New Man Pt. 08

tagGroup SexNew Man Pt. 08

"You've never seen her do the bounce?" Sarah asked me.
We were taking a drive together after a movie. Fat snowflakes swooped through the air in lazy waves. It wasn't quite a blizzard, but the weather was aiming in that general vicinity. I only mention the snow because the heat in the truck felt so damn good, we forewent returning to Sarah's place and instead opted to drive around for a while with nowhere in mind.
"I've seen Jenna's boobs bounce," I said.
Sarah rolled her eyes. "Everyone has. Just watch her walk three feet and you'll see that."
"Says you, Queen of Boobs."
She pushed up at hers, looking down at her mammoth chest. "They are pretty great, right?"
"I'm a big fan."
"I noticed. Anyways, no, that's not what I'm talking about, and now you need to call her up."
"Ohhh-kay," I said. I punched up the truck's handless system and told it to dial Jenna.
A moment later, "Hey Lionel. How was the movie?"
"Great," I said.
"Terrible," Sarah grumbled. "There were too many people around to fool around. All we did was a little petting."
"We have created a monster," Jenna said. "So what's up?"
"What's up is that I'm bored and I haven't had a chance yet to stick my tongue as deep in your pussy as it can go," Sarah said.
There was a pause, and then I breathed, "Jesus, Sarah."
"Whose place?" Jenna asked, sounding as shocked as I was.
"Mine," Sarah said. "I have cappuccinos."
"Be over in a few."
"Wear your bounce bra."
"My… ohhh, okay, sure."
Barely had I hung up and turned into a parking lot to make a U-turn than my phone rang. This time, it was Victoria Vega, Isaac's teacher and my sometime hookup. We were keeping things casual until Isaac moved on from her class, but she was definitely going to be a regular in the group come next summer if I had anything to say about it. Our go-ahead was simple — either I called her when Isaac was going to be gone long enough for us to meet up, or she would call me, and if I didn't answer, that meant Isaac was around. I even had her listed as Paint & Mold on my phone instead of Victoria. Not that I didn't look forward to the day we could be honest about our relationship, but I enjoyed the sneakiness of our relationship. It was sort of fun.
"Hey Victoria," I said. Sarah busied herself with her jeans, sliding them down just far enough she could slide her fingers into her pink panties. I tried not to watch. "What's going on?"
"Is it a good time to talk? I heard Isaac mention he was going to a birthday party sleepover this weekend."
I smiled. "Absolutely. I've got Sarah beside me in the truck. We're meeting up with Jenna back at Sarah's place for something called the Bounce. I have no idea what that is."
"Victoria, come by," Sarah demanded. She was usually pretty submissive with me after I broke her dominant streak our first time together. But that day she was feeling her oats. I think she was after a spanking. It had been a while. "I haven't licked Jenna's pussy yet and I want to taste you too."
Another good long silence, and again I sputtered, "Jesus, Sarah!"
"Well, with that, I'm grabbing my keys," Victoria said, sounding pleasantly surprised. "Good God, it'll be like college again."
"Wait, what?" I asked.
"See you in a few," Sarah said. She really had her hand down in there. Goddamn.
* * *
Sarah draped over my knees, all but naked save for her frilly pink panties. I raised my hand for another spank when her doorbell rang. "It's o-" CRACK!" "-ow-pen!" she called, glaring up at me. Her big juicy ass was already glaring red from my spanking, but that glare warranted more from me. I raised my hand again as Victoria came in. The Latina stunner was dressed in cute leggings, a short skirt, and a poofy down coat that dwarfed her slim frame.
She froze when she saw what we were doing, and said tentatively, "Um, that's not happening to me, is it? Because I have to sit Monday."
I laughed and rubbed Sarah's tender ass before slipping my hand down into her panties and sliding two fingers along her wet lips. "No. Sarah's my… hm…"
"His come-guzzling three-hole cock whore is what I am," Sarah muttered. "And I was being bad. So I have to get spanked."
"Want to help?" I asked.
Victoria licked her lips as she began to work her way out of her coat. Underneath she wore a cute pink tank not all that far a shade from Sarah's panties. No bra, either. I could see her brown nipples through the fabric.
"Is it weird I want to say yes?" she asked. "Like… you know I don't like it rough, but… spanking her? Hell yes."
Sarah wiggled her ass back and forth and clapped. "Yay!"
God, I lived a weird life.
I was in the process of showing Victoria how to soothe the spanks with gentle rubs along Sarah's pussy when Jenna popped in. She wore dark blue jeans and a heavy serape-like top over a lighter jacket, her makeup done to the nines, hair teased out in curly waves.
She shook her head as she removed her serape. "Just another normal afternoon at Sarah's."
Victoria raised her hand and spanked Sarah again. Sarah said brightly, "I know, right? Let me get up. Gotta start up some music for the bounce."
She pushed up off my knees, rubbing her sore backside. Victoria dropped between my knees and scooted in close until her lips hovered right above my hard prick. "Hope you don't mind me just helping myself," she said.
I chuckled. "By all means."
Sarah glanced over her shoulder as she grabbed the remote for her sound bar. "Oooh, Lionel's sexy teacher slut, I like it."
"Mm hm," Victoria agreed around a couple inches of my cock. When we slept together, she always needed me to go slow when I entered her pussy. Of all the women I'd ever been with, hers was far and away the tightest, so I was cautious for her sake. But when it came to a blowjob, Victoria was right up there with another one of my girlfriends, Yvonne, for best in show. She could take a stunning amount of my cock into her warm, wet mouth and her tight throat. I loved watching my sexy Latina lover's mouth spread wide around me, but I was about to get a show of a lifetime.
"I can't believe you talked me into this again," Jenna said, kicking off her shoes and slipping down her pants.
Sarah snickered. "Like I really had to twist your arm. You'd do anything for him or Yvonne."
Jenna gaped at her, blushing furiously. "That's not… ugh, you are the worst. I wish I'd gotten in on the spankings."
"Later, I promise. Right now, I want to see the bounce."
Jenna laughed helplessly, and kept undressing until she was down to her panties and a front-clasping bra that did wonders to push her big breasts up high. Sarah was by far the most stacked of my girlfriends, but Jenna's hourglass figure led her to do incredibly well as a model, especially with her gorgeous face and luscious lips.
Victoria pulled off me. "Can I watch?" she asked.
Okay. I have a thing for submissive types. Have I mentioned that? Probably a thousand times by now. Her question made my cock surge. "Get the leggings off and ride my cock."
She hurried to her feet. Jenna helped her out of her clothes entirely, save the skirt. She didn't hesitate to run a finger along Victoria's slit, licking it clean and giving a deep moan. Victoria settled on my lap, not quite taking me into her pussy yet, but grinding on my cock as Sarah started up a fast-paced beat.
Jenna grinned at all of us watching her, and began to… well, bounce. Well, technically dance. There was rhythm to it, sure, but this was meant to draw our eyes to one part of her and one part only — her breasts doing extra wonderful things in that bra.
And oh my God, did I love the bounce. Excuse me while I gurgle out words like a seventh-grade boy seeing his first boobs here, because those were a magical few minutes. Victoria obviously liked it too, grinding on my cock as she too bounced to the beat, I laughed and kissed her shoulder as Jenna jiggled her breasts, raising her elbow up to shoulder level to squeeze them together even tighter. Her dark, smoldering eyes caught mine and her smile lit my world on fire.
Sarah grabbed Victoria's hands and pulled her up off me. My three gorgeous beauties danced together, Victoria and Sarah trying to re-enact Jenna's impressively hypnotic bobbing. Sarah's big natural tits did some amazing things of their own accord. Victoria, who definitely had some curves but not nearly as much as my other two girls, gave up with a laugh and started twerking instead. Oooh, now that was killer too.
But in the end it was Jenna who I kept staring at, who I wanted with such a fever that when the song ended, I jumped to my feet and pulled her to me. She laughed as I tugged her back to the couch. Sarah and Victoria danced together, but their attention was entirely on us. Jenna straddled my waist, those gloriously bouncy breasts right at eye level under her bra. She undid the last of the clasps and freed them for me, and I feasted as Sarah guided Victoria to another chair, pushing the teacher down and dropping between her legs.
As Sarah pulled up the top of Victoria's skirt, Victoria looked at me and said, "Well, this escalated fast."
I had two handfuls of Jenna's ass and a mouthful of her tit, so I just responded with a vaguely pleased grunt and kept right on sucking. Jenna lifted up just high enough that she could tug off her panties. I kept my eyes on her face as she reached between our legs for my cock, guiding it to her pussy and sliding down with an emphatic sigh.
Sarah gave Victoria a long lick and turned her head to glare at me. "Save some for us."
I popped off Jenna's tit long enough to say, "If you think you two are leaving without getting fucked senseless, I've got news."
Sarah beamed at me. Victoria took hold of her pigtail ponytails and guided her round face back to her pussy. "That's better," she sighed when Sarah started licking her again.
When I returned my focus to Jenna, she cupped her tits and held them up for me again. "Today, you pay them as much attention as you want to. Lick them, suck them, fuck them if you want to."
"Best goddamn girlfriends in the world," I said, and she nodded enthusiastically. Before I did suck her nipples again though, I gripped the back of her head and pulled her down to kiss me hard, our tongues dancing together.
"Wow, you two together are… mmm," Victoria said, practically drooling. Then, down to Sarah, she said, "And you… I think I'm in heaven. Look at you."
Sarah wiggled her curvy butt in happy response to that, kicking her feet up and down as she kept licking Victoria's pussy. In the meantime, I took one of Jenna's proffered nipples, sucking her again, lost in a hazy fever dream as she began to rock on my cock.
This was the life.
I switched between nipples, licking and sucking at random, but soon my cock's wants and needs began to take precedence. I dropped my hands to Jenna's ass again, and she yelped and laughed as I lifted her up, my cock buried inside her pussy. She tilted her head back and waved her arm like she was riding a mechanical bull.
"Get it!" Victoria cheered, and Sarah looked back long enough to whoop too.
I settled Jenna on the couch on her back this time. One of her feet dropped to the floor and I lifted the other so it was over the back of the couch. She was still caught up by the giggles, so I teased her neck and the upper slopes of her breasts with my mouth before I began to rock in and out of her slowly but firmly. It wasn't long before her laughter was replaced with soft, breathy moans, especially when I slipped a hand down to her clit, playing, teasing.
I heard squicking and glanced up to see Sarah still licking Victoria, but now adding two fingers to the mix, pumping them in and out. Victoria squirmed, playing with her own clit and squeezing one of her breasts, her attention divided between the busty beauty worshipping her pussy and us making love on the couch. I winked at her and she winked back before I returned my attention to my Jenna.
Our bodies crashed together harder and harder, my thrusts driving deep as Jenna laced her hands around my back. I had her spread wide, and she loved every minute of it, her head twisting, butt tensing. She whimpered, "Lionel, my Lionel."
"What you do to me…" I grunted, "…you set me on fire, Jenna."
"Yessss," she moaned. "Love this, love this, love this…"
I sucked at her neck, brought my lips to her chin, and she bucked her hips up at me, eyes closing as she began to whimper rhythmically. "Nnn, nnn, uh huh, uh huh…"
"Come for me baby," I said. "I love watching your beautiful face when you come."
"Ohhh, Lionel!" she gasped, and gripped me tight, going wordless, her lips parted in a big O. Her pussy gripped at me, gushed warmth all over me, and I was there, kissing her through it, my own need to fuck stilled by the beauty of her orgasm. My Jenna.
But it wasn't long before need took back over. There were still two other beautiful women to fuck, and I wanted a second round with Jenna before the day was through. Okay, I wanted about five rounds with Jenna. And Sarah. And Victoria.
"Lionel," Victoria gasped. "I want to see your cock between her, mm, boobs. Like she said."
"Yesss," Sarah said against her pussy. She popped off and said, "Switch me spots and sit on my lap. I want to watch this and get you off at the same time."
Victoria nodded, and they changed spots while I pulled out of Jenna, my cock soaked in her juices. She wiggled off the couch and knelt between my legs, cupping her tits and bringing them to my cock. I was big enough that I slid through with enough that she could chase my tip with her tongue and her lips, and the sight was… well, let's just call it intense. One of the most beautiful, busty women I'd ever met, not just giving me a tit job, but acting like she was desperate for it. Goddamn.
And what was happening to my left was just as hot too. Victoria sat between Sarah's legs on the chair. Sarah's hand between her legs was fingering her fast and hard, and I thought maybe she was working Victoria's clit with her thumb. Sarah's other hand was at Victoria's breast, squeezing, teasing the nipple, sometimes pinching her. Victoria rocked back and forth, watching me fuck Jenna's tits, mouth agape.
"Oh, oh, oh, wow, this feels so good," Victoria moaned.
"I can't wait for this summer when you can be his slut like us full-time," Sarah said to her. I fucked Jenna's tits harder at that, and she grinned. "We'll have to come up with some initiation rite. I know. How about eating his come out of mine and Jenna's pussies?
"F… f…" Victoria whimpered. She was never much one for swearing, but she was on the verge now.
"Say it," Sarah said. "Fuck."
"FUCK!" Victoria cried out, rocking, clearly coming as her head dropped.
I was off Jenna in a flash, lifting Victoria up, looking around frantically for somewhere to fuck her. "Bedroom," Sarah ordered. "But you come in me and Jenna."
I nodded. We hurried there, my hands all over Victoria's ass. After I slipped off her skirt, I laid out her on her stomach, her pert, perky butt teased upward with a pillow under her thighs. I sank into her as quickly as I dared with Victoria — she was so goddamn tight — and Sarah and Jenna sat against the headboards, hands at each other's pussies as they watched me fuck the Latina teacher.
This was the first time I'd taken Victoria in front of any of my girlfriends, and doing it while Jenna and Sarah watched, that was particularly hot. Not that I favor them over Yvonne, London, Dakota, or even Jessica, but Sarah and Jenna were the most immensely fuckable women I'd ever met. Yvonne was kind of a girl-next-door cute. London and Dakota were classically beautiful, lithe creatures. Jessica was a sexpot in her own right but she lacked Sarah and Jenna's obscene curves. The pair oozed sex, and finally getting them together in not just a threesome but a foursome made it so very hard not to dump my come into Victoria.
"Want to… lick you…" Victoria gasped at some point, looking up at Sarah. "Return the favor."
I said, "There are no favors among us, baby. If you want something, take it. If someone doesn't want to do something, they'll say. You don't owe anyone here anything. They don't owe you. Okay?"
"Yes," she whimpered as I eased back to her entrance.
I gripped her ass and squeezed. "Now, Sarah's my obedient cock slut, aren't you?"
"Yes sir!" Sarah said, beaming as she spread herself wider for me, pumping her fingers harder in and out of Jenna's pussy.
"But Jenna, what else is she?"
"A pussy slut," Jenna said. She turned and kissed Sarah, their fingers making all sorts of deliciously wet noises now.
"Sarah will take a fucking from one of us any way she can get it, and she'll beg for more. So…" I said, pumping a little faster into Victoria. "Tell her what you want."
"I want to lick you…" she whimpered. "I want to make you come."
"No," I said. "Tell her."
"Sarah. Come here so I can lick you!" Victoria gasped.
I helped her up onto all fours while Sarah pulled her fingers out of Jenna and slid down the bed. With Sarah flat on her back, Jenna needed no prompting about what else our busty girlfriend could do while she was getting eaten out, and got up on her hands and knees and straddled Sarah's face. The sight before me was fucking incredible. Victoria's toned butt rocking back and forth as my big prick slid slowly in and out of her with wet sucking sounds. Sarah's big tits on full display as she was getting eaten out. Jenna, riding Sarah's face, looking down too, her lips parted.
Jenna rocked her hips and brought her gaze up to mine. One of her hands played at her mound and her clit, and the other came up to one of her boobs. She pouted, and said, "I want Victoria eating you out of us, but I want that warm, tasty cream all over my boobs too."
"I promise," I said, as solemnly as I could given the circumstances and completely failing to hide a grin, "I will make every effort to rally a second time later and come all over those perfect breasts."
She rocked harder. "Yeah?"
Was she actually getting off on that idea? I didn't think she got any real pleasure out of me fucking her tits, but maybe it was the idea? "Do you like that idea, Jenna?"
"Uh huh," she gasped, grinding her pussy on Sarah's mouth and chin. She did, too. The hand on her clit was rubbing faster and faster. "I love it when we make love, baby, but I like being used, too. I like being your slut. I trust you. I…" She trailed off, and I thought at the time it was because of her pleasure. Her cheeks reddened, and instead of finishing her thought, she moaned, "Oh Sarah. I see why Yvonne likes you so much."
"So good," Sarah moaned. I didn't know if she was responding to Jenna or Victoria licking her pussy.
Meanwhile, Victoria's ass rocked back against me. I had a great view of her bud and wished I could take her ass, but that was unfortunately not in the cards. I don't think even with some of Yvonne's toys she could have fit me in there, especially given how tight her pussy was. Oh well. Sex with her was amazing anyways, and I was having a hell of a time holding on, staring down at her ass, her tiny waist, the slight flare of her breasts to the side as she slurped and licked on Sarah's pussy.
"So… good!" Sarah moaned again. Her hips tightened against Victoria's head, and she was licking Jenna with less and less fervor as her own orgasm approached. There was no question who was going to come next in the group, and a minute later, with a breathy moan, she lurched her butt off the bed and slammed it back down.
I pulled Victoria up off her pussy, bringing her up and onto her knees. I leaned in and murmured, "Good girl," in her ear, and she shivered with pleasure. Jenna crawled further down Sarah's body and brought her lips to Victoria's. They kissed softly but loudly, and I thought I heard Victoria whimper.

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