Nick And His Two Sisters Pt. 05

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tagIncest/TabooNick And His Two Sisters Pt. 05

Authors note: I have had some great feedback lately and i am glad people are enjoying the series. This story has a little while to go yet and the characters and their relationships still have a lot of growing to do. With that being said, here is part 5
Over the course of the next few weeks, Jennifer did not speak to him. Like before, she had neglected his existence. He couldn't remember the last time she had been quite this mad with him.
Rebecca on the other hand, well they couldn't get enough of each other. Since losing his virginity they'd fucked many times after, they were at it whenever they had the house to themselves really.
During the last few weeks they'd gotten to know each other's bodies and found each other's do's and don'ts during sex. Rebecca seemed to like having her legs spread as wide as possible.
Nick had gotten good at resisting the urge to cum when he saw his cock disappear between his sisters spread legs. She wasn't the biggest blowjob giver in the world but this did not bother him. One thing he knew for sure, was that he loved eating pussy. He found the whole act of his mouth on her genitals euphorically intoxicating. He had all of a sudden gotten a thirst for her juices.
School had started to heat up with finals approaching. He still hadn't asked anybody to the dance and the pressure was piling down on him as if it was two week-old homework that he'd neglected to finish.
Today he'd come home expecting to find Rebecca waiting for him. He'd called a few times and didn't get an answer. He insisted on checking her room just in case she'd been sleeping in again. A few times after school, he woke her up by eating her pussy. Rebecca was surprised the first time, but now she would pretend to be asleep when he'd gotten home, just so he would do it.
They'd become so close after becoming intimate. It was as if it was always meant to happen or at least; Should have happened a long time ago. To his disappointment Rebecca was not home. She'd most likely be out getting groceries or something. Instead he elected to getting on with some homework while she was out.
All this fooling around with Rebecca had started to make him think of Jennifer. She was a whole different animal to her younger sister. It was the thought of being so close to one of his sisters, to the point of knowing every inch of her body, to the extreme of not knowing his others sister at all that turned him on.
Now, Nick had found a craving for her, to be with her, like he was with Rebecca. He wanted to have them both. He knew it was selfish, only a few weeks ago he did not have either of him. His lust for sex had started to take over and once Jennifer had let him in with a passionate kiss, he wanted more.
On the bright side, Jennifer had paid for the pool to be cleaned and filled. It wasn't usable for a few days after due it to the chemicals setting in, but once that was over with he dipped into the pool as much as he could.
Jennifer loved the pool also, so it seemed odd to Nick when she did not indulge in the cool temperature of the water. She hadn't even tipped her toes in. She'd been going out a lot more too. Coming home later, majority of the time she would be loud and drunk. It was getting to the point he was becoming rather concerned for her.
Rebecca had told him that Jennifer was Jennifer and she usually has these random phases where she'd go off the rails for a while before coming back onto the right path. So when she approached him in the kitchen he was startled at how normal she was acting.
"Don't tell me you're wearing them into the pool are you?" She judged.
"What's wrong with these?"
"They are about six sizes too small for you." She laughed.
"Why are you complaining then?" He said abruptly.
He didn't know why he said it. He didn't even know where he'd gotten the confidence from. But he'd just insinuated that his sister would perhaps like to see him in such tight trunks.
"Please, I'm not Rebecca." She tutted.
"Then these shouldn't be a problem then should they." He smirked.
She examined his face in an attempt to see what kind of game he was playing.
"I thought you weren't talking to me anyway?" He asked.
"Talking to you, Rebecca… makes no difference to me. I just thought I'd let you know that I'm heading into the pool. I didn't want you in my way." She hissed.
"Well too bad because I had the same idea."
Jennifer did well to hide her smile but not well enough.
"Did you hear?" She said as she pulled out a carton of juice from the fridge and brought it up to her lips.
"Jessica might be joining us for a few weeks until her father can come get her from Michigan." Jennifer watched the reaction on his face.
"You're joking?" He could not believe it.
Nick didn't really like Jessica. She had been a senior at his school last year, and she never really paid him any attention. She was extremely pretty but had the worst personality to match her good looks. The thing about Jessica, was that she knew she was extremely pretty. Like Jennifer, boys tripped over their heels to get to her. At school she had all eyes on her, and the fame of popularity had gotten to her head.
Now that she was coming to stay for a while, his stomach churned. She was precisely the thing he didn't need right about now. Another sexy, family member, prancing around the house. She wore even less clothes than Jennifer and was only nineteen, a year older than himself.
"Don't suppose you are too happy about that either?" He guessed.
"No, that little shit used to steal my clothes. She also has the same stuck up attitude as her father."
"I think she's just a little bit of healthy competition." He tried to tease her.
"Are you referring to yourself as the prize?" She laughed.
It wasn't at all what he had meant.
"Little bit weird Nick…she's family" she winked.
She turned with a sexy swivel and went to get ready. Meanwhile, Nick slid the glass doors open and approached the pool, trying his best to shake what he'd said out of his mind. He tested the water with a dip of his toe before sliding in.
The weather wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. Clouds started to formulate above him, and some darker ones growled in the distance. For a while, Nick splashed about the water, swimming from one end to the other.
He dived down a few times and touched the bottom before resurfacing. While the water slowly dribbled down his face and into his eyes, he saw a figure approaching through his blurred vision.
Nick rubbed at his eyes, similar to how someone would rub a hanky over their eyeglasses. His vision soon cleared and he saw his eldest sister above him by the side of the pool. She wore a red and black bikini that matched the streaks in her hair.
His jaw dropped. Her body was magnificent. Unlike Rebecca, she didn't workout, meaning that Rebecca had more of a slim, sort of toned look. Whereas Jennifer had curves in all the right places. She was by no means fat or chubby. She had much larger breasts than Rebecca; her tits hung perfectly on her chest in a perfect teardrop shape. They had very little sag to them and Nick thought the bikini top had no hope in keeping them in place for long.
Without warning, she cannonball dived right over his head. He caught a quick glimpse of her ass as she soared over him. Nick was suddenly aware of how naked she was. Jennifer's darker completion matched her bikini. She enjoyed going to the tanning beds with her girlfriends at the weekends. Her skin was a lovely golden brown and all Nick wanted to do was feel the smoothness of her skin.
Jennifer crashed into the water and as she resurfaced she felt his eyes burning holes in her swimsuit. She did enjoyed the way that some men looked at her but the fact that this was Nick, her brother. It meant she enjoyed it even more. She loved how Googley-eyed he was as she splashed about the water.
For the first time in a long time, Nick saw his oldest sister without makeup. Her face was beautifully clear and symmetrical. Her wet hair clung together and draped down her tanned back.
"What's the matter Nick?" She teased.
Nick was keeping his distance, his self control was now being tested, with her looking so hot. Whenever she'd attempted to get close to him he would splash her repeatedly, to keep her at bay.
"Come here! Let me dunk you like I used to." She laughed.
Nick had no intention of being dunked but part of him wanted his sister closer. Jennifer only wanted to touch him. She wanted the feel his skin on hers and dunking him was a bonus.
Eventually she went for it. She bared through the spalshing water and grabbed at his shoulders. She hoisted herself above him as best she could in order to drive him down below the surface. As her body came out the water, Nick had a split second to see her cleavage before he was submerged.
He held his breath as he went under. At first the bubbles around him had gotten in the way of him seeing her legs. As they cleared he saw beautifully long legs that joined her round curvy ass.
He came up with a deep breath and she tried it again. This time Nick saw it coming, he sidestepped her and let her crash into the water. Using his own weight, he drove Jennifer down below him.
Jennifer had the perfect view of Nicks tight shorts. Underwater, they seemed to cling to his skin. Giving her a perfect outline of his junk. As she resurfaced she was silently surprised with his size. She had always taken him to have a small one.
Both their eyes met and they sent cheeky glances back and forth to one another. She stuck out her tongue while his tongue filled his bottom lip shook his head. They both had the same idea. Instead of dunking each other, their bodies crashed together in the water. Her wet slippery skin slid over his. Nick's hands immediately found her waist and he tickled her where he knew she hated to be tickled.
She was helpless in his arms. He'd gotten much stronger since he'd last done this to her. Before she could have pinned him down and forced him into submission. She'd get him to admit she was the better sister, that he was wrong and she was right. Now she'd never felt so vulnerable around him.
"Nick!… stop!" She gasped.
Nick grinned at how helpless she was. He grabbed at her to pull her closer, so he could continue his onslaught. She did the only thing she could think of to escape her tickling torture. Her hand slid underwater to find his balls. Her hand cupped his nuts tightly. Nicks eyes bulged, he tried to get her to let go but her grip was tight. She did not hurt him but the sense of power she now had over him was belittling.
Nick sensed there was no use in fighting or her grip would become stronger. He simply floated still in the water with his sisters hands cupped around his balls. For a second all they did was stare at one another.
Jennifer could feel him hardening above her palm. She now found herself in the situation of wanting to let go and wanting to feel his junk. She felt Nick's legs spread in the water. She naturally drifted closer to him as her feet could no longer touch the ground.
She inched closer and closer until their faces were almost touching. He could feel her shallow breath on his chin. Her nose brushed up against his and for second Jennifer thought she was about to kiss him.
Nick had other ideas. His hand slithered around her back to bring her closer to him. She was surprised at this. She was practically straddling him under the water now. Her legs wrapped around his ass as she ground her mound into his throbbing rod.
Nicks hand crawled up her back to the strings that held her bikini top in place. It did not take much pulling to remove the knot she'd made. Her bra fell loose and he swung it away.
"Nick!" She screamed.
Her hands immediately let go of him. She pushed away and did her best to cover her nipples. The sight of it was so sexy to Nick. Her boobs looked much larger now that they were out of their restraints. Her arms hugged around her chest as she did her best to hide her exposed bosoms.
Nick laughed at the surprise in her face. She was shocked, most guys would have planted one on her if she'd ever gotten that close to them. She again realised Nick wasn't like most guys. He knew how to play the game just as well as she did.
"You bastard! I can't believe you did that!" She screamed again. Nick was helpless to the laughter that had overcome him. Which wasn't helped by the embarrassed look she wore on her face.
"You creep!" She hissed.
"Creep? Weren't you the one who just had their hand around her brothers balls?" He kept giggling.
"Only to stop you from tickling me…" she glared at him.
"Right, because you totally stopped as soon as I stopped tickling you." He laughed again.
Jennifer hated that sarcastic tone of his. All she wanted to do now was pin him down and let him feel pain. However in the water she felt so weak next to him. It was as if her body was twice the weight it was. She struggled to move her arms as fast as she wanted to.
Seeing the look on her face he gave in. "Fine… I'll go get it." He rolled his eyes.
Jennifer did a good job of looking hurt, she'd realised recently this was his weak point, that he cared about her too much.
Nick got out of the pool rather effortlessly and picked up the soaking bikini bra. Instead of tossing it over to her, he instead slipped back into the water by the edge.
"Come get it then." His smirk returned, as did Jennifer's.
"Why do you gotta be such an asshole?" She asked politely.
"Why is it, you gotta be such a baby all of a sudden?" He shot back at her.
She didn't like that comment. Within seconds she was thrashing towards him. No longer feeling powerless in the water, she was at him in seconds. She'd hoped that the splashing water would be enough to distract him, however this meant she'd have to let go of her breasts.
The plan seemed to work, that is until Nick sunk the bra underneath his shorts. She'd splashed his face so much that water ran down his hair and into his eyes but he was grinning broadly.
"Where is it?" She asked, covering herself again with her arm.
All he did was smile, he couldn't help at stare at so much of her skin. Skin in places he'd never seen before on her.
"You didn't."
"Mhmm" he nodded.
Jennifer now had enough of his games. She wanted her bikini top back and this was not going to stop her. Nick couldn't believe his eyes as his sisters hand swam down to his crotch. It wasn't fast, she did it deliberately slow. Her eyes staring into his as her hand slowly slipped underneath the waistband of his trunks.
She immediately felt his warm, floating cock, brush against the back of her hand. This sent chills right through her. This was her brothers dick and it felt huge. Her heart thumped in her chest as she felt around some more. Like before, her hand cupped his balls. However this time she did not have his trunks in the way. She felt his soft scrotum against her fingers and his balls moved with every slight motion of her fingers.
Nick felt his sisters hands exploring the inside of his trunks. His cock was rock hard and he knew she felt it. Nick couldn't believe the sensation he was feeling. His heart beat rampantly in his chest. Her eyes did not look away until she tugged at the sides of his trunks. They slipped down to his thighs and now his large erection swayed in the water.
True enough, her bikini bra floated to the surface… but she wasn't interested in that anymore. She was seeing Nick's cock for the first time. Despite only seeing it thought the blurry water, she got a sense of just how big he was. It wasn't the biggest she'd ever seen or had. But it was certainly up there.
Her hand naturally found it again. Now holding his firm dick in her hand. Nick gulped loudly. He knew Rebecca would be back any minute, he knew, that if she found them like this, everything could be over.
Nick looked upon her face. Stripped back and without makeup, she was beautiful. Her wet hair only added to the pureness of how she looked. A word came to mind that he would have never of associated with her before; She was cute.
"Kiss me, Nick." She whispered.
Nick knew he shouldn't, he knew he should have pushed her away and got out. Instead, his head bowed towards hers, his eyes fixed on he bow-shaped lips. Her own head titled slightly upwards to him. Their lips clasped together softly in a very slow but passionate kiss.
Nick felt her hand begin to stroke him. Jennifer stroked her brother just as slowly as she was kissing him. She felt his head rub at her belly and she did not mind this. Forgetting she was topless, Jennifer pushed herself up against him.
Nick couldn't believe what was happening. This was Jennifer, not Rebecca. He wasn't suppose to be doing this with her. She was his eldest sister, she was eight years his senior.
Nick's back was pressed up against the cold tiles right next to the ladders that could have been used for his exit. He felt how soft her breasts were as they brushed up against him. Her sharp nipples almost scratching at his skin as they embraced. Like before the fireworks were going off in the sky, only for them.
It was the sort of kiss Nick only saw in the movies. Where the guy gets the girl and they live happily ever after. Ever since the first kiss, he'd longed for the touch of her lips again.
Finally he felt her tongue gesturing to his mouth. In acceptance he pressed his own tongue towards hers. The kiss was so erotic, they were both cold from being still in the cool water for so long, their bodies were equally soaked and they used one another as heat for warmth.
The wind had picked up, feeling the cold on her back and droplets of rain splashed over the water at every point. Jennifer pulled Nick into a hug. Her lips left his so she could wrap herself around him. Her crotch pinned his shaft to his abdomen as she straddled him under the water once again.
Her tongue licked away the droplets of water on his neck. This turned him on even more so. He found Jennifer to be more energetic than Rebecca, with Rebecca every touch was ice cold, it sent shivers down his spine, the light touch of her hand on his cock was enough for him to cum. But with Jennifer, everything seemed so hot, like burning flames that were ready to rip through a helpless building.
Everything was faster, more assertive and to the point. She lapped up the water that dribbled from his hair as she ground her crotch against his. Nick's hands felt for her ass as he brought closer to him if it were possible. He enjoyed the feel of her ass against his hands. The thought that his hands shouldn't be there, and his tongue shouldn't be running over her earlobe. It was naughty and exciting.
They were humping each other silently and Letting out weeks of sexual frustration with each thrust. He felt her warm breath against his ear as she moaned. His cock had rubbed up against her mound and it was so stimulating to her. She felt her juices flow within her now. Her body was taking over, this was no longer just her brother, this was someone she craved, someone she longed to have. Someone, she loved.
Her hands fond the edges of the pull for support as she thrust into him. His back rubbed at the tiles behind him as he let her grind against his shaft. His hands fell to her tits and he took hold of them as if for support. They were much more of a handful than Rebecca's. Rebecca's had fit perfectly in his hands, whereas Jennifer's were like large balloons that threatened to slip between his fingers.
Her nipples were much harder too, he felt them dig into his palms and she moaned even louder at the feel of his hands over her stiff nips.
They're kissing intensified as did their thrusts. Nick actually felt close to cumming at one point. Jennifer couldn't take it anymore, the feel of her brothers big cock against her pussy was torturing her. Her bikini bottoms was all that separate them and sex. She knew in that moment she had to have him.

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