Nick And His Two Sisters Pt. 07

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tagIncest/TabooNick And His Two Sisters Pt. 07

Author's note: Thanks for the fantastic support that's been shown on these posts. I urge as many of you as possible to vote and most importantly comment. Comments let me know exactly how your thinking and not that it was either just good or bad. Also, my posts won't be as frequent but don't worry I'll post whenever I can. Work has taken over the past few days so I have less time on my hands to write. This is more of a story based series and I want my chapters to be just right for you all. Thanks, as always!
Nick woke with a start. Jennifer was wrapping on Rebecca's door, just loud enough to wake them.
"Rebecca get up! You have class in an hour and if you see Nick, he's late for school!" She yelled through the door.
Nick had one arm under his sisters neck and another around her waist. Her naked ass was pressed into his crotch and his uncomfortable boner dug into her soft asscheek. Her eyes gaped wide open and she threw herself up out of bed. She stood awkwardly in the cold air of her room.
"Just a minute!" She called.
Jennifer's footsteps trailed away down the hall. Nick lay in bed with his eyes on Rebecca's naked body. He'd only ever seen her nakedness when she had either been on top of him or been laying down. Now though, he saw her true beauty, her natural form as she stood up straight before him.
Her shoulders were narrow and came down to her perky chest. Her nipples were small and brown at the centre of each tit. Her stomach was toned down to her pussy. She had that kind of vagina that was easy on the eye. It wasn't the meaty and lippy kind. Her mound was miraculously, without any trace of hair, as smooth as her ass.
He did think in that moment that any vagina would be gorgeous but hers was especially pretty. Like a cute little flower, that blossomed whenever she was excited. Suddenly, she felt too bare for her own liking. She grabbed at her silk sheets and covered herself with hast.
"Don't look!" She yelled.
"What do you mean?" Nick laughed, "I've seen it all before."
"Yeah but not in the daylight like this, we are under the sheets most of the time!"
Nick knew exactly what she meant. He even felt a little self conscious about getting up and crawling around the floor for his briefs. But he did just that. Rebecca had promised to look away but he was sure she had snuck a peak anyway.
Nick made sure the coast was clear before travelling across the hall and into his own room. Jennifer had known about his and Rebecca's love making. Rebecca was not under the impression that nobody knew of it, other than themselves. With Jessica around the house now, they knew that they had to be extra careful. Last night could not be repeated. Nick dressed for school very quickly, before running down stairs.
"Rebecca has an online class in twenty minutes, so I'll be taking you to school today." Jennifer said as she poured herself a flask of coffee.
Jessica was sound asleep on the couch, she looked kinda cute. All curled up in blankets and spare pillows. Nick thought about what's she'd said the other night, he saw another side of her, a side he was sure nobody knew of.
Jennifer had her business stuff on and he thought she looked very hot in it. She never usually wore long skirts or blazers but when she did, he couldn't tear his eyes off of her. She had the black heels to match and he followed the sound of them clicking along the drive as she walked to the car.
This felt strange, like it was his mother taking him to school back in the day. She'd be in a business suit just like Jennifer and she would always walk ahead of him to the car.
"What are you waiting for? Hop in!" She yelled.
Nick had been staring again.
He couldn't help it. They way her tits bulged out of her white buttoned shirt was bringing about a party in his pants.
'Why can we not just have the same kind of relationship that I have with Rebecca!' He thought to himself.
There was something about the candy that you couldn't have. Someone else's birthday cake if you will. She was completely off limits and she'd made that clear in the pool. Even if he felt that she'd instigated these sexy altercations they'd been having.
She'd come onto him, he'd like it and it would go on from there. At least that's how it had happened previously. Nick only hoped that sex with Jennifer was not a one time thing. He'd developed a delightful taste for both red and white wine. Rebecca was much sweeter. Like a white wine she had a flowery and fruity aroma. Whereas Jennifer was blood red, more complex and richer.
Now he'd had a taste of both, he wanted both. It was truly amazing to him as to how far his fantasies had come. He'd dreamt of his older sisters for most of his mature life. Now that's he'd had them both, he wanted them again and again.
"Still half asleep this morning are you?" She said.
"You could say that." Nick didn't take his eyes off of her breasts.
"Well, wake up little bro. The day won't go get itself."
She started the engine and pulled out the drive.
"You slept with Rebecca again last night, didn't you?" She continued.
"Why'd you gotta ask these things?" He felt uncomfortable talking about Rebecca to her, it felt like cheating.
It was strange for someone to say he'd slept with someone else. He'd never associated himself with sex or anything of the kind. He'd always figured he'd be virgin until deal into his thirties. He had very little confidence with girls, so to hear his sister talk of him having sex gave him a sense of pride.
"Why? Does it make you uncomfortable?" She smirked.
"Yes…Yes it does."
"Wait until she finds out I fucked you in the pool." Her smirk broadened into a sadistic smile.
"You wouldn't." He warned.
"Wouldn't I?"
Nick knew this was the kind of thing Jennifer did, it was well within her capabilities to ruin this for him. He'd forgotten that this side of her existed.
"Why would you do that?" He covered his hand with her own.
Jennifer took one look at their hands together before she yanked hers away.
"Don't try that soppiness with me, Nick."
"Jennifer, please." He pleaded.
"Stop bubbling. I'm only kidding. I just wondered if you'd told her, but now I know." She smiled sweetly.
"You're cruel, do you know that?" He sort of admired it in a way.
"I know." She said proudly.
She drove down the road at a much faster speed than Rebecca usually did. Her and her sister were truly opposites. It showed in their image and in every aspect of their character.
"About what happened in the pool…" He began.
"About the time we're not supposed to speak about?…" She interrupted.
"Yeah… that time. Well, I've been thinking…"
"Don't say it, Nick. It can't happen again."
"Why not?" He moaned. "Wasn't I good enough for you?"
"Oh Nick, will you stop it! Of course you were good enough! I was actually very surprised at how well endowed you were If I'm honest, but that's not the point. I'm your big sister and incest might be something that comes easy to you and Rebecca, but it doesn't to me. Okay?"
She hit the brakes as she had almost ran a red light in the midst of her conversation.
"I don't understand." He said.
He saw sympathy in her facial expression, he hated sympathy.
"It's for the best, believe me. Rebecca is different, she can turn it off and on whenever she pleases. One minute she's your sister and the next she's your lover!"
"What's so wrong about that?" He asked, now offended.
"I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm saying it's not me. I only sleep with a guy once, unless I think he's the one. I've slept with you one time, and you are my brother, so you most definitely are not the one."
She pulled into the school parking lot where he saw his friends waiting for him.
"Are you sure you can't make an exception for me?" He joked.
"Shut up, and get out."
Nick hopped out and slammed the car door behind him. She watched as he made his way over to his friends. She couldn't help but smile. He was nothing like any of the men she'd ever dated. Deep down it wasn't the stance of her 'one time' rule that had prevented her from having causal sex with him. Truthfully, she wished they could have sex all the time. It was the fear of it all coming to a damaging end. She'd already lost enough family, she couldn't lose Nick too.
"Wow is that Jennifer?!" Josh asked.
"Yeah." His mind was very much still on his complicated love triangle at home.
"She is soooo hot." He stared.
"Can we go to class?" Nick asked.
"What's got you down?" Matt asked.
The three of them shuffled through the crowds of people towards the schools entrance.
"Is it about Jessie? The hardest part is done now you know." Matt gripped his shoulder.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean all you need to do now, is talk to her about it. She'll realise that this is her chance to make amends, that's when you go in for the kill."
"The kill?…" He asked, now slightly confused about what exactly Matt was meaning.
"He means that you fuck her." Josh laughed.
"Shut up, Josh! No… that's not what I mean. I mean then you take the opportunity to… ask her out."
"Really? What would I say?"
"Just ask her if she'd like to study some time or maybe get a milkshake at the diner? You know? Something you enjoy." Matt said.
"I enjoy hiking." He said.
"I don't think hiking would be any girls ideal first date, Nick." Josh said.
"But I like hiking?" He insisted.
Matt and Josh shook their heads with disappointment.
"Whatever man, you do what you gotta do, okay?" Matt left himself and Josh standing there. He had a girl now, he had to be around her just as much as he was around them.
"Good luck, I've got Maths first class. Tell me how it goes!" He said as the busy crowd of students carried him away like a stampede.
Nick found his seat in English class, other students gradually filled the classroom and Nick kept his eye out for anything orange. Her flaming red hair was not easily missed.
Soon everyone had filled their seats and Jessie had still not arrived to class. He'd hoped he'd have the chance to speak to her during first period, but her absence would make that rather difficult.
It seems Jessie was a no show today. Class had started, continued and then finished without her. Nick picked up his bag and headed for his locker.
"So how'd it go?" Nick turned to see Josh approaching him.
"She was a no show."
"Really? That girl wouldn't skip class if the school had closed." He said.
"Well, she did today."
The day had gone by extremely fast and Nick's alarm clock read 6:00pm. He'd been home almost two hours and he'd done nothing but waste his own time staring at the ceiling. He found that he often did this when he had a lot on his mind. He spend a lot of time staring at his ceiling these days.
Like many nights before, Nick lay in his bed with a million things running through his head. Rebecca, how amazing their sex had been last night. Jennifer, how much she teased him and drove him crazy with lust. Jessica, the misjudged teenager, with familiar abandonment issues… and finally, Jessie; The first crush he'd ever had.
There was something about this girls that was unexplainable. The way he felt towards her was not replicated In how they're relationship was. He felt as though his day could not go on without her, that his heart beat for her, that his whole meaning of school was to see her.
Nick had never seen beauty like hers. It was wild, yet tame. Cute but not cuddly. There was such a pureness about her. She'd never really paid him attention until now. He couldn't understand why it had taken until now for her to notice him. He'd noticed her the first day he ever saw her.
Nick had started to think that all this stuff with Matt was just false hope. That she was just a genuine person who hated to hurt people. That she felt so guilty, she'd tried multiple times to apologise.
All this thinking was starting to bring about a headache. Nick sauntered to the kitchen were Rebecca was cleaning up. Jessica was out and so was Jennifer.
"Hello." He said.
"Oh! Hi, you scared me."
"Sorry. I didn't know if anybody was home."
"Jessica is out with her friends and Jennifer has had to work late at the office."
"How did your class go?" He asked.
"It was good, a few connective issues but it was alright until the end. How was school?"
"Boring. Nothing really happened today." He thought.
"How are things with Jessie?" She asked.
"I'm not sure…"
"Your not sure? Or not sure where you stand?"
"I think a little bit of both." He admitted.
"Does she like you?"
"I don't know. I sort of made a fool of myself around her, she laughed, so did her friends. Now she keeps apologising and Matt told me not to accept it, so I didn't… Today she skipped school. She never skips school." He told her.
"Matt told you to decline her apology?" She asked.
"Why?" She asked again.
"I'm not sure… He said it would make her grow fonder." He sighed.
"Grow fonder? That kind of stuff doesn't always work you know. Not on some girls, at least. Though I'm sure if Jen was here, she'd tell you different."
"So what should I do now?" He asked.
Rebecca slipped off her washing gloves and rubbed between her finger with a dish towel.
"I'd suggest talking to her, letting her know you aren't hurt by her laughing at you. She seems like the type of girl to appreciate honesty."
"Do you appreciate honesty?" His eyes studied her.
She mused a moment. "Sometimes. I'd say it depends on how big the lie. Not everyone needs to know a secret, but not everyone should be left in the dark."
Nick couldn't help but feel a major amount of guilt over his acts with Jennifer. She had no idea that he'd had sex with her too. He watched her eyes study him. She was searching for the feeling beneath his expression.
"Why? Do you feel you need to be honest with her? Or with someone?" Her eyes burned holes in his skin.
"I need to tell you something." He blurted.
Rebecca took a seat, she sat across from him and she took his hand.
"Nick, if you think it will only make things worse, I don't need to know. But if you think your doing right by me or anyone else by telling me, then let me hear it."
But Jessica had all of a sudden appeared in the room. She wore a her usual trendy outfit of blue jeans and a white crop top that despite how small, showed every curve of her breasts.
"What you guys talking about?" She asked.
"Nick has a girlfriend." Rebecca smirked.
"Oh! Jessie? She's a keeper."
"She's not my girlfriend." Nick gritted his teeth.
"Chill out, Nick. We're only playing." Rebecca nudged his shoulder.
"Have you asked her to the dance yet?"
Jessica dropped her bags and took a seat at the table.
"No. I'm working on it."
"You know what you need… You need a makeover." Jessica had a glint in her eye.
"A makeover?" Rebecca asked, not entirely sure what she'd meant.
"You know?… New clothes, sneakers, jackets, haircut, all that sort of stuff."
Nick didn't like the idea. He liked his clothes,
he was never really one to keep up with the latest trends.
"I dunno about this." He said.
"Let me take you. I'll use my fathers card." She beamed.
"I don't think it's a good idea to be using our uncles money." Rebecca added.
"Sure it is, I've been using his money this whole time? If anyone is going to get the brunt of it, it's me."
Nick looked towards Rebecca, who in turn looked towards him. He could tell she thought this to be a bad idea but she knew herself that Nick was in bad need of new clothes.
"I suppose he could use a new wardrobe, some of your clothes you still wear, honestly."
When Rebecca made these comments, they didn't have the same piercing blow as Jennifer's did. They were more accurate, and normally true. Nick couldn't count the amount of lies Jennifer had spread about him over the years. She was not exactly the most honest person in the world.
"If you don't mind." He said to Jessica.
"Great! We can do it tomorrow if you like?"
"Okay." He was now rather excited about the possibility of getting some new clothes.
They talked a while longer in the kitchen before Rebecca disappeared upstairs. A while later she returned in a black shapely swim suit. Nick couldn't help but stare at her body move as she walked towards the sliding glass doors. Her eyes met his as she crossed the lounge and she smirked when she caught his gaze.
Jessica didn't seem to notice. They had both been too engrossed in their TV programme for her to have seen him looking idly at his sister.
"You're going for a swim while the weather is like this?" He asked.
All three of them turned to see the rain lashing down on the drive. Dark clouds circled above in a threatening manner.
"I like it when it rains. It's sort of peaceful." She said.
As Rebecca continued on toward the pool, Nick couldn't help but think of how it rained as Jennifer rode him underwater. For days he'd been replaying the scene over and over again in his head. The feel of her moist flesh against his hardness. Her skin against his. Rubbing together, all wet from the water. He felt his cock stiffen in his pants and he grabbed at the nearest pillow to hide it.
"I reckon Bert is the killer…" she said as her eyes remained fixed to the screen. His mind snapped back to reality at the sound of Jessica's voice.
They both had been enjoying this programme together and it was nice to finally have somebody that was interested in the same shows that he enjoyed. Jessica wasn't all bad. Yeah, she was still a bitch on occasion but she was no different to Jennifer or Rebecca, a lot of the time.
As they watched the TV a knock at the door interrupted a tense scene. Jessica sighed and paused it.
"Well, aren't you going to answer it?"
Nick stood reluctantly and headed for the door. He pulled the door open until the chain was fully stretched against the lock. He couldn't believe his eyes.
"Jessie?" he said in disbelief, "what are you doing here?"
"Nick?" She shared the same shocking look that he wore on his face.
Jessie stood on the bottom step below his front door. She wore slightly different clothes to what she would normally wear. Her hair was all wet and some of her mascara was smeared on her rosey cheeks.
Nick now noticed how heavy the rain actually was. It thundered down hard, across all points of the ground. Tiny explosions of water were happening all around them. She held her denim jacket over her head in a poor attempt to shelter herself from the rain. She was wringing.
"You're soaked! Come on in and out of the cold." He said.
Jessie didn't hesitate to take the shelter that he offered her. She had been caught up in the storm as she walked home from the Belmont hills. It had been a nice day until the clouds spread in the sky and the day turned to darkness. It seemed it had caught her off guard.
She'd have hoped she could have found something to stand under but there was nothing around this area of town that provided any shelter at all. So she opted to try a door to see if she could wait somewhere inside, at least until she called her parents.
Jessica's eyebrows raised at the sudden appearance of the girl they'd been talking about only an hour before in the kitchen.
"Hello." She said.
The whole situation had taken Jessie by surprise. She had never expected this to be Nicks house but of course, it didn't look that way. She awkwardly waved back at Jessica, only now remembering where she'd seen her face before.
Nick couldn't believe Jessie was standing in his Lounge. It was weird to see her out of school never mind under his own roof.
"Do you need anything to drink?" He asked.

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