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Hello everyone this is Ramlal . This is my first story in ISS . this story is dedicated to all the juicy ladies and to all the vergin’s who are still dreaming of having sex and to all the penis holders , hold yourself tight to go on sexual adventure with me in this real story of mine .

This incident happened with my sister , who later shared it with me , as I and my sister don’t hide anything from each other . Now hear this story in the words of my sister .

Here goes the story :
Hello Friends I m Kamla , cousin sister of Ramlal . we both live in same colony . As ramlal doen’t have any sister he considers me as his sister . From child hood we share all the things and our experiences .

We have grown up now . Ramlal is 27 and I am 22 . I study in college out of the town in the city . Since the college is far of from the house so I took hostel and live there .

The story goes back 2 years when it was first year of my college . After spending few months I had returned from the college back to my home . I was feeling great after returning home and decided to do a lot of fun activities . I my house there are 4 peaple , My mom , dad , my bother and me . My brother lives in the metropolitan city for job . My father is out for business meetings for most of the days and return late night . My mom is a middle aged woman of about 38 years and is a owner of great build and round body . Her face is not so beautiful but her body figure is outstanding . Being her daughter I too got great height and athletic bod . My protruding hips and wheatish colour doesn’t only attracts boys but also girls ( this i got to know when I was in the hostel ) . Ihave got beautiful bulging eyes and figure of 32-26-38 . I am a leliever of desi lifestyle like maa . it means I dn’t wear western clothes or watch english movies or porn . Keep a simple set just for communiicating my family members , and my close friends .

This time when I returned from My hostel I found a new member in my house . He was sonu , he was sonu our servant . He was from our village and my parents had brought him to the town and kept him as a servant . By parents I Mean my mom . I have heard some rumours of my mom having relation ship with other men and even street boys . But I was not sure about the intentions of my mom . I have never found her in any objectionable situation . she is a very clever woman and very fast .

Sonu was about 19-20 years of age , what i could make out . his complexion was dark and athletic bod . He was of less than average height but broad shoulders . He use to do all my house works , like cleaning , washing utensils , ironing clothes etc and lived in a separate room near our store room . He uses a separate bathroom and generally took bath in the garden area outside.

sonu called me didi and used to serve me morning tea . Iuse to wear small slirt in my house and felt relaxed . Sonu use to see me in the clothes and felt shy some times . when sonu took bath outside in the garden I use to watch sonu . In his bermuda his lund was protruding out . I did notice sonu playing with his lund . then what i saw , gave me a big shock . My mom was giving smile to sonu while showering water to the plants and showing her navel . sonu was playing with his lund and giving smile back to maa .

Looking this I was getting hot in my pants . Now I was some what believing in the rumours . then after some time the show ended and my mom left to the kitchen . I too went back to the room and started to study . My mom came to see me and then went to the kitchen .
Now I decided to seduce sonu as I had seen his real side . As sonu came to keep my clothes in the wardrobe I kept my leg up on the sofa so that he may have a nice glimpse of my panty . I pretended reading book and then slowly saw that sonu was starring at my pink panty . I spread my legs more so that he may have clearer look . I saw movement in his pants and got aroused , till then mommy called sonu and and sonu left the room .

In the night I was not feeling sleepy and the thought of sonu was striking my mind . I woke up and went to see sonu in his room . The door was closed but the window was slightly opened . i peeped inside the window and saw sonu was sleeping naked . His tool was seen clearly and was shining in the dim light . I was amazed to see his black cock which was about 6″ long in the normal state . I had never seen such a big cock . I thought my mom choose him for this reason only . And whether she had been fucked by sonu or not ? Then I noticed sonu was getting awake and I went back to my room .

That night I could not sleep and my whole body had become hot . In the morning when i woke up I noticed something on my legs . it was someone’s hand , trying to feel my soft skin . I pretended to sleep and then he removed his hand and was leaving the room . Then I opened the eyes to find it was sonu . My guess was right . And I was happy that i succeeded in seducing sonu .

Now I wanted to take the things to next level . As only few days of my holidays were left . and this time I wanted to have some real fun . Finally I got a chance when i got to know that my mom was going to some function and will return late in the night . My mom had given all the instruction to sonu and asked him to take care of the house .

Icalled sonu in my room . He was a bit shy in front of me . he said ,” memsaab , apne bulaya ” . I said ” haa, mere liye ek chai le anaa , aaj toh pura badan dukh raha hai ” . He said ,” abhi laya ma’m , Bus do minute mein ” .
After saying this he went to the kitchen . I decided to show him some extra stuff and get him hard on so that i could play the next level of game . I removed my panty and sat on the sofa with my legs up and started reading magazine . He came and could peep a side of my pink pussy . His eyes were wanting some more stuff to see . He kept the tea and kept staring at my ass . I suddenly removed the book and said .” thanks sonu , please sit down” . I adjusted My skirt and and started taking the sip of the tea . I saw the pant of Sonu had become tent . with his tool hard I controlled my self and Sonu was blushing . I wanted to see his cock but waited for the chance .

Then after finding my tea I went to take shower in the bath room with the doors open . I was getting wet and juices dripping from my pussy . I asked for towel from Sonu and he came running with the towel . He knocked the door and the door opened as it was not locked . He kept staring me as i was just wearing a black colour panty . I covered my boobs with my hands , and quickly took the towel and closed the door . I got very horny as Sonu was staring me and i saw erection in his pant .

I came out of the bathroom in just a towel and I noticed sonu was watching me from the corner . It was a short towel and sonu could notice the entire body of mine .then slowly i wore my bra and panty and removed the towel . Now sonu was getting my glimpse in bra and panty .

THen I wore my mini skirt and asked sonu to prepare things in the kitchen for the dinner . Mom was to arrive late and dad had gone for a bussiness meet . It was just me and sonu in the house and it had already became dark . Sonu was busy in the kitchen . I went there to enquire what sonu was busy with . I saw he was watching a magazine while cooking food and his pant had already became tent . I went near sonu and he was shocked to see me . I was in my transparent nighty . I asked sonu what was that magazine all about , as he was hiding from me . He said.” kuck nahi , memsaaab , kahani ki kitaab hai .” I asked him to show the magazine to me . He slowly took it out and showed it to me . What I guessed was right , it was a porn magazine . He was shying from me .

I told him that he will be punished for it , but after we have dinner . I went to the dining hall , to arrange all the plates and cutleries . Sonu arranged the food on the table and now looked normal . We both had dinner together after a brief prayer . THe food was tasty . I praised sonu for that . He smiled in return . HE was a village boy and has no manners how to eat on the table . HE had a pretty good diet and ate like a habshi . ( I like like stront and abedient peaple like sonu and a security guard of mine hostel . I gave him a glimpse of my round , well toned juicy ass and allowed him just to suck my ass in the backyards on saturdays . Because on saturdays we are allowed to have a walk in the backyard late night ) . I served sonu more and he was happy to have it from me .

After having dinner I called sonu and made him sit on the sofa . I told him that you will have to do some thing for me otherwise I will tell dad about the magazine . He started crying and said,” aap jo bolengi woh karunga memsaab , mujhe maaf karo .”
I was ok with his reply . I changed the channel of tv and there was a adult movie on the screen . We both were watching the movie . I asked sonu to remove the clothes . He started removing his clothes , I said not yours , remove my clothes . He was shying , but then came forward and unhooked the bottons of nighty and removed it . I was standing in front of him tall 5 feet 7″ and he was just 5 feet tall but broad enough . He stared staring my 38″ waist and felt dizzy . He told me its bigger than that of badi memsaab . I smiled and asked him to proceed forward . He removed my panty and started to smell my pussy . Then he came back and started to unhook my bra . His black lund was touching my ass . I felt amazing but hid my reaction .

then I asked sonu to suck my ass and pussy , and bent forwasrd on sofa . He quickly got hold of my big ass and started putting toungue all around my ass . I felt so good . i felt that i was in heaven and started moaning aah aaaah aaaaaah aaaaaaaahhhhh !!!!!! .. his pant had already became tent . I didn’t want to miss this opportunity and took hold of his lund from top of his pant . It was rock solid . I pulled his pants down and was amazed to see his 8″ and 2″ thick black lund . We quickly came into 69 position and took his lund in the mouth as I could not resist . I felt I was in heaven and engullfed more than half of his cock in my mouth . Sonu was busy eating my pussy and I loved his penis juice . THen sonu cummed and I drank all the juice drops . I was also about to cum and my body tightenned .. then i cummed ans sonu drank the cum in his mouth .

Then after ten minutes sonu and I changed our position and Sonu placed his lund on my cunt , and started putting pressure . I stopped sonu and Kissed him on his lips . I told him that I was not ready for this now . He said ok . I told sonu that mom was to arrive at any moment and we should sleep . he was going to sleep in his room but I asked him that he could sleep with me til mom arrives .
we both slept together nake d and enjoyed kissing each other . until mom arrived , then sonu went i his room and we had planned to take the things ahead.

Please give your feedback to me at my e-mail [email protected] . thanks

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