Night of Celebration Pt. 03

tagIncest/TabooNight of Celebration Pt. 03

Here we go. This will continue the tale of the Dotson and Davis families. This was going to be the last part, but the story just got too long. I hope you like this part and please rate and drop a comment if you like my story(ies)
Craig rolls to his side, lifting his head to look at his girls, HIS girls.
"I love the both of you. I know you two come as a package, and I know you both have a relationship with Stephanie." Craig pauses, putting his thoughts in order "I know this is weird to say, especially with my naked, cum covered daughter in my bed. But I am old fashioned. I don't share my woman or women with other men." He says, looking each girl in the eyes. "If you don't like that, I completely understand. This will be an amazing and no doubt a memorable night and morning, but this would be it. If you promise to not have another guy, I'll promise to not pursue any new women." Craig pauses again. "I'll not make you decide now, but I will require a decision before we do anything again. Agreed?"
"I need no time. You were my first and last. I am yours Daddy! I'll even stop with Mama and Crissie if you want." Susan jumps up and wraps herself around Craig.
"Me too Daddy. You are my only man. Only!" Crissie moves to her father and wraps her arms around him and her sister.
"I won't stop you two from loving each other, and I surely won't ruin Stephanie's life by cutting you off from her." Craig says and kisses each of his women. "However, you will talk with her and find out how she feels about us and sharing." Craig sits up and takes a deep breath. "Now I have something to share with you."
"Thank you Craig, for not taking the girls from me." Stephanie interrupts from the doorway. "And thank you all for this amazing naked sight." All three naked people on the bed look up at the door.
"Hi Momma!" Crissie says as she pulls away from her father and leaps into Stephanie's arms. Crissie wraps her arms and legs around the tall svelte woman and kisses her lips.
"Hi baby. No offense sweetheart, but go brush your teeth. You taste like your daddy's cum. Maybe hop in the shower and I'll meet you up there for our 'talk'." Stephanie says to her young lover.
"Sorry Momma. I was excited to see you and let you know about Daddy." Crissie says as she slides off of Stephanie.
"No worries, sweetie. I'm happy to see you too. Now scoot." Stephanie says as she kisses her young lover's cheek, one of the few spots not marked by her father. Crissie skips out of her Daddy's bedroom and heads for the stairs. "I'll be up soon, Cris." Stephanie calls after her. She turns to her daughter, who is still wrapped around Craig. "Good morning, Susie. I see your night went well."
"It did Momma. I love my Daddy." Susan replies and kisses his cheek. "I love my whole family, but I choose Daddy. If he says no more you and Crissie, I will listen."
"Never would I keep you from your Mom and sister, baby girl. You know that." Craig says to both women.
"I know, Daddy. That is one of the reasons you are the best man ever. You are so kind and thoughtful. You took me in as if I were your own, while helping Momma become an awesome pilot." Susan tells him "There is so much about you that I love Daddy."
"She's right, Craig. If the girls hadn't become fast friends, who knows where the two of us would be right now. With your help with Susie and your sister managing my money so well.. I'm afraid to think of it. If I never said it before, Thank you, Craig. I do love you too." Susan squeals with delight and kisses Craig. "Not the same kind of love as my beautiful daughter holds for you though. Susie, why don't you go take a shower so Craig and I can talk. We won't be long and I'm sure he will come help you wash your back."
"Ok Momma." Susan kisses Craig once more and hops up to hug her mother. "Be happy, Momma. She loves you very much." Susan whispers in her mother's ear. "And so do I."
"Thank you, baby. I needed that. No matter what, you will always be my sweet Susie. Now get going. I love you." Stephanie kisses her daughter and sends her to Craig's bathroom. Susan shuts the door and Stephanie sits in the chair. "So the girls finally worked up the nerve. They've been planning this for a long time." She says to him.
"Yeah, they told me about their plan. How it all started last year's birthday party. They also told me that you got caught in the snare they left for me." Craig says, with a smile on his face. "How much did you see?"
"I walked in just to hear you tell the girls you would not cut me out. I do very much appreciate that, but I don't think either of us can stop that. You will be a hard act to follow, my dear." She says with a frown. "I think I am glad I didn't walk in any sooner. Those two girls together are sex personified. Irresistable. Plus your gorgeous body standing over them, I think I would have jumped right in the middle." Stephanie grins sadly.
"Stephanie, there is no way these girls leave you. You are Momma. Besides, I think the one upstairs is choosing you." Craig reassures her.
"I really hope you are right about her, but I am afraid to get my hopes up. I think I've fallen for your daughter." She says quietly.
"I am so happy to hear that. You two will be perfect." Craig says happily. "I know I am falling hard for yours." He smiles shyly and says "Why don't you go upstairs, talk with her and we will all meet down in the den in thirty minutes?"
"YOU may be empty and satisfied, with our two girls squeezing you dry, but I walked into seeing two of the sexiest girls alive naked wrapped around the sexiest man alive. We will be down no sooner than an hour, maybe two if things go well with our talk." They laugh.
"Granted. I don't think I'll be ready for anything til tomorrow." He laughs again, "I can only say, tell her that you love her and want her to be yours. I really believe you will be pleasantly surprised. You are more than a part of this family Steph, you are the Mother to these girls."
"Craig, damn you for being the sweetest man ever. I have a sexy, gorgeous teen, that I love, waiting for me. Hopefully to tell me wonderful things. If she wasn't waiting for me, Craig, I know I would break my vow of no more men, and fuck you senseless. But I do have a girl waiting. So I am going upstairs to tell your daughter I love her and hopefully have some mind blowing sex. Of which we both know she is capable." Stephanie stands and embraces Craig. "Thank you for everything, Craig. I really do love you, too." She kisses his cheek lightly and walks out the door to the stairs and her future.
"Love you too, Steph. Have fun."
Stephanie walks up the stairs, butterflies in her stomach. She sees the bathroom door is wide open and she hears the shower running. She walks in and sees the lovely little blond with her head under the running water. Stephanie quickly strips off her clothes and drops them in a pile. She pulls a couple fresh towels out of the cupboard and pulls her hair up in a bun. With a deep breath to calm her jitters she pulls the glass door and climbs behind Crissie.
"Hi Momma, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. May I kiss you now?" Crissie asks as she turns and wraps her arms around Stephanie's waist looking up at the older woman.
"Of course, Baby." Stephanie leans down and kisses Crissie deeply and passionately, pouring her heart into the connection of their lips.
Stephanie moves her hands to Crissie's face and continues the kiss. Crissie holds her Momma around her waist, rubbing her small breasts and hard nipples on Stephanies belly. Stephanie slowly breaks the kiss. "Are you all cleaned up Sweetheart? Did you make yourself fresh and sweet for Momma?" She asks while looking to see if she did indeed wash her father off.
"I did. I am all clean. Ready to get dirty again." She says with a lustful grin.
Stephanie reaches and shuts the shower off and grabs one of the fluffy towels. "Let Momma dry you off, Baby. Then you can get Momma dry, then wet." Stephanie wraps her young lover in the large towel and rubs her dry. Crissie giggles when Stephanie rubs her face with the fluffy towel. She hangs the wet towel and reaches for the other towel and hands it to Crissie. "My turn, Sweetheart."
Crissie wraps her Momma up and rubs her dry, spending extra time rubbing Stephanie's perky breasts and between her legs. "How's that Momma?" She giggles.
"Good enough for now Crissie. Let's go to your room." She takes the younger girl's hand and they walk down the hall naked. They enter Crissie's room and Stephanie sits on the edge of the bed. Crissie hops up beside her and Stephanie turns sideways so both women face each other. "Before you make your choice, Crissie. I want to tell you something."
"Steph, I've made my choice and won't change my mind. Unless you are telling me you never want to see me again, I choose you."
"Oh baby!!" Stephanie says, with tears forming in her eyes. "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" She pulls Crissie in her arms and holds her tight against her chest, tears flowing freely down both women's faces. "I love you, Crissie."
"Stephanie, I love you too." The women kiss deeply and move on to do what women in love do. Passionate, beautiful women in love.
Craig watches Stephanie climb the stairs. He smiles knowing two of the women in his life are about to be extremely happy. He smiles more knowing that a third woman is extremely happy and waiting for him in the other room. He stands and reaches to take off his shorts, and quickly realizes he has been naked this entire time. "I have a feeling I will be naked a lot in the coming days." He chuckles and opens the bathroom door. Susan is sitting on the sink, still covered in his sticky cum. "I thought you were going to shower, Baby Girl?"
"I was waiting for you to help. You helped make the mess, you should help clean me, right?" She hops off the sink and starts the shower.
"I can't argue with that. However, I'm thinking the delay was more so you could eavesdrop. Am I right, you little scamp?" He says swatting her bare little rear.
"Maybe, Daddy. Maybe." She giggles. "So you are falling for me?"
"Oh you silly girl. You don't need to eavesdrop. I will always be honest with you. Just ask me." Craig says as he leads his lover into the large shower. "And how could I not fall for an amazing young woman?"
"Daddy… Craig… I don't know what to say." Susan says with tearful eyes and a huge smile. "You know I love you and I will do whatever you want me to do."
Craig moves Susan under the warm water and rinses her long red hair and face. "Susie, I only want you to be happy. I want all three of you to be happy."
Craig lathers up his hands with shampoo and massages it into Susan's long hair. She moans happily as his fingers rub her scalp. He rinses and rubs her hair clean and then moves her to the corner of the shower, next to the small bench. Craig soaps up the loofa and scrubs Susan's athletic body. He starts at her forehead and scrubs his seed off of her pretty face. She giggles when the loofa tickles her nose. She blows soap off her lips at him when he moves to her neck. He rubs each side of her neck and shoulders, cleaning his mess from her freckle splashed shoulders and upper chest. He turns her and runs the soapy sponge down her back and sides. He drops to a knee and runs his soapy hands and sponge over each firm cheeks of her delightful rear. She moans in delight. He runs his soapy free hand between her cheeks, lathering her crack well, pressing her rosebud with his finger, soaping it. A gasp from his teen lover. He puts the loofa down to wrap his soapy hands around her leg. He starts at the junction of her hip and crotch washing away their combined fluids and slowly slides his hands down her well muscled, firm, smooth left leg. She shivers and moans "Daddy.." He moves to the right and moving even slower repeats the manuver. "Ohhhhh…"
"Put your hands on the wall, Susie and lift your foot." He requests.
Susan lifts her left foot and her Daddy takes it in his hands and massages the soap into it, spreading her toes and rubbing her calloused heel. "The other, baby." He says when he releases the first. He repeats the action with her other foot. Craig releases her foot and he stands. He turns Susan to face him. He forgoes the sponge to rub his soapy hands along her shoulders and upper chest. He takes her right arm in both hands and slides down to her hand. He washes each finger and soaps her painted nails. He moves to the other arm.
Susan is on cloud nine. She has never been so relaxed and so turned on at the same time. She moans and smiles in the knowledge that this man will be so good to her and her to him. She moans louder when his soapy hands wash over her breasts. She used to wish she had bigger ones, but never again. Her perky b-cups fit completely in his hands. Her nipples poking between his fingers as he massages the soap into them and his dried seed off of them. Just as she presses her breasts harder into his hands, he moves to her tummy. He massages her muscled abs with both hands, his hands slowly, oh so damn slowly moving down and out to her hips. His strong wide hands washing her hips, leaving only one spot on her excited body unwashed. "Oh Daddy…"
Craig drops to his knee once more. He moves his hands from her hips inward to her lower belly. "Baby girl, Susan, this one thing right here proves to me that you really do love me. I can't believe that you two remembered one off hand remark that Crissie overheard and went against the trend." His fingers brush over the trimmed red heart just above her, no, his tight virginal pussy.
He stands and leans her head back so the shower rinses her face and his left hand. He lifts her head and wipes the excess water from her eyes. "Susie, I love you." He says as he kisses her deeply and moves his soapy right hand lower and covers her mound. While his tongue pushes into her mouth, she wraps both arms around his neck kissing him back. His hand and fingers are rubbing into her and spreading her lips, cleaning his cum out of her sex.
Still with her arms around his neck and coming down off the orgasm she had when his fingers entered her and he said those three magic words, she feels him lift her slightly and move them under the shower head, the waterfall rinsing the soap from her now clean body. They kiss for the entirety of the rinse. He moves them enough to get all the soap off of her. He then picks her up and steps to the bench in the corner.
Craig lowers his beautiful package and lets her down to sit on the bench. Susan's eyes are glazed and her smile is crooked, but wide as she is coming down from the amazing shower. Craig steps back under the water and while keeping Susan in his sight washes quickly but thoroughly. He rinses and shuts the water off. Craig grabs his towel from the hook and does a quick dry then wraps the towel around his hips. He grabs a fresh towel off the shelf and rubs her dry. He wraps her up in the towel and carries her to the sink. "I don't have a brush or a hair dryer in here to brush out your hair, baby. My hair is not long enough for that." Craig says looking at Susan.
"I have one upstairs. Are you going to brush my hair, Daddy?" She hops up and down in glee.
"I'd love to. I used to do that for both of you when you were younger." He says
"I remember! And it felt so good! I can't wait." She moves to run past him.
"Hang on Susie. Go grab your brush and some clothes, then come right back. Don't bother your mom and sister. And NO eavesdropping!" If they are still in the bathroom, don't worry about the brush. They let us be alone, you leave them alone."
"Yes Daddy. I won't sneak around. I was gonna listen to see what they were up to, but you are right. It wouldn't be fair." She leans up on tiptoes to kiss his lips. "You know me too well, Daddy!" With that she drops her towel and runs off, slowing at the door to wiggle her butt at him and then off up the stairs. She does as he instructed, going to the bathroom to grab her brush and toothbrush then to her room to get some shorts and a top, then back to his room.
Craig shakes his head at Susan's antics and then moves to his room. He pulls on a pair of boxer briefs and cargo shorts. He pulls a fire station t-shirt out, but leaves it off. Knowing he is about to spend as much time as he can brushing wet hair, he doesn't want to soak his shirt. He looks up as Susan enter the room, still bare assed. "Susie, you are gonna be the death of me!" He laughs. "Put your undies and shorts on and grab a towel to cover your shoulders until we get your hair dry."
Susan giggles at his comment. She drops her shirt on the bed and starts to pull her shorts up. He wraps her in his arms and kisses her forehead, nose and lips. "Love you, Susan."
"I love you, Craig. Now let me go so I can dress and you can brush my long beautiful hair." She giggles and squirms out of his arms. She pulls on her shorts and picks up the towel to wrap around her shoulders. "Where do you want me, Daddy?" She asks him.
"Everywhere, Baby Girl. Every! where!" She giggles in excitement at that. "For now though, let's go to the den and wait for your mother and sister." He takes her hand and they walk in to the den together.
Craig brushes Susan's hair until it shines. When it is dry and smooth she heads upstairs to get fully dressed. Craig remains in his recliner and his head droops as he drifts off into a nap. Susan returns and sees Craig dozing. She grabs a light blanket off the couch and crawls into his lap. He sleepily wraps his arm around her waist as she adjusts the blanket over them. She wraps her arms around his neck, kisses his cheek and rests her head on his chest. She smiles and listens to his breathing and heartbeat. Susan drifts off to sleep in the embrace of her Daddy, her Love.
Stephanie and Crissie again share a shower. This time they actually clean each other. They share some kisses and maybe a pinch or two, but the women are sexually satisfied, for now. They dry each other again and Stephanie borrows Crissie's robe while the younger girl dresses in yoga shorts and a sports bra and sleeveless t-shirt. Seeing her Momma's raised eyebrow she says "I'm going for a run after our talk. It's road work day. I gotta stay sexy and skinny for my beautiful Momma."
"I'll go with you, Baby. It looks like I'm going to have to build up my cardio to keep up with my skinny and sexy daughter." Stephanie says and kisses Crissie and pinches one of her firm butt cheeks.
Crissie squeals and giggles. She wraps her arms around Stephanie and kisses her back. Then as she steps away, she lets her hands fall and she pinches both of Stephanie's cheeks. She giggles as she runs away and down the stairs. "Oooh, little girl. I'm so going to get you good!" Stephanie declares as she follows her teen downstairs.
Both women stop at the entrance of the den. They smile at the sight of their Father and Daughter napping wrapped together.
Craig hears the commotion coming down the stairs. He is reluctant to move and disturb his young lover. Yet, there is much to do and discuss today.
"I see your talk went well, ladies?" Craig says as he puts his hands on Susan's hips, moving her to a more comfortable position. "Come on in, sit down."
Stephanie takes Crissie's hand and they sit on the couch next to the recliner. "You were right. She does love me too." Stephanie smiles at Crissie. "I'd like for her to move in with me. If she agrees and it's OK with you."
"YES!!" Crissie hollers with approval.
"It seems Crissie agrees. Of course it's OK with me. I only want you three to be happy."
"Can I live here, with you, Daddy." Susan pipes up.
"Yes, please Baby Girl." Craig replies with a kiss.
"Oh, yes Sweetheart. Make Craig as happy as he makes you." Stephanie tells her daughter.

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