Nick And His Two Sisters Pt. 04

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Nick And His Two Sisters PT 04
Authors note: I'm working on finding an editor but in between time I'll read over my chapters more carefully.
Jennifer woke early that morning. She could feel the crust in her eyes and how the weight of her eyelids tried to sedate her into a longer sleep. She shook off the morning fog and stood before her mirror completely naked.
She admired her sisters body but she much preferred her own. She knew she had something to flaunt and she did it often. Her favourite clothes tended to be the ones showing the most amount of skin.
In truth she wasn't a total slut. She often only went for the guys that didn't want her back. Though it was nice to indulge in the men that would walk over hot coals just for for a chance to chat with her.
It was hard not to be arrogant, she had men falling a her feet and her job was really taking off. Sure she had to blow the guy for a raise but that had gotten her to where she was and she wasn't ashamed of it.
Jennifer knew she resembled the typical stereotype of a girl without a father. The daddy issues slut, with a bit of cash in her pocket. She hid these insecurities away from the world. In truth, it did bring about her hard exterior. She did her best to pepper up her brother the same way.
She felt awful for how she'd treated him. He was there when nobody else was, for once she had a real man in her life and she threw him away. No man had ever held her so tightly, had ever cared as much as he did. She stood and wiped away the tears that had started to formulate under her eyelids.
'Crying is for the weak.' She thought.
The kiss with Nick was the most electrifying thing she'd ever felt with a man. It confused her, her younger brother wasn't meant to be that man… but he was.
She thought of how she'd taken in what he'd said. He is much like her; He's stubborn, smart, sometimes funny and has the same wit. When she thought of the perfect man for her she didn't think of her dad, she thought of Nick
She admired Nick for how he had been with their Father. He'd cheated on their mother and ran away with another woman. He had the guts to ignore him, to tell him he didn't want nothing to do with him but Jennifer couldn't. It was her father too. She was much older than her brother and sister, she had more time with him. It was hard for her to let that go.
Last Christmas she had even fought with her mother over it. She wanted to see him, Nick teased her for a bit but even he knew how she felt about it all.
'He chooses to be where he is Jennifer, remember that.' Were his words. She wished she could see the way he had. And so her thoughts found their way back to her brother. She had to speak to him. She hated apologising more than anything in the world but she knew she had to. He was only protecting her.
Jennifer pulled her nightie on and slipped out of her door. She crossed the hallway but stopped at the sound of voices. She closed in attempt to gain super human hearing.
"That's it… don't stop!" She heard Rebecca voice coming from behind her closed door.
Jennifer froze. Had she snuck someone into the house? Was it Jeff? She wondered. One thing for sure, was that she was definitely having sex, or something of the sort. She found herself wanting to listen more but her head turned back to Nick's door. She had to remember why she'd left her room in the first place. She ignored her urge to eavesdrop, before she clutched the knob of her brothers door and opened it.
She closed the door behind her as gently as she could and turned, expecting to see him in his bed or maybe even at the his chair beating his meat. But he wasn't there.
No! They couldn't be! Could they?! The penny had dropped.
Nick stood there frozen on the spot. He felt his gut rip from his stomach and thump to the floor. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing to attention, the goosebumps on his skin alarmed him of the threatening danger.
"Jen I…."
"What?… Sister's Pussy got your tongue?" She hissed.
"W…what are y…you on about?" He stuttered.
"Just come up from downstairs then have you? Decided to get naked and finish the dishes?…
I think not."
Nick was suddenly aware all he stood in where his briefs. The air suddenly felt unforgivingly cold and he stood as a shameful man, shuddering before his big sister.
"I can explain." He blurted out.
"Go on then," she crossed her arms and tapped her foot furiously, "explain."
Nick realised he couldn't explain. How could he explain messing around with his own sister. He hung his head. He'd been caught in the act and there was nothing for it.
"I'm sorry." He felt like crying.
"Sorry for what? I'm surprised you accepted her." She stared at the back of her hand, examining her nails.
"I don't know what you mean?" He said.
"You don't think she's just magically fallen in love with you, do you? No, no, she did the same with me a few years back."
Nick almost dropped his clothes. Jennifer turned and sat on his bed. She simply stared at him. He wasn't sure if she was furious, amused or just wanting to get even.
"You don't mean..?" He asked, he was slightly afraid to ask the question.
"Yes, I do mean. Rebecca may seem like the innocent one but believe me, she has a wild side even I couldn't tame. I don't blame you though, she can be quite frankly, irresistible at times."
Nick couldn't believe his ears, was she really telling him they'd been together before? He couldn't believe it.
"I don't believe it." He said.
"Well it's true, I'm not proud of it. Us girls always go through a lesbian phase at some point or another. It just so happened, that mines had to be with our lovely sister."
For all this time, Nick thought he was the incestuous one, that he was the perverted sibling drooling over his two sisters. And in actual fact they were all the same. Jennifer and Rebecca have sex! Or used to, at least.
"Do you still?" He beckoned.
"Us?… No. We stopped all that somewhat three years ago now. There isn't a day that goes by that she won't let me forget it." Jennifer enjoyed the look on his face.
"You're probably thinking, what does this mean." She lifted her eyebrow.
Nick only nodded.
"We were young and silly Nick, we experimented together that is all. I'm not bisexual anymore, at least I don't think I am. So when I heard her moaning and when I realised you weren't where you were supposed to be… I put two and two together."
Nick couldn't take this information that was filling his brain. His family were so fucked up, in more ways than one. He felt ashamed but excited. He felt embarrassed but also relieved.
He clumsily sauntered over to the bed, still holding his clothes and sat down next to her.
"You won't tell anyone will you?" He said.
"No of course I won't. I like to tell your secrets Nick but this is bigger than all of us. Stuff like this needs to be kept in the family." Jennifer looked at him.
"I don't really know what to say…" Nick was utterly confused.
"It's all a bit silly isn't it. We aren't like that anymore and we are better for it. Do not tell her I told you. I know I'm the scary one, but Rebecca has that side to her too. We don't want to wake a sleeping giant." Jennifer giggled.
Nick couldn't understand how she could be so cool with this. She'd just found out her brother and sister were fooling around and she is now making jokes about it.
"What happens from here?" He asked.
This was a question even Jennifer didn't know the answer to. She let it roll about in her brain for a while before answering.
"Well, we aren't going to be having a threesome. So don't get your hopes up and really, I don't care what you guys do."
"What about you?" He asked.
"What about me?" She portrayed a look of confusion.
"I mean what does this mean for you?" Nick continued.
"Nick you're cute and all, but I don't really want to get into your pants." She knew it was a lie.
The thought of her young brother, baby Nick. Fooling around with her sister. It turned her on, she wanted some of it. But she knew even she couldn't go there.
"I came here to say sorry, because believe it or not I was wrong." She saw the look on his face.
"Mad I know, your sister wrong. Isn't normal is it, but I suppose nothing is." She smiled.
"I'm sorry for walking in on you." He said quietly.
"Oh don't be, you got him out didn't you. I was just acting on impulse. A lot of the things you said touched me, so that's why I wanted to apologise, in truth no man has ever treated me quite the way you did and I wanted to say Thank you." Jennifer leant over and kissed him in the cheek.
Nick was glad he had his clothes over his crotch, for the impact of his eldest sisters lips on his skin, made him hot with excitement. He looked at her the way she had looked at him the night they had kissed. He couldn't help it. Feeling her lips on his cheek, he wanted more, he wanted to feel her lips on his own again.
Nick leant forward to kiss her. Jennifer saw it coming, before she could make the decision to move, his lips pressed against hers. It wasn't the same kiss she'd given him, this was all but a peck.
Nick smiled at her, but she did not smile at him. There was a great war going on inside her that he couldn't see. A battle of will and desire against her restrain and logic of mind.
'Why did he have to kiss me?' She thought.
Jennifer had longed for the touch of his lips ever since that night. She couldn't help herself either. Nick was surprised to see her lean in for more. Once again their lips mushed together and she moaned slowly into his mouth. They kissed gently and quietly on his bed. She did as she had before and let her mischievous tongue slither inside his lips.
Nick couldn't understand. She'd just told him there wasn't a chance of the same relationship with her and yet here she was, snogging him. Her mouth in his was like sex to him. He'd never known what sex was like, yet it was the closest thing for him to compare it to.
Nick broke the kiss for a moment to catch his breath.
"What?" She asked, "don't you want this?" She leant in again but he pulled himself away.
"But I thought you sai-?" Nick began.
"I know what I said."
Jennifer was adamant they continued the kiss. She pulled him by the back of the neck into her lips. This time their kiss was more passion driven, there was more hunger behind it. Nick enjoyed every passing second of it. But the confusion was still racketing around in his brain. He felt much like the men in her room. He didn't want it to be this way. He broke off from her again.
"What is it Nick?" She hissed.
"It's just, you said this wasn't what you wanted… you aren't thinking straight, I don't want to take advantage of you."
Nick had concluded this was all down to Jennifer's famous impulses. She didn't really mean what she did she just did it. Nick wanted it to have meaning. He loved his sisters very much and with Rebecca he had that meaning. He didn't have that with Jennifer.
"Am I not good enough for you?… Is that what it is?" She stood abruptly.
Now looking over him, Nick felt vulnerable.
"No, Jen. I only meant that you aren't in the right frame of mind."
"THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND!? What am I? Some deranged psycho? Piss of Nick!" Jennifer stormed out the room and slammed the door behind her. Rebecca had just emerged from her own room to see what the racket was all about.
"What's going on?" She asked, while rubbing her eyes.
"Just psychotic Jen up to her usual antics!" She screamed as she passed.
Jennifer didn't bother to eat breakfast that morning. She left earlier than she usually did and Nick wondered where it was she had went at this time.
Rebecca however did not know what he knew and he planned to keep it that way. He didn't want his own family imploding. He knew it best be kept a secret for now.
"What was that all about this morning?" Rebecca asked as she sipped at her coffee.
"You mean Jen?" Nick had already rehearsed his story.
"She came into my room to apologise, I told her it was a shit apology and she freaked." He shrugged.
"Wait she apologised to you?"
Nick simply nodded.
"Jen did? As in Jennifer, our sister?" She could barely believe it.
"I can't imagine any apology from Jennifer would sound genuine, but I think her heart was there and that's what counts."Rebecca was always the devils advocate no matter the situation.
Nick desperately wanted to change the subject.
"You should talk to her tonight, apologising is a big thing for her Nick, she doesn't do that for anybody you know." Rebecca said.
In truth, she was right. Getting an apology from Jennifer was like getting blood from a stone; It didn't happen. He supposed he hadn't really appreciated that because of everything he had learnt and because they had been kissing again. Though this time it was he who had come in for the kiss and not her. Nick had a bad feeling that this time, it was his fault.
"Ill speak to her after school." He said bluntly.
Rebecca didn't pick up on it though. She ate her toast and sipped coffee. She looked refreshed after the night they'd spent together.
"So how was your sleep?" She asked, with a smirk.
Nick had almost forgotten about last night and how they had performed oral sex on each other. How they slept in each other's arms. He'd even forgotten that she had had sex with Jennifer a few years ago.
"Rebecca, I have to ask you…are you doing this for me?"
"I don't get what you mean?… Did Jennifer say something?" She frowned.
"Well i get the sense that this is all for my benefit." He admitted.
"Of course not. At first it was but now I'm enjoying it as much as you are. It feels right, I can't explain it." She smiled.
"I guess this will help me with my first girlfriend and all that but I wanted you to know, I'm not doing it for that either." He smiled back at her.
Rebecca was a person who loved to love. He put her lesbian acts with Jennifer down to that. It was the same reason himself and Jennifer had kissed, it was all out of love.
Nick finished his cereal and started to tidy stuff away.
"Oh don't worry about those, you go get yourself ready and I'll drop you off again." She smiled.
Nick bent down to kiss her. Not to say thank you, because he wanted to. She accepted his kiss eagerly, it only last a few moments but it was nice to be intimate with her more often.
Nick dressed and played about with his hair in the mirror, before Rebecca had shouted him down. They got in the car and drove towards his school.
"I was thinking. Maybe if you want to, we could maybe take our little secret further." Rebecca said as she turned a sharp corner.
Nick felt a small amount of guilt at the fact it was no longer a secret within the house. But that guilt quickly vanished over the aspect of what the next step would be.
"Whatever it is, I'm ready. I'll do anything if it's with you." He smiled.
"Well I was thinking I could stop by the drug store…" she hoped he'd catch on.
"The drug store? For what?"
Rebecca giggled. "For condoms, silly."
Nicks eyes widened. 'Did she really mean?' He thought to himself. Rebecca laughed at the look on her brothers face. His eyes had winded and all he could do was let his mouth hang open.
"That is if you are ready. This all needs to be okay with you before we do it you know." She said in her reassuring voice that Nick absolutely loved.
"No, I want to" he blurted out.
"You sure?" She asked again, thinking it was better to make sure.
"Yes. I want to have sex with you." He admitted.
"Okay, Jen doesn't get back until five, so we have a few hours before she comes home. I can't pick you up from school because I have an appointment, so you'll need to take the bus." She said.
"Alright, that sounds good to me." Nick was suddenly bursting with excitement over the thought he'd be fucking his sister later on after school.
She kissed him goodbye and off he went to his first class. Nick practically skipped to class over the thought of his sister.
"Someone's happy today." Matt took notice.
"Go on then, whats the news?" Josh asked.
"News? No news here guys." Nick chirped.
"No news? Why is it you have a big Beamer on then?" Matt asked.
"Maybe because it's a such a lovely day outside?" Nick laughed.
Matt and Josh couldn't help but laugh and they were quickly settled by the teacher. Nick couldn't help but spare a couple of glances at Jessie. She looked beautiful as always, but she was not smiling like she usually was.
After class the bell had rung and students hurried out the classroom and into the busy halls. Nick was one of the last to leave alongside a few others, including Jessie. Clumsily, Nick tried to head through the door at the same time as Jessie had. They clashed together under the doorframe and she dropped her stuff all over the floor.
Her books and paper hit the floor and spread about the ground. On-lookers giggled and nobody seemed to want to help her. Nick bent down to his knees and thought he should help her out, seen as though he was the one who barged into her.
"Thank you." She said sweetly.
"It's okay, In pretty sure I nudged you anyway." He said nervously.
"I heard you er… we're going out with Peter." He didn't know why he said it. The words just came out his mouth at too fast a pace for him to prevent it.
"Peter? Oh we aren't dating," she giggled, "he just asked me to the dance. I told him I had to think about it. Now all the girls think we are made for each other." She rolled her eyes.
Nick didn't like how she'd rolled her eyes in a sarcastic manner, as if half wishing it were true.
"What's stopping you?" He asked.
They both now headed to class down a quiet corridor. She walked with him, as he headed for Historic studies.
"I don't know if I like him enough to go with him. He's never spoken to me before and I don't want my date to be a stranger, you know?"
Nick couldn't help but think she was perfectly genuine. She was so sweet and cute, He couldn't help but be attracted to everything about her.
"Who are you going with?" She asked, suddenly.
"I'm in the same boat as you. Not that anyone has asked me, I just want to have a connection with whoever my date is." He smiled.
He couldn't help but notice how amazing her eyes were, like Rebecca's; Her eyes sparkled when she smiled. He found himself staring and he wasn't entirely sure if she had noticed.
"Anyways, I better go or I'll be late for class." She said.
"Oh, right… yeah, me too." Nick and jessie sauntered away in opposite directions.
Nick was the first in the school bus after the last bell of the day had rung around the school grounds. He watched as each student took their precious time getting in and finding their seats. It was the longest drive home he'd ever experienced.
Sitting at the back of the bus, Nick diverted his focus to the things around him. He couldn't help but feel the nerves start to kick in. A familiar anxiety he felt, when he knew something big was on the horizon.
His heart thumbed in his chest. After a while everything else drowned out. The bus's loud generator seemed silent. The chorus of chitchat amongst other students were deaf to his ears. All he heard was the thumping of his heart, vibrating his rib cage and echoing out of his ears.
"Bryers! That's your stop!" The driver shouted back to him.
Nicks anxiety spiked and he quickly snapped out of it. Now he stood at the end of his drive looking at the house that he'd lived in for pretty much all of his life. His legs felt like jelly as he strode up the pavement to the front door.
He could barely get the key in the lock, his hand shook with nerves. Once inside he set his bag down and realised he had nothing to worry about. Rebecca wasn't even home. She'd most likely just be going into her appointment right about now. He sighed with a mix of relief and disappointment. Just because he was nervous about losing his virginity didn't mean he wasn't excited all the same.

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