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By Dustin Williams The bright morning was accompanied by Rara’s moans as Nero pushed her from behind, Rara, who was already addicted to Nero’s cock, continued to ask to be satisfied every day. Nero didn’t mind that , because his initial intention was to have sex with Rara.

“Aaahhh, Nerooo I-I’m going out…” exclaimed Rara while tightly gripping the table in front of her.

Rara’s swaying became stronger, it made Nero’s dick squeeze out from inside. Then they both reached the peak, Rara fell on her knees with drops of sperm coming out of her pussy.

Nero saw Rara’s tits swaying from her labored breathing, he grabbed the two mountains and played with them until Rara moaned in pleasure.

“Ahh, Nero…..”

Not stopping there, Nero clamped his penis between Rara’s two mountains, then told Rara to shake it.

Rara obeyed Nero obediently, she clamped and shook Nero using her two twin mountains. Nero moved his body forward and backward following Rara’s movements, and a burst of heat came out and wet Mount Rara.

They did not continue their action and chose to rest to recharge their energy. Rara made Nero food while naked while Nero waited at the dining table.

“You really are my sex slave, Rara, apparently my magic fluid has an effect on you,” said Nero in between the two of them having breakfast.

“I think so, I was careless enough to let myself swallow a large amount of your cum. Now I can’t live without your cock,” replied Rara shyly.

Nero laughed, “Okay, Rara, I will definitely take good care of you. Hahah! But you have to call me Mr. Nero.”

“Master Nero!? Sounds good, okay Master Nero.”

“Good, from now on please help my sex slave.”

The two of them continued eating, and after they finished they went back to exercising in bed until the next day.


A week has passed, and Nero is starting to get bored with Rara’s service. He also tries something new by making love outdoors, although initially reluctant, Rara is finally willing to go along with Nero’s strange fetish.

Completely naked, Rara sat down in front of Nero, leaning against an old tree. Nero, who had a heavy erection, then beat Rara from behind. The sound of their sexual intercourse attracted the attention of the animals in the forest to watch.

This made Nero even more lustful, he accelerated his thrusts until he reached climax, and his semen overflowed. Once again Rara was satisfied, now she was good at doing BJ on Nero’s cock to make him tense again.

“Rara… Is it just you in this forest? Are you sure there aren’t any goblins or anything like that!?” Nero asked curiously when he realized that he had never met exotic creatures from isekai.

“Goblins!? What are those creatures!?” Rara asked back.

“That’s a green creature whose hobby is raping women. Do n’t you know!?”

Rara remembered while still shaking Nero’s dick.

“Green creatures? There are no such creatures in this world now. There used to be them.”


“That’s right, in the past. When the devils still existed. Now those evil creatures might have become extinct. The Dogma people really carried out a thorough purification to exterminate them.”


“Yes Dogma. They have one goal to make this world only ruled by one race. Because of that they massacred other races until they reached extinction. There are no other races in this world except humans.”


Nero looked disappointed, his desire to have sex with a beautiful elf with big breasts had disappeared.

“Rara, is there a possibility that those races still exist?”

“The possibility is small, Mr. Nero. But there are some people in this world who have mixed blood. Even though finding them is very difficult.”

“Really? Then there is still hope. Rara! I have decided that I will become the first Sex King in this world. I will make love to all the races in this world. Will you help me?”

Rara blushed, then stood up embracing Nero with her naked body.

“I will go wherever you go, Mr. Nero, but before that you have to strengthen yourself first. In this world there are many bad people, I can’t always protect you, sir.”

Nero’s reflex pinched Rara’s nipples, causing her to let out a small scream.

“You… Look down on me too much, okay I will become a strong man who will protect you. Therefore, please train me to be stronger.”

“It’s an honor Lord Nero.”

The two of them kissed, then continued their lewd activities until the sun set.


Five years later, Rara gave birth to a son from her relationship with Nero. The child was named Julius, he was such a genius that he could speak fluently at the age of 4.

Even though she already has children, Rara’s voluptuous body has not relaxed at all. She is still the same as Rara 5 years ago who helped Nero in the middle of the forest. This is because Rara has mixed blood from the elf race which makes her look youthful.

“Papa! Are you finished?” Julius called when Nero was fucking his mother.

“Soon, darling! Ahhggg!”

Nero sighed, thick liquid gushed into Rara’s womb, which looked exhausted from being continuously pushed non-stop.

After leaving, Nero got ready to put on his clothes and rushed to meet Julius in front of the house. He also didn’t forget to tell Rara to get ready, because today they would start their journey.

Now that Nero is 15 years old, he has grown into a handsome man, and a bad father. He did not allow Julius’ presence to prevent him from releasing his lust. Since he was little, Julius had been used to watching his parents make love without paying attention.

“Julius, take good care of yourself,” said Rara, stroking Julius’ head.

“You too, mama, take good care of yourself. And keep an eye on papa so he doesn’t go too far,” ordered Julius.

Rara was silent, in fact she couldn’t bear to leave Julius alone to travel with Nero. But he couldn’t live without Nero’s penis, Julius, who knew his mother’s condition, assured him that he would be fine if he was left alone.

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“Take good care of yourself, Julius,” ordered Nero, before finally he and Rara left to start their journey.

From a distance, Julius saw Nero deliberately raping Rara in the open. Julius could only hope that his father would not cause trouble to his mother.

Part 5 After traveling for a week, Nero and Rara finally arrived at the first city , Vineci. They rented an inn to stay temporarily, using Rara’s savings that she had accumulated 5 years ago.

“Rara, this city looks deserted,” Nero assessed their first

city . “Of course it’s quiet, now it’s wartime . Men go to the battlefield to fight,” answered Rara while sucking Nero’s dick.

“War? Since when? And why do you know all that?”

“Master remind me, once a week I go to sell potions to the village on the side. Of course I know about all the information from the outside world.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

Rara stopped her kisses, then moved up to face Nero’s broad chest.

“I’m afraid Master will leave, I don’t want to lose Kon-eh I mean Master.”

Rara licked Nero’s nipples, while her right hand stroked his penis. Nero enjoyed the stimulation that Rara gave him, then he roughly turned Rara’s body over and climbed on top of her.

With passionate passion, Nero poked Rara’s pussy, which was already so wet that it made the mattress shake. Rara screamed loudly, but Nero gagged her mouth with her panties.

“Arrggh sirnnnn!”

Rara came out, followed by Nero next. They rested for a while, and continued fucking until morning.


That morning Nero woke up first, he died, Rara, alone in the inn, naked. Don’t forget, Nero also took Rara’s money to spend .

Vineci was very quiet that morning, there were only elderly people in every corner of the city . Nero wanted to look for brothels in every corner of the city , but couldn’t find them. There are only propaganda posters of the authorities displayed in almost every corner.

“Shit! I want sexss! Sexsssss!” Nero exclaimed in the middle of the city center which was quite busy during the day.

A young girl approached him, her face looked innocent but her clothes did not reflect her.

“Excuse me, sir. Is there anything I can help you with?” asked the girl curiously.

“I’m looking for an embroidery house! Is there no place like that in this city?”

“Oh, the embroidery house. That place was torn down by the residents of this town 2 years ago. But if you want to go there…” The girl whispered, “I can take you.”

“Is it true?”

“That’s right sir, prostitution is prohibited in this city . But it still exists, even if in secret.”

“Oh, that actually makes me excited.”

Finally, Nero and the girl who introduced herself as Waka went to the place Waka mentioned. The place is not far outside the city of Vineci, and looks more like a rickety hut that has never been lived in.

Nero’s first reaction when he saw the place was doubt, he wasn’t sure that people would come to satisfy their desires in a place as dirty as this.

“Waka… This—”

Before Nero had finished speaking, a silver dagger was stabbed in his neck from behind.

“Don’t move, or your life will be lost!” Waka snapped threateningly.

Waka then gave the signal to his bandit friends who were hiding in the hut. They surrounded Nero, tied him to the pillars of a hut and took all his possessions.

“Chief, what should we do with him?” one of the robbers asked Waka.

“As usual, just finish it. But before that…”

Waka walked towards Nero who was tied cross-legged, then with an evil smile Waka stepped on Nero’s crotch with his foot. Nero screamed, it felt like he had been circumcised a hundred times.

“For a pervert like you, this is quite appropriate,” said Waka while spitting in Nero’s face.

Instead of feeling angry, Nero actually became aroused by Waka’s spit. When everyone was counting their loot, Nero’s dick jerked violently.

Waka, who saw Nero’s erection, became even more angry, he beat Nero who couldn’t fight back and made him faint.


Two men carried the unconscious Nero to the edge of the lake, they tied Nero’s feet with an iron ball to drown him. When the two of them were busy pulling Nero’s body onto the small ship, a deadly red light penetrated their chests.

They didn’t have time to fight or scream when the red light took their lives. From behind the mist a scantily clad woman appeared, she approached the unconscious Nero, and removed the iron ball at his feet with a magic spell.

Don’t forget that the woman also healed the wounds on Nero’s body with her powers, and when Nero regained consciousness the woman immediately hugged him.

“Sir! Thank goodness you’re okay,” said Rara sincerely.

“Rara… Why are you here?”

Rara let go of her hug, then her hand moved down to cover Nero’s hard cock.

“It was the power of this dick that gave me the clue to find it, sir.”

After saying that, Rara opened Nero’s pants and immediately did a BJ without being ordered.

“Aghhrr Rara…” sighed Nero, his dick was more sensitive than usual.

After providing sufficient stimulation, Nero finally came out. When the sperm came out, the pain in Nero’s body immediately disappeared.

The first thing Nero did after escaping the curse of his boundless lust was get angry. He wanted revenge on Waka who had beaten and robbed him.

“Rara, sorry. Your money is gone,” said Nero, regretting his stupid act of taking Rara’s money without permission.

“Money can be earned, but not this dick!”

Rara then lifted her skirt, revealing a wet pussy that was not protected by the underwear. Nero became aroused again, his dick swelled and was ready to fight.

Rara laid Nero’s body on the small boat and lifted him off the boat. The water splashed so hard that Rara’s swaying was so intense, they touched each other and kissed until the small boat capsized.

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By Dustin Williams #Interracial #Pregnancy #Teen #Virgin