Nick And His Two Sisters Pt. 06

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tagIncest/TabooNick And His Two Sisters Pt. 06

Authors note: Thank you guys for the support on this series, it's been really good to see from my point of view that people are discussing the story. Let me know how you predict it might go if you're good at that sort of thing. Also I am aware that some spelling mistakes were made in the last post. This was due to how little time I had to write it. All I can say is I'm doing my best and hopefully I'll have an editor soon. Thanks guys.
"You don't have to like her… but she's family and we aren't going to leave her out on the street!" Rebecca argued with Jennifer.
"Why not? They wouldn't do it for us?" Jennifer narrowed her eyes at the thought of that side of their family.
"Because we are better than that, that's why."
Nick watched as his two sisters fought over their new guest. Rebecca didn't know Jessica like he did. She was the bitch of all bitches and she had been the stereotypical stuck up Prom Queen last year. Nick, being similar ages to Jessica, was around her more often at school. She had all her friends on strings, and all the boys too for that matter.
Her parents were extremely rich and for her to come and live with them, would be like Nick getting down with the neighbours dogs for a night. She had a way about her too, the way she walked and talked, it was as if she truly believed you were below her. Of course she was indeed extremely pretty and she had a young, rocking hot body that Nick's friends never failed to let him know about.
"I will have no part in parenting her, she is more of a child than Nick is!" Jennifer yelled.
"Hey!?" Nick felt slightly offended.
"We won't have to parent her, she is nineteen! She can do what ever she likes, as long as it doesn't disrupt our lives!"
Nick had never seen Rebecca look so mad. He couldn't help but think she looked kinda hot when she was this angry. The way her nostrils flared and her hair went messy as if by static.
"I think you're just threatened by her." Nick smirked.
Jennifer shot him a look that would have scared him before, now it only excited him.
"Threatened?… Please." She tutted.
"Makes sense doesn't it, you're angry about it aren't you?… Worried she'll take your throne?" He did his best to hold in his giggling.
Rebecca gave him a look, as if to say; 'Not now, Nick.'
"I do not have a throne… But if I did, she'd be below my feet, kissing them!"
Jennifer was scary when she got going.
"Just stay out of her way if she bothers you so much." Rebecca said.
"It's not just her that's my problem, it's another mouth to feed isn't it, and for how long? Two weeks…three? maybe four!? It's money out my pocket, not yours." Jennifer's fists were now clenched.
"She has nowhere to go! Don't you get it? She is on her own. She might be stuck up and she might be rude but can you guess why that is? Her parents don't care! They do not care for where she is or what's she's doing. I don't blame her for turning out the way she has."
Nick really admired how mature Rebecca was. Jennifer despite being five years older than her, relied a lot more on instinct and her impulses, rather than cognitive thought.
Jennifer knew she was right, she just didn't like the situation and she was doing what she always did. Complaining when things didn't go her way.
Nick thought Jessica was much like Jennifer, just a younger version. He didn't dare speak his mind on that one though.
The three of their heads turned when the front door slammed shut. Jessica almost skipped into the kitchen, holding about a dozen designer bags over her wrists. Unaware of the fight they had just been having.
"What's going on here?" She smiled, as if pretending to care.
"We were just discussing your sleeping arrangements." Rebecca smiled.
"You've in the basement." Jennifer blurted out.
"Jennifer!" Rebecca yelled.
"Oh that's okay, I didn't mind."
Jessica saw girls like Jennifer at college all the time, she knew not to allow Jennifer to get to her.
"You won't be sleeping in the basement, so don't worry. You'll be sleeping in my room." Rebecca's smile twitched.
"Your room? I don't mind the basement." She grimaced.
Rebecca sighed. "The basement is dark, damp and full of crawling spiders. If you wish to sleep down there, you can."
With that Rebecca took her shaker and left the room. She had now had enough of that conversation for one day. Jennifer looked down her nose at her inferior cousin, she chuffed and left.
"What was that all about?" Jessica said in her dumb, blonde girl voice.
"Oh that, they always do that." Nick couldn't meet her eye.
He didn't know why, it was the same with any girl that was super hot in his school. He could barely look at her without getting a little shy. You would think that living with two unbelievably hot woman would help in that department. It didn't.
"Hmm weird. So, do you wanna see what I bought in the sale?" She asked as she started to ruffle through her bags.
"Sorry, I've got homework to do." Nick excused himself.
He had no interest in seeing what she'd spent her fathers money on. In his mind, all he thought about was how hard it would be to see Rebecca in private with Jessica around. He felt a little down about this. He was enjoying his time with Rebecca and he didn't want that to stop anytime soon. He'd had a chance to think about how things were going and he'd come to terms with the guilt of his incest.
He crept around the door of Rebecca's room as she stood staring out her window.
"Hey." He smiled.
"Oh, it's you." She smiled back at him.
"Looks like we can't be seeing much of each other after all." Nick said as he stared at Jessica's bed that now sat in the corner of the room.
"Yeah, I suppose not…" She said.
"I have thought about things."
"And…?" She asked.
Nick took a quick glance over his shoulder, to make sure nobody was around.
"And… I've decided it shouldn't matter if we are brother and sister. You've always been there for me and I couldn't think of anyone better to be doing this with." He smiled.
Rebecca smiled back at him, she hugged him tightly and as she was welling up with emotion. She did a good job to suppress it as Jessica walked into the room behind Nick. Nick stepped out of his hug with Rebecca when he felt her presence.
"Aw that's so cute you guys!" Jessica said in a patronising voice.
"What do you want?" Nick hissed.
"I just came to say, I don't want to intrude," she looked about Rebecca's room as if she was already in the basement, "but I think I'm just going to sleep on the couch. This way I have the TV at night."
"Sure, I can fetch some pillows and blankets for you later on." Rebecca sighed.
"Okay, Thanks!" Jessica smiled broadly before leaving.
Once he was sure she had left the room, Nick planted a kiss in his sister.
"What was that for?" She broke away from him in shock.
"Because you're amazing, that's why." He smiled.
She peaked over his shoulder just the once, before kissing him back.
At school the next day, Nick had finally plucked up the courage to ask Jessie to the dance. But when he finally went to ask her, he stuttered embarrassingly and blurted out something about how he likes his coffee in the morning. Jessie laughed hard and a few of her friends giggled as she apologised on their behalf. For the rest of the day Nick couldn't look at her.
"He dude," Matt approached him from behind, "I heard about earlier." Nick hated sympathy.
"You heard about that huh?"
"Yeah, the whole school are talking about it." Matt said.
"I think I am going to go home and never come back." Nick moaned.
Matt had to laugh at that.
"It's not all bad, she could barely keep her eyes off of you during English."
Nick remembered that he didn't dare look her way. She'd been moved directly opposite him so they could work close together on their assignments. He had no idea she had been looking at him the whole time.
"Really?" He asked, as a part of him got excited.
"Yeah, really! I think she felt bad about earlier and she probably just wanted to ask if you were alright." Matt said.
Matt was very good with relationship advice and on that matter; Advice on how to get girls. He was an average Joe, with a jocks appetite for girls and he never seemed to go hungry.
"What do I do?" He asked.
"Well… you could talk to her and let her know you're alright. But that would be too easy. That wouldn't keep up her interest in your feelings. The longer she feels like she's upset you, the longer you have her attention. You see where I'm going with this right?" Matt hoped.
"So… you want me to… pretend I'm still upset?" Nick guess.
"For how long?"
"As long as possible. At least until she asks you if you're alright and then be upset some more." Matt rubbed his hands while seeing his master plan become clear in his brain.
"Okay so how do I do it?" Nick started to get a little excited.
"Okay, first; Continue to do what you're doing. I'm talking about not looking in her direction, if she asks for help just tell her the answer, don't try get her to come up with it on her own that will prolong your interaction. You want as little contact with her as possible and she'll really think that she has upset you."
Matts finger pressed into Nicks sternum.
"And she'll come running after me?" Nick, asked.
"Like a dog fetching a stick." Matt, smiled.
This was cruel, Sociopathic. But what options did he have? Nick wanted her more than anything. He'd had a crush on her for forever. He enjoyed the thought of her being so upset about himself being so upset. It meant she did care somewhat.
Nick supposed that if it worked for Matt then why not give it a go. He couldn't see what the worst was that could happen.
For the remainder of the day, Nick didn't so much as stand next to Jessie. She had crossed his path in the corridor while on his way to gym class. But he kept his head down and walked around her path.
She stood next to him in line at the canteen and he all of a sudden decided he wasn't hungry anymore and left her standing there alone. He felt bad doing all of this. Matt's feedback was heartbreaking to hear.
"Did you see her? She watched you're very step as you walked away just then. She looked so sad." Matt was enjoying it.
"I don't really feel good about doing this guys." He said to both Matt and Josh.
"Why? It's working." Josh said.
"Well, she… you know… means a lot to me, I can't hurt her like this."
"Yes, you can and yes you will. She's going to crack any second now. You'll realise it was all worth it when she comes to speak to you, she'll blabber on about how sorry she is that she and her friends laughed at you, that she didn't mean to make you feel so terribly." Matt egged him on.
"I suppose, she kept trying to get my attention during Social studies, maybe it is working." He admitted.
"Another thing; When she does come talk to you, don't just accept her apology right there and then. She has to believe your upset with her, she has to believe that she's the reason you feel so bad. In fact, I wouldn't even accept it, I'd tell her how bad it made you feel and I'd walk away." Matt acted as though this was another genius idea.
"Why do you guys keep telling me to do things that will keep her away from me. This isn't treating her right? Girls do want to be treated properly, don't they?" He asked.
"No and that's the point. The female mind is a peculiar place my friend. Girls don't want the nice guys that fall at her feet. They want the guys who don't look twice their way, or guys who don't even want them back! It's ludicrous I know, but it's true."
Nick was finally starting to grasp what he had been meaning. He thought of what Jennifer had said back while on the phone to her boyfriend a few weeks back. She was complaining that all these cards had been sent to her on valentines day and that the card she wanted was her boyfriends. Who conveniently want her as much as she wanted him.
The bell rung for the last class of the day. Josh had chemistry, while Nick and Matt had soccer practice. They had started to make their way to the locker rooms when Jessie had caught up with them.
"Nick!…" She called, "Nick wait!"
Matt took this as cue for him to leave as Jessie finally caught up with him.
"Hey, what's the matter?" She said.
"I don't know what you mean." He lied.
"I just called your name twice and you didn't answer?" She looked confused.
"Oh.. right. I didn't hear you sorry." His tone showed no trace of emotion.
"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for earlier. I shouldn't have laughed and my friends should have either."
She seemed genuinely concerned for him. It was a nice feeling, that made him feel good about himself but sick to his stomach at the same time.
"Don't worry about it." He said bluntly and he turned to leave.
Nick felt her hands on his bare skin. She held his wrist to stop him from leaving.
"No, wait. I mean it Nick. I'm sorry, it was wrong for me to laugh at you, you were just being nice as always and I laughed, I'm very upset over it."
He looked into her blue eyes. The were a deep blue that he almost got lost in. Her face was so pure and cute, her freckles were perfectly speckled over her face and her hair looked like it had been done professionally.
Nick noticed some wetness in her eyes. It was then he realised she was very upset over this. All he wanted to do was hug her and tell her it was alright and that she didn't upset him. But that wasn't what Matt had said to do.
'Matt better know what's he's talking about.' Nick thought.
"I don't want to talk about it Jessie. Just leave me alone." Nick shrugged of her arm and left her standing alone in the empty hallway.
As soon as he did it he felt sick. How could he leave her there like that. She was so sweet and so innocent and all he'd tried to do was make her feel worse.
Nick did not feel any better about this than he did before. He walked into the locker rooms where Matt had been waiting for him.
"So…How'd it go?" He asked.
"It went as planned." He hung his head.
"Did she grab your arm?" He asked now getting more excited than he already was.
"Did she not only say sorry once… but twice?" His anticipation was building.
"And please god, tell me. Did you leave her standing alone?" He was on the edge of the bench hanging on his every word.
"Yes." Nick said again.
"Good! My plan has worked!" He yelled with two raised in victory.
"Then why do I feel so terrible?" Nick asked.
"Oh Nick. You're too kind hearted. She'll come around, and when she does, she realised how much you actually meant to her. So don't beat yourself up about it. This is the game."
Nick thought that if Matt had been a little older, he'd be perfect for Jennifer. They were so alike that sometimes it scared him.
Nick came home from school to chill out. He hadn't thought about Jessie all that much since Soccer practice and he didn't want her popping back into his head for him only to feel terrible all for the rest of the day.
Jessica was sat on the couch with her blankets around her, apparently not having moved since waking up that morning.
"Have you not moved all day?" He asked her.
She paused the tv show she had been watching as if irritated by his presence.
"What?" Her bitchy tone was back.
"Doesn't matter." Nick said. He regretted opening his mouth.
Upstairs he found Rebecca in her room. She wasn't asleep, she was busy going through some of her college work, she had online classes throughout the day and she seemed deep into her studies, so he decided to leave her to it.
Jennifer had been out by the pool again. She had the day off work and decided to lay around enjoying the rare bit of sun that they saw during the month of March. She had a towel wrapped around her bikini. Her wet hair was all stuck together and she had no makeup on like the day before. This reminded him of what had went on with them in the pool.
His mind traced back to the feel of her lips on his, how big her tits were and how nice they felt in his hands. He looked her up and down and she smirked to see him staring.
"Like what you see?" She whispered.
Jessica was just below them and she didn't want her having anything on them.
"Can I lie?" He asked, simply.
"Then no." He answered.
Her smirk broadened into a smile. Nick loved that smile. He had only seen it once before; In the pool just after they'd both brought each other to orgasm. Jennifer seemed to noticed she wore the smile for too long, it soon faded from her lips.
"Go on, get out. I need to change."
Nick left her to get naked in peace, though he want nothing more than to watch her change. Instead he thumped down the stairs again to find Jessica still sitting on the couch, engrossed by her tv programme that she had no doubt been binge watching all day.
"Don't you have friends to go see?" He asked.
"Don't you have your own business to be minding" She matched his energy.
"No really. Someone like you… you have lots of friends, why not go see them instead of sitting inside all day?" He gestured towards the tv.
She sighed. "They're all still at College."
"Can't you go see them?" He asked.
"They're miles way from here dumb-ass." She said it plainly, as it it weren't an insult at all.
"Do you always have to be this rude?" He felt his anger boil inside of him.
"Do you always ask stupid questions?" She hit back.
Nick did well to manage his anger and to ignore her. He walked behind the couch and Into the kitchen to get something to drink.
Her comments had gotten to him, not that they hurt, more that they were annoying and that she was getting away with them. He returned with a glass of water and plopped himself down next to her.
"What are you doing?" She asked, as if he'd just done something very disgusting.
"I'm watching TV?"
"Why?" She hissed.
"Why? Because this is my house and I want to watch the TV." He stated.
She rolled her eyes at him and moved as far away from him as she possible could.
"What is this anyway?" He asked.
"Why do you care?"
"Will you just stop being a bitch and tell me?"
Jessica didn't know what to say to that. She'd tried her best to repel him away from her. But he kept coming back. This was something she was not used to. She sighed.
"It's about a man and his dog. They've gotten lost in the wilderness and they are trying to find civilisation again. He was split up from his camp and can't find his girlfriend. That's where I'm up to."
Nick didn't think she'd for one minute, hold any sort of conversation with him. But she was and he didn't know how to take that.
"Oh, that seems interesting. I think I might watch it with you."
His original idea was to annoy her, show her that this was his house kind of thing. But soon he'd gotten hooked to the series. They ended up watching it for most of the day. They gasped and laughed at the same things together as they both watched. They even had discussions about what they thought would happen.
Episode after episode he found himself becoming more comfortable around her. Jennifer had come down at one point. She gave him a questioning look when she saw them both discussing a character.
In the end she shrugged it off and left them to it. Jessica was surprised that someone had been around her for so long and had only called her a bitch one time. She thought to herself that perhaps Nick wasn't so bad. She'd always thought he was a little weird and a bit of a loser, she often looked down on those types of people. But she found Nick to be quite funny and surprisingly easy to get along with. It had been the first time they'd properly spoken in about ten years.

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