Night in the Library

I walked into the library looking for book on the industrial revolution. This library was huge so I walked to the reference counter to get some help. I stood there patiently and began to look around for help. With no one at the counter I turned around to survey the library and see if there was someone out on the floor. No luck. As I turned around to pick my bag back up off the counter I stop stunned and frozen in my place. I’m staring into the smoky brown eyes of the librarian who must have snuck behind me. Her hair is tied up behind her head with pencil poking out. Her eyes show the most sincere contempt as she looks me up and down to ask, “Can I help you?” The disdain in her voice is palpable. But I don’t really notice. I stand staring into those eyes. It takes me moment to snap out of my trance when I mutter something that sounded like, “Revulsion.”

“What was that?” she responds increasingly perturbed.

“uh, Revolution, Industrial revolution. Where can I find books on it?”

It’s now that I begin to look her up and down and realize she has all the right curves. As she’s leaning ever so slightly towards me, I can see that she has the most luscious breasts. The kind you can get lost in for hours. As my eyes move further down from her crisp white blouse to her tight black skirt, I can see her ass protruding just a bit as she leans into what she’s saying. Wait, what did she say?

“Hello! Third floor.” she repeats sternly but just quietly enough that only I can hear her.

My face turns flush and I know I’m caught looking. “thanks,” is all I say as I grab my bag and turn to get away so quickly I nearly trip over myself heading towards the elevator. I laugh to myself thinking, who knew I’d ever be “hot for teacher.”. Though brings a smile to my face. 

As the elevator doors slide open to the third floor stacks, I put it out of my mind thinking I have a long night of work ahead of me and can’t afford any distractions. I find the books I’m looking for and settle in with my iPod and books.

About an hour later, I realize I took down the wrong edition, in my frustration, I grab it quickly and begin to head back to the stacks to exchange it. I’m moving quickly when I round the corner for the shelves I’m looking for when I stop dead in my tracks and turn quickly on my heel back out of the aisle. Did I just see that? I take my earbud out and suddenly I can hear it clearly. Muffled moans. I know that sound all too well. I take once more quick peek around the shelves to see two young coeds making out. A hot blonde about 5’1″ with small breast and stunning blue eyes has her hand up skirt of a similarly built Asian girl. I can see the lust in each of their eyes, and part of me wants to walk over and ask them if I can “lend a hand.”. Especially that Asian girl. Shes completely my type. I can see that she’s wearing one of those pleated school girl skirts. The little boots she’s wearing with it show this was not just a casual outfit. She knew what she was wearing when she get dressed for the library today. Even the little pigtails, could have been construed as over the top to the casual observer when she walked in. But I know she’s just playing her part as her mouth forms small Os and her eyes narrow when she looks at her partner.

Her partners is clearly no better. She’s wearing all black. From the heavy duty boots, black skin tight jeans and the see through black mesh top. Only her pink bra can be seen poking around her black tank top underneath. Her blue eyes are staring deeply into her partners eyes between the passionate kisses she places up and down her the Asian girls neck and face. She’s kind off goth, but clearly not. Shes clearly upper class, but “slumming”. She clearly dresses that way for attention because she’s tired of being the hot dumb valley girl blonde every thinks she is. Shed rather scare them off than invite the Abercrombie & Fitch jocks with the shady pickup lines.

Well she’s scaring me off. Or at least, I’m content to just watch right now. I just poke my head around the corner with my hand in my pocket. I can feel myself growing in my pants. I lightly begin to play with myself with these two blessed angels within sight and sound. 

I can tell the little Asian girl is so close to cumming. She reaches up and grabs a few books off the shelves and hauls them down to the ground. And I’ve only had a minute or two to try to catch up. I’m nowhere need close enough, when I can hear her squealing into the blonde girls hair. Her arms still up in the grabbing for something, anything. And just like that she’s done! The two of them give each other secretive glances, and I’m pretty sure the blonde girl saw me, before I turn away. I hide behind the end of the aisle again. When I turn back, they’re gone…


Damn, here I am with a raging hard-on. I had a chance to step in on the two hottest lesbians I’ve ever seen going it in real life, and all I could think was to watch and play with myself??? I’m so fucking pathetic, I think as I turn up the aisle to find the book I was originally looking for. As I get to where I’m going, I realize that they wer going at it exactly where my book should have been. In fact right there on the floor is my book!

I bend over to pick up with a big smile on my face and a quick laugh knowing what just took place here. I can smell the sex in the air. I stand there for just a minute before I hear a woman clear her voice behind me and say, “can I help you?”

I turn around and find once again I’m staring into those eyes. Only this time she’s the one looking me over with a big grin. I’m completely lost for words again and before I realize what’s happening she pulls up with just a few inches of my face and asks, “What the fuck is this mess you’ve made in my library?”

How do I respond to that?

I see the smile growing on her face.

I begin to think she can smell the sex in the air as I have. It’s permeated everything. She gets even closer and says gently into my ear, “You bad little boy,” and grabs my still hard cock through my pants.

I’m shocked, but now I see the lust in her eyes. I see her hand reach up to pull the pencil out of her hair as it cascades down over her shoulders.

“You’re in big trouble young man.” She purrs.

I’m scared and I’m excited and she begins to rub against me.

Well I knew I was in for a long night….

To be continued…