck each other."
Christy's eyes got wide and her mouth dropped open but Kerri got it immediately. What better way to break the tension that to get it all out in the open? She replied, "well, Christy and I keep trying to get Tim and Terry to try each other out. Alas, so far they've been resistant but Christy and I definitely want to watch that. So yeah, other than their silly aversion to dick, we fuck each other."
By the time she was done, Tim was the one blushing and the rest of us laughed until we had tears in our eyes. The waitress looked at us funny as she delivered our drinks and I raised my wine glass in a toast. "Here's to the USS Mitch, the best icebreaker in the US Navy!"
The next forty-five minutes was much more relaxed. Mitch and Dee owned a trucking firm that they ran out of Norfolk or from their home in Hampton, Virginia. They had done well enough with it that they had backed off from day-to-day operations so much that Mitch considered himself semi-retired. They actually drove a big rig together for a couple of years when they first met and Mitch had some terrific stories from the road.
At the same time, I think Mitch carefully steered clear of discussing their sex lives. Dee used the word "swingers" when talking to Kerri but I thought that term was open to interpretation. Clearly they wanted to keep that conversation until later.
Christy and Tim and Kerri pitched in with their own stories as we ate crab dip and fried calamari and got another round of drinks. Dee laughed at all the funny stuff but I noticed that she spent a lot of her time listening, watching, maybe evaluating. I caught her looking at me once and I got a smile and a nod from her, which made me realize that I was doing exactly the same thing as she was and she knew it. The Protector…
I winked at her as our waitress came back with our entrees and another couple of bottles of wine. The food was great – not fancy, as the chef wanted to feature the flavors of the fresh fish. I noticed that no one ate too much, not wanting to be bogged down later. It was obvious to me at that point that we were going to ask Dee and Mitch to stay.

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