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Valentine's Day is supposed to be this romantic, sexy holiday that you spend with someone that you are keen on. Some people spend it stuffing their lonely faces with bargain basement chocolates. Husbands are usually racing around grocery stores getting last minute, cheap flower bouquets and run of the mill "I love you" cards. Women go out trying to find a sexy, new lingerie outfit to buy to spice up their bedroom for a night. But I had a different idea this year.
I decided to get Jay something that he really wanted. I wanted to make this Valentine's memorable for years to come. I wanted Jay to never forget this day. I wanted to get Jay an FMF threesome. Though the problems were, where do I find a willing participant and how do I do it in secret without Jay finding out? Neither of us had ever been in an FMF threesome, so it would be a new experience for the both of us. That was an exciting thought in itself. I also had never been with a woman sexually, so that thought was also a little thrilling.
It was already the end of January, so I had to get a move on with my search. Everything needed to be ready for Valentine's Day. After some deep thought, I came to the conclusion that putting an ad online and creating a dating app profile would be the routes to go. For the online ad, I didn't want to come across as another weirdo looking for a one night stand. I wanted it to sound professional, but also grab people's attention and intrigue them. My ad looked something like this:
"In search of a female for a memorable Valentine's Day:
I am a 32 year old professional woman seeking another professional woman to join my husband and myself for a night of threesome fun. You would be involved mostly with me, as my husband watched, or he joined in with me. I want to make this a night that my husband would not soon forget. Please contact me with serious inquiries only. Must be over 18 years of age."
For the dating app, I uploaded a recent picture of myself and put the headline "Looking for a woman to be our third". I put the search for women only and toggled the age limit meter to be 18-50. Age was just a number for me. I wanted someone that was serious and would follow through for a fun night, whether she was young or older. I got a lot of hits at first, but after a few days of talking with these women, they disappeared, never to be heard from again. Unfortunately, that wasn't anything new for a dating app. There were always fakes and flakes out there. Hopeful, I still checked every day to get a potential candidate.
As for the ad, I got a few hits here and there, but nothing set in stone. It seemed like I wasn't go to find anyone in time. I was losing hope, fast. On the other end, I needed to figure out how I was going to set up a date with Jay without giving away anything and hopefully not impeding on any of his plans. One night while in bed, I told him that I wanted to go out to dinner that night and then spend the night at a hotel, just the two of us. He said that was a good idea seeing how he had the same thought, so I called the restaurant and made reservations a couple of weeks ahead of time. I looked online for the best deal on a hotel near us and booked it with a king sized bed, just in case. We would need lots of room to play, if you know what I mean.
So, now, it was only four days before Valentine's Day and I still didn't have anyone lined up for our night of fun! Not that I hadn't been searching and searching for weeks. I was starting to panic. I didn't think it was going to happen. On the other hand, dinner and a night away with just Jay was a dream by itself. I wasn't worried that we wouldn't have a good time, but I wanted to surprise Jay with something that's been in the back of his mind for some time.
It was now two days before and I had been on the computer all morning trying to pin someone down for that night. I was getting annoyed of all the fake profiles and ghosting, so I thought it was a good idea to just delete the ad and the dating app. I was excited to have a romantic dinner with Jay and I didn't need to worry or stress about finding someone. I decided to go shopping for the week to clear my mind. We needed food and I needed a breather, so it was a two birds with one stone situation.
I got to the grocery store with my list, ready to go. I walked in, grabbed a cart, and set off. I was about halfway through my list when I saw this really attractive woman in the cereal aisle. I could see her keep turning her head to look at me and smile. I just chalked it up to her being polite and nothing more. I went on with my shopping and didn't see her the rest of the time.
I was just about to the checkout aisle when I heard a female voice say, "Excuse me," I turned around and realized it was the woman from the cereal aisle. "This is really out of the blue, but I just moved here a few days ago and I was wondering if you knew of any safe laundromats in town. I ordered a washer and dryer online, but now it's back ordered and won't be here for a few weeks. I tried to Google laundromats and a bunch came up, but I don't know where to even start. Sorry for my rambling. My name is Reese by the way."
"Hi," I said, a little nervously, "my name is Leigh. It's nice to meet you. Welcome to town. Actually, my husband and I moved out here about a year ago and I was in the same exact situation. My washer and dryer was backordered too and I needed to find a laundromat fast. Laundry from four people piles up fast!" We both laughed a little.
"Actually," I said, "there is a really nice newer laundromat in this plaza. It's a few buildings down. I went there until my units came in. I thought it was really safe and well kempt. It's called 'Lando's Laundry and Fold'. It's on the inexpensive side compared to other places around here."
"Oh my gosh, thank you so much!" Reese exclaimed. "That is such a huge help, really. I live about five minutes from here. Oh, that would be perfect. I moved out here for business, so I don't know anyone here. It's a little overwhelming to say the least!"
"Oh, I absolutely know how that is," I said with a smile. "My husband moved us out here for business too and to be a little closer to his family since his father's health wasn't doing so well. I was overwhelmed too not knowing anyone or the area. I had to venture out a little here and there and find my way around. I had a couple people from my husband's job reach out to me too and they were very helpful and welcoming. How about I give you my number and you can reach out to me whenever you'd like?"
"That would be so amazing!" Reese said, thankful. "Let me get my phone out of my purse. Hold on. Okay, ready."
As Reese was putting my number into her phone, I couldn't help but let my eyes wander. She really was very beautiful. She was probably in her late 20s with long, auburn hair that flowed over her shoulders, down to her waist. Her eyes were a deep green. She had these full, pouty lips that were accentuated by a dark red lipstick. She looked to be about my height of five foot, five inches with just the right amount of breasts for a nice, little handful. It looked like she kept in shape and took care of herself. I was almost a little jealous of her body, but also found myself a little turned on by her. Reese started to say something, so I quickly darted my eyes up to her face. It was too late though. She already saw me looking her over.
With a smirk, Reese said, "Okay, your contact is saved in my phone. I really appreciate this. It's so nice of you. I have to run now, but I will definitely text you soon! Again, thank you so much!"
Reese went in for a hug, but I wasn't really ready for it, so I awkwardly gave her a half hug, pat on the back type thing. I felt so dumb. She just giggled and waved goodbye as she walked away. Again, my eyes wandered to her body as she walked away. Man, did she have a nice behind.
"What is happening to me?" I thought, as I took a deep breath and walked to the checkout aisle. I could feel a wanting down below that I had never felt before with a woman. It was so different, yet so thrilling. I shook my head to try to focus on unloading my groceries on the conveyor belt. My mind kept wandering to the thought of what Reese looked like naked.
"Well," I thought aloud. "Jay sure would love to know the thoughts going on in my mind right now and what it was doing to my pussy."
I finished up at the store and headed home. Later on that night when Jay got home from work, I told him about my run in with Reese. He jokingly asked, "Was she hot?"
My face turned a dark shade of red when I said, "Actually, yeah, she really was."
Jay's eyes lit up. I laughed and playfully punched him in the arm. "Oh stop," I said. "She is in the same boat as us when we first moved here. She's really nice. I could actually see her being a good friend. I gave her my number. She hasn't texted me yet, but I'm sure she will. She was asking about laundromats. I told her about the one in the plaza with the grocery store. She said she only lived five minutes from there."
"That's great honey!" exclaimed Jay. "You know how I'm always on you about making friends. I hope she texts you and ya'll can go out one night soon."
"I was actually going to talk to you about that," I said. "What do you think about her joining us for dinner for Valentine's Day? I know it's supposed to be a romantic night out for the two of us, but she doesn't know anyone here and I think it would be fun. I think you'll like her."
"Yeah, definitely," said Jay. "I wouldn't mind that at all. That might be a lot of fun. I hope you hear from her soon. We'd have to change the reservation to three instead of two. I'm sure it wouldn't be a big deal for the restaurant."
All of a sudden, my phone buzzed. I looked at it and didn't recognize the number. "That must be her now," I said.
I opened my phone and read the message.
Reese, 2/12/21 5:45pm:
"Hey, Leigh, it's Reese! Sorry I didn't text you sooner. I was with my landlord trying to get things sorted out with my apartment. I also had to call the movers because some of my stuff never came. Moving is so stressful! But, anyway, it was so nice meeting you! I really appreciate you being so kind. I hope we can get together soon and do something fun! I don't know about you, but I definitely need a night out!"
Leigh, 2/12/21 5:47pm:
"Hey! I'm so glad you texted! Sorry to hear about your stuff not arriving. That's tough! I definitely need a night out too! I was actually just talking to my husband, Jay, about our dinner plans for Valentine's Day. I know it's short notice, but you said you didn't know anybody, so I was wondering if you wanted to join us. We have a reservation for two at 'Bonner's Dine Shop' and we would love for you to come too! It's a great little place with unique, funky food combinations. I think you'd really enjoy it."
Reese, 2/12/21 5:50pm:
"Wow, that would be so amazing! Thank you for the invite! I actually got that weekend off from work unexpectedly. Is there a dress code or anything? I have an outfit in mind, but I don't want to show up over the top or underdressed. I'm so excited!"
Leigh, 2/12/21 5:51pm:
"There's not really a dress code, but people tend to dress a little more formal since it's a dinner only type place and you need reservations to get in. It's really popular and fills up fast. It's only open Thursday through Sunday. I was planning to wear a little black dress and red high heels. Jay will probably wear black slacks and a nice button down dress shirt with a tie."
As I was waiting for Reese to text back, Jay said laughing, "Wow, she's really blowing up your phone. I think you are a little excited about meeting her and getting to know her."
"Yeah, you wish I was excited in a different way," I said with a smile.
"Absolutely!" Jay said with a wink.
Just then I felt another buzz from my phone. Jay looked at me and smirked. My face flushed and I rolled my eyes at him. In reality, Jay was actually right. Texting with her was getting me a little excited and I wasn't sure what to do with that feeling.
I opened my phone to a picture of Reese in the outfit that she was going to wear to dinner. I almost dropped my phone from shock. She was so…hot. She was wearing a skin tight, very low cut, very short, red, halter top dress and thigh high black leather boots. I showed Jay and he looked at me with this face that I knew so well. He totally wanted to see me with her in bed. There was no doubt about that.
Jay always jokingly asked if I would kiss the women we saw on TV or in public and I would always say no because I'm not attracted to women in that way. I like to look at women and admire their bodies, but I could never see myself be physical with a woman. Jay thought the contrary. He always said that he knew me and knew what I wanted. I think he was right in this situation about Reese. After seeing Reese's picture and what it did to me, I could honestly see myself with her. That was a little scary for me and hard to admit to myself.
I looked at the picture again and I could feel pussy clench with desire and felt my clit twitch and start to throb. I was turned on texting her back, but I had to reign that in, so I didn't scare her away. I had no idea what her situation was and if she even liked girls. I was so curious, but I didn't want to be too forward just yet. My phone buzzed again before I could respond.
Reese, 2/12/21 5:58pm:
"I hope that wasn't too weird or forward of me to send a pic like that. I was just trying to see if that outfit would be appropriate to wear to that place. I'm sorry if I offended you. I didn't mean anything by it."
Leigh, 2/12/21 5:58pm:
"Oh, my gosh, no, you didn't offend me at all! That outfit is amazing! To be honest, I was kind of in awe looking at your picture and almost dropped my phone. You look incredible. That would be absolutely perfect to wear there! You have a great body and can definitely pull off an outfit like that!"
Reese, 2/12/21 5:59pm:
"Omg, phew! I got a little nervous there for a second. I always jump the gun in situations and end up scaring people off. I'm glad that's not the case here! And, aww, thank you! That's so nice of you to say! I try to keep in shape the best I can, but I sure do love food, LOL! I was actually thinking the same thing about your body at the grocery store. I was almost a little jealous of you. I almost didn't approach you because I was a little intimidated. You are so beautiful!"
Leigh, 2/12/21 6:01pm:
"Wow, thank you! I was looking at you at the grocery store too and was a little jealous too! LOL! I think you caught me looking at you, LOL. I couldn't help it. I feel a little awkward now. Sorry about that!"
Reese, 2/12/21 6:02pm:
"Omg, don't feel awkward at all! I find myself letting my eyes wander a lot too. I guess it's human nature to look at other people and compare or desire. There were a bunch of people at the store that I could have asked about the laundromat, but I found myself seeking you out after I saw you in the cereal aisle and asking you. I'm not sure why, but I felt this connection I guess, towards you. Now that I'm writing that, it sounds so weird. I'm gonna stop now before you run for the hills, LOL!"
Leigh, 2/12/21 6:04pm:
"I actually felt that too. Maybe we were supposed to run into each other and become friends! We both are in the same position with moving to a new place and not having anyone. Maybe it's fate, LOL. I'm actually really looking forward to dinner on Sunday! Jay and I booked a hotel for that night too. I can't wait to have a night without kids, LOL!"
Reese, 2/12/21 6:06pm:
"Okay, good! I'm glad I didn't weird you out, LOL! And wow, that sounds like a lot of fun! I hope I'm not ruining your romantic dinner date!"
Leigh, 2/12/21 6:07pm:
"No, not in the least! Jay and I are excited for you to come! He's always on me about making friends and having nights out without him or the kids. He's really happy that you and I met. I think the three of us will have a great time."
Reese, 2/12/21 6:011pm:
"I think so too! I'm so excited! I actually have to run. The movers just called me and said my stuff is on the way! Thank goodness! I'll talk to you soon. Thank you again for the invite!"
Leigh, 2/12/21 6:12pm:
"Oh, that's so great!! I'm so happy your stuff is coming! I'll text you tomorrow. Have a good night!"
I was so into texting Reese that I didn't even realize that I had been smiling at my phone and forgot Jay was in the room. I looked up and saw him looking at me with a devious smile.
"I think you like her," he said with a hopeful smile.
"She's really nice," I said.
"Mhmmm," Jay said, nodding and laughing.
The rest of the night, I couldn't stop thinking of Reese in that tight little dress. My panties were wet from wishful desire of being with her while Jay watched us. I almost thought that she would be the perfect third for us on Valentine's Day. I wanted to ask her, but knew that would be too soon and probably too weird for her and me, truthfully. I kept that little desire locked away in my mind for the time being.
The next day, I woke up to my phone buzzing with a text from Reese.
Reese, 2/13/21 9:05AM:
"Leigh, I am so sorry to have to tell you this, but I won't be able to make it to dinner tomorrow night! I got a call late last night that one of my employees has a family emergency and can't work his double on Sunday. I have to fill in for him as everyone else is already working doubles for Valentine's Day. I'm so bummed! I was really looking forward to that. But I definitely want to get together sooner rather than later! We can go out or stay in. It doesn't matter to me!"
Reading that text, I felt a feeling of disappointment wash over me. I completely understood, but I was a little sad that it wasn't going to happen. I wasn't sure if I felt down because I was looking forward to Jay and I getting to know Reese and having fun at an adult's night out or because I secretly wanted something naughty to happen with her after dinner. I think in the back of my mind, I was hoping that she would go back to the hotel with us after dinner and I would give Jay his ultimate Valentine's Day present and maybe open up a new world for me that I didn't expect to want.
Leigh, 2/13/21 9:08AM:
"Oh, no! That stinks! I completely understand, but that is such a bummer! We were really looking forward to it too! I'm sorry you have to work. I hope it won't be too bad for you. We will definitely get together soon! Just let me know the time and place and I will be there."
Reese, 2/12/21 9:09AM:
"Yay! I will let you know my schedule as soon as I know it! It's been so hectic with the move and adjusting at work. I hope it slows down soon. I already need a vacation, LOL!"
Leigh, 2/12/21 9:10AM:
"LOL, I bet! That's how it was for us too. It never ends! Jay, the kids, and I are about to start getting ready for the day and heading out to his parent's house for a visit and then to a birthday party later tonight, so I have to let you go for now. But text me tomorrow if you can! I hope you have a good day!"
Reese, 2/12/21 9:12AM
"Oh, that sounds like fun! I hope you guys have a good time! Talk to you soon!"
I put my phone down and rolled over to snuggle up with Jay. "That was Reese," I said.
"Oh yeah? What did she have to say?" Jay asked, curious.
"She said that she has to fill in tomorrow for one of her employees that has a family emergency, so she can't go to dinner tomorrow night," I said.
"Aww, sorry honey. That's too bad. I know how much you were looking forward to getting to know her and making a new friend. But I'm sure ya'll will go out soon enough," Jay said as he turned toward me and kissed me on the forehead.
"All right. I guess we should get up and start the day," I said half heartedly.

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