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Night Out Ch #3
My entire opinion of Amanda had taken a complete 180-degree turn. This woman was wild, and Amy and I needed to get to find out just how wild.
"That is quite the predicament, Keith; I don't have an answer for you. I will have to think about it. Let's talk about it Saturday night during dinner, okay?" I said.
"Talk about what?" Amanda said.
"Just some guy stuff, nothing too interesting," I said.
We were back at our cars now, and we said our goodnights. Kisses and hugs got exchanged as we left for home.
I had a list of questions running through my mind, besides the issue Keith had asked my advice on.
"What the heck, babe? What were you thinking, inviting that hot couple to the dinner party Saturday night?" I asked.
"What they are smoking hot. Not sure which one got me wetter, him or her," my wife responded with a matter of fact attitude.
"I agree, they are a great looking couple but did you forget who else we have invited for dinner? How do you plan on introducing them to the Clemen's and Beaty's? Amanda and Keith are sure to wonder about Lamar and Tanesha as well. Keith saw them talking to us in the groping room hallway," I questioned as I drove.
"I will figure something out. Lamar and Tanesha were extraordinarily polite. When I told them the other couples at the dinner party are vanilla friends, Lamar laughed and said, you mean for now they are and don't worry, we won't say anything," Amy said with a giggle.
"Tanesha said they were still on the vanilla side too, as they had never done anything outside of a little exhibitionism," Amy went on.
"Well, it is going to be interesting, that's for sure. If I know my sexy wife, she has a naughty plan brewing in her mind," I said as I squeezed her thigh.
"Well, when you left me and went into the groping booth, I got to thinking about that story we read about that group of people having a groping party at their house. We have the perfect room to do that too." Amy said.
"Do you think we can talk two couples that we only know through neighborhood block parties into getting naked and being groped and groping others? With not one but two couples they don't know from Adam and in our house none the less. You sure you want to let that cat out of the bag?" I said.
"Tanesha is the one that gave me the idea. She said the groping room sounds like a fun idea, but only if she knew who was in it, which is how I feel about it as well. The groping room sounds fun, but not with a bunch of strangers," Amy explained.
"Well, I am up for it, for sure. You know I am attracted to Joan. I don't know the Beaty's and honestly was surprised you even invited them. Julia is pretty enough, though, not really my type. Still, it will be interesting to see how you bring it up over dinner and see if either the Clemen's or Beaty's are up for it. I hope they are; I don't think Amanda will have a problem with it, seeing as she let someone fuck her tonight," I said,
Just about choking, Amy said, "Amanda did what?"
"Yep, Keith said she was disappointed he found her so soon after she got into the booth, but it was very erotic to get fucked from behind while sucking a stranger's cock at the same time. But the thing is, Keith didn't fuck anybody in the groping booth," I said.
"Oh my, that little slut, I love it. I guess Amanda is finally coming out of her shell. You know, back in college, she dated some of the hottest guys and never screwed any of them, glad she has found her inner slut finally," Amy said.
"Sounds like she is making up for the lost time. Keith said she loves giving head and blows him 4 or 5 times a week. Lucky bastard," I said with a laugh.
"Hey, you get your cock sucked plenty, mister, not to mention the pussy you get that isn't between your wife's legs. By the way, I noticed when you came out of the groping booth, you left your erection in there. So spill it," Amy said.
Laughing, I said, "Well, I didn't know it at the time, but evidently, I had my cock in Amanda's mouth again."
"Now, how do you know it was her?" Amy questioned.
"Funny you should ask, while I was getting the blow job, I was sitting on a couch, and the woman was standing, bent over at the waist. She had her top unbuttoned, and I played with her tits in one hand and fingered her pussy with the other. As I fingered her sloppy pussy, and it was, she was soaking wet, and her pussy was swollen and fat. I thought some guy could walk up behind her and fuck her right now, and I doubt she would stop him. Sure enough, I felt a cock between her legs, pushing my hand out of the way. Amanda went wild when the guy pushed his cock inside; she started grunting, and it caused her to attempt to swallow my entire cock. I finally blew my load, and she sucked me dry and wouldn't let go of my cock. She had gotten so wrapped up in getting fucked, I finally had to pull away from her," I said,
"Oh, you poor boy," Amy said sarcastically.
"But then because the woman no longer had a cock in her mouth, she began grunting loudly, when she climaxed everybody heard her and people cheered her on with some of them applauding. She told Keith it was such turn on that people applauded when he fucked her to a climax. Except it wasn't Keith fucking her," I said.
Amy was laughing now. She said, "WOW, Tanesha and I both heard her grunting and said to each other, sounds like someone is getting more than groped in there. How fun for Amanda."
"That was when Tanesha said a groping room would be fun, with the right people," Amy said.
Then Amy turned serious and asked, "That's what you and Keith were talking about, wasn't it? He is mad at her!"
"Oh no, Keith is fine with it all. Keith asked me if he should tell her it wasn't him fucking her, then he went on to say it was the second man in less than a week that Amanda let a stranger dump their cum inside her," I said.
"WOW, I don't know what to say to that," Amy said.
"Yeah, that was my response as well," I said.
"By the way, I noticed when you came back from the restroom, you had the smell and taste of pussy on your lips," I said.
Giggling, Amy said, "Oh my God. Her pussy tastes even better than it looks, and it looks amazing. Mine hasn't looked like hers since I was a teenager. She showed me it last weekend, but tonight she confessed that she had had a vagina tuck a few months ago. I was shocked and said I wanted to see what it looked like up close. The next thing I knew, she was sitting on the counter with her legs spread, and I was licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. Another woman walked in while we were at it, and she didn't hesitate to start fondling Amanda's tits. The other woman fingered herself while she fondled Amanda's tits and watched me eat Amanda's pretty little new pussy. Amanda eventually climaxed, which caused the other woman to climax as well. Then the other women just turned and left, didn't say a word. Maybe I should get a cunt tuck too."
"No wonder her pussy was so tight. I did run into that other woman when I went to the bathroom. She was telling her friend all about seeing you two and was hoping you were still in there," I said.
"It was fun, I must say. I have never done that before in a public place. Plus, Amanda has never even hinted that she is bisexual, but she sure didn't object when I started eating her out," Amy replied.
We got home around 0100. We showered, got in bed, and Amy's mood had changed dramatically.
When I got in bed, she snuggled up to me and said she needed me to make love to her, which I did.
When we finished a slow passionate lovemaking session, Amy hugged me so tight that it was hard to breathe.
In her most passionate voice, Amy said, "Please don't ever leave me; I would be lost without you."
Kissing her, I said, "No chance of that, my love; you are my world. Not sure where this sudden insecurity is coming from, but I am not going anywhere."
With tears in her eyes, Amy said, "I have loved you from the moment you came to my rescue on the playground. You've continued to rescue me ever since."
Holding Amy tight in my arms, we fell asleep.
We woke up around noon Friday and frantically called work and said we wouldn't be in today.
Amy and I straightened up the den and moved the couches and the two oversized chairs against the wall, just in case the dinner party turned into a groping room party. Fingers crossed, I thought.
Saturday night was finally upon us.
Casey and Joan Clemen's were the first to arrive. We know them from the previous neighborhood where we used to live.
Joan has a lovely figure, slender with long legs, firm round ass, and firm C cup breast. Amy says they are enhanced, which is fine with me. Joan has the girl next door look going on, which is a turn on.
Casey, her husband, is a nice enough guy. We try to get out and go golfing several times a year. The golf course conversation is either about what's happening in the old neighborhood or our local sports teams.
Right behind them were Julia and Chris Beaty. Chris worked with Amy, and they have remained friends over the years, even though they don't work together anymore. I thought Chris was gay, so when he married Julia, it was a surprise.
Julia is a sweetheart of a woman. The best way to describe her figure is buxom, not overweight, but she is round and curvy in all the right places, with very large breasts. She reminds me of one of those sexy World War II pin-up girls.
Seeing the four of them in our living room, I began to wonder how Amy was going to suggest some groping room play and also get them to agree to it all.
Amanda and Keith showed up soon after, along with Amanda's younger sister Shelly. I had not seen Shelly since Amanda and Keith's wedding. Shelly was just a bubbly teenager; then, she was a long way from that now. I probably looked like a moron when she walked in; I was shocked at how attractive she had become. When I last saw her, she was only 19. Shelly had grown into a stunning young woman. A petite brunette with large breasts or at least larger than her sister Amanda's.
Amy said, "John, put your tongue back in your mouth; you look like you've never seen a gorgeous lady before."
Shelly walked up to me, and smiling, said, "Gosh, such a nice greeting from your handsome husband, Amy."
As I snapped back to reality, Shelly leaned into me and kissed me on the cheek.
"How long has it been since I have seen you two?" Shelly asked.
Amy said, "I was trying to think, it couldn't have been since Amanda's wedding, please tell me it wasn't that long ago."
Amy walked the three of them into the living room and introduced Shelly to the Clemen's and Beaty's.
Amanda and Keith have met them at some past parties; they all greeted each other and exchanged pleasantries.
I was making everyone a drink when the doorbell rang. I thought the moment of truth was upon us, as that had to be Tanesha and Lamar. I was wondering how Amy was going to introduce them to the group.
Amy answered the door while I continued to get our guest cocktails.
"WOW, you look stunning," Amy said from the entryway.
Amy walked Tanesha and Lamar into the living room and introduced them to everybody.
Keith made a beeline to me and asked, "weren't they at the club last night talking with you two? You didn't say you knew them."
Stumbling over my words, I said, "Yeah, sorry. Amy knows Lamar through work and invited them at the last minute last night. We haven't seen them in months." The bullshit was flowing already, I thought.
We had drinks, and everybody got to know each other, and things loosened up. We explained to Tanesha and Lamar how we knew everybody and the history behind our friendships.
I noticed that Lamar hit it off with Julia right away. The two of them were talking and laughing off in the corner. Julia was taking every opportunity to touch Lamar every time he said something that made her laugh.
On her way to the kitchen, Amy walked by me and said, "It looks like two of the group have hit it off already, now for the rest."
I wondered how my wife would get the topic of a groping room out on the table, but if I know anything, she has a plan.
We announced that dinner was ready, and everybody took their seats. Lamar escorted Julia to her seat, and then she insisted he sit next to her, asking Tanesha if that was okay with her. Julia is sandwiched between Lamar and her husband, Chris now.
Tanesha didn't object and used it as an excuse to sit next to me, which was more than okay with me. Casey and Joan sat next to each other with Amanda and Keith to their left. Shelly found a seat next to Casey, and everybody settled in for dinner.
Dinner was lively, with everybody engaged in conversation about different topics. Casey and Amy discussed work- issues; while they don't work together anymore, they remain in the same legal field.
In the middle of dinner, Joan said, "Oh my goodness, Amanda, is that a Power Exchange stamp on your wrist?"
Amanda turned several shades of red as she quickly moved her hand under the table.
While at the same time, Tanesha, Amy, Lamar, and I all moved our hands under the table. I did it out of reflex, not even sure if I still had the stamp on my wrist. The sudden movement by the six of us didn't go unnoticed by Joan.
With a Chesire cat type grin on her face, Joan said, "did all of you go to the Power Exchange recently? Last night perhaps?"
Amanda said, "No, not last night."
Julia asked, "what's the Power Exchange?"
The table went quiet for a second.
My first thought was, how does Joan know what the Power Exchange stamp looks like?
Casey spoke up, "Julia, it is an adult club in the city."
Julia smiling said, "Oh, like a strip club? I have never been to a strip club. Chris, how come you have never taken me to a strip club? I have always wanted to see what it is like inside one of those clubs. Even though I don't approve of those girls doing that."
"Julia, it is a little more than a strip club. They don't have women there stripping," Casey tried to explain without getting too involved.
"Well, what is it then? Come on, you, spill the beans. Who else at the table has been to this Power Exchange?" Julia asked.
Julie wasn't showing any signs of letting the topic drop, which was fine with me.
I looked at Amy, and she gave me a quick little wink. Was this part of her plan or just dumb horny luck?
Amanda was still blushing but was regaining her composure.
She looked at Joan and smiling said, "and how do you know what the Power Exchange stamp looks like, especially from across the table?"
Joan matter of factly said, "Casey and I have been several times. It is a lot of fun when the right group of people is there. We have gone every New Years' Eve for what, babe? The last four years now. Plus, two years ago, we started going for Halloween, which is wild."
I looked at Amy, and she had the same expression on her face that I was sure I had, one of total surprise. We have known Casey and Joan for a long time, and never once had they mentioned the Power Exchange. Then again, it isn't a topic you bring up with a mixed group.
Joan kept going, "did you all make it to the second floor and go to the exhibition room? That's my favorite. It is very erotic to watch other people on stage there."
"On stage? What are they doing?" Julia asked.
Both Amanda and Joan looked at each other, realizing they had opened a topic neither looked like they wanted to explain further in a mixed group.
I saw Lamar lean into Julia and whisper in her ear. Julia put her hand to her mouth and blushed. Lamar had obviously explained what the Power Exchange is to Julia.
Julia then said, "so Amanda, when did you go? Did you both go?"
Amanda said, "of course we both went, we all went Thursday night; it is not a place I would go by myself."
Shelly said, "Really? It sounds like it might be kind of fun for a girl's night out."
Joan said, "Oh, I like your sister Amanda. Now, who's, we all? Amy, did you and John go with them? How about you, Tanesha?"
Time to come clean, and I was just about to say something when Amy cut me off.
"Well, we didn't plan on it; the four of us had dinner last night at that new Asian Fusion restaurant. It turns out it is half a block from the new Power Exchange location." Amy said matter of factly.
Amanda jumped in and said, "When we walked by it, I asked what it was, and John explained it was a sex club, and well, I just had to see for myself, just what exactly that meant."
Joan said, "Amy, you and John had been to the Power Exchange before?"
"Not in its new location no, we had gone to the old location with my best friend several years ago, on New Year's Eve like you. It was pretty wild. We had been one other time on the couple's night, and that was fun, but on the open night, there were just too many single guys there running around in wolf packs swinging their dicks at every woman that wasn't moving," Amy said.
Laughing, I said, "we did see some pretty interesting male anatomy, I must say."
Joan said, "Yes, we have too." She turned to her husband Casey and said, "Remember that one guy we saw with the horse size cock? I didn't think they got that big. He made your big tool look, small babe."
Casey blushed at his wife's comment.
Julia was all eyes and ears at this point.
"Well, what do you do there?" Julia asked.
Joan took the lead and said, "Julia, dear, you can do as much or as little as you like with as many or as few people as you like."
Julia blushed and said, "Oh my, you mean like an orgy."
"Sure, if that is what you are into, there is a room for that; there is a whole dungeon area with whips, chains, and restraints if that tickles your fancy," Joan explained.
Tanesha jumped in and said, "Julia, there is a room there that is dark, and you can go in it and touch other people and get touched by other people without knowing who they are; you wouldn't even know if they are male or female probably."
Shelly said, "Oh, you had me at darkroom touching and getting touched, but lost me at not knowing who the other people would be."
Amanda looked at her sister and said, "so what, you would be okay with going into a dark room with people you knew and touching each other sexually? Not knowing if it was a man or woman, but as long as you knew them, it was okay with you?"
Shelly said, "well, I would hope with a few touches in the right places I could tell if it was a woman or man."
That brought a laugh from everybody.
Amy said, "well, we have a room we could all go into and turn out the lights and see what happens."
Almost before Amy finished her sentence, Tanesha said, "I'm in." and then she put her hand on my thigh very close to my growing cock and squeezed my leg.
Joan and Amanda both said at the same time; they were in as well.
Julia looked at Chris, who had remained quiet the entire time. Chris said, "It is up to you, sweetheart. Whatever you want to do, I am fine with."
"So, when you say touch, you mean anywhere? Like anywhere on the other person?" Julia asked.
Amy said, "Yes, anywhere the other person lets you. If they brush your hand away, then you need to stop and move on."
I was smiling to myself now; Amy had already thought out game rules.
Julia turned to Lamar and asked, "Are you going to go in?"
Lamar, smooth as silk, said, "Well, I have never done anything like that, but if you will, I will. It does sound rather erotic."
Julie slammed her hand down on the table and said, "I am in, and so is Chris."
Amanda looked at her little sister and said, "well, sis, you in or out?"
Shelly said, "Hey, I am the one that suggested it; of course, I am in."
The room was buzzing now. Amy got up to start clearing the table, and that got everybody out of their chairs, helping.

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