Nivedha yields

This is Nivedha’s tale. Nivedha is a 21 year girl just completed her studies. She loved her classmate Rahul. Rahul wanted to talk to her in privacy and Nivedha was not accepting it for a longtime. As their final exams approached she decided to go with him to a friend’s marriage. Nivedha is a brilliant active girl with a healthy body and she was expert in dressing up beautifully making even women admire her. Rahul could not convince her to stay in lodge. Rahul found a isolated storeroom in the wedding hall. The room key will be normally given to the cooks. He managed to get the spare key on the pretext of searching something.

The eve of the marriage was full of celebration. Nivedha was also in the limelight as bride’s friend. Rahul somehow convinced her to come to that storeroom after dinner. She accepted after making an agreement that he neither will undress her and she would allow him to touch her everywhere. Dinner was long drawn and Nivedha suddenly remembered that Rahul will be waiting near the storeroom. Meanwhile Rahul was growing impatient and started walking between the storeroom and the staircase through which she will be coming. Some persons even started commenting why he is walking like that .Fearing that their secret meeting may get exposed he decided to sit and wait. He was also angry and said to himself that he would crush her cunt.

Meanwhile Nivedha suddenly realizing that Rahul will be waiting bid goodnight to the bride and started towards the storeroom. It was not easy as many persons wanted to talk, greet and touch her if possible on some pretext. She also wanted to go there unnoticed. It so happened many times that she will get near the storeroom and someone will call her or pull her somewhere to introduce a friend or just to greet. She got irritated and on the pretext of sleeping went to her room and locked herself. After a bath and changing to simpler cotton dress she started for the storeroom. She looked at her watch and it was almost 11.30pm.She could not find Rahul near the storeroom and thought he got upset and went away. After pestering her so many days, will he go like that? She thought for a while and then slightly pushed the door and it opened. She smiled to herself realizing that poor fellow is waiting inside. She peeped in and called Rahul, Rahul… She didn’t get the reply. Then she noticed his shoes just inside the room. She understood that he is very upset. Saying sorry, she entered the room thinking she will have to be a bit more liberal to him.

Her eyes took sometime to see through the darkness; but suddenly she felt a hand hold to her shoulder. As a reflex she almost shouted, but he closed her mouth with his hand and said shhhhhhhhhhhhh pulling out his hand her with false anger scolded him for frightening her. Meanwhile he closed the door. She told him that she couldn’t get herself relieved in time as she had to accompany the bride. His hands felt her neck, throat and started moving towards her boobs. She tried to stop his hand but the hands reached her boobs and started feeling it. The male touch gave her a sudden tingling and she involuntarily moved back until her back was almost pressing over him. At this he moved his hands downwards .one hand reached the bottom of her tops and started pulling it upwards while the other hand got between her legs and pulled up .this made her feel her whole weight in the pubic area and his hands almost lifted her .she stood on her toes that were barely touching the ground. The pressure on her cunt was enormous. Even before she could relieve herself the other hand got under the tops and started feeling her bare belly and one finger tried to push into the naval. This made her buckle back and she got lifted from the ground. Her hands desperate for a support lifted up and clung to his neck like a garland. He further lifted her resulting in her hand more tightly cling to his neck. Her legs were in the air. Her breast was jutting out like spears. She whispered loudly, “leave me idiot “. She got further lifted and his hand found the knot of her pant and pulled it. She lifted her face and shouted no and the open lips were promptly taken by his mouth. Now his hand that was feeling her stomach held her by her waist. The pressure on her pubic area was released and blood flow to that area suddenly increased. Her brain could not cope up with all the sensations that she didn’t recognize her pant getting pulled down. .

The pant slid down the hanging legs to the ground. His hand moved over her thighs feeling the softness, she suddenly realized that her pant was not there. She couldn’t do anything as she was firmly lifted by her waist her lips sucked into his mouth. He took his own time rubbing and feeling her thighs and moved up to the panty and tried to feel the cuntlips. Relieving her lips she tried to free herself. He let her down holding her tops firmly. Not expecting this she fell down her fall slowed by her tops which came up as she went down, and she found herself lying on the floor just in her panty and bra. But he didn’t waste time and quickly got himself undressed. Before she could decide her next action he was over her kissing violently in her stomach portion. His hand started tracing her cunt over her panty. As she was not expecting this, her legs were open and he could have a good feel of her vagina. Unable to bear the sensation she pulled out his hand with her both hands. Her hands there he saw that her boobs were very inviting and quickly opened her bra. Nivedha shouted, “its enough Rahul stop”. He quickly responded by taking one boob in his mouth and the other in his hand. Nivedha held his head and tried in vain to pull it away. But when his mouth was out up to the nipple the sensation that his lips gave to her nipples was so good that she lost her force resulting in his mouth swallowing it fully. Sensing this he started his next attack by moving the other hand down her belly into the panty.

She tightened her thighs. Unable to find a gap he let his hand tenderly massage her pubic mound. Nivedha told him that she could not bear his weight and as if waiting for this he rolled down and pulled her over him and his hands were playing over her back .she giggled and said there is no breast. As if replying he started squeezing her butts. She planted a kiss on his chest and asked whether he would marry her. Trying to reach up to his face she crawled up over him .this caused her panty to roll down partly which he conveniently pulled further down fully exposing her. Meanwhile as soon as her face was sufficiently near he tried to suck her lips. She teased him by giving a fast kiss and pulling back. This movement gave his hands the required gap to reach her cunt. His hands softly massaged her small but thick cunt lips while one finger was exploring the depth of her folds. She tightly hug to him .he pulled her both legs side wards and her legs and waist were fully obeying him. His fingers pulled pinched and fiddled her clit and cuntlips. She almost sucking and chewing his lips and her body was rolling like a snake over him.

Sensing her nearing orgasm he rolled her down and came over her and positioning himself between her opened legs his mouth reached for her breast. She held him by his hairs as his lips were pulling and sucking her shapely breast .he spread her legs further wide and positioned his penis over the vagina and slightly pushed in. The tip entered up to her hymen and got blocked there. She felt as if a knife is pushing in and gave a yell. He pulled out and started moving his penis in and out up to her hymen .the feeling was very good for her and her hands started wandering over his back. Her vagina was getting wetter and overflowing. Slowly his pressure on her hymen increased and suddenly tearing it penetrated deep till their pubic area met with a thud. She had her orgasm and locked her legs around him. Again her legs loosened and he spread them and started pumping in and out .soon they both reached their orgasm and she felt the pressure of his sperm rushing into her vagina. Very happy upon his luck to fuck this wonderful woman he withdrew. After a minute she got up searched for her dress in darkness. After wearing her dress she slowly called for Rahul but he was not there. She came out of the room and walked to the stairs. Rahul was sitting there. Thinking what for he is sitting there she went near him. Rahul with sleepy eyes but visibly upset asked her why is she so late and it was past midnight. She was shocked and thought he was joking. His sleepy face told that he is not joking .confused she stammered the store room…you asked me to come there… door is open I went in and she almost wept realizing some unknown person fucked her. Rahul realizing that she is more upset said that he is very sorry. He should have waited in the room. He also said that he thought she would come by that stairway; but she had come through the dining hall. Putting his hand around her waist he moved her towards the storeroom. When inside the room she leaned over his shoulder and started weeping. Rahul again apologized and said that he understood her embarrassment in waiting for so long in a darkroom.

He closed the door and switched on the lights. Now she had a full view of the room. It looked like a twin room front portion having some lockers and kitchen items while the backside was like a restroom with a bed. She again rested her head on his chest. He lifted her face wiped the tears and planted a soft kiss, while his hands reached for her boobs. She letting out a sigh said that she wanted to sleep as she is exhausted. Rahul said that he was longing for this day and his other hand entered into her tops and reached for her bra hook. Before she could think he quickly released the bra and pulled up her tops together with the bra. Her boobs jumped up and down and settled, she got shy and covered them with hands. He quickly hugged her and letting his hand explore her bare back, whispered that her breast is very beautiful, while he started kissing her breast between her hands. He moved his hands over her stomach and said velvet stomach. Hearing a man describing her organs and his hungry eyes scanning every inch of her excited her and also made her shy, she forgot to stop his hands. Her nipples and breast grew sharp and stiff as he kissed and sucked .his hands pulled the knot of her pant and pulled it down swiftly with the panty and she was nude now in bright light. As she was beginning to object he lifted her took to the cot .he found that her cuntlips were still dry and sticking together he split them with his fingers and started softly rubbing in and out. She hugged him and started moaning. He got undressed and got between her legs and tried to insert but it was tight. He pushed in with a thrust and it rammed in making her shout. He told her that her virginity is now broken and that is reason for her pain. She was very much relieved that he didn’t find that she has been already fucked, and started fully cooperating.

Suddenly someone shouted who is that keeping storeroom lights on and the door opened and someone switched of the lights. Later they went to their rooms. Rahul found his room open, but as nothing was missing he went to sleep.