New year’s eve with hot cousin

Hi all ISS fans. My name is Rahul. U can contact me at [email protected]. I have gone through a lot of stories and I am sure most of them are fake but the story I am telling you is True and Best life incident I ever had. This is a fantastic story about me and my cousin from states.

I am 24 years old now with good physique. I remember i was in 12th standard that time. I was 17 years old that time and it was new year’s eve. So my Bua (Dad’s Sis) came from states to celebrate new year with us. She was accompanied with her daughter i.e. My sweet and sexy cousin Nikita.

Let me tell u about my Nikita first. I first saw her when went to receive her at the Airport at Delhi. She was looking damn sweet. I still remember that was wearing blue denims with sports shows and white small t-shirt through which i could easily see her navel and denim open jacket on top as it was cold in India that time. She also had tattoo of a girl below her navel which was going right into her low waist jeans which made me more crazy. I wanted to see where the tattoo ended. She was also 16 that time with great figure i.e. She was around 5 feet 6 inches tall and had great boobs 34 with ‘C’ size cup and nice tight ass.

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Throughout the journey till home I was thinking about her. Next day was new year eve. We all were getting dressed up for the party. When she got dressed for new year’s night eve i could not control my eyes off her. She was wearing a mini Black color skirt with the sexiest legs i have ever seen. Her skirt was so small that if she would bend for something one could easily see her panties. Her legs were totally waxed and fairest of all. Above she was wearing a small top which was just covering her assets and her cleavage was very clearly visible and above that she was wearing a jacket. Again I could see her tattoo which was making me wild. As in two days we got little close so i asked her wont she feel cold in the skirt she was wearing she said its fine with her as she is use to wearing such skirts in winters. Still i asked her to wear a overcoat as it was really cold that day. But she said its ok and we proceeded for the party.

The party ambience was excellent. As I am from well to do family so we went to the best place in town where all the elite crowd of the town drops in. There was huge dance party going on there. I still remember the moment we entered the hall every guys eye was looking at her and mainly at the tattoo. The were fucking her with their eyes which was making me more crazy and giving erection underneath. My mom dad and Bua went and sat while we both preferred to dance. Then suddenly while dancing she asked me do i drink. I said yes. Then she asked me to get one for her and myself and she wanted to blend herself in the party as the party music was making her go crazy. I immediately said yes without giving any second thought to it. I got vodka with orange juice for her and for myself got whisky with ice. I was shocked to see the way she bottom upped the whole glass and asked me get another one and this time asked to add more of vodka and less of juice. I finished me peg and got second one for here and same for myself. And then after an hour I realized by getting one by one she already had take 5 large glasses of vodka. She was almost hit. And as it was almost 11.00 p.m. The lights of dance floor were little dimmed. Now she was holding me and dancing and I could feel my hand rubbing all over her body from back. My erection was full at that time. But as she was heavily drunk she could not dance for long. She wanted to go home but without meeting parents as what would they think of her, so requested me to take home. I went to mom and dad and told them that i am going home as Nikita is not feeling good here and me too having headache cause of cold weather. They agreed and as we were in separate cars i took my car i went back home.

While driving her leg moved towards the gears and i could feel the softness of her thighs. It was really great. Then she kept her hand slowly on my thigh and crawled it towards my dick. I didn’t say anything as i also wanted this as i was drunk that time. So i neglected the part that she is my cousin and then in no time her hand was inside my trousers she started masturbating me. I also moved my hand slowly on her breast. I could feel her erect nipples. They were great just as i thought. The softness of them was making me wild. I was about to cum so i stopped her and asked her not now when we reach home. Within no time i was in home.

I banged open the door took her in my arms and kissed her like anything. Her lips were really very juicy. Then we went to our bedroom and there she threw me on my bed and removed my trousers and underwear. She was delighted to see my thick 7″ cock and quickly started sucking it like she was thirsty for this for a very long time. Then i removed her skirt and jacket. She was now in black panties and small top with bra inside. I quickly removed her top and now she was in black netted bra and silky panties. I slid of the strap of her brassiere from over her shoulder totally exposing her pink colored lovely full breast. It was well shaped and round with her nipple jutting out in perfect proportion. I kissed her on her lips and then my tongue rolled down her neck, onto her breast grabbing her nipple in my mouth. I began to suck it slowly at first and then gently increasing it as her sexuality began to rise at her peak. I sucked it hard until it was swollen red. She was now like a bitch on heat her pelvic thrusting on my dick. As I sucked her hard my hand freed her other breast of her brassiere and began to maul her. She arched backwards enjoying every moment of my licking and caressing of her breasts. I was enjoying her with as much vigor as I can. I removed my shirt also. I was totally nude. Then slowly i removed her bra. She moaned with pleasure. I embraced her from inside her top feeling her naked breasts on me. She then undid my shirt and hugged me. Her breasts were now crushed to my naked chest. I could feel the contour of her well-shaped breasts as well as the soft touch of her small pink nipples. My hand went straight through her hairs as we again cuddled each other in a feverish kiss.

I quickly removed her panties and her hairless pussy with the tattoo was in front me which made me even more wild and for which i was waiting for so long. Her hairless pussy now lay bared to me lying there waiting for me to discover it. I kissed her on her thighs and my tongue soon began to explore the clandestine parts of her. I could now smell her feminist odor. My tongue then began to graze on her clits. She grabbed me by my hairs and began to push me, deep inside her. My tongue ravaged the insides of her pussy and I began to taste hungrily at her juices. “Shittt!” she exclaimed as both her legs began to curl up in position.

She pushed me more inside and I almost suffocated. My mouth was inside her, my tongue dwelling inside tasting her fluid and stroking what could certainly have been her G-spot. I pushed myself up on her belly and my tongue began to play with her navel and the tattoo from pussy till navel.

Then I positioned myself on top of her my dick lying on her wet pussy. All through this time I was gently stroking her hair to pacify her of her maiden pain. She bit her lip as my dick touched her clits and parted them. Her hands came over my hips as I slowly entered into her. First it was really tight then slowly after 2-3 strokes the gate opened wide and so the speed of my stokes. And then I cummed inside her which I didn’t realize at time of fucking but she didn’t minded that.

Then she made me lie on bed and sat over me by guiding my dick into her heaven. The noises she made while that made me crazy. She was jumping like a cowboy on my dick. Though my dick pained a lot but forgot all in the sexual action. Then after sometime I cummed again inside her.

Then i asked her that i want to fuck her ass. She said she has never been fucked in the ass but I didn’t mind to that and made her sit like a dog. Then I forced my Dick in her ass and believe me friends it was the most painful experience of my life and from her screams I could make out that it was her painful experience as wells. She screamed like anything. Then after fucking her ass and cumming again over it I was exhausted and we both were sweating like we are in summer season.

But time is time has to run and it was new year plus time for our parents to arrive home.

We kissed each other and wished happy new year……but then it was time for our parents to come so we quickly dressed up…..then next day they left. I still receive letters from her.

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