Nick And His Two Sisters Pt. 02

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Heyp guys thanks for the great feedback. To let you all know, this story is planned to the ending. I'll be posting every 24 hours or so. Keep yourselves updated! Things are getting hotter with every part. This is just 1 of many parts. With all being said, enjoy!
Nick And His Sisters PT2
I hope you guys enjoyed the first part of this story. For those who want it to liven up, trust me the story gets juicy along the way so stick with it!
Chapter 2
The next morning, Nick embraced the weekend by getting up early for once. It seemed his naughty, altercation with Rebecca last night had boosted his mood. It had been the best orgasm he'd ever had. There was no shock when he woke with a raging stiffy.
In the kitchen, Jennifer was pacing around the room whilst on the phone to her boyfriend. To Jennifer, speaking on the phone was never a private matter. She spoke about anything and everything, no matter the company. Nick did as he usually did and reached for the cereal.
"You said you'd see me today?" She hissed.
Nick couldn't hear the words coming from the other end. Only muffled noises that were suppressed by her ear.
"Don't say that something has come up, something always comes up. You didn't even see me for Valentine's Day yesterday. I got plenty of cards you know. I read through them and none of them had come from you."
God, she genuinely seemed upset. This was a first.
"Yes, four o'clock…"
"And you're sure you won't ring me to cancel?… Okay, good. See you then." Jennifer snapped her phone shut, now noticing her little brother for the first time.
"Boy trouble?" His bottom lip curled in an attempt to tease her.
"Don't. I'm not in the mood for your shit today Nicholas." She turned to pour herself some coffee.
"It wouldn't appear so. Do you not remember what you said to me the other day? Something about dad not sending me any letters…" He was testing the water.
"Don't push it." She hissed, again.
"I wonder what makes you feel worse; That Mom can't send you letters, or that your boyfriend won't."
"You're not going to get under my skin Nick. I know you went to school upset yesterday… Upset about being a little Virgin." She turned. She had her game face on.
For a second he wondered if Rebecca had told her. She'd never do that would she?
"Rather a virgin than a slut." He said.
"Really though? You'd rather not know the touch of a woman at all?" She moved towards him.
Her fingernail trailed along the desk as she came closer and closer.
"Not knowing what it's like to be kissed…passionately."
She bent down slowly until she was next to him. Her tits now right next to his face, "not knowing the feel of a breast… poor baby." She said this as if she was speaking to our baby cousin.
"Get lost Jen." She really knew how to turn the tables.
Nick couldn't help but flicker his eyes from the table to her massive tits. They were much bigger than Rebecca's there was no need to see them in the nude to determine that. She wore a see through, black top. Her bra was visible underneath.
"It's rude to listen in on conversations, baby brother." She said. Patting his shoulder before leaving. She know she'd gained the upper hand yet again.
He listened to her heels click as she graced every step while she ascended their wooden staircase. God she was a bitch. She really knew how to turn it on. Sometimes Nick wondered why he bothered waging in their wars of words. It normally left him steaming from the ears.
Nick did his best to shake the memory of Jen's seductive tones. The kitchen needed cleaning and Rebecca wasn't up yet. Seeing as he had nothing else to do, Nick made a start at tidying up.
He cleaned the counters and the table. He swept the floor, then filled the dishwasher and even watered the plants. Rebecca was always the one to maintain cleanliness in the house, he didn't see why she had to come down to it, every-time.
Rebecca soon entered the room scratching at one eye. She yawned and it seemed she had a good sleep also. She wore her night time clothes.
Small, curved, shirts that rode up her ass most days. She did not wear a bra, this was evident form the alarming sight of her nipples. They were almost piercing the cotton top.
"Hello." She was the first one to speak.
"Hi" Nick said.
"You cleaned!" She noticed, her hands went to her hips. She looked impressed.
"I did." He smiled.
"Having a good morning are you?" She grinned at him.
"The best morning I've had in a long time." That was until he saw Jennifer anyway.
"Thank you, Nick. You didn't have to do that." She beamed at him.
He enjoyed the joy he saw in her face and he heard in her words. Funny, the simple act of cleaning the kitchen could bring her so much happiness. He loved her smile. Nick thought it must have been the best thing ever. They way her lips widened, bunching up her cheeks and how her eyes glowed with happiness.
"I should be doing it more often if I'm honest. It's not fair for you to be doing it all on your own." Nick poured out the last of his cereal bowl and washed it in the sink.
"Aw you're too kind." Rebecca took a seat.
"Protein shake?" He asked her, holding her shaker cup in the air.
"I'd love one." She smiled.
What had gotten into him? She thought. He was nice but never this nice. He'd never done this for her before. She always did it, not that she was complaining. It was nice to have it done for her, for a change. Though it struck her, she didn't have anything to do now.
Nick tipped three scoops of powder into Rebecca's mixing cup and added milk. She never had it with water, and he didn't blame her.
"What do you have planned for today?" He asked as he handed her the cup.
Rebecca's started to shake it straight away, absent minded.
"I'm not sure, now that I don't have to clean the kitchen. I can perhaps get an early shower. A work-out, maybe a run. I don't know what else after that." She listed off the things she had originally planned.
"What about you?" She asked, before taking a sip of her shake
"Well it's the weekend. I think I'm gonna go to the park with some friends but nothing else after that. Say, you wanna catch a movie together?" He asked.
"A movie? You mean at the flicks?"
The flicks was a popular cinema company in town that they had always went to back when they were younger.
"No," he chuckled, "not like, go to the movies. I mean In here, on the couch. I can get snacks while I'm out."
Rebecca smiled warmly. "Sure! What you wanna watch."
"I'm not sure, maybe we can pick later?" He was chirpy alright.
"Sounds good to me." She said.
Rebecca couldn't believe how nice he was being. They watched movies together before, but they had never arranged to watch one. They just sort of did. It had been forever since they're properly bonded.
At this point Jennifer had returned in a change of clothes. She wore a short denim skirt and a Metallica top with red lipstick that matched the streaks in her dark, long, hair.
"Watch out, Rebecca. Nick's a virgin and I caught him staring at my tits earlier. I'd keep my door locked if I were you. We don't want a peeping Tom sniffing around the house." She said as she was about to exit the front door.
"You wish I looked. We all know it pains you when people don't!" Nick had to shout to get his come back in before she shut the door behind her.
"Well, I'm going to take myself to the bathroom to shower in peace. Remember to knock before coming in, you peeping Tom." She teased.
"Maybe I won't." He said.
Rebecca giggled and then disappeared out of the room. It seems nothing was stopping him from being happy today. Not even Jen.
Nick spent time with Josh and Matt at the park. They had been his best friends since the first day at highschool. They tossed a baseball between one another for a while and caught some sun while lying in the grass. The middle of March had never been warmer. The sun was at its peak in the sky and Nick enjoyed the warmth of its heat in his skin.
"Hey Nick, do you think you could introduce me to Jennifer?" Josh asked.
"Me too? Maybe Rebecca as well?" Matt added.
His friends had always thought his sisters were hot. When they first started to say things like that, he disagreed. He couldn't think of anything more disgusting. Though that was back then. Now he found himself privately in agreement with them.
"They're taken, Sorry." These questions bored him.
"Heard Rebecca split up with that Jeff guy? She's surely not taken already is she?"
Nick had forgotten about Jeff. He always liked him, and he guessed Rebecca had too. That was until she dumped him. Rebecca and Jennifer had that big famous fight after it. Rebecca seemed to think she was trying to steal him away from her.
"Yeah I suppose so. I'll put your word in." He blinked as the sun shawn in his eyes.
"Your cousin Jessica on the other hand…" Josh exhaled throw the small opening of his lips, "She is a whole other ball game. I remember everyone at school being in love with her."
"What is with you guys and my family?" He tutted.
Jessica was his cousin, who was most likely being kicked out of college as the spoke. She was one of those dolled up girls. The ones with the fake nails and the fake hair, never without makeup. Drove a pretty, pink, car with eyelash headlights. She never really spoke to her much as they got older. Part of him thought she looked down on his family. They weren't as rich as hers, despite their own family being very well off.
"They're just all so hot. You have good genes. I wonder what happened to you?" Josh had said it, but they all laughed.
"Ha ha very funny. I'd maybe date your sister, then again, she has her Fathers nose and her Mums front teeth…So maybe not." Nick certainly knew how to duel with his words.
"You're not wrong. If I had sisters like yours. I think I might just commit incest." Josh giggled.
"Ew! Gross!" Matt furrowed his brow in disgust.
Nick pretended to be absolutely revolted. What they didn't know, that just last night, his sister had flashed her tits to him as he jacked off into oblivion. Sitting out in the sun, Nick thought of last night. He wondered if it would happen again. He hoped it would but at the same time, he felt that they probably shouldn't.
"Senior year this year boys… any girls on your mind?" Matt decided to change the topic of conversation, much to his delight.
"Cindy Lee is a keeper. She's not too popular, yet not too much of an outcast. I might try my luck you know." Josh smirked.
"What about you Nick?" Josh asked.
Nick had a girl in mind. His first thought was Rebecca but he shook that violently out of his head, very quickly. He then thought of Jessie. The fiery haired girl, that sat quietly at the back of his English class.
"Jessie." He said, in a coolish, broody, sort of way.
"Still that old treasure eh?" Matt sipped at the bud light that he grasped tightly in his hand.
"You've been on her for years. She ain't even that hot anymore." Josh stated.
He didn't care what they thought. To him she was beautiful. She had that kind of cute face and a cute way about her. Everything she did was cute. The way she spoke, walked, talked, even her mannerisms. She once cried when she'd failed a test and he could have hugged her in front of the whole a class.
Her hair burned like fire. Jessie had flaming orange curls that rested gracefully by her shoulders. Her face was blessed with a small patch of freckles that clustered at the bridge of her nose. She had snowy, pale, skin and a bright smile. What was not to love?
"Yeah well you know, when you have a type, you have a type." Nick shrugged his shoulders.
"Red heads are out of fashion my friend. I am more of a blonde lover myself." Matt added.
"Ahh, Kimberly Keating. The one with they big melons." Josh gestured to his chest. As if he had large, busty, tits.
"There's a third grade crush I've ever seen one." Said Nick
"Can't believe my dad let me have these." Josh held up the glass and watched the sun shimmer through the golden bottle.
"You know we have the end of school dance this year. We gotta ask someone to go with us." Matt gulped.
All of a sudden the pleasant vibes they'd created had vanished as soon as Matt had said it.
"Good. Now I feel sick." Josh spat.
In truth, so did Nick. He feared the day he would have to ask a girl to the dance with him. A school
Tradition that went back so many years. He wondered who he'd ask. He couldn't ask Jessie, the thought of it made his throat scratchy.
In the end, he knew he'd most likely ask a girl that was more of a friend. Someone who didn't think of it to be anything more than just friends going to the the dance.
Nick closed his eyes. Imagining what it would be like to dance with Jessie. While the school hired a cheap band to play on stage. He wondered what she'd wear, how she'd look in a dress. He couldn't picture himself in a suit, never mind her in a dress.
They finished their beers and lay under the sun a little more before leaving. Josh and Matt walked home to the opposite end of town. While Jennifer came to pick him up on her way home from work.
"Little date with the boyfriends was it?" She asked.
"Yeah it was nice." He smirked.
"Kiss and cuddle under the tree?" She said as she pulled away.
"What if we were?" Nick challenged.
"Then there would be nothing wrong with that. Suppose a gay brother would be quite useful." She considered.
"How so?" He was curious as to what she had meant.
"Well you could come into my room. Help me pick out outfits. Go shopping and watch me try on lingerie." Her eyes came off the rood for a second to see Nicks facial expression.
Nick blushed at the thought of seeing his eldest sister in such revealing clothing. Jennifer noticed.
"See you in lingerie? I think I'm gonna be sick." He lied.
"You sure?" She asked.
"One. Million. percent."
The rest of the drive home consisted of Jeniffer blaring pop music that the cool kids would listen to at school. Nick had never been at school the same time as his eldest sister had. He wondered what she would have been like. She was too many years ahead of him for them to attend the same school at the same time.
He figured she'd most likely be the popular girl or at least one of them. She always wore trendy clothes and never failed to miss the next big jump in fashion. She also had stunning good looks, which Nick knew got you a long way in high school life.
They pulled up into the drive. Jennifer checked her phone for messages while Nick forced himself out the car as quickly as he could. Spending time with Jennifer was one of his least favourite things to do.
Meanwhile Jennifer was left alone in the car. Her boyfriend hadn't messaged her all day and he was due to pick her up soon. She tried ringing him a few times but to no avail. Instead of turning the key, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She reversed out the drive and sped away.
Nick closed the door behind him. The sun had drained the life out of him. There was no sign of Rebecca at all. He entered the lounge and she was not there. He checked the kitchen and she was not there either. He felt like going up into her room just to see her.
Instead he slouched deep into the pit of the couch. Nick rested his eyes after staring a the ceiling for a little too long. He had just started to drift off into a sleep when Rebecca woke him.
"Hi." She smiled.
"Hey." He smiled back. He was pleasantly surprised.
"You look tired."
"I feel tired." He admitted.
"I'm gonna grab some water do you some?" She asked, as she stalked into the kitchen and flicked the light on.
"Yes, please." He sighed.
"What's the matter?" She always had a way of knowing something was up.
Nick, in truth, had a lot on his mind.
"Oh, it's nothing really." He knew he would be seeking her advice the minute he said this.
"Oh shut up and tell me." She sensed his sarcasm.
"Well there's the dance coming up. You know? The one at the end of senior year." Nick stared at the ceiling, even when she handed him his the glass of water.
"And you're wondering who to take?" She guessed.
"Yes." He said simply.
"Maybe thinking of how to ask them?" She was spot on.
"Yup." He said a little louder.
Nick sipped at the water and stared into the clearness of the glass.
"Who is it you have in mind?" Nick wasn't ready for this question.
He didn't know if he should tell her. He felt shy about that kind of stuff.
"A girl." He said.
"I know that…" She giggled, "but who?"
Nick took a deep breath. "Jessie, her name is Jessie."
Rebecca had a girl in mind. She'd only left school a few years prior and she could distinctly remembered a girl of that name.
"Red head?" She asked.
"That's the one."
At the mention of her name, Nick found images of her in his own head. Remembering her curly red hair, he smiled.
"She's pretty, Rebecca stated, "are you gonna ask her?"
"I'm not sure."
"Don't tell me you're scared now are you?" She looked at him.
"Not scared, just… shy." This was the second time he'd admitted to being shy in front of his big sister.
"I was asked to the dance by a boy. His name was Ryan. He was cute, not my type, so to speak… but cute."
"I don't get what you mean?" He asked.
"I mean; He was never a boy I'd thought about before. That was until he asked me. Then afterwards, he was all I could think about. If you ask Jessie, she might have to think about it at first. She may say yes. She might even say no. But she might take time to think about it and reconsider." Rebecca ruffled his hair as if he was a kid again.
Nick thought about what she'd said. In a way he knew she was right. She usually was. Rebecca was very wise for her age, she was a lot more mature than Jennifer was. She'd always seemed to find the right things to say. It was defiantly something for him to think about. However, now, as she slowly walked away from him, all he could think about was her ass.
"So have you decided what movie yet?" She asked from the kitchen.
Nick had forgotten all about their movie night. He hadn't even gotten snacks like he'd said he would do.
"Oh sorry Becca, I forgot all about it!" He realised.
"I figured so." She laughed.
"Stay here, I'll run to the store." He suggested.
"No it's okay," Rebecca returned with some goods from the kitchen, "I have these?" She offered them up to him with a cute, cheesy, smile.
Salted chips and chocolate. His favourite. Rebecca tossed him the chips as she rounded the couch and sat right next to him. Their thighs brushed against each other as they squished together.
Nick grabbed the remote and flicked through their options. There were many options that appealed to him but didn't appeal to Rebecca and vice-versa.Eventually they landed on a movie of action packed war and romance.
"Blades And Babes… really?" She laughed.
"Well we have been running through these movies for half an hour now. We may as well just play something at this point."
"True." She said quickly before snapping at the crisp that she'd held up to her mouth.
The movie took a while to get going. There was some blood and a lot of talking. No real action though. As the movie progressed Nick began to notice they were a little closer together. They'd somehow naturally gravitated towards each other. He hadn't even noticed that her shoulder was pressing into his. Despite having so much room on the couch, they were sat huddling together in the middle of it.
The following scene showed a man and a girl. They were arguing. She was crying and he tried to console her. At which point Rebecca slid her leg up and over his knee. She let her leg rest on his thigh and her foot dangled off of him.

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