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We woke up the next morning and still couldn't believe the last 2 days and nights with our new Midwest friends and all the things we tried together. Knowing that it turned you on so much made it even more exciting for me and I couldn't wait to fulfill your every fantasy before the vacation was over.
I watched your naked body rise from our bed and stroll to the bathroom as my cock sprang to life again. I massaged my balls as you disappeared into the bathroom and turned on the shower. The master bathroom was designed with dual showerheads and no door or curtain on the shower itself. The open layout was pleasing to the eyes especially with the large mirrors that gave me a view of you soaping up your perfect tits.
I watched your hands move down your tummy and slide over your cheeks as you bent over and washed the back of your legs and sexy feet. My rock hard dick was slowly being shuffled between my fingers as your hands moved back up the front of your thighs and paused when they reached your sweet spot. You lingered longer than you normally would to cleanse that area so I sat up to get a better look. Either you were really trying to wash away our sins from the day before or you were reliving it in your mind.
I quietly walked over to the bathroom as your fingers continued to move in a slow circle between your legs. Your eyes were closed as the warm water poured over your body and down the soapy drain.
"Do you want some help, hon?" I asked with a mischievous grin.
Your eyes flashed open and your manual stimulation ceased momentarily as I startled you back to reality with my question.
"Oh my God, hon! I didn't know you were watching me! How long were you standing there?"
"Long enough to see that you were doing more than cleaning yourself!" I shot back with a smile. "So do you want my help or no?"
"Actually, I think I want to finish this myself, but I want you to tell me what else you want to do with Jay to help speed this along."
"Happy to do that, sexy, but first you need to tell me what you were imagining before I came in here."
"If I'm being honest, I was thinking about Jay sucking your cock while Ashley fucked your ass. That was so fucking hot!"
"Wow! I loved the way it felt having my ass split open like that!" I replied.
You moaned as two fingers plunged in and out of your tight pussy. My cock was so stiff that it ached for release, but I wanted you to cum first.
"I want you to help me suck Jay's cock tomorrow. Do you think you can do that?"
"Oh fuck yes! I loved watching you please him the other night and I really enjoyed making him cum yesterday. He felt so good in my mouth!"
"Good. We can pass his big cock back and forth and lick his balls until he erupts all over us! I wanna take him in my throat again and make myself gag while you suck his balls and tease his ass with your finger."
"Tell me more, baby! Please. I need to cum!" you shouted breathlessly.
"Is it wrong if I want Jay to fuck my ass? Is that too much?" I asked while secretly hoping that you'd like to see it.
"Oh my God! I can't stop thinking about that! I want to watch you get fucked by that muscular man and let him have his way with you!"
Your fingers circled your clit faster now as my cock slid in and out of my fist and I thought about getting my hair pulled while Jay slammed me from behind.
"I'll do it, hon. I'll do whatever you want me to do. Do you want to watch me bounce on his big cock? I can hold his thighs and ride him while he strokes me slowly with his hand. Or maybe I can lie on my back and grab my ankles so he can plunge himself deep into my tight little ass. Or I can have him spread my legs apart with his hands so I can jerk off and cum all over my face while he fills me with his hot cum! Yes, I think I like that best! I want to cum with him."
I watched you convulse and collapse to the shower floor as you squeezed your legs together and enjoyed another powerful orgasm as the water continued to stream down around your naked body. I pumped my cock a few more times and shot rope after rope of cum across the tile floor.
We spent the day on the beach drinking and laughing and enjoying the warm sun and beautiful turquoise water. The beverages began to catch up with us a few hours after lunch so we decided to head upstairs for a little nap before dinner.
The room was already made up and the sheets were once again clean and crisp and inviting. You wriggled out of your bathing suit and hopped into bed as I let my shorts fall to the floor and then joined you. Our lips immediately locked together as my hands roamed over your bare ass and I pulled you against me. I heard a knock at the door but ignored it as our tongues continued their dance.
The knocking wasn't extremely loud, but it became more frequent. Housekeeping had already cleaned our room and we didn't order any room service, so I couldn't understand why someone was knocking and distracting me from my beautiful and naked wife. I finally needed to see what was going on so I rose up with my cock standing at full attention and went to the door. I looked through the peephole and saw our new friends standing in the hallway smiling.
I walked back over to the bed and whispered, "It's Jay and Ashley. What should we do?"
"I think you should let them in," you said with a smile.
"Really? I asked as I stood there rock hard in front of you.
"Yes, I want to see you and Jay together and I wouldn't mind seeing Ashley between my legs, either."
I wandered back to the door and opened it slowly. Both Jay and Ashley glanced downward at my hard cock with their mouths wide open.
"Well, don't just stare at it. Come on in and join us," I said with a laugh.
Jay and Ashley hurried inside our room and made their way to the bed. You were under the covers but your breasts were exposed much to the delight of our guests. Ashley pulled her sundress over her head and threw it to the floor. She wasn't wearing any panties so I got a nice view of her tight little ass and you got a full view of her smooth pussy perky tits.
Jay peeled off his t-shirt and then quickly yanked his shorts to the ground revealing his large cock and muscular ass. Ashley dove onto the bed and kissed your lips while playing with your hair. Her tongue explored your mouth while Jay slowly crawled onto the bed and pulled down the covers exposing the rest of your naked body.
Ashley kissed her way down your neck to your breasts and took one nipple into her mouth. It immediately hardened as you let out a soft moan. Jay had his hands on your thighs and his mouth on your tummy as his tongue slowly traced a line from your belly button down to your swollen clit. He flicked it briefly and then pushed his strong tongue inside you. Your legs fell open to allow him better access to your sweet hole.
I made me way over to the bed and didn't know who to touch first. Ashley was sucking on your nipples with her bare ass in the air and Jay was working his tongue in and out of your tight pussy with his cock fully aroused between his legs. Since I couldn't decide, I placed one hand on Ashley's ass and the other on Jay's. I gave them each a squeeze and then moved my left hand between Jay's legs and my right hand between Ashley's.
She was soaked and my middle finger easily slid inside her. She pushed herself against my hand and I let my finger explore her insides. Jay was rock hard as I slowly worked my hand up and down his shaft and over his large head. He swirled his tongue around your clit while fucking you with his index finger and middle finger at the same time. I could tell you were going to cum because you were unable to speak and your body was tensing up.
Ashley could sense it too and licked your nipple while moving her thumb to your open mouth. You wrapped your lips around her thumb and sucked it deep into your mouth. Jay was now spreading your ass with his left hand and teasing your clit with his tongue while his fingers continued to penetrate you faster and faster. I was so turned on watching you being pleased by our feisty friends and moved up the bed toward your beautiful face. I removed Ashley's thumb from your mouth and replaced it with my throbbing cock.
I fucked your pretty mouth slowly while Jay's tongue devoured your tight pussy and brought you closer and closer to a powerful climax. Ashley saw that you were receiving enough attention and made her way between her husband's legs. She took his large cock into her mouth and grabbed his ass while she sucked him.
Your mouth felt incredible as you moaned on me from the pleasure you were experiencing down below.
I watched my cock disappear between your lips over and over and glanced to my right to see Ashley working Jay's dick in and out of her mouth while her left hand was buried between her legs. She was grinding herself against her fingers while gagging on Jay's massive cock.
I saw your hips rising as you pressed yourself against Jay's tongue. He circled your clit over and over as his fingers filled you to the hilt. My cock slipped out of your mouth as you exploded on Jay's fingers and turned onto your side and squeezed your legs together to make your orgasm last longer. As you writhed back and forth, Jay got onto his back and Ashley knelt between his thighs and took his giant cock deep into her throat.
I moved on top of you and kissed your lips as you guided me inside your soaking wet pussy. You felt so slick as I rocked back and forth and enjoyed how tight you were. I held your ankles and spread you wide apart while fucking you like a piston. Jay was lying next to you and teased your nipples with his fingers while Ashley bobbed her head up and down on him.
Jay slid out of Ashley's mouth and told her to sit on his cock. He held it in his right hand and we both just stared at his massive length and thickness. Ashley climbed on top and sunk her pretty little ass to his stomach as she took every inch he had to give. Her tits bounced as she rode him like she was on a rodeo bull and arched her back.
I leaned forward and kissed you again as you grabbed my ass and spread my cheeks. Jay looked over and saw what you were doing and gently pushed Ashley off his cock and onto the bed between us. She knew what he had in mind and moved her lips back to your erect nipple and took it inside her warm mouth. We continued to make out when I felt another set of hands on my ass.
"What are you doing?" I asked, slightly startled.
"Just relax. I'm gonna make you feel good," Jay replied as he grazed my asshole with his finger.
"No, please. I already feel good. My wife's pussy is incredible!"
"I'm gonna double your pleasure!" he shot back as he lowered his head and ran his tongue around my puckering asshole.
It felt really good as his tongue darted in and out of my ass while I continued to fuck you deeper and harder. You held my cheeks apart for him as he slid his tongue inside and cupped my balls. He knelt between my legs and pressed the head of his cock against my opening.
"No, Jay. You're too big. I've never done this before. I'm not ready. Please." I pleaded.
"You'll be OK. I won't hurt you. I will be gentle. I promise," he replied as he ignored my request and entered my ass slowly.
I grunted as the head of his cock slipped inside me and he held my hips. I felt powerless as he pushed himself in and out slowly while you held my cheeks open for his access. As he fucked me, I fucked you. He thrusted as I thrusted and the pleasure was building inside me. You were loving every minute of it and couldn't wait to cum again.
Ashley sat on a pillow and moved her fingers in a slow circle around her swollen clit. Her pretty pussy was just inches from your face and you stuck out your tongue for a little taste. She was sweet like strawberries as you plunged your tongue inside her tight hole. It was the first time you had ever done that to a woman and you liked it. She was teasing her clit while you darted your tongue in and out.
"Oh God, that feels so fucking good, Sue! Are you sure you've never done this before?" she gasped.
"Never," you replied as you moved your lips to her clit and swirled your tongue around and around her little button.
You enjoyed the power of pleasing her just as much as you enjoyed pleasing a man. You were so turned on and didn't even realize that your hand was between your legs as I fucked you and Jay fucked me.
Ashley was nearing her climax as you sucked her clit and slid a finger inside her soaking wet pussy.
"Just like that, Sue. Please don't stop." She begged.
That was all the encouragement you needed as you licked her to an incredible mind blowing orgasm and then shoved your fingers into her mouth so she could taste her sweetness. She sucked each one of your fingers slowly and deep and then pushed them back between your legs. Your middle finger found your clit and worked its magic while I was getting used to Jay's big dick filling me from behind.
"Fuck my husband, Jay!" you yelled as he placed his hands on my shoulders and gave me another few inches of his massive cock.
Jay grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked me back against him. He picked up his pace and started to pound me harder and harder. I liked it. I wanted it.
"Fuck me, Jay. Fuck my tight little ass. Just like that. Give me your big cock." I pleaded.
You couldn't take it anymore and came all over me for another powerful orgasm. I love the way you cum and it brought me to the edge listening to you and hearing your pleasure. Jay was having his way with my ass and it felt incredible to be filled like that while he pulled my hair with one hand and held my neck with his other hand.
I fucked your pussy faster and harder as Jay did the same to my ass. I could feel a tingling sensation in my toes and in my stomach and I knew I was going to cum. I could hear Jay's breathing rate increase as he pounded my ass and moved his hands to my hips. He was so strong and it felt good being fucked by his throbbing cock. I emptied myself inside you just as he grunted and filled my ass with his warm cum.
He collapsed on top of me and you liked the weight of both of us on top of you. I was still hard inside you as you milked me and drained every last drop of cum from my dick. Jay pulled out slowly and gave my ass a smack as he rose to his feet.
I turned around and couldn't believe that I was able to take that massive cock the way I did. I was impressed with myself as I watched him walk toward the kitchen. He was all man and I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to fuck his muscular ass the way he fucked mine. It was as if he could read my mind because he turned around and said, "You can get me tomorrow."

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