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tagIncest/TabooNick And His Two Sisters Pt. 03

Author's note: This one is juicy! I'd also like to remind people to keep voting. I am a Scottish writer so sometimes when writing in US English it doesn't come across well. I don't currently have an editor but I will do my best from here on out to edit it to the fullest. Thank you all for taking the time to read the chapters it's very nice to see. I'm enjoying writing this series and hope to finish it eventually. However we have a long way to go and I hope you will be here for the ride ahead.
Rebecca had come back to her brothers room to find him asleep. He had sprawled out over his double bed and he looked cute as he slept. She did as any caring woman would do and tucked him in. She took one last look at his dangling cock, it was quite the size even when soft.
Before, if she had come into her brothers room to see this, she would have most definitely screamed the house down and run in the other direction. Now she looked at him lying completely nude with a sort of warm, loving, feeling and hint of arousal. She gently kissed her him goodnight and left the room.
The next morning Nick woke for school without the need of Rebecca to wake him. He felt joy like the very first morning after his sexual roll around with his sister. However this morning was different. He'd kissed Rebecca and he'd also kissed Jennifer. Jennifer had kissed him on the lips, his big, motherly, sister. Sure, it felt taboo with Rebecca; Nick didn't know how passionately kissing ur own sister would ever not be taboo. But it wasn't as taboo as french kissing Jennifer. She was more a forbidden fruit it seemed. Nick put this down to her age and most likely, body maturity.
Rebecca and himself had always been close. Even when they had been younger. She protected him from his sister, despite her being a good few years older than the both of them. So when her lips met his it was more out of love than passion. However, when Jennifer kissed him, it seemed like he would be dragged away that very moment for breaking the law. He'd even hugged her for the first time in god knows how long and he found he actually liked it. Her touch sent electrical bolts of lust through his entire body. Shockwaves spiralled up his back, making his stomach flip with excitement.
So when she had pressed her lips to his and kissed him like a lover, he was understandably frozen still. He feared moving, incase that feeling had ended prematurely. He wished he could just go up to her casually and plant one on her. But he knew she'd kill him for ever attempting it. Nick yawned and forced himself out of bed. His cabinet mirror showed a slender scruffy looking boy staring back at him. He ruffled his own hair into a tidy mess and scratched the itch underneath his nose.
It was then that he'd remembered everything that him and Rebecca had done the previous night. He'd caught the smell of her, when his fingers had brushed under his nose. Nick held out his hand as if something alien to him was on it. His two fingers had been inside his own sister. He rushed to the bathroom and cleaned off any remains of her.
For some odd reason, Nick felt as though Jennifer was so experienced and attuned to sex that she would probably sniff out his fingers like a shark would with blood in water. So he though better to wash them clean, just in case.
He headed downstairs were he met his two sisters in the same place they usually were, at the kitchen table. It wasn't really a table, more like an island in the middle of the room, with stools to prop yourself up on. Jennifer sat at one end, while Rebecca sat at the other.
"Hello." He said.
Rebecca beamed at him. Her sexy smirk gave him butterflies. "Hello." She said.
Jennifer did not look up, nor say hello. Instead she turned the page of her fashion magazine that she now held close to her face and chewed gum rather apprehensively. Her eyes zigzagged over the page pretending to read what was printed on it.
"How was your sleep?" He turned to Rebecca.
He'd wondered how she was after last night.
"It was good. How was yours?" The conversation was complete act, an act to portray a normal sibling relationship.
"Very good, thank you?" He smiled, then turned to Jennifer, "what about yours?"
She detected the unease behind his words. He was being cautious around her, while she didn't know if she could even look at him, not after kissing him the way she did. He wouldn't tell anyone, he wouldn't dare and that was all that was keeping her from pinning him down and forcing him to promise to keep his mouth shut.
Jennifer sat there silently ashamed of herself. Why she did it, she didn't know. It sort of happened, his lips were there and so were hers. He'd been so nice and loving. It gave her an uncanny feeling in the depths of her gut. She only planned to peck him, as a sort of 'Thank you.' But after she'd kissed him once, it was impossible not to kiss him twice and soon it was impossible to stop. That was until reality had hit her, like a steam-train without any brakes.
Even his voice as he innocently said 'hello,' made her skin rattle with goosebumps. Like all her senses quickly attuned to his presence. His breathing and his smell. She did not have to look at him to feel him standing there. Nick ignored her ignorance and started his morning ritual of making cereal and coffee.
"Anyone want a cup?" He held a mug up over his shoulder.
"Yes please." Rebecca watched his ass in his shorts as he stood there.
Jennifer wanted to say yes, he didn't do this very often and the thought of him making a hot coffee for her was nice. She loved coffee too, but she remained stubbornly silent.
The rest of the chat consisted of himself and Rebecca debating about the benefits of getting the pool fixed. It was just coming into summer and the summer weather was already teasing it's return. They agreed it would be good to get someone in to fix it, so they could swim about under the sun.
It had lay empty for years now. Green stains gathered at the deep-end, while it had been deprived of water for far too long. The aspect of his sisters being in and out of the pool in skimpy bikinis under the sun, turned him on for the first time that day.
He stared at Rebecca's breasts while Jennifer had her nose in her magazine. Rebecca took notice and made sure to arch her back more, so that her breasts protruded further from her small frame. He imagined them in a tight bikini top, with her nipples imprinted underneath.
At this point Jennifer sighed deeply, to break the silence. She snapped her magazine shut and at the same time Rebecca snapped her back out of her arch. She stood, cleared her plates and made to leave.
"Where are you going?" Rebecca called.
"To work." She said, bluntly.
"But you don't start until 9pm? It's 7:45?" Rebecca reminded her.
"Well, I do now." She grabbed her jacket and bag before leaving rather urgently.
"What's with her?" Rebecca turned back to look at him.
Feeling the pressure of her eyes and the pressures to lie. He simply shrugged his shoulders.
"Do you want a lift to school?" She asked, after she drained the remaining coffee that was left in her mug.
"Yeah, I think I better ride with you. I know it was hot yesterday but something tells me today will be a little different." He said.
And he was right. The minute they had stepped out the front door, the wind forced them backwards into each other. Her ass budged up against his crotch. One time this would bother him. Instead he found himself aroused again for the second time that day.
She dropped him off by the gates. Instead of kissing him on the cheek as a mother would, she gave his lips a long peck. They kept their lips together for a little longer than they probably should have. It was much the type of kiss a loving husband would give his wife before leaving for a hard days work.
"Bye!" He said as he let the wind slam the door shut.
At school Nick could barely concentrate. It was coming up for that time of year in English class were they would be writing a project. Nick already had enough on his plate at home to be dealing with, never mind a whole project to write.
The teacher handed out their latest marks on their essay regarding a Scottish play. Nick was delighted to see an A+ written on the corner of his page. Josh on the other hand did not bother to look at his grade, instead he shoved the paper deep under his gym clothes, that were balled together in his school bag.
Not affected by the result, Josh and Matt got up to their usual mischievous antics. They silently threw paper airplanes behind the teachers back. He watched Matt ball up a note and launch it towards a tall blonde girl in the row behind him. Kimberly had almost missed the scrunched paper ball. But she awkwardly caught it with both hands and opened it. Her face lit up before looking at him. A genuine smile spread across her face and she nodded.
"Guess who's got a date to the Dance." Matt winked at him.
He often wondered how Matt did it. He got a surprising number of girls for someone who wasn't all that good looking.
"It's all down to the way you talk, my friend." He coached him with an arm around his shoulder as the class broke for lunch. Nick and Josh were at a loss for words over exactly how Matt had done it.
"So that's it. You just, do it." Josh didn't believe it and neither did he.
"Yup, don't be nervous though, girls know when you are. They're like dogs some of them, they smell the fear on you." He laughed.
Josh had taken his words as if they were a war cry. He galloped off to find the first female he could grab and asked them to the dance.
A short while after, he returned with a red cheek and was looking rather angry.
"What did you say?" Nick laughed at him.
"I asked her to the dance…" He moaned.
"And…?" They beckoned.
"And… she said no."
"Wait a minute. Did you ask the other girl out before her?" Matt asked.
"Well, they were all in a circle so I just asked away; They all said no apart from Harper." Josh frowned.
"And she said no then." Matt assumed.
"Actually she technically didn't say no. She slapped me." Josh rubbed at his cheek.
Matt and Nick peeled over laughing at him. At which point during his laughter he caught sight of something bright and orange in the corner of his eye. Jessie slowly crossed the canteen and sat next to some of her friends. She looked magnificent today. She wore a denim dress with a white top underneath and white shoes to match.
Nick watched as the tall Jock followed closely behind her, his heart dropped. The tall muscly boy strolled over to her table and set one foot on an empty chair. They were close enough to hear what he said but too far away to hear her answer.
The boy coughed. "Jessie, would you like to go to the ball with me?" He asked.
The girls around the table all giggled harmoniously. She spoke for a what seemed like ten seconds before cheers and claps were heard around the food court.
She'd said yes. Nicks heart had sunk to the depths of his own lonely, ocean. Slowly the vision in his mind of himself and Jessie dancing to the music of the band started to fade away.
"Jeez, I don't know who I feel worse for… You or Josh." Matt screwed up his face.
"Definitely Nick." Josh said, before patting him on the shoulder.
Nick stormed home from school. He did not take the bus. That would mean socialising with his friends. He wanted to be alone with his own sadness. He fought against the battering winds and it made his walk home a thousand times harder. To which one point, he wished he'd actually gotten the bus instead.
When Nick had gotten in the house, it was empty. He checked their rooms to make sure he was alone before he showered. Jennifer had a very annoying habit of running the hot water in the sink, so that his shower ran ice cold.
He let the water run down his body and enjoyed the comforting warmth of it. The feeling of the tiny droplets spraying over his scalp and back was welcoming. He eventually turned to feel the same sensation on his chest.
During his shower he heard the distinct noise of the front door opening and closing and then two voices from directly below him.
Nick turned off the water so he could eavesdrop on the conversation.
"Come on! My brother will be home soon." Jennifer's voice had come from outside the door.
Nick heard two footsteps rush up the stairs, followed by the slamming of her door.
Nicks first reaction was rage. He'd sat with his sister and watched her cry for the first time. He held her, while she wept in his arms. He listened to her struggle and how he had mistreated her. Yet here she was, smuggling him into the house for a quick fuck.
He felt in an odd way, betrayed by his sister. That she spilled her secrets out to him. For it to not really mean anything. He knew now the kiss did not matter. She had been ignoring him out of embarrassment. Nick dried himself and threw his clothes on any old way.
Do I mean nothing to her? He thought.
Shortly after the door had slammed he heard the familiar noise of Jennifer's moans. He'd grown up hearing them while he lay in bed. She was much older than him, so she'd been bringing guys back for years. This was different though. He was the man of this house, this was his home. He wasn't going to let some asshole intrude and exploit his sisters love. If he didn't deserve it, then her boyfriend certainly didn't.
Nick opened the bathroom door and slammed it shut. Loud enough for them to hear. Suddenly all noise coming from her room, including her moans and they're excited chittering, had stopped abruptly.
"Fuck! Someone's home," he heard her gasp,
"You need to go."
"But you were about to put it in!?" He pleaded.
"I don't care. It might be my brother, and he especially, cannot hear us."
"I'll be quiet, please Jennifer… come on." Her boyfriend moaned.
"No! Leave… Now." She said.
Nick thought the message couldn't be clear enough.
"Just let me…" he said.
"No! Stop!" He heard her shout.
There was nothing else for it. Nick burst into the room. The curtains had been dragged closed and the darkness surrounded him as he saw two figures on the bed.
"Nick! What the fuck are you doing in here?! Get out!" She screamed in the same exact way she had the other night.
"I will when he does!" He shouted back at her.
His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness that engulfed him. He could see his sister was topless under her sheets. She held the sheets close to her chest.
"Look kid, no need for that, I'll go." The man said.
It was then he realised that it hadn't been her boyfriend at all. It was another guy he'd seen around the house before. He was older than her, probably in his thirties he thought.
"I'm no kid. This is my house and you better get go." Nick felt his fists go numb with how hard he was clenching them. He hadn't meant it to sound like threat, though I'd definitely had.
The man adjusted his clothes and pulled his top back over his head. Meanwhile Jennifer sat with her head buried in her hands. He figured she was embarrassed but he didn't care. The man approached him and he stepped to the side, allowing him to exit. He waited until the front door had closed behind him to look at his sister.
"You disgust me." He said.
He didn't mean it. He knew he didn't. But she'd hurt him. Betrayed his trust and love. She had taken what he'd said, ignored it and threw it out the window.
"Get out." She spat.
Her face was lined with tears. This time he did not move to comfort her, he simply closed the door leaving her alone in the darkness.
That night Nick hid inside his room. He didn't even want to look at her. He thought of her as a slut but god did she not take anything he'd said that night seriously?
Alone in his room, Nick played his music aloud. He was one with his thoughts and they swam around inside his head. He thought of the guy that had asked out Jessie. Maybe she liked him because of his muscles. Nick was aware he wasn't all that strong. He had a good core, and he'd worked on a six pack but the rest of him was slender and weak.
He found an intriguing video on the internet, the blog of a man who had completed an exercise everyday, for a whole month. The mans extraordinary progress was quickly appealing to him. He'd gained thickness in his arms and increased his chest size significantly.
Nick channeled his own anger and decided to try press ups. He wasn't very good at it at first. He pulled up a sports science report on his screen about form and the effectiveness of it. He read through it thoroughly until he was sure he had gotten the form down to a T.
Nick pushed himself physically in the confined walls of his room. He pressed his chest to floor, often hanging just above it by a few inches before pushing himself up into the plank position. He felt his muscles begin to bulge and ache. He did as many as he could and took note of it inside his school books.
He did not hear Rebecca enter. She'd come back early from doing the shopping. The music had been too loud and he was far too mentally focused on himself to be aware of her presence. It was only when once he had seen her did he smell her perfume.
He turned the music off so she could say something but she didn't say anything. She just stared at him. Not his face or eyes, but at his body. Nick had worked out to the point his muscles were a little swollen and strong with thick blood flow. She thought his chest had popped out a couple of inches and his shoulders seemed a little wider.
Rebecca found herself remarkably turned on at the sight. She stuttered embarrassingly as she tried to get out the words she had been meaning to say.
Nick realising he was topless before her and grabbed at his t-shirt.
"No don't." She said, now finding her voice.
Nick had the T-shirt above his head ready to put on. He realised she just wanted to look at him. This made him feel good. His confidence grew with every passing second that her eyes remained on his muscles.
Nick smirked and flexed his chest a little.
"Oh, I do like that." She said.
"You do, huh?" He beamed.
Rebecca couldn't help herself. She reached out and brushed her fingers against his chest. She took a sharp intake of breath and so did he as her cold fingers caressed the skin of his torso.
Rebecca couldn't help it; She leant forward and kissed him. At first, just on the lips but then, she trailed her kisses along his cheek and down his neck. Nick felt the blood exit his muscles and dive down for his cock. It was up in seconds. His sister was seductively kissing his body and he loved the feel of it. Her lips were so soft and sent tingles up his spine.
He got a good whiff of her perfume with her own neck close to his. He did as she had done and he kissed her softly along the side of her throat. She groaned and took hold of his hand. Like she had done before, she brought it up to her breast. This time she did not wear a bra and he felt the softness of her flush underneath her top.
Her kisses skipped his collarbone and made for his chest. She held his arms while she placed soft, delicate, pecks on his upper body. He felt her fingers squeeze his pumped biceps. Suddenly she broke away from him and wiped her mouth.
"We can't do this hear." She whispered.
"Why not." He wanted nothing more than to do whatever they were about to do, right there, right then.
"I said to Jennifer I would bring you down for dinner, it's already on the table. It will be getting cold." She kissed him again.
"Come on, we better go down."
She held his hand to lead him out of the room.
"I'll wait." He said awkwardly.
Rebecca didn't know what he meant. It wasn't until her eyes fell to the his obvious erection that she understood.

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