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Hi, Indian Sex stories dot net readers, this is my real sex story. Having sex with different partners helps a person leave these ideas behind and can open the door to focus on the physical act, pleasure, and experimentation. It can offer an experience that has the potential for the person to focus on himself, his needs, and alleviate the pressure of partner satisfaction or performance worries, leading to more fulfilling sexual experiences. I have always been inclined towards having sex with new partners and have been lucky & blessed to find a partner several times, sometimes new partners & sometimes totally unknown partners.

In a sense, if no one knows, it’s ok as a person we can express our desires to the core. Things were going fine in life but for quite a long period there was no new sexual experience and I started to feel the itching for it. In fact, the whole universe has an itch towards sex, and we have been called upon to scratch it, do you agree, send your feedback & comments @ [email protected]

Hi, Vinay here from Chennai – 35 years old man, tall, good-looking, fair complexion. I left on a business trip for 4 days and boarded an overnight train to reached Coimbatore next day morning, checked into the regular star hotel, I had reservation but was made to wait as I requested an upper floor room which was near to the roof-top swimming pool, the pretty girl on the reception was very courteous and was taking efforts to ensure for a quick check-in, I don’t know when I slept off on the sofa after some time I felt a pat on my shoulder to wake me.

The girl at the reception woke me up. She apologised for the delay, I looked at the watch and I was made to wait for 45 minutes, as I got up she called the bell boy and asked him to drop my luggage in the room, I thanked her went to my room, her name was Aparna I read it from her badge on the shirt.

She was pretty looking girl maybe 27 to 28 years old and was wearing a tight white shirt and a blue knee length skirt. After getting refreshed I headed to have breakfast, as I crossed the reception and headed towards the restaurant Aparna asked if everything was fine and comfortable and apologised for the delay, I said its ok and thanked her, she said she is on duty till 3.30 and I could get in touch with her if I needed any help.

She seemed to be of friendly nature and I extended the conversation by asking her few questions like since when she working was in this hotel as I was a regular visitor in this hotel had not seen her before. She said she has joined a couple of weeks back and was from Udupi in Karnataka and she was on an internship for a period of 6 months. I also knew Kannada as I have done my education there so I spoke to her in Kannada, she was glad that she could speak to somebody in Kannada.

She was a nice pretty girl with excellent communication skills and a charming personality, she was the kind of girl who wore dark lipstick and didn’t need to speak a word to seduce you, as we spoke she said you last visited us 3 months back sir, I am just checking the records. I said yes, she said nice to have you again. As she kept receiving other calls I waved bye to her and turned back to complete my business duties.

As I kept moving towards the main door, my mind remained struck on Aparna, to try my chance maybe if it clicks, I turned back and went to her desk and waited for her to get free, she signaled me to wait for a minute and I sat down there admiring her beauty. Her tight shirt was holding her boobs with great difficulty, the buttons were stretched, the strap and marking of white bra clearly visible, as she moved out I could see her round tight ass swinging freely, her maroon lipstick draped lips just inviting to be sucked, rest all in right proposition at the right places, she could set anybody’s pulse racing I would say her looks were enough to raise anybody’s dick by just her looks.

She got free and asked me how she could help me. I asked her to book an appointment in the massage spa which was in the hotel, she said it was closed for the time being for some problems. I asked her what was the problem, she said last week there was a customer who misbehaved and created a huge ruckus and eventually police had to be called to sort out the matter.

She continued -all the girls here are professional massagers and they were scared to do so, they have been given a break, it would restart next week sir, sorry for the inconvenience. I asked her any good massage center around– she said no idea as I am yet to explore this city, but I will try and check with one of the girls working here and let you know sir.

I said ok can u pls call or message me I am leaving for some work, she said – sure sir will do it anyway my duty will get over by 3.30 so will do it before that. As I steeped one step backward she asked me again – anything else sir, I looked in her eyes and said no Aparna nothing for now. Mysteries of attraction could not always be explained through logic, sometimes 2 separate individuals can feel the need of knowing each other more and I thought in my mind that was precisely happening between us as per my understanding. As I stepped out of the hotel I left my mind behind with Aparna, I did not collect her mobile number a thought came in my mind that I should collect but I let it go just not to rush things and spoil my image.

She called me from the hotel land line after some time & said, there are few more places around which are good and she named a couple of them, she said one more thing sir if you don’t mind sir, I said tell me Aparna she said this girl generally manage by the tips they get from the customers apart from the salary they get and the spa is closed from almost 1 week, if you are ok one girl has just discussed to check if you are ok for a massage in your room itself.

I said give me some time I will call you back she said sorry sir but the girl requested so I thought I will check with you, I said not a problem but private massage is always a risk, she said I can understand sir, pls let me know. I asked her its already 2.00 and you will leave from duty, can you share me your number to coordinate, she said I will call you before I leave by that time you decide and let me know sir if you say yes only I will share your number with the girl else I won’t coordinate. She said ok no problem. She asked anything else, sir, I said nothing, for now, its little boring and yes missing good company to roam around, she said – oh really bad – anyway sir, see you tomorrow and she hung up, it was a little disappointing.

I checked back into the hotel by 7 and was on the bed watching a movie and I got a call on my mobile after some time and it was Aparna, she asked me – sir, you were bored alone so I thought we can go together for dinner, there is a good restaurant nearby. I said sure that would be great, she said, I am starting now if you come down in 15 to 20 minutes I would also reach opposite to the main entrance. I said sure and had a quick shower dressed up quickly. I stepped out and after 2 or 3 minutes, she got down from an auto and waved to me, she was wearing knee-length jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt, she was incredibly attractive.

I told her –hi -thanks, Aparna, she said it is ok sir, I was also getting bored. I asked my flat girls to join for dinner but they were not willing, suddenly I remembered you so I thought I would check and you also agreed, past 3 weeks had been only working so for a change I would get a company of a person who can speak Kannada. We started to converse in Kannada and in some 5 minutes we reached the hotel, we entered the lift and I had a complete glimpse of her, she was looking great just irresistible and yummy she seems to be ready to get laid. I was completely swept away by her looks, as we entered the dining area she said the food here is rated one on the best sir, I said at least here don’t call me sir she said sure sir and instantly we both burst in laughter, she said it has become a habit.

As we occupied out tables she asked me why I said no for the massage, I said I was not comfortable, she said, decent girl nothing to worry, I told anyway there is nothing indecent in massage till it is professional, but if it’s an unprofessional parlor then it’s a risk. She asked can u tell me what happens in partners massage, I lowered my voice and replied – don’t mind for this answer, everything else apart from intercourse, her voice changed and she slowly said what – shit!!!! Oh god, she asked me, have u tried unprofessional massage.

I said no I have not, I have been only to professional centers, she asked – then how do you know, I said everyone knows it and if you are working in a hotel with spa and if you are ignorant of this fact then I am surprised. She said seriously I don’t have a clue about it, I said ya – but who will strip down for a massage girl, I would always look for mutual respectable connections and looked towards her. I said your hotel spa had an issue last week, right, she behaved ignorantly and said oh yes now I understand.

I think she knew & understood everything but behaved ignorantly and kept chatting, I got sure she had some plans in her mind with the way she was things forward, she was a clever girl and I could understand she was trying to read me by my body language, it seemed to be a practiced art to her. Each move calculated. Her brain always worked while she spoke, her body seducing her prey with ease, noting each response of her target, I kept my expectations intact and was trying my best and I behaved & looked like a little boy who didn’t get his favorite candy but was still trying.

I understood she was willing but had some hesitation so I asked her where do you stay and with whom, she said with another 2 girls in a flat, I said hmm and looked at her, she asked what happened I said nothing -though if there is a good place then we can spend some more time, she said I was also thinking but let’s see. See asked you have movie plans what happened, I said we can see it in my hotel room, she said, we are not allowed to stay overnight in a client room as per the work contract, I asked then how massage girl would have come, she said she would not have come for overnight stay and stared at me, I smiled and said yes, she said if you want for overnight then can only come in her place and again laughed. She made it clear. I said sure you would come, she said yes. That as a clear indication.

It all happened quicklyourand so easily that it was still sinking in me, I asked her what option she said I don’t know, I said shall I book a room in this hotel, she said it is expensive, I said not a problem, she said no we pass to go to race course there are good hotels, we quickly finished the dinner and got into the lift, I held her hand and pulled her towards me, she came near me stood dangerously close to me, we had reached ground floor.

We picked an auto and rode towards the hotel she mentioned, everything had changed. She swept me into a tidal wave of pure sensation and I let her take me with her, I put my hands on her waist in the auto, she did not protest or resist, she looks towards me and smiled, I pulled her closer to me and started to feel the heat of her body. We reached our destination spoke to the hotel reception gave our id proofs made payment and checked in, all the while she had held my hand firmly not allowing to do anything as I would have like to feel and caress her.

As we got into the lift to reach the 14th floor I tried to release my hand she said 5 more minutes don’t get restless. As we entered the room I lifted her from behind and kissed on her back neck she said don’t rush lets enjoy, she freed herself from my grip and entered the bathroom, she asked me to wait near the bathroom door, in a flash she handed her shirt to me, I few seconds her jeans, next she gave me her black bra, I was thrilled, she peeped from the door and said, just keep I will come in 5 minutes.

I tried to push the door of the bathroom she said I firm no. She was a sexy chick, having a nice full body. She was 5 feet six, had a fair complexion and had very heavy tits and ass combination. Her best feature was her deep brown eyes and a voluptuous pout. Thinking about her as a girl in my bed immediately made my cock stand up and cry for her need. She came out of the bathroom in the bathrobe and noticed me sitting with her bra and my huge bulge was visible from by shorts she clever enough to decipher the reason for the rise of my phoenix.

She said you are being a very very bad, lusting after an innocent girl and you should be punished for it”,” she tried to pull the bra but I held her and moved very close to her and said I would love to be punished by you” I replied and fully enveloped in lust and took her in my arms and, in a husky tone she ordered me to remove my clothes, which I did in a flash. She was unable to take her eyes off of my manhood. Her next command was that if I want her to remove her bathrobe I should give her a massage.

Lust immediately took over me and I pushed her bathrobe from her shoulders, off went her robe and my mind was blown. Aparna had a creamy body complexion’ and her gigantic breasts jumped out of the tight prison juggling in uniform tandem and as I placed my palm to squeeze then gently my palm appeared to be one size too short to hold them,

She still had her panties on it was the impatience to fight my desire back I tore her panties from that body that really turned me on, I was all over her body. Her big, ripe, milky, watermelon-like breasts kept jumping and juggling. She had sharp pointed pinkish-brown nipples. As I started sucking her boobs like a maniac, she heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh god, it been so long since my boobs were pumped and sucked” I kept interchanging my attention between her two breasts, kissing, sucking licking and chewing them. She moaned with delight, grabbed my hair and pulled down my head in the direction of her pussy.

Her v area was by now hot like a fireball out of hell. “Just take it in your mouth was” was her next order. She spread her legs spread exposing her throbbing cunt. This was my first look at her hole, which was wet and was available waiting for me to explore. Her golden-black pubic bush was dense and love juices were already dripping. The opening of her cunt was hidden behind the thick jungle of hair.

I pushed my tongue into the pubic fields. The first touch of my tongue with the outer lips of her cunt sent an electrical shock through both our bodies. The saltish taste of her love juices was loveable. I started licking her creamy vaginal lips forcing my tongue on to her inner flesh, as I started to kiss, lick and bite all over her pussy zone. She was making sounds now. Oooohhhh, aaaaahhhhh, aaaaa offffffff, I was going in and out controlling my pace to ensure that it lasted long and she has a real massive orgasm and I kept my pace going inside out inside out inside out and she moaned in a higher pitch oooooh and was unable to keep her calm, she said pls don’t stop, ahhhh, ahhh, pls, fast, fast, I cannot control, oh god, god, off, off.

I continued to diligently lick Aparna’s pussy to her obvious delight. She moaned and leered down at me as I lapped her cunt, her upper lip curling into an ecstatic snarl of pleasure.With great speed I sucked and licked her erect clit with my tongue, feeling her love juices trickle into my mouth and nose. She moaned, pushing my face into her pussy. “oh, I love it suck my pussy ahhhh, don’t stop Vinay, pls, pls, pls she screamed.

She sighed lustfully in her young kannada accent, as I kept ramping her pussy with my tongue, Aparnas, moaning and rooftop moved onto a higher pitch, her body begin to tighten and she held me firmly on her pussy and she moaned ahahh, Vinay, Vinay, ohhhhhh, god, god, fast, don’t stop pls, pls keep doing it ah, aha, I am coming, no, no mama, pls fast, fast and she lifted her ass and her body twitched and she released all her nector on my face in a fierce splash from her pussy, when finally she came with all her might she lay there on the bed exhausted and breathless.

It is not sex that gives the pleasure it’s the lover who gives real pleasure, and the lover Aparna was turning out to be one hell of a lover, her magical body, her passionate moans and co-operation had spiced up things to full throttle in the room, we relaxed for a while and she turned around and took my cock in her mouth and swallowed the whole length of my pulsating cock in her warm and wet mouth. It was sensational.

I felt my cum boiling in my testicles. With a greater fervor, she started giving me the blow-job of my life. Both of us were panting like mad animals. Aparna took out the cock from her mouth and brought her eyes back to my cock. It wasn’t the same cock she had looked at a few seconds ago. During the course, it had turned into a rock hard instrument. She wrapped her fingers around it, feeling how badly it throbbed.

She closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around the tip, and it felt like magic to me. It pulsed in her mouth and grew insanely hard, she kept playing with the pink cork tantalizing and teasing my expressions by the excitement she was creating as she turned her attention to the softer part she said that was one of her most favorite parts of giving a blowjob. The feeling of a man pulsating and throbbing in her mouth.

How something could feel so alive. So stiff on the inside, with ultra-smooth skin on the outside. When she heard me moan, it only made her more aggressive and horny. I prayed she didn’t have to look at my face to know my expression as she sucked them off it was in pure bliss. She sucked on it, swirled her tongue, and bobbed. “Fucking incredible,” I whispered to her. “Oh god, I whimpered unable to sustain her onslaught.

Momentum is very important and highly underrated when sucking a cock. A man can only stay hard and at peak for so long. Based on the throbbing she felt while holding the dick, and the stiffness she felt in her mouth, I knew they she was at full attention. She didn’t like wasting precious moments by taking a cock out of her mouth to speak unless it was absolutely essential and that helped build the mood. She kept repeating her magic on me, this time with both hands gripping tightly. As I started to feel the pressure of offloading my cum, she understood my situation and our eyes were locked and my situation was hopeless, she wanted to see my reaction while cumming and I came heavily in her mouth, filling it to the brim.

She didn’t stop until I was fully unloaded, spurt after spurt, and she struggled to keep up with swallowing with every burst. But she managed. Though she saved some on her tongue to give a viewing treat that all men love to see. When my cock turned soft, Aparna stuck her tongue out. She knew how horribly naughty she must have looked: pretty features, gorgeous hair, a glamorous face, and a tongue full of fresh white cum. It was a sight made in heaven.

And it looked even more heavenly when she retracted her tongue, pursed her lips, and gulped it all down.

“You are a fucking goddess,” I said with admiration. “Wait,” she said deeply, reaching between her legs to rub her pussy. “Let me show you what I really am.” she sat on the floor on her fingers and spread her legs and opened her pussy, she fingered her pussy furiously, quickly rubbing circles around her engorged clit, and suddenly her facial expressions contorted. Her thin nostrils flared and her lips curled. Her eyes went wide, which was accentuated by the mask. Her back hunched forward and her perfect posture became poor.There were noises of liquid hitting the floor as she panted. “Fuck,” she breathed. Oh god, she was hot but shameless too, never expected her to perform like this, it was enjoyable.

She looked at me as we sat on the bed, she rested her back and said, I am not through as yet. It is just the beginning. I want you to fuck me the whole night long. I will not leave you so easily, get ready to get squeezed, you have woken a sleeping devil. She pulled me toward her and said “on hearing this invitation, my cock once again started to gain momentum.

This time around sex was more slow and patient. I started with gentle kisses on her voluptuous lips. Her hands were sliding all over my body and she started scratching my back with her long nails. Her erect nipples were thrust into my chest. I took her tongue into my mouth and started sucking it. She returned the gesture. Slowly my hands moved down as well and I parted her soft but handful buttocks and felt for her ass-hole. It was shut tight but my finger managed to enter the hot spot.

It needed some lubrication. “you would need some honey or butter darling to enter there?” she said. Ok, I replied and took off towards the mini refrigerator. I searched and when I returned I had a bar of butter in one hand and honey in the other. “What do you wish to do with these?” she inquired. “Just wait and see.”. I turned her around, I spread her buttocks, exposing her ass hole and dropped a little honey on it. Then I started spreading it in the area surrounding her asshole. I dripped my finger on the honeypot and inserted it into her ass hole.

She left a loud moan and said slowly pls, proper lubrication ensured smooth entry and I splashed some butter on the inner walls of her ass as well and slowly guided 2 fingers into her asshole. She again moaned and asked me to go easy, after some soft caressing and greasing I tried to insert 3 fingers but I was damn tight, she said don’t do that it’s painful I stopped and kept the 2 finger play going and all through this activity, Aparna was moaning with pleasure. When my fingers started to sliding in easily the loud moans from Aparna was the only resistance to an otherwise perfect entry of my dual-finger tool. Now the actual fun was about to start and the moment of truth arrived.

My bulging cock was raring to have a go at her honey buttered ass. I rubbed a lot of honey and butter all around it and placed it on the tip of her ass hole. Then with a sudden thrust, I pushed it in. She left a huge scream and shouted, “oh god its in! Bastard! My ass hole will tear, I feel you have inserted a burning iron road inside, pls take out your monster dick!” without bothering for her protest I continued my piston-like motion and soon our pre-lubricated tools were devoid of any friction and started functioning smoothly.

But now Aparna was really turned on and unleashed a volley of abuses at me, “bastard, mother fucker, ass hole, stop it pls it’s really tight, ufff, oh god, Vinay, no, no scoundrel, listen pls ah ah, oh god, mummy I ‘ll die, god pls pls. Her screaming abuses made me fasten my pace and pressure. There was tremendous heat in her rear hole deep and the inner walls crushing against my cock made me mad, her firm boobs hanging down without any support and my hands were reaching then every now and then squeezing then hard and occasionally pinching her nipples raising her levels of anxiety.

I started to give her ass cheeks slaps and controlling my pace, her face was crushed on the bed and her ass was swinging like a pendulum taking mighty jerks from the back. She started to enjoy the pain.

She started to screamed with delight and pressed back against me as I thrust in and out of her pussy very energetically. After some strokes, she pulled out and pushed the head of his cock against my tight ass hole.

She groaned as I began to again push in, she tried to pull away but could not because of my powerful grip. My cock stretched her ass hole more than my fingers had earlier. She said even though my cock was well lubricated with honey and butter it hurt her but not as much as she had expected. It was more like a cramp that would not go away and ached a little more as I penetrated in her deeper and deeper.

I stopped for a moment to ease away the pressure that was building within me and I increased the forced I could feel her ass tightening around my cock, I stood up a little pulled her back and pushed my cock further into her ass. My hands kneaded her creamy butt cheeks as I forced my way deeper, ignoring her loud moans, dirty abuse, and wriggling.

Even though it hurt her she seemed to be firm to handle it. Her body tightened as I was forcing and piercing my hot piston in and out of my her honey pot, she started to scream with pleasure. “Oh my! Fuck me! Fuck my ass, bastard, mama, oh god, I never felt so good,! Fuck my ass! Oh! Oh man! I am cuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnnnggggg!!!!!” she screamed and shook as I brutally plundered her ass piercing her hold in very hard jerks in and out of her ass hard and fast.

As once more with all his force he buried the entire length of his cock in my ass I felt his cock pulsed against my tight ring as his hot cum forced its way down the length of his cock into my ass filling my tightest hole. Slowly she began pushing back against him. One of my hands slipped under her body and reached between my legs to rub her pussy lips. It was like an electric shock when my fingers touched her pussy lips and my dick kept ripping her ass more as she moaned with pleasure.

Rubbing her pussy with my hand and humping her ass against my thrusting cock as getting too difficult for her to handle. My hands played gently on her clit and we both were heading towards an orgasm, as once more with all my brute force I pumped her ass and buried the entire length of my cock in her ass, and increased my fingers tantalising on her slit she could not handle it and started to firm he body and turned my head towards me in utter disbelief as she felt my cock pulsed against her tight ass ring as my hot cum forced its way down the length of my cock into her ass filling her tightest hole and on the other side her pussy leaked a massive load of nectar on the bed forcing her to moan loudly.

She almost cried during her release and held me firmly. I collapsed on her while my cock was still planted in her ass and both of us were breathing very hard. She pulled me from the back and looked into my eyes in utter disbelief and smiled saying, it was painful but a fantastic experience. She got up and tried to see her ass in the mirror, it has turned pink from the sweet spot, she came back and said bloody very painful and relaxed we ordered some milkshake and rested for an hour or so.

It was 12.30 and we had the whole night at our disposal, she brought her mouth near my dick and started soft stroking it few strokes were enough for my dick started to reclaim its lost vigor and prideslumberlandand t started to rise majestically.

I looked at her face and she was completely glued playing with my dick as my dick grew longer her wider her eyes widened and her breathing increased, I held her hand and pulled her towards me, I took her delicious lips again in my mouth she followed suit and we got in a deep lip lock and our tongues started to taste each other’s saliva. I knelt in front of her and spread her legs apart and moved my head in between her thighs.

All of the sudden, there was nothing separating her cunt from my mouth except air! I was staring straight at her hairy cunt. She thrust her hips towards my face, forcing me to accept her cunt into my mouth. Without any hesitation, I kissed her offered cunt and with my open mouth, I was sucking on her inner labial lips. Soon, my tongue found that little bump of flesh located right at the front of her cunt.

I started to stroke it with my tongue. “that, aaaaahhhhhhhh, suck it harder, harder!” cry made me go mad, she cried as she spread her legs wider to let me get a better angle. As I sucked her clit, I could feel that she was already wet all over her legs. I stopped briefly to taste her fluid, I licked it from her thighs and followed it upward until again my tongue was centered on her clit.

This movement on the center elicited a more audible groan from her, her whole body shivered, “take your finger, put it in, finger fuck me, suck it baby ahhh ufffff ” ahhh, ahh, yes, cried Aparna as I started my sexual journey with her again,

She seemed mad with lust and full of desire. I found her love hole. Sticking my finger into it, but, before I could commence finger fucking her Aparna she raised her hotpot towards my face. As I tickled her pussy with my tongue, her stomach muscles started to twitch & expand, I pulled my tongue back and inserted my middle finger in, she left a soft moan ah Vinay and I softly moved my finger in, she spread her legs and my finer vanished in her pussy it gulped my entire middle finger, her inner flesh was burning,

Her hips swayed back and forth, pushing her cunt against my finger. I kept my finger firm in her pussy exploring her inner depths, she said “move your finger in and out slowly”, and relaxed back. As I did so, I realized that her body movements became synchronized to my finger movements. The faster I moved my finger, the faster her body responded. By now, her breathing had become very audible.

I inserted my second finger and little pace she left loud moans, ahh, ahh ahh oh god, uffff, ufff, Vinay fast, ah, god, fuck it man, yes, yes was raising the bar of seduction to greater heights. In fact, she was breathing as if she had just completed a long run. I tried to stop and pull my fingers from her burning love mound, but she pushed it in right back, the jerk so violent that her body shook violently, I continued to finger her love hole, doing it harder and faster all the time.

Her breathing now very heavy, her body was jerking. Oh god, offff, fast, ah, she yelled, as her body jerked violently up and down. I suddenly felt my hand becoming drenched in her love juices, as they nearly squirted from her hole, I pulled my fingers and tried to suck it all up, but she moved too wildly for me to follow with my mouth. Her inner thighs became drenched with that great tasting wetness.

I licked that sweetness from her thighs and her cunt as best I could once she slowed down. My soft cuddling and licks her thighs seemed to work. She thrust her cunt into my mouth, but this time I put my mouth into her cunt and started lapping her cunt juices with my tongue, thrusting my tongue deep into her vagina.

After a few moments, she calmed down, she lay down on the couch and welcomed me to ride her semen rich lubricated pussy. As a hint of what she wanted me to do, she took her breasts, one in each hand, and squeezed them gently. I could see her nipples start to harden again, and her tits form into little points. I took one of the boobs in both my hands and toyed with it quashing and squeezing it like a lemon, but alas they were not lemons they were pulpy melons, full of flesh.

I started to softly stroke and squeeze them, gently at first, causing her nipples to stick out even further. As my fingers rolled on her nipples I let loose my tongue on them and licked her nipple. She responded by breathing deeper. I continued to massage her boob with both my hands and my tongue. Acting on impulse, I inserted her whole nipple into my mouth and sucked on it, causing its point to expand in my mouth.

She took a quick, deep breath, almost a gasp. I nibbled on her boobs, first with my lips, then, as I got bolder, lightly with my teeth. For this action, I received a light moan and pat on my back from Aparna. It appeared that she was enjoying this as much as I was enjoying. She pushed my face back slightly and offered me her other boob. I repeated all my actions on that one. While I worked on her boobs, she lightly tickled my exposed ear with her tongue. Seconds later, her tongue was playing in and out of my ears. I enjoyed it to the core, bloody how erotic that was !!!!!.

I moved one of my hands done to her pussy playing with her cunt hairs, my fingers weaved their way around her crotch until I again located her slit. It was easy to know that I had found the core of her love machine – the hair and the pussy were already wet from her leaking love juices. My fingers slid around the top of her slit, moving from her clit to her deep love hole, I stretched her pussy and moved down and placed my tongue on the hot flesh sending her pulsating body to another level of joy & lust.

I slid my tongue into her hole at the same time that I pinched her nipples, which was still in my hands. She responded with a deeper gasp, followed by a low moaning sound. “lick it deeper and softer !!!” she groaned and again held my head pushed it deeper, she opened her leg further widening them, allowing my tongue go deeper into her cunt and also an extra area to play around. While her waist and hips started to move on the couch.

I started moving them in and out occasionally pulling out completely and looking at her face. She looked in my eyes with her inviting eyes as if that was not enough, she pushed my head lower and I was almost licking her pussy and ass hole, her legs widened and stretched were giving me a much better access to her entire burning hotpot. As she leaned her back, and her stomach muscles seemed to invite my tongue deeper and deeper into her each time I inserted and licked her vaginal canal. Her deep breathing was replaced with a continuous groan of pleasure, as she reached higher and higher heights of pleasure, ah, ah, oh god, god, don’t stop, pls fast, fast, fuck it man, yessss yeah, yeah, oh god, don’t stop, fast fast.

My poor dick was still waiting in vain for its opportunity to perform, but it was standing rock solid hard and firm, she lifted my head licked my lips tasting her own juices and again pushed my face towards her fire spitting pussy. Making room with my hands, she forcefully buried my mouth into her cunt, I started licking and sucking everything that felt hot and wet. “my pussy – suck it, suck it, ah ah, yes, yes !” Aparna yelled. “oh, yes! Suck it hard – very hard! Don’t stop!” I increased my strokes with my tongue again on her pussy.

Her movements became uncontrollable. Her breathing turned into a continuous loud groan, as she yelled “ ahhhhhh, uffffffffffffff, harder, harder m fast, fast o god !!!!! Come on!!!! Come on I’m going to cum! Come on. Mama, mama, oh god!” she reached her climax, ferociously squirting on the couch and soaking my mouth, I continued sucking her clit and pumping out her love hole until she begged me to stop. “please, please stop! Now Vinay, pls, pls, I beg you, stop and pls let me relax, I feel somebody has torn me in 2 pieces”, oh god, that was drenching she gasped and she cried in sheer pleasure, “I can’t stand it anymore. Pleeeease stop!” I slowly moved away from her cunt.

She had clenched her thighs together so closely and firmly that it became difficult for me to remove my head. When I finally did, she laid down on the couch and pulled me on top of her. “oh that was great! Come here, hold me tight. She embraced me tightly feeling all of my body” her legs encircled my back. Her hands had grabbed the back of my head and forced my lips down onto hers. I kissed her and quickly found her tongue darting back and forth inside my mouth. My cock, caught between our two bodies, buried its head in her cunt hair.

I felt great having my big cock nosing around feeling in her hair surrounding her pussy. Aparna. I could feel my throbbing pussy hunter unfurl the pink knob and hoist itself, getting even harder, as my balls threatened to explode. Sensing this, she stopped and pushed me away from her. “I’m ready to let you cum inside me“, she said in a sexy tone. “I want you to hold yourself till I get into my favorite position. You’ll not have to worry about releasing inside me I will take the pills.

This way, we can both try many different positions without fear. She laid down on the couch and pulled me over her. Taking my cock in her hand, she guided it into her cunt but left it just touching her cunt lips. I lowered my body until I was lying on her, my chest pressed against her soft breast, our lips locked together again. I decided that I liked kissing her. Her lips were soft and warm and the connection felt incredibly intimate.

The sensuous way she sucked on my tongue and used her own tongue to circle around mine sent chills down my spine.
As we continued to kiss, Aparna reached down and grasped my penis. I lifted up slightly and allowed her to pull it down until it was touching her still swollen hammered pussy lips. Gently she began to move the knob of my dick up and down, grazing her lips and mixing our juices. “oh god,” I gasped. The need to release was getting on me and I did not want it to be a flop show, having performed so well, I had to think about something else I told somebody knocked the door, she said I did not hear and paused for few seconds trying to hear the door sound, oh god, it worked.

Our lips parted as Aparna pushed me onto my side. She was sweating and she and her eyes were now wild with filled with lust again. She raised one leg over my waist and quickly pulled my monster back into her swollen pussy. I moaned as she again began to rub my swollen dick head on her outer lips again. As she held my dick in her soft hands and rubbed it in circles of her hole, I pushed the tip inside just a little.

As her soft lips begin to caress the head, I bent and forced hoping to push it in deeper. However, she pulled away little backward, allowing only the tip to penetrate her facial expressions teasing me. I held her again and as she again played I pushed hard as the head of my penis slipped further into her, I reached a level where she could not feel and felt the joy of getting penetrated, she left a loud moan ahhh, oh god, and closed her eyes I sensed the opportunity I reached down held her waist, I could not hold it any longer.

It was a tight pussy and in one more forceful & powerfully stoke I pierced hard into her pussy and my swollen cock head speared her vagina, again she yelled and held me tight, once more hard jerk and I was all the way inside to the ridge. She screamed “nooooo. Pls.Aaaaaaaaaaaaggg pass hhhhhhhhhhh slow nnnnnnnoooooooo!!!. With a soft increase in pressure, almost too light to hurt her again. My dick began to pump into her cunt for a wonderful sexual ride. Her pussy walls were burning and too tight for my dick, the pressure was telling her, she held me firm.Slowly my hot long rod started unraveling into her deep pit of fire. She could not handle the sheer pressure and pain that I was applying and she threw her head back and forth and continued to moan.

Her body was twitching and itching in pleasure saying, “yes, yes, ahh ahh, god, Vinay, fuck it, ya, yesss, ah, ah, god, god, pls don’t stop, ahhhh, fuck, fuck, fuc yes, ahhh. It took great all my power to lift her gently from her waist and pull back down to penetrate deeper, I felt the head sliding against the walls of her vagina. She was gasping for breath. My dick was stretching her vagina walls to their limits I guess she which had ever experienced. She began to move her lower half in little twitching motions and the walls of her vagina began to flutter on my dick. Her cave was deep enough to take my entire manhood and I kept ramping it, “no… no… no., slow pls its paining she screamed and scratched my back with her long nails.

I paused for few seconds, allowing her to breathe and also hold my release, feeling and loving the warm wetness of her dripping hole. She was a dream girl and even a better fucker better than I could have possibly described in this writing.

Taking a pause and I softly and slowly pulled back several inches, in no time again with a firm, quick push I went all the way inside again. She yelled again – oh god, you fucker, slow, pls, pls, ah a,hhhh. I can’t pls do, uffff. As she looked at me and forced back the pressure on my dick looking in my eyes shamelessly, I again gave her a hard push, she lost it all, senses, control and screamed, “fuck me! Fuck me!!! Hard, bastard tears it off, oh god, come, ah, ahhh., she started to furiously move her lower body part enhancing the penetration experience.

She held my back with her hands, her fingernails digging deep into my skin. She pulled me over and I was on top of her again in the missionary position, my hard dick was positioned deep inside her almost feeling the bottom of her pussy hole. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist. I took a deep breath and began to slowly pull out. With the head at the entrance, I paused for a second, hips floating in the air in push up position. I admired her beauty being in that position, staring into her lust starved face. As seconds ticked by. “fuck me… fuck me,” what are you waiting for, pls don’t stop, she screamed, and pulled me down from the waist, I had got my time and this time I decided to complete the task.

With a wild smile and an animal like instinct, I pushed back hard and deep inside, slipping all the way into her until my balls slapped the cheeks of her ass. “oh god! Oh god! Oh godddddd!, no slow pls, pls ” she screamed, I again looked at Aparna and paused as her warm fleshy pussy pulsed around the shaft of my penis catching my breath. Then I pulled out half way she was staring back at me. Her inviting eyes were full of deep pools of lust and I almost felt as though I could swim in them.

I locked my eyes with her eyes and began to pump into her, my hips moving up and down inflicting all my force sending my dick all the way into the dead end before pulling almost all the way out, in a steady rhythm. The atmosphere was full of the sloppy sucking sound of our fucking sex organs and our loud dirty moans, she held me tight and pulled me down until my chest was pressed against her breasts. She held on to the same position her legs wrapped & locked around my waist and her arms around my neck. The sweet smell of her sweat was all over my nose, I started my pace on her spearing her with mighty jerks.

I very little time I could feel her slowly stiffen her body and in a flash, she began to climax, my every thrust seemed to bring on another climax until she was lost in one final long orgasm. As she left soft moans and I kept the pace on and within seconds I felt my balls begin to tighten. The heat, wetness, and friction of Aparna’s tight hole were taking me rapidly towards my climax, as I pushed as deeply as I could go suddenly I stiffened and froze, holding back my breath. I left a loud wild moan as my sperm began to squirt into her, flowing all the way deep in her vagina. She held me tight and buried her face in my chest, my mind went numb and blank as the pleasure of ejaculation rushed through me.

As my sperm blasted against her walls and splattered the thick cream filled her hole to the brim. After the first several squirts, I began to slowly move again, emptying all the milk in her velvet vacuum. Finally, when my balls were squeezed out I pushed my dick deep inside her and relaxed onto her body, her heavy soft chest matching my heavy breathing. We hugged each other tightly, my chest pressing hard into her breasts and her nipples thrusting into my chest.

Her legs were still around my hips and my dick deeply buried firmly in her vagina. Gently I caressed her hairs, relaxing my rock solid penis inside her severely battered hole. She opened her mouth and sucked my tongue deep into her mouth. We kissed passionately and I sucked her tongue into my mouth. As I sucked her tongue she started tongue fucking my mouth indicating that she wanted more fucking.

She was not satisfied as yet. “you’re going to seriously squeeze and kill me,” I said, as we both held each other in a tight embrace and lay naked I asked her for time to relax. Slowly I drifted into slumber land. We were dead tired to even move. When we woke up we were still in the same position hugging each other tightly and my dick was still in her cunt. Aparna face turned red in radiant pleasure and glowed as I teased her the way we spent our time, she said time for one more session!!!!!!. I felt as if I would be really squeezed & dead.

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