The New Neighbor

He moved in a month ago. Little did I know that we would become such good friends.

I’ll start by saying I still don’t know his name. I love that part. My boyfriend and I had noticed someone moving in across the hall but we never actually saw WHO until a few days later. Bumped in to each other as my boyfriend and I and our two young daughters leave to go grocery shopping.

Locked eyes immediately.
Tall, skinny, pale, buzz cut. Average. There was something about his awkward stance that kind of turned me on. Oh well. Probably won’t ever see him again anyway.


Get back with our groceries and as we’re unloading to the 3rd floor, neighbor just so happens to pull in right beside us. I smiled. He nodded. Okay, he’s pretty cute I guess.

Heading up the stairs and a bag rips. My boyfriend is conveniently nowhere to be found. Great. I turn around and find my neighbor helping me pick up. It was one of those corny movie moments where they touch and felt sparks. Well in my case, I felt wet. OOPS!

I never care to look cute but this day I had a skirt on. Panties were in the dryer so again, OOPS! Not even thinking, I bend over on the stairs and expose my entire ass! He laughed and I told him how sorry and embarrassed I was. He handed me a can and said, “no, trust me. It’s okay. ” I gave him a glance and he gave me one back. I had to have him. Just to say I did.

Groceries unloaded, dinner made, k**s in bed and my boyfriend falls asl**p on the couch. Knock on the door.

It’s him.

My boyfriend doesn’t budge but I accept the offer to smoke a blunt at his place. My boyfriend smokes, but he refused. His loss.

Finally, my chance.

We sit, we smoke, we laugh, and I run back to my apartment to grab some more bud. Boyfriend hasn’t moved.


I head back over but was sure to leave my bra behind. I’m sure my see-thru top wasn’t distracting at all lol. He rolls up again, we smoke and somewhere in the mix, he takes his shirt off and said to make myself at home.

He was shocked when I took my shirt off too. I laughed. He seemed confused yet excited too. I told him not to worry about my boyfriend as long as he promised he would fuck me better than my boyfriend could.

He promised.

He was soft and gentle at first, got my juices flowing before he even introduced himself to the cat. I apologized to him in advance because I’m a mess maker. I don’t squirt, I drip. River status lol. He laughed and said, “I noticed by the size of that spot on my couch.” Again, so embarrassed. He grabbed me by the arm real hard and said in all seriousness, “Tell me exactly what you want and I’ll give it to you on a silver platter” Pretty much drooling at this point.

I jumped on him and he threw me in the bedroom. He was very aggressive but not enough to hurt me. So fucking hot. He begged me on his hands and knees to make him his slave.

After more weed, some cocaine on my ass and his balls, & 4 hours of his tongue in my pussy, he has been pounding my cunt every night since, after my boyfriend goes to sl**p. No ties, no strings, just fun. And tonight, we celebrated 2 weeks in a row with a raw cherry creampie. We decided to try more taboo stuff with each other so we started tonight with fingerpaintings with my period bl**d.

Fucking crazy. I know.
But OH. MY. GOD. The entire experience was so hot, we truly got to know each other on a deeper level tonight. We had fun with the camera tonight too. I promised him I would print off the selfies we took together with our masquerade masks and his gorgeous smile covered in my fluids.

It is safe to say that he is my favorite “stranger”.