New Scouts

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By popcorn’s boss Mixing the girls into the Boy Scouts is leading to several opportunities and problems for the Troop leaders

The New Scouts

Well they did it… the national headquarters had decided to allow girls to join the Boy Scouts with complete participation. Unfortunately at the local level that meant that now when we had events we were required to have a female leader along with a male. Sounds easy enough but very few groups were able to find the needed female leader. Mine was one of those groups and when 13 year old Stacy . showed up at our meeting I knew I had problems.

Stacy already had a reputation that most of the other scouts knew about but none of them shared it with me. Stacy it was said liked to fool around … but with her friends dads . It was easy to see how she accomplished this as she was developed beyond her years … sporting nice “C” cup boobs, haunting green eyes, an hour glass figure with a tight heart shaped butt. All of which she squeezed into a uniform much too small that left her not able to button her shirt except for the last 3 buttons this left a considerable amount of cleavage that was only hidden by the scarf she wore, her shorts were tight and molded to her butt and were short enough that her butt cheeks would slip out every time she bent over and had her constantly pulling her shorts down and out of her crack.

Try as I may I could never get a female leader but had many of the boys dads offer… and I am sorry to say I was so desperate I accepted Dan but it turned out he was gay and I later found out he preferred young boys …. well he wont be the first scout leader to have that problem ….. While I had to contend with the boys leaving the meeting repeatedly to use the bathroom and relieve themselves, Stacy stayed and focused on learning all she could about scouting. Her focus was such that she quickly earned a number of badges and even became a pack leader …. I assigned her the boys I felt were gonna be less problem for her as they leaned toward the gay side.

Within the first two months I had several mothers come to me and explain thier fears of having a girl like Stacy around thier pubescent young boys. I assured them that we had been having no problems thus far and thanked them for thier concern. But now I knew her interest lay in older males … and this became apparent when she would repeatedly offer to stay late to help me clean up … this lead to many shots of her butt bent over picking up things. Several times I gave in and just watched her show … and many times she caught me looking and just smiled.

It was early spring when we had our first big problem…or my first opportunity…. we had a cold weather camp out scheduled and each person had to be assigned a two man tent to share. The older boys jumped in and offered to share with her but I knew better … when it came down to it it was decided that she would share the big tent, a six man unit with myself and the other leader … we were going to section off a part so she had her privacy. That kept me safe from her while my helper had no interest in either her as a girl or me as he preferred boys

With the chilling weather she added a pair of tights to her booty short uniform so a least her butt would not be on display as much. The camp out went well the first night … everyone worked together to set up camp and all the needed facilities . The campground thankfully had full bathroom facilities but that meant Dan and I had to stand watch when Stacy went to shower. We did forget that the showers also had windows at the back and we waited by the front door the boys got a good show that weekend at least.

The next day the packs competed against each other and Stacy’s pack repeatedly came out on top … kinda pissed off the older scouts to the extent that they setup one of the events to ensure thier win…. but that meant that who ever they competed against might wind up injured. At the last minute Stacy changed her line up and her assistant wound up hurt … not bad but I did have Dan run the boy home… That left me to watch over all the troop and me alone with Stacy in the same tent.

At the end of the day I got everyone settled in for the night … I reminded them it was going to me an extra chilly night and to double up thier covers to keep warm. Good thing was the small two man tents kept warm … however my larger tent didn’t share that luxury and as the night went on Stacy and I got colder … I had given her Dan’s extra blankets and even mine but around 1am I felt someone nudge me awake…. “Stacy what are you doing up?” “I’m freezing Tom” “Well you’ve got all the blankets” “I read in the manual that on cold night it helped to share sleeping bags so two people could share thier warmth” Oh, shit here it comes I thought … “That’s not a very good idea” “But the book…” “Yes I know but we shouldn’t … your just a young girl… and we could get in big trouble” “Or we could freeze … come on I wont tell … your my leader .. aren’t you gonna take care of me? ” Oh how I wish I thought … then against my better judgment I gave in.

“Okay, but if anyone asks this never happened” I opened my sleeping bag for her to climb in I didn’t expect her to drop her blanket and slip in nude … and i missed seeing her in the dark so when I reached to zip us inside I brushed her arm and felt only skin…. “Ah .. Stacy … you do have PJs on right?” “I can never sleep with anything on… is that a problem?”she said lightly with a giggle… Maybe not for you but I’m in trouble I thought and realized at least one of us would not get much sleep tonight

I rolled over and faced away from her only to have her spoon up behind me .. “It’s just for warmth” she said as her slender arms wrapped around me and she snuggled up to my butt. For my part I at least had my thermal long johns on …. but even thru them I could feel the warmth of her body against me and the feel of her warm breath on my neck. It had been a long day and even with the wood she was bringing on I quickly fell back asleep … only to be woken again a short time later. I awoke when I felt her grinding against me and her hand had dropped to my hip and slid to my crotch … I’m not a priest… the sweet smell of a young girl curled up to me her warm breath on my neck and her small hand moving now to hold my hardening dick.

As soon as she held me her hand began flexing and fondling me bringing me to firmness. I put my hand on hers and held her still…. her breathing stayed steady and even … I believed she was still asleep and didn’t know just what she was doing … I moved her hand off me dick and shuffled away … rather than move back to me she turned over and faced away … within a few moments I could feel her shiver from the cold. Shit I thought I can’t let her get sick from the cold … so I moved close to her this time I spooned to her tight warm butt. My arm started to wrap around her but I stopped and left it on her shoulder …. then her hand came up and grabbed mine and pulled it down to her breast …. pushing my hand to her tit and squeezing her hand mine was not holding her …. her butt wiggled against me and when she felt my hard dick between her cheeks she moaned and relaxed against me.

Out of reflex holding her tit my hand kept lightly rubbing and squeezing her … I could feel her nipple harden in my palm … “Tom..” I heard her softly whisper … at first I didn’t answer and acted like I had gone back to sleep … I felt her arm move behind her and down to clasp my dick inside my long johns … her hand reached inside and pulled my dick out … she pressed it against and between her cheeks and flexed them as her hand then reached to hold my balls … “Tom … are you really asleep ?” “Mmm trying to” I mumbled but made no move to stop her “I know a way we can keep each other warm” “I’m plenty warm already” I grumbled “Please..”

Her leg lifted and she pushed my dick between them and closed her thighs around me … my dick now rested along her pussy lips .. at 13 I expected to feel the soft curls of hair on her but she felt as smooth as a baby as she rubbed herself against me. I’m more than three times her age .. and widowed.. I had never considered being with anyone after loosing my wife but this young thing was working hard to change that. “Stacy .. please” I pleaded “Yes Tom .. please” her hand moved to my dick and tilting her hips and raising my dick I felt her lips spread around my crown

Her body was hot and wet … she may not be a virgin but she was tight… “Mmmm .. yes” she whimpered as I gave in and pushed against her beautiful ass and began sinking into her pussy … “oh god ..” I joined her in softly moaning I worked both arms around her .. grabbing her tits firmly as I pulled her to me and pushed all I could into her clasping pussy. I could feel her fingers working her clit as I fucked her teenage cunt.. occasional she’d reach down and grasp my slick shaft as it moved in and out of her

“Mmmmm so good … nice and big .. just like I like” Stacy worked her ass pushing back for more … she started to moan louder … I put a hand over her mouth … “Shhhh … quiet quiet ..” I stopped moving just holding in dick into her wet pussy …. “No … fuck me .. keep fucking me” she whimpered softly trying to move inside the sleeping bag was hard and getting very hot … Quickly I flipped the blankets off and pulled out of her teen pussy … I rolled her to her back … admiring the nude young lady below me in the dim light … luscious full teen tits firm with pink surrounding her hard nipples … her hips full like a woman’s with her legs spread displaying her bald pussy with its puffy swollen lips and for a teen a rather large clit …. the wetness almost dripped from her slit … it was dripping from my dick onto the sleeping bag. “I’m going to hell for this” I mermmered … I grabbed her legs lifting them up and pushed them back almost to her chest … she lay completely open before me … her wet gash and her red little rose bud… not knowing her birth control status i considered cumming in her ass … but what the hell … in for a penny in for a pound … I leaned down and notched my dick back into her tight teen pussy Then with one push I was balls deep in the youngest pussy I had ever fucked…

“Ugghh … yes” she hissed as my balls pushed against her ass I had to keep her quiet but was determined to fuck her young body …. I leaned over her pushing her legs to her shoulders I put my lips to hers to silence her moans and screams as I began to hammer my dick into her. Her bubble butt grasped in my hands I squeezed thier firmness. Each time I pushed into her womb our pelvis bones rubbed together stimulating her clit … I would hold myself against her and rub left and right , up and down … then out until just my head remained … her eyes wide afraid I was going to pull out and then as I pushed in they closed and she moaned again.

I had never fucked anyone like this … never had I been blessed with such a wanton slut and to think she’s only 13 years old …. Her hands held my head and lips to hers … our tongues dancing together in and out just like our pelvis. Pulling back I bent over and nussled and kissed her tits … licking then nursing on her breasts…. imagine my shock when I was rewarded with the flow of her milk into my mouth … I nursed harder one tit then the other … her hand moved between us and she began strumming her clit …

The more I nursed and she strummed her clit the more she moved beneath me … her head thrown back her mouth open panting wanting to scream but not making a sound … the only sounds we heard was the slapping of our bodies together. Both of us pushing to climax … to reach our peaks together …. until I felt her begin trembling and my dick begin to swell and throb …. I saw her eyes open wide and her mouth open to scream … quickly as she began to scream I covered her mouth with mine and we screamed into each other … as we both came … her squirting all over my crotch and me filling her teenage cunt with my mature and strong semen … searching for her egg … searching to accomplish what nature intended to bring life …

We withered and clasped to each other rutting like animals in heat … we rolled over again spreading our fluids throughout our blankets and the tent … God I thought I’ll need to burn this sleeping bag. Slowly … not wanting this to end we continued to work against each other until my dick finally shriveled and came out … along with our mixed fluids. We rolled and lay next to each other still touching and stroking each others bodies … The beauty of a 13 year old is a wonder to behold and to hold

We at last separated … “Stacy … we .” “I know … we can not tell anyone .. this has to be a secret … it should never have happened … Tom, I’ve heard all the guilty excuses from the fathers I slept with … I hope you will be different … I had never had anyone fuck me like you did … I will want to do more … Don’t say no … in fact don’t’ say anything … It’s still early .. no one else is up yet .. we have time to clean up a few things …” she grabbed my t-shirt and slipped it on … she got her shorts on and gathered up the bedding that we had covered with our scent …

She checked outside then slipped out with her hands full she ran to the showers and threw all of it under the water. She left it to soak and hustled back to the tent I had opened all the flaps and vents and had gotten on my cloths … as she came back in the tent I noticed the shirt she was wearing had two distinct wet spots on her breasts … she saw my face and looked down … “Shit … their still doing that … I got pregnant last year … mom’s raising the baby as hers I always pump for her but never thought about the camp out time …” she slipped onto her side of the tent and changed into a dry outfit. “Kinda young to go through that” … “Yeah, guess I should have learned the scout motto sooner … “BE PREPARED” we both chuckled. Since we were both awake I took her outside and we got breakfast going for everyone …

the boys all got up and most headed to the shower to clean up … the first boys back came back laughing …”Hey Mr Tom, you missing something?” “Not that I know” “Well somebody pulled a fast one … all you blankets and sleeping bag are in the boys shower soaking wet” Stacy looked my way and winked … “Come on guys let’s gather everything up and hang it out to dry” Stacy took charge and by night everything was dry and ready for the night….

Half way thru the day I got a call from my assistant , it seems his car broke down and he wasn’t going to be able to make it back for the rest of the weekend Stacy was just a little to pleased to hear that and I worried about just what might be in line for tonight. She also stepped up and helped lead the activities for the day …. and she had no mercy … a long hike, field games anything to tire all the boys out so they would sleep well. Before dinner was done and everything squared away most of the boys were asleep around the campfire …. I roused them and got everyone to thier tents … including Stacy .. I made a point to send her to the tent while a few of the others were still awake just so it didn’t look suspicious … I spent some time putting out the fire and making rounds until I knew everybody was asleep …. then headed to my tent.

Stacy didn’t waste any time tonight…. as I entered the tent I expected her to be on her side behind the curtain … but … surprise … she’s laying in my sleeping bag … “Everybody out?” she asked “Like a light” “Good” and she tossed open the sleeping bag showing all her teen beauty without a stitch of clothing to hide a thing “Kinda risky laying like that ” “well then you better get in so we can cover up before someone comes knocking”

Well I’d already given in to temptation once might as well … I put out the lantern so no strays shadows gave us away and I stripped down not bothering to keep anything on I slide in as nude as she was …. her arms wrapped around me and pulled me to her hot body and lips… “Last night was great … I need more” we held each other close .. rolling around her on top then me … I held her hands above her head … needing only one hand to hold her I worked my way along her … nuzzling her neck and kissing her down her shoulders … while laying atop her luscious teen body I enjoyed the feel of skin on skin as we writhed together … I moved down to her breast .. her firm full breasts with engorged nipples drew me like magnets … knowing what she offered I didn’t hesitate to begin nursing and drank eagerly from her. while my hand moved down and scout out her slit and her enlarge clit.

Stacy withered in extascey seeking more contact … more stimulation and I intended to give it to her … I kissed and licked my way down to her teenage pussy … I lapped and drank her nectar while my fingers pushed in and out … the fluids coming from her pussy dripped down and ran along the crack of her butt … I used it to ease my fingers into her even tighter ass that had her withering and moaning … knowing we could not be caught I looked around and saw her panties laying next to us … I grabbed them up and stuffed them into her mouth … covering her loud moans … I worked her harder bringing her close to a climax … when she was lost in her passion I pulled back rose to my knees .. I took hold of her by her hips and picked up her young body and flipped her over onto her stomach … and just as quick I lifted her hips up until she was on her knees … her ass open to me and her dripping slit calling … I lined up my dick and pushed firmly into her 13 year old pussy. I bottomed out in one stroke … and felt her butt cheeks bounce as I pushed again and again into her faster and faster the sound of our bodies slapping together became intoxicating … I leaned over her back and reached down and took her breasts in my hands … while working my hips and fucking her my hands began to squeeze her breasts and moved to her nipples… forcing her milk out until her tits were leaking as much as her pussy

The panties stuffed into her mouth became almost useless as her moaning became louder and she pushed back harder she was fucking back to me as hard as I was fucking her … both reaching for our peaks … and when I felt my dick throb and begin to fill her cunt with cream I pushed a finger into her ass … she grabbed my pillow and pushed it against her face as she screamed and again flooded my sleeping bag with her cream … her climax was large for her and she collapsed forward my dick pulling out of her pussy now leaking my cum along with her cream …

I lay next to her stroking her … caressing her body as she recovered … without thinking she leaned over to kiss me with her panties still in her mouth .. we laughed and tossed them aside and held each other and kissed repeatedly … We had both worked up quite a sweat and I suggested a quick shower before we sleep … she agreed and we slipped on our shirts and pants … as we started to leave the tent she reached down and gathered a blanket she had placed below us so the sleeping bag would not need to be washed out again … as we passed the dying fire she dropped the blanket and it began smoking then burst into flames … with a strange but familiar scent….

When we reached the showers I followed her into the woman’s showers stalls … we had moved quite a bit away from the camp site so we could now talk without worry … With both of us in one large shower stall we washed each other off … spending more time teasing each other than actually showering … she took great care to clean my dick and stroked my hard soap covered dick until I was almost ready to cum when I pushed her away and turned her around with her back to me … I slowly washed her small body rubbing and messaging her mussels caressing her skin the soap made her body slick and I stepped close rubbing against her as I did my dick went between the cheeks of her wonderful bubble butt … I nudged my dick against her butt .. she didn’t pull away but looked over her shoulder and smiled … she then leaned forward with her hands against the wall and wiggled her butt against my dick .. “Go ahead … do it” she moaned .

Firmly I held my dick to her tight little rose bud running soap down her crack and along my shaft … I worked slowly pushing constantly but gently and slowly I felt her ass open and my dick began going in …. Then with a snap my head was inside her ass and her ring closed tight … I could not go either direction in or out … she had clinched her mussels and was holding me tight …. “OH SHIT … THAT HURTS ..AGHHHHH!” she screamed … louder that I expected and before I could cover her mouth … the shower stall like a mega phone made it sound even louder …

“Shhhhh … easy … calm down … relax .. it will be alright” I leaned over her back and whispered in her ear and kissed her neck while holding her hips still … “breath .. slowly dear .. breath and relax” gradually I felt her tenseness leave her body but she continued to whimper … “Ok Tom, try again” she groaned between clinched teeth … and I eased forward and back … not going any deeper just working against her … and slowly my shaft did begin to sink deeper into her teenage bowels. In and out I worked her butt until at last I felt my thigh against her ass … “That’s it … you’ve got it all …” she tried to look around but not able to I felt her hand come between her legs from below and touch my dick and balls pressed tight to her asshole. She was still groaning and I could see tears running down her face … yet she never said to stop of pull out …

Her but began moving more clinching her butt cheeks and rotating her but around my dick … and I began to pull back … as my dick started to withdraw she pushed back and her hand came back and held my hip .. “NO don’t … do it … fuck my ass” I had no intention of pulling out just easing back to again push in until bottoming out with my balls against her pussy and clit … we both worked and began the dance of the beast with two backs … her ass was the best … it was obvious that if she had sleep with other men none of them had been in her ass before … I felt privileged to be given that gift …. and made love to her butt … slowly picking up speed as she urged me on.

I moved my hands to her breasts and held them as I slammed into her ass repeatedly … using them like gribs to move her body … I could feel her milk actually squirt from her tits every time I bottomed into her ass … her volume was increasing in her moans and directions to “Fuck me … fuck my ass ..” The pleasure of her tight ass was bringing me to my peak too soon … moving a hand below her I found her pussy and her clit and began working her clit to bring her to join me in climax. And we did … I felt her legs begin to tremble and she pushed against me not knowing which way to move…. back for my dick or down for more clit play … my dick began my familiar throb that signaled my balls were about to empty …. I took her clit between my fingers an when I pushed hard against her butt and started to fill her ass with my swimmers I pinched her clit … she again screamed as all of her mussels clinched her pussy actually sprayed her cream out as I filled her I joined her in vocal orgasm. both our voices to loud and echoed in the shower … until we began to settle down … by balls empty my dick still held tight in her teenage butt while we tried to get our breath and bodies under control

It was then that we heard the voices outside …”Did you hear it? Yeah… sounded like an animal getting killed … that’s not what I thought … I heard my mom scream like that sometimes … Do you think ..” Stacy and I quickly separated and just a fast dried off enough to get our cloths back on ..

“You wait here .. I’ll try to lead them away … take the path around the camp and get to the tent” she grabbed me and kissed me … “Thank you Tom” I snuck out the door into the dark and came up behind the boys … “Hey what are you doing out here? Didn’t you hear those bobcats..” they didn’t know that bobcats were not native to this area. “Bobcats!” they all huddled together … “Are you sure … it sounded like something else” bobby nudged and chuckled the boy next to him “Nope pretty sure it was animals …. you guys stay together and head back to your tents … you’ll be alright inside …. and nobody out until morning .. now scat” I herded them toward thier tents watching toward my tent for any movement and caught a glimpse of a shadow slipping inside. Dodged that bullet. “Yall stay inside I’m gonna scare them off” I grabbed a couple pots and walked around the camp banging them for a few moments … then headed to my tent.

No sooner had I closed the flap when hands came out of the darkness and grabbed me and a pair of lips pressed to mine …. “Stacy” I whispered … “we almost got caught … we have finished for the weekend … get to bed” “That’s kinda what I wanted too” she giggled … “Your bed” “Ahhhh let me just sleep with you …. I’ll behave” The temptation was great and I relented and she quickly stripped and snuggled into my sleeping bag. Tossing the blanket open her teen body invited me in…. but I held my ground and when I slipped in next to her I kept my boxers on … they had a rather large bulge but I was not gonna take another chance this weekend.

I spooned behind her and kissed her neck …”Get some rest … you have to be in your bed by morning” she wiggled her butt against my dick and snuggled closer … “Oh, Tom … did I tell you my sister wants to join our troop … her girl scout troop isn’t as much fun as ours … ” she clasped my hand to her breast … “and she’s only 11 years old” my dick chose that moment to flex against her butt … “I thought you might like that”

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