Nick And His Two Sisters Pt. 01

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Nick And His Two Sisters pt1
Welcome to a new series I've been wanting to start for a while now. I hope you enjoy it and stick around for all the chapters to follow!
Fair warning this series has a slow pace, but it will be very rewarding for anyone who enjoys a story. Lockdown/Quarantine had us all feeling a little low. I find reading and writing erotica helps me through these tough times. So hopefully reading this can take away the stresses of the day and excite you about reading more.

Nick Bryers sat at his computer desk, early on a Friday morning, browsing the internet for a new video to Jack off to. His dark brown eyes scanned the screen for a thumbnail that looked filthy enough to satisfy his needs. It had just passed his eighteenth birthday only last month and ever since he had been beating his meat like some mad orgasm craving, maniac.
Getting inpatient, he hastily clicked on an appealing video and leant back in his chair, cock in hand. The video displayed the innocence of a small teenage girl of eighteen, wearing school uniform. His cock twinged at the sight of her slowly undressing. Despite having such a small frame, the girl in the picture sprouted massive, bouncing, bosoms.
Nick pumped a tight fist over his cock, which stuck out the open zip of his pants. His wrist rapidly went to work as his eyes were fixated on the screen. Soon the girl had undressed and he watched as the trifling man sucked at her stiffening nipples.
This was a usual morning for him. Some mornings, he preferred the comfort of his bed, or the privacy of being under his sheets. Other mornings, he was so horny he could sit in his chair completely nude without a care in the world. Today he opted for a quickie at the desk. He'd watched so much porn lately that it had been losing its affect on him.
Instead of focusing on the video, he chose to close his eyes. Enjoying wherever his imagination would take him. He found himself amongst a dozen breasts. All different kinds. Large ones, small ones, droopy ones, perky ones, flat ones, he was so horny he thought of everything.
His day dream drifted towards the clouded vision of perky breasts. He imagined pointed nipples standing to attention. He started to place the breasts on peoples bodies. He thought of Mrs Mills, his English Teacher. He also thought of a few girls at his school with the same size of tits.
Nick was lost in his imagination and oddly could hear the sounds of heavy footsteps approaching. The alarm bells started ringing in his ears as if it was the school bell, waking him up for class. The steps got heavier and grew louder as whoever it was behind his door drew nearer.
Nick stuffed his aching hard on back inside his zipper, before yanking the zip closed. The door opened and in stepped his Sister, Rebecca. Rebecca stood in the doorway with a scrutinising look on her face.
"Hey." She said.
Nick did his best to look normal. "Hey."
"I just came to see if you had slept in." Her eyes stayed on him.
He felt them like a burning knife, searing through his skin.
"well i haven't and i'm ready to go." He waited for her to leave.
Rebecca didn't move.
"Won't you come down then?" She asked.
"I'll only be a minute. I have something I have to do first."
"Alright, well hurry up or you'll be late." Rebecca turned and left.
It wasn't unusual for Rebecca to wake him before school. She always made sure he was prepared and ready to go. With their Mother working in Asia for the past few years, Rebecca had taken the role of attending to all house duties. She studied part time at college but preferred to stay at home. Dorms could be expensive and she wanted to save her money.
Instead she stayed put and became the only person in his adult life to care enough to keep an eye on him. He didn't mind this. Most brothers would hate their sister acting as though they were a parent but it wasn't like that with her.
Nick gathered his things and dragged himself downstairs where his two sisters sat at the table eating breakfast.
"Morning." He said plainly.
"Good morning, sweet brother." Jennifer replied, without looking at him.
Nick took his place at the table after grabbing a bowl of cereal.
"Happy Valentine's Day." Rebecca smiled.
She stood, walked under the open archway and into the lounge, where she begun stretching in her activewear. Nick did his best not to look for longer than what seemed normal. He hated that she wore spandex about the house. Living with two woman who happened to be smoking hot made his hormones fluctuate.
Rebecca was a few years older than Nick. She had her twenty-first birthday party in April of last year. She was smaller than her older sister and slimmer too. Not to say Jennifer was chubby by any means. She sported the typical curved figure of most woman.
Rebecca shared the same hair colour as himself. They both were brunettes and shared much of the same features. People often made comments of how alike they were.
Jennifer on the other hand, she was much older than him. At twenty-six, she was physically mature but he wished the same could've been said for her emotional maturity. Unlike him and her sister she took on the jet black hair of her dad. she chose to dye red streaks through her fringe, giving her a sexy pornstar look.
Jennifer was the one that got all the boys. She'd received many a letter and chocolates through the letter box, though none she cared to open. Rebecca on the other hand was a lot more shy socially. She hadn't really dated as much as her. Her last boyfriend Jeff had developed a thing for her sister, as most men did. She had to end it after that.
Rebecca was obsessed with fitness and she had the body to prove it. Nick knew she looked great in most things that she wore but tight spandex took the cake. Her ass had either been formed from the gods or from the many squats she performed at the gym. Once Jennifer accused her of having it done but that was just jealousy, he thought.
"Valentine's day is today?" He replied, now looking anywhere but at Rebecca.
Nick never had any reason to look forward to Valentine's Day and this year was no different. He used to get cards from his Mom but she stopped that a long time ago and now the most romantic thing that he was likely to experience on Valentine's Day, was his sister pouring his cereal out for him, before he had come down the stairs.
"Not that you'd know. Who would want you to be their Valentine." Jennifer took the first swing.
"It's called being picky. Not everyone takes the first person they can get their hands on." He smiled sweetly at her.
"Not everyone has somebody to put their hands on." She wore a forced sympathetic look.
"Come on guys. Play nice." Rebecca always played the peacemaker.
"Have you ever received a love letter that wasn't from Mom?" She teased.
"Have you ever received any letter from Mom period?" He fired back.
"Nick! That's not nice." Rebecca upped her tone of voice.
"It's okay little Sister." She said, now with a sour taste in her mouth. "I may not have gotten any cards from Mom but at least I get some from Dad."
That hurt, but he knew better to let it show. Four years it had been since their Dad had run out on them. Met another girl at the office and he soon left their Mom shortly after. His Mom had always worked abroad so they never had time for each other. It was easier for Nick to pretend it was for the best.
Nick stood up and made for the door.
"Where are you going?" Rebecca asked.
"But you haven't even finished your cereal."
Nick slammed the door behind him.
"See what you did." Rebecca shot a look at Jennifer.
"He'll be alright. I give him a day to come back at me with some cheap shot." Jennifer predicted.
"Why can't you two just get along?" She hissed.
"Where's the fun in getting along?" Jennifer smirked.
Giving up with the conversation Rebecca hit play on the remote and assumed the position of the woman on the tv.
Nick slung his bag over his right shoulder as he entered the house. School that day had been uneventful as always. He'd somehow got through it and he was finally home. Nick checked the time on his watch. Jennifer wouldn't be back for another few hours and Rebecca would be expected back any minute.
He figured she'd be out on a run or something. It was what she usually did to fill the space of time between 3:00pm and 4:00pm. Sure enough, Rebecca stepped through the front door, sweat dripping down her limbs.
She noticed him. "Good day at school?" She asked, sounding a little out of breath.
Nick watched her slump on the couch in a heap of exhaustion. Her sports bra had sagged a little down her tits and she had some real good cleavage action going on. Nick watched as if through a magnifying glass, beads of sweat naturally flowing over her collarbone and down in between the beautiful valley of what where her breasts.
'She's your sister.' He thought.
"Nick…?" Her voice brought him back down to earth.
"Oh… uh, yeah, it was good." He realised she must have noticed him staring.
"Are you feeling alright?" She asked. Her tone did not come across concerned.
"Yeah.. I'm fine." He answered.
"Good, could you grab me my bottle from the refrigerator please?" She asked, she wore her puppy dog face.
"Sure." He said.
Nick turned to go grab the bottle. She watched the back of his head as he left the room for a moment. She'd noticed him staring and she wondered if he did this with Jennifer as well. 'Maybe he has a crush on me.' She thought. Brothers got crushes on their big sisters all the time.
She reminded herself of how she had come to wake him up for school that morning. It was obvious to her what he had been doing. She could see the tent over his crotch and she could tell he really wanted her to leave. It crossed her mind that he probably went right back at it after she left. For some reason, that thought excited her.
"Nick?" Her head hung over the back of the couch.
"Yup?" He said, handing her the cold water bottle that she'd stored in the fridge.
"I know you don't have a Valentine today, but have you ever had one?"
Nick wondered why she was asking him this.
"Why?" He asked.
"Just curious." She admitted.
"Eh…" he didn't know what to say, "No."
Rebecca pursed her lips.
"Does that mean you've never… you know," Rebecca hesitated, "Had sex?"
Why was she asking him this? He thought the answer was obvious. He'd never had a girlfriend before and he'd never really even talked about any girl ever.
"What do you think?" He sounded irritated.
"Sorry. I was just wondering." She felt bad.
"Well now you know." He sighed.
Now very uncomfortable with the atmosphere that had settled in the room Nick excused himself.
"You know what. I think I do feel a little light headed. I think I'm gonna go lay down." He said as he began dragging his bag up every step.
Rebecca shook her head once his back was turned. She'd noted that ever since he turned eighteen, he'd been acting a lot more weird around her and their sister. It now only dawned on her possibly why this was. She used to wear these types of clothes all the time around him. Probably less revealing ones too and he never said a thing, or acted the way in which he did now. It made sense knowing that he hadn't had sex, which meant he'd probably not seen a girl naked.
However, she did not find it creepy as most girls would. She found it rather cute. It almost made her feel beautiful with the way he watched her. She enjoyed the feeling of his eyes on him, watching her perform her exercises. Almost like she was performing for him.
He wasn't the young boy he used to be anymore, she'd noticed that. He was taller and started to fill out. His shoulders were broader and his pimples had vanished over the course of the last year. He was slowly turning into a handsome man.
'Maybe it's me.' She thought to herself.
Perhaps she was not so used to being around a man all that much. She did not really enjoy the nightlife as her friends did. She preferred to stay at home and study, working on her future. It was at this moment she thought of possibly saying something to him. To relieve the sexual tension that now hung in the air between them whenever they were in the same room. A sexual tension that neither of them were willing to admit existed.
Nick didn't jerk off once he was in the confined walls of his room. He could not do it with the images that replayed in his head. The curves of her fleshy melons and how they met so perfectly in the centre of her chest. For only a moment did the thought of her breasts in her sports bra come into his view, staining the back of his eyelids.
His erection returned but he was still fighting the urge to relief himself from the strain of his tight jeans. Instead he slept for a while. School had wore him out and he needed the extra down time.
After his nap, Nick made sure all his homework was in check. Rebecca would no doubt come ask about it anyway so it was better for him to make sure it had been done.
Lying back, he sniffed around the air of his solitude. He smelt bad. At first he thought it was his room but a second sniff confirmed it was him. Grabbing a towel he made for the bathroom. A shower may wash away the B.O and hopefully the sins of his perverted mind.
Nick turned the doorknob to enter the bathroom and found it already steamy inside. He stepped in and saw his sister standing in a white towel facing away from him. She stared into the mirror and hadn't heard him enter.
He was about to alert her of his presence. That was, before his eyes trailed off to scan her figure. The towel was so tightly wrapped around her body it gave him the best view of her. Her ass curved outwards as if she'd stashed a pillow underneath for comfort. Her bare shoulders were peppered with small freckles and she turned at the sight of him in the mirror.
"Nick!" She screamed.
In her sudden whirl of surprise, she lost her footing and slipped underneath the wet surface of the bathroom tiles. Her fall meant that her feet had slipped into his own, taking him down with her. They both crashed against the wet floor with a loud thud.
Nick hit the floor hard. Shaking away the fog from the impact, he looked at Rebecca to see if she was alright. It became immediately apparent that he could see most of the way up her towel. Her skin was red hot and pink, his traveled up the towel as far as he saw skin. The underside of her right butt-cheek was visibly squished against the floor but he did not see what in that moment, he'd hoped he would see.
"Ouch!" She roared as her hands cradled her lower back.
His eyes finally came to her face, but where drawn away again by the sudden realisation that her nipple was poking out the top of her towel. His eyes widened, he continued to stare, unable to tear his eyes way from her petite, brown nipples.
"Nick! that really hurt." She moaned as she sat up.
In doing so, her towel fell away from her chest and her tits were now out for display. They were full, round, though not very large. Rebecca immediately brought both her hands up to cover her hand-full size breasts.
"Nick get out! What is wrong with you? You pervert!" She sounded as though she could cry.
Nick scrabbled to his feet and rushed out the door. Leaving his elder sister on the floor behind him. Rebecca was embarrassed. She had only been naked before a boy once before and that was with Jeff. Her own brother Nick had just seen her tits.
Nick waited until he was certain she'd returned to her room before sneaking back out to shower himself.
Nick let the water cascade down his face. He washed away the stresses of the day and with that, his sweaty smell. Stepping out the shower he slipped again but managed to keep himself up instead of falling. He'd forgotten that the floor had still been wet.
The slip reminded him of what had happened only twenty minutes prior. He'd imagined what her breasts had been like far to much for one day. However, now he knew what they looked like. He wanted to revisit the past and experience it all over again, even if it meant feeling the pain of the fall.
As if he was revisiting a dream he'd just had. He wanted to nestle his head into the pillow to see it in slow motion. His cock now varied between hard and soft for the next hour. He decided now was a good time to jerk off. He hadn't finished what he'd started that morning and that was probably why he'd been so horny after school.
After his shower he hit the sheets. Laying back in his bed he took his growing rod in his hand and massaged it gently. He was persistent in not pleasuring himself to the thought of his sisters. They both were incredibly hot and he had struggled with this over the years. Today however, was different. Today the urges were stronger than ever. He pictured people he knew and imagined them naked. Though, whenever he did, Rebecca's head appeared atop their body.
He shook his head, as if this would cleanse his mind from his incestial thoughts. It didn't. The more he jerked off, the more that it felt good, the more his walls fell. The barriers he'd put up were slowly tumbling like dominos. Her perky, voluptuous, breasts were now in his face, so close he could suck them.
Meanwhile at the opposing end of the hall, Rebecca paced her room. She trapped her fingertip in-between her teeth as her mind raced.
"Nick saw my tits." She whispered to herself.
She now thought of how he might act. He had stared before. What was he likely to be like now? This could possibly be the worst thing to happen to them, she thought. This could end a really good relationship that they had built over the last few years. For some reason her body had reacted in a way she was ashamed of.
The way her tits were out for him, the way he stared, how his eyes made her feel. It didn't make her feel weird. It made her feel sexy, hot even.
her mind trailed back to her thoughts earlier in the day. Was she the one with the problem?
Back across the hall Nick was nearing a climax. He beat his meat quickly and screwed his eyes shut to keep his visions of his sisters tits clear in the darkness of his mind.
He felt the sensation begin to flow, the pre-orgasmic sensation he always felt before he squirted his seed over his belly. The knock at the door ended all sensations he had. Nick tugged at his sheet and covered his erection.
"Hello?" He said. Granting access to whoever was behind the door.
Rebecca's head popped around the edge of the door. Her hair was still a little damp and for some reason he liked that look on her.
"Can I come in?" She asked.
Nick was mindful of his erection, he didn't think it would be a good idea for her to be before him in this state. Especially after what had happened.
"Sure." He said.
Rebecca stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. By now Jennifer was home and she didn't want her hearing what she had to say.
"Look. What happened in the bathroom wasn't your fault. It was just an accident. So I'm sorry for calling you a pervert. I want you to know that I don't think of you as one."
She seemed genuinely upset and it touched him.
"It's okay, I'm sorry too. I should have knocked louder, or waited for a reply."
Nick didn't look at her in the eyes, he instead stared at the patterns on his bedsheets. Now the thought of eye to eye contact with her embarrassed him.
"I hope it won't be weird from now on." She said.
"Oh don't worry, it won't be." He twiddled his thumbs.
"It already is. You can't even look at me." She pointed out.
He was forced to look at her now. He felt his stomach flutter as her eyes met his. His heart beat quickened and thumped in his chest.

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