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By Cali incest mom Ok sorry for the wait I had gotten sick last 4 days. So my son went to his one day a month at his physical School last week. While on recess he had to go to the bathroom so he went to a bathroom he’s never been to before. Its the furthest from the playground but he just wanted to explore the school more so he went to that one. When he entered the bathroom he heard some noises and heard what sounded like to him was a boy moaning. He quietly entered the bathroom got closer to the bathroom stalls. I guess the kid in the stall didn’t pay attention to seeing his feet under the stall or anything and my son peeked through the door crack and saw the kid jerking off. He was an older kid like in the 6th grade.

My son took a piss and the next door and flushed it. This alerted the kid in the next all over. My son then got on top of the toilet to peek over the top. The other kid was like WTF. My son said nice cock wish i could jerk off but haven’t had a hard on yet. The other kid said oh really. But he was close to cumming and stood up to shoot his load in the toilet. My son said oh nice! what does it feel like to cum? The kid replied it feels nice i guess its hard to explain you just have to feel it. My son replied thanks for letting me see you come but I have to go back to the playground. A few hours later school is out I go to pick him up and in the car my son says i got something to tell you when we get home but I want you to play with my cock when i tell you. Oh i got wet when he said that and I said ok baby.

We got home we went straight to my bedroom he got it undressed and do did I. He jumped on the bed spread his legs apart a bit and told me to start playing with his cock. I bent over placed his cock in my mouth to lick and suck it. I sucked on his balls too. He started telling me the story of him and the kid in the bathroom and oh my God I got so wet listening to him. Once the story was done I asked my son what he thought about it. He said he had a nice cock and it was cool to see him cum. He also said he wanted to feel his hard cock. That surprised the hell out of me. I asked him did you think about anything else? He said ge had wondered how it would feel to suck it. Omg this lil boy surprised me again. i replied ohhhh really. I said baby do you want to try sucking cock? He replied yes mommy.

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So we begain to talk about it. I said do you know this kid he said no. Ok I said so you cant contact him on social media. My son replied and said the school has a facebook page I can see if I can find him. So we went to the computer brought up the Facebook page. We went through the friends list of the school it took us a while to go through the whole list but eventually we found this kid. This kid is a cutie. I told my son well next time you goto school see if you can find him. Try going to same bathroom and see if hes jerking off again. If he is ask him if you can jerk him off. If he agrees to let you do it, once you start to stroke his cock a bit without saying anything to him put it in your mouth and suck it for him. And if he likes it and says hes about to cum tell him to cum in your mouth so you can taste him. My so said ok mommy i’ll try. I then said also if you can ask him to film it on your phone so I can see. My son replied yes mommy.

I was so horny at this point I got up went to my dresser and pulled out a strap-on so my son can fuck me. It has a small vibe attached to it which I put it in my sons ass. I also hollowed out the base of the dildo so he can place his lil cock in it. This lil eager kid fucked the shit out of me.

When I was about to cum I had my son lay down i mounted his face and rubbed my pussy across his lips. In a matter of minutes U said open your mouth baby im going to cum. My juices were flowing like a damn river right into his mouth. I was so worked up I threw on the strap on turned my son over and I ran that dildo straight up his ass. I fucked him so hard I wished I could cum in his ass. I turn my son over again. I was on my knees and told him to mount the dildo. I hugged him close and began to kiss him deeply. We continued this for about an hr. I said 1 last thing to make this night complete baby. my son replied whats that mommy? I said baby boy mommy want you to piss on me and in my mouth again. He said ok lets goto the bath. I got in the shower on my knees. My son stood on top of the shower seat and began to piss all over me and in my mouth.

After that we showered. He then went to the table to do homework and i started dinner. This was from one of the best days ever.

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By Cali incest mom #Bisexual #Incest #PreTeen